Tewell1 Jessica Tewell 9-8-10 Professor Ponzak 2pm-4:45

Critical Review of µEquus¶

1. What is the play really about? The play µEquus¶ is actually about Alan Strang and his relationship with his parents, Dora and Frank Strang, his psychiatrist, Martin Dysart and Equus. Alan¶s relationship with his parents is strained due to the extreme nature of his parents opposing views. His mother, Dora Strang is a devout Christian who has a tendency to ignore problems and hope they go away. Alan¶s father is an atheist, though he does not object to his wife¶s religion. What Frank objects to is the nature of the stories Dora is reading to their son. Frank fear¶s Alan is getting too preoccupied with the violence presented in the bible. Franks response is to tear down the violent depiction of Christ being crucified on Alan¶s wall and replace it with a picture of a wide eyed horse with a bit and bridle. Dr. Dysart serves as a foil for Alan. Alan is passionate and whereas Dr. Dysart feels trapped in a loveless marriage. He also begins to questions the ethicality of the treating Alan after Dr. Dysart comes to the realization that treatment will remove all the passion and devotion Alan feels for Equus. µEquus¶ does not only symbolize God for Alan, but Equus present in all horses. 2. What do the characters like/dislike, and why? Alan is devoted to horses and Equus because in Alan¶s mind Equus represents God. Alan has also confused sexual attraction with religious worship. This is already a difficult problem, but Alan has learned from his mother that sex and sexual feelings are dirty and only through marriage and true love are sex okay. The likes and dislikes of Frank and Dora Strange are not well known due to my only having viewed a portion of the play. Dr. Dysart appears to feel equal parts apathetic and frustrated with most aspects in his life. 3. Do these characters remind you of anyone? No, I was not reminded of anyone while I viewed the play. 4. Did the play get more or less interesting?

The majority of the people who have viewed and written summaries on µEquus¶ feel that µEquus¶ address the ethicality of treatments that remove the personalities of the people who are treated. . What was great about the play? I am very fond of the actor who is playing Alan Strang. I had heard good things about. 9. 10. 8. Was the play too long or too short? I would have liked to watch more of the play before class ended. Did the play address any important social issues? Because I was unable to view the entirety I cannot speak to the social issues the play addresses. 5. I think he is doing a brilliant job. Where there any emotionally moving moments? The scene with Alan on the beach when he rode a horse for the first time was very emotionally intense. It almost brought me to tears. The part that really caught my attention was when Alan told the story about riding a horse for the first time. 7. At first I was not really expecting much from the play. Would you recommend the play? Why or why not? I am going to recommend this play to everyone I know because it was intense and fascinating.Tewell2 Yes. Did the play make you rethink your values? The play did not make me rethink any of my values. For me. The whole play has this mystery feel too it which makes you want to pay attention so you can solve the mystery. and I have done many things that have made people define me as µCrazy¶. these actions do not make someone crazy. but I have heard good things about Shakespeare and I am not overly found of him. Am I actually crazy? No. Especially the part where Frank pulls Alan off the horse and Alan starts screaming he is not hurt. I do hope that the play does cause other people to question the definition of crazy though. But no one is listening to him. I have a mental disorder. The way it was filmed reminded me of the type of flashbacks common in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. 6. 11. The play¶s focus on Alan¶s fascination and sexual attraction to horses had Alan labeled as crazy by many.

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