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Movie overview 1. Movie Title and Date made, rating. Title: Avatar Release Date: 18 December 2009 Rating: PG-13 2 .Why did you select this movie? Because this movie was the most fascinating and popular movie I have ever seen in2009, and this movie is based the background on future and possibility to transport human mind out of the body to an alien body. 3. Describe the type of movie: Fiction/ non -fiction/ sci fi/ documentary««.? Science Fiction 4. Who wrote and directed the movie? Author/ Director: James Cameron 5. What is the main storyline of the movie ? Jake Sully, ex-marine solider who disabled his legs in an accident, decides to go on a mission to a distant planet , Pandora, in place of his twin brother who was killed. While he is working for the greedy company that wants the special material under the mother tree in the Pandora, he receives a Pandorian body that was made by the company to infiltrate in the Pandorian society. His mission was collecting the information about the material and making the natives corporative to the company. Meanwhile, in his mission, he falls in love wit h one of the female Pandoran and the planet. However, the company uses the marines to attack and extort after Jake fails his mission. With some of his friends who wants to save the planet and the natives, Jake goes to the natives and fight with them. 6. Describe the Scientific/Biological impact. In the movie, all the creatures live in the Pandora create huge network not only ecologically but also biologically within the mother tree that has nerves and brain like mammals. Also, the creatures in the planet can share their thoughts or emotions through the external organ that connects their nerves . Meanwhile, humans can

If we have those nerve systems.control DNAs and make a body that the mind is able to ac cess and come out of the body. I asked myself that the people who were unplugged should have died or damaged their brains because the connection between the body and mind would be too sensitive and complicated for sudden disconnection. In the movie. I was interested about the fact that all the creature of the Pandora can have strong bond. I think there would be no fight or war against each other because we can simply connect our nerves and understand how we feel. . In addition. Opinion of interest I enjoyed the movie and had lots of questions. connection. and network by their nerve systems. 7. there is a scene that the marines unplug the plugs that connect the Pandorian body and the human mind which controls the body.

so there is a conflict of Nature Versus Nurture. Their instincts are like the beasts. DNA mutation caused painful isolation within the society and abuse to mutants and science in the medical experiment. With Logan¶s inextinguishable fury. two mutant brother s lose their family and start to live in their own. TItlle: X-Man Origin: Wolverine Date made: 1 May 2009 Rating: PG-13 2 . but they never die. with his inextinguishable fury. They go to every war. older one of the two brothers follows his instinct and Logan the younger one nurtures and controls his instinct. Describe the type of movie: Fiction/ non-fiction/ sci fi/ documentary Science Fiction 4.X-Man Origin: Wolverine Movie overview 1. Finally. the members of division were killed one by one. At last. When the scientist who leads the division warns him. and he and the scientist were practicing DNA experiment on mutants. However. they join the division. Therefore. but younger one of the two brothers. In the movie. a scientist who works for the US government comes to them and offers to join his special division of mutants. 7. it was his brother who killed his beloved one. he looks for who is behind all the trouble. One day. he is aloof. Logan. Who wrote and directed the movie? Author: Stan Lee Director: Gavin hood 5. What is the main storyline of the movie? In middle 1800s. World War II. the killer destroyed the life Logan had and kills the girl he loves. They had abilities of unlimited body regeneration. Therefore. Inequality that occurred by the DNA mutation made mutants as above the pyramid and do whatever they want or they can. Movie Title and Date made. World War. However. Describe the Scientific/Biological impact. rating. After a while. Opinion of interest Movie was fun. Civil war. . 6. so he leaves it. he fights against them. Moreover. realizes how cruel the division was and he fights against his beastly instinct.Why did you select this movie? Because the DNA mutated powers in the movie was very interesting topic 3.

it is just another useless weapon. but if people can¶t control. In my opinion. .the mutants who seek blood and war could kill whoever and whenever they want. mutant powers are convenient.

ratin g Title: Iron Man Date made: 2 May 2008 Rating: PG-13 2 . In this movie. Shane desired huge wealth with the armor. a part of the missile stabs into his chest.Iron Man Movie overview 1. and attacks Tony to kill him and make the technology his. he announces that Stark industries will no longer produce weapons. but by technology. He spends his time improving his armor until Shane betrays him and steals the data for the armor prototype. What is the main storyline of the movie ? Tony Stark is an engineering genius who runs Stark Industries. . a company that manufactures and sells weapons in the name of peace. with the small energy generator. Describe the type of movie Science Fiction 4. Obadiah Shane. so he creates bigger and more dangerous armor. and his abductors order him to build a missile. in order to escape. During a missile demonstration in Afghanistan. Stark makes a high tech suit of armor and breaks free.Why did you select this movie? The armor of the high technology that protects people from disabilities and wars lead another turning point of the world in this movie. Describe the Scientific/Biological impact. However. 7. In addition. he creates powerful energy force that makes people fly. with his second in command. Upon his return home. 3. Who wrote and directed the movie? Author: Stan Lee Director: Jon Favreau 5. 6. Opinion of interest There is always conflict when people discover advanced technology. In the beginning of the movie. he is captured. Movie Title and Date made. Tony represents the benefactor of the better world for everyone with his technology while Shane is the egotistic person who misuse s it for his own good. he makes his heart beats even though the accident would have made it stopped.

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