Presentation - Grading Rubric

Name(s) Presentation title

Criteria Preparation - Evidence of preparation for the presentation (e.g. a handout, .ppt or notes).


Points /10

Impact of visual aids - Visual aids (e.g. slides) were effective, organized and helpful.


Organized - The presentation had a clear introduction, content and conclusion.


Expertise - Demonstrated an understanding of the material. Vibrancy - Engaged the audience; kept others interested. Verbal articulation - Ideas were clearly expressed.




Proper grammar and language use - Full sentences, slang-free. Attire - Presenters were apporpriately dressed. Creativity - Ideas were expressed in an innovative way. Demonstrated time management skills by delivering a clear, concise presentation in _____ min. or less.


/5 /10 /10

General comments:


This grading rubric was developed by Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. You may use it or change it, but you may not sell it or use it for commercial purposes. Please credit the author for her work by mentioning her name as the original creator. For more resources check out the website or the blog http://

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