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The Wave

Week of November 21, 2010

Galatians 6:11-18

Andrew Bacon

Galatians 6:11-18

§ Read Galatians, Chapter 6:11-18
§ Read all of Galatians, to re-familiarize with the whole letter from Paul.
§ Read the study guide and familiarize yourself with the lesson. Make sure
you read the “Take Aways” section so you know what the aim of this
study is. However, be open to other truths as they may present
§ Print this guide out so you can have it handy if needed.
§ Pray for your ability to guide and for those in your group!

Hang Time
§ Catch up/Small talk

Recap and Share

§ Ask how they would summarize Chapter 6:1-10 from last week.

Read and Ask

§ Read Galatians 6:11-18. (Have someone read each section, separated by
paragraphs. Go around the group until everyone reads and continue until
the end of the chapter.)

§ Ask for some General Observations: If no one gets to these on their own,
here are some great questions to get things rolling…
- How does this connect with the second part of Chapter 6 and the
whole book?
- What does Paul seem to be doing in this Chapter?


Chapter 6:11-18 – Inward is More Important Than Outward and Conclusion

At the very beginning here, how sincere and urgent is Paul with what he is
saying? How do we know this? (V. 11)

V. 12: What does it mean to want to “make a good impression outwardly”? Why
would some want that?

The Pharisee teachers wanted to show that they were converting others in large
numbers. So they relied heavily on the outward rules and changes so they could
be affirmed of their converts.

Is it important to be able to show outwardly how many people are being

changed? Do you think our churches have a hard time with this?

Should we even have people fill out cards at church to let us know they made a

Still in V. 12, why would those who teach the rules and works want to avoid
persecution for the Cross of Christ?

The Jews wanted many converts in Galatia. This would be based on their works
and the statistics of it all. It would not be based on the Cross, which only
requires faith and trust, and not works, which directly opposed the Jewish
Pharisees. Does this sound familiar in our own society at all? Do we struggle
with wanting to earn our salvation.

In V. 13, we see that those who were obeying outwardly were only doing certain
things. Say someone goes to church on Sunday so everyone sees them but the
rest of the week does whatever they want and parties on the weekend. What
would we call such a person?

What does Paul say he boasts in? Why does he say this?

He recognizes that his salvation is NOT by works, but by faith in what Christ did
on the Cross. You must understand that the cross was not the sexy symbol it is
today. It was a horrible thought. It was almost unmentionable in those times,
because it was so horrifying. The best thing today would be lethal injection or
something of that nature. It was not popular to talk about Christ dying on the
cross. But, this believing in what happened on it to Christ saves us!

V. 15: Does it matter what you do? Or does it matter who you become?

Does who you become change what you do?

Paul concludes by saying that he desires peace and mercy to all who believe this.
And he ends by saying that the GRACE of the Lord be with them!

Is Grace with you?

In Closing, read the whole book of Galatians.

Take Aways

§ Salvation is not earned; it is given freely to those who believe.

§ The cross was not a nice Christian symbol in Paul’s day.
§ The cross represents a horrible death but also represents what Christ did
on it for us!

Questions for Reflection

§ Did any overall truths of the book present themselves to you after you
read it again?
§ What is the biggest thing this letter to the Galatians taught you?

Wrap Up

§ Thank them for coming.

§ Pray or take prayer requests.

Way to go! You finished the book of Galatians! I hope you were transformed by
the truths that Paul shared with these people so long ago.