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the monster ink.

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november update

Hey Hey Key Clubbers! How is second term going for you?

in this issue:
The Key Club year is already halfway over! Can you believe it!? As
you look back on the year so far, I hope it’s been as amazing as it’s
been for me. As a senior, I’m definitely excited about what the rest
of this Key Club year has in store for me, but at the same time, I’m
very sad to see this year fly by so fast.
Pg1 NEWS: Update from the
For all you underclassmen and Juniors, I hope that Key Club has
become an important part of your life and you’re willing to Editor
continue with it for the rest of your high school years. And if you
want to even step up and become part of the board, we welcome Pg2 FOCUS: Key Club Week
you! We will allow interested officers into our board meetings in
the near future to give you an idea of what it’s like to be an official
officer of Key Club. Pg3 REFLECT: Past Events
Now, for all you seniors, I hope this year won’t be the last of your Pg4 COMIC: Fall Rally North 2010
connections with the Kiwanis. For me, I know this year is only the
beginning! Circle K, the college form of Key Club, is definitely in my
future. Key Club not only offers scholarships to help pay for college, but Pg5 October B.O.M.:
the leadership experience and community service also look great on Anthony Chen & Shout Outs!
college applications. Then, as you continue on to Circle K, that
experience could also help get you a job! So there’s a lot of perks to
Pg6 Contacts & Resources
staying with Key Club and Circle K, so why not stay with us and maybe
even become part of the board? But no worries, you still have time to
think about it. So just enjoy the rest of this Key Club year with us, and
hope it’s just as monsterful as the first half!

With Monster love,

Jenny Voong
Bulletin Editor 2010-2011

the monster focus

Monday, November 1st – Friday, November 5th

Key Club Week gives you the opportunity to show your community what
Key Club is truly about: service. Each day places an emphasis on
service, to promote Key Club within our homes, schools and
communities and to make Key Club a household name.

MONDAY– Bring a Friend to Key Club & Orange N’ White Day

Wear your spirit gear and bring a friend to today’s meeting to get
cookies and other treats!
TUESDAY– Thank your Key Club supporters
Come to Mr. Greenbaum’s Room (D-108) to help make Thank You gifts
for teachers on campus. This is a community service opportunity!
WEDNESDAY– Dinner at BJ’s with the Kiwanis Family
BJ’s is located on Laguna Blvd. across from Best Buy. Come with
friends and family to celebrate the week. All profit goes to
Pediatric Trauma Prevention. Division 7 Kiwanis is excited to join us!
THURSDAY– Hug a Key Clubber Day
An event started by Laguna Creek High School itself, over 2,000 sign ups
have been made on Facebook! Wear a Key Club shirt or sign to get a
free hug today!
FRIDAY– Celebrate YOUR Way & Key Club Potluck
To end with a bang, the board invites you to come celebrate the end to
Key Club week in a potluck in Mr. Greenbaum’s Room (D-108).

past events
october events
10/2 Great Pumpkin Festival
Our Key Clubbers arrived early to help assist at different stations of the
festival. Many of us worked the jump houses in order to keep track of the
children and make sure none of them disappeared from the jump houses.
We also worked the obstacle course to help the kids in case they could not
overcome the obstacles. We also advertised Peter Pumpkin to introduce
him to the kids that were at the festival.

10/6 Walk to School Day

Key Clubbers woke up bright and early on the Wednesday morning
to help cheer on the children that walked to school. One of our
members put on the mascot costume and pumped up the spirit by
dancing and giving kids who walked to school high-fives. We handed
out snacks and stickers to thank the children for walking to school.

10/16 Grassroots Soccer Tournament

This year, Laguna Creek high school was represented by two teams who
worked their way through the ranks to fundraise money for those
less fortunate in Africa. Our other non-competing members also went
out to cheer for our teams and keep their spirits high!

team more awesome

team triple a
10/29 Operation Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF
Instead of having members individually fundraise for Unicef, in order
to maximize the amount raised, we decided to create an entire event
dedicated to fundraising! Our members split into teams and went
door to door around the school in order to ask for donations. We
even made it into a competition where the team who raised the most
would get a prize!

Other October Events:

10/10 Walk Now for Autism | 10/17 Walk to Defeat ALS | 10/23 Fall Rally North 2010 | 10/30 Divisional Halloween Dance
the beastly comic
Can we hurry?
it’s kinda rainin’ 2010
U GH !
Finally on
the bus!


We’re here! !!

Join us next year!

Laguna creek key club 2010-2011

beast of the month
Anthony Chen
October Beast of the Month

Anthony is definitely a prime example of helping others beyond

our community. He participated in Grassroots Soccer and helped
in donating to the children in Africa. He also took part in
Operation Trick or Treat for UNICEF and gave to the kids in
Uruguay who are less fortunate than us. But he hasn’t forgotten
about Elk Grove! He also volunteered at the Great Pumpkin
Festival by escorting people around the area and supervising the
overall festival to make sure things went smoothly. He not only has
helped his own community, but Anthony has also reached out
and helped to better the lives of those around the world!

shout outs!
Special shout outs to our members and adults,
recognizing them for their
excellence &s
Team More Awesome & Team Triple A Thank you for representing Laguna Creek Key
Club in Franklin’s Third Annual Grassroot’s Loose-the-Shoes Soccer Tournament.
Congratulations Team Awesome on 4th place as well!

Everyone Who Attended Fall Rally North 2010 Thank you for representing Division 7
South at one of the largest Key Club events of the year! We wouldn’t have gotten where
we’re at without you.

Mr. Greenbaum Much appreciation for being one of the best advisors Key Club has to
offer! Thanks for your support when dealing with Fall Rally North Paperwork, and being an all-
around amazing person.

Mr. Weston Thank you for attending every Club Meeting and showing your support!

contacts & resources
Divisional Website:
Divisional Forum: Think you know your
District Website: Key Club Facts?
1. What year was Key Club founded?
Club Website:
a. 1901 c. 1970
Youtube: b. 1925 d. 1990

2. Who is our Lieutenant Governor?

Add us on Facebook! a. Austin Wu c. Diana Nguyen b. Serena Banh d. Alex Bui

3. What division does NOT belong in

this list?

a. D7N Bees c. D27 Grizzlies
b. D44N Ninjas d. D34S Penguins

Speak with Adrian for
more details.

Details soon!
President Adrian Francisco Calvin Tran ( )
AIM: myadriansn1 Uyen Huynh (
e-mail: SPIRIT COORDINATOR Conrad Shigemoto (

vice president Jamie Santos

AIM: mzjamiie
e-mail: Comments, Questions, Concerns? Go For It!
Secretary Sharon Alamsjah Proud to be a Cardinal ♥
Happy thanksgiving!
Treasurer Catherine Bui
AIM: littovietazngirl
e-mail: A Kiwanis-family Member
Bulletin Editor Jenny Voong 3686 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268•
AIM:xxangelgirl916 317.875.8755 • US AND CANADA: 1-800-KIWANIS

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