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Functional Street Furniture: Sexy Curves Stool

Concept: Curves Signal Points of Interaction Raising Issues of Gender.

The curvaceous Sexy Curves Stool pronounces zones of manual interaction, involving ideas of gender and the
communication of gender through form. A curve signals the moment of interaction where the human body meets the form
of the base to carry, or bear load on the seat. Thus, issues of gender relation pertaining to interaction, structure, and
communication become points of casual discussion.

Assembly: CNC Technology, History, and Synergy.

In terms of assembly, the chair was created from Computer Aided Drafting files sent to a laser cutter. Depending on the
intensity and speed of the laser, through cuts and light etches can be made in the material designating part numbers in
a sequence of assembly. Each layer of the stools were cut and stacked similar to the method used in creating the “Easy
Edges” series of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The layers are laminated using common white glue, which acts as the
synergetic agent of the entire stool structure. Thus, the stool stands in structural synergy.

Detail: Flexibility and Ornamentation.

Joinery of the stool cushions to the base allows for opposable positioning of the members, creating an element of fun for
the user by giving the opportunity to arrange the formal qualities of the seat. Taking from the concept of beam and bracket
construction, the stool’s cushions rest in between fingers set into each leg panel. One’s seat results from the intersection of
the lateral and longitudinal members atop the stool base. The exposed corrugation of the cardboard oriented in two directions
ornaments the layered assembly of each leg, and cushion. As a result of the implicit qualities of corrugated cardboard and
the joinery of the stool’s cushions to the base, detailing of the chair acts functionally by reflecting the mode of construction
and ornamentally by describing the composition of each layer in the seat assembly.

Dimensions: Action within a Center of Balance.

The 17” by 19” by 21” stool allows users to sit within their own center of balance. Allowing for a comfortable experience, as
one may choose to sit, talk, eat, think or parlay while at rest on the Sexy Curves Stool.

At areas where the cut slights the path of the corrugated panels, delicate waves revealing
characteristics of the section through cardboard allow for a new reading of the corrugation. These zones of inflection act as
ornament, communicating the assembly of each sheet which, in turn, creates an assembly of structural members that act in
synergy to hold weight.
Functional Street Furniture

sit, talk, think, eat, parlay.