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A Salon Des Refuses presented by HATCH Design Collective

HATCH Design Collective, is proud to announce the opening of its first exhibition, Migration. Approximately forty works
of art will be selected to represent the finest examples of up and coming artists in the Baltimore City area. The selection
will be on a first come, first serve basis. All mediums are welcome- 2D and 3D are equally encouraged.

Entry Deadline December 1, 2010

Jurors/Judging: Works will be accepted based on amount of space. There will be no judging.

Eligibility: Migration is open to all artists over the age of 18. All work entered must be original in concept/execution and
have been created after January 1, 2009. All mediums and formats are welcome, 2D and 3D are equally encouraged.
There is a maximum of three works submitted per artist.

Entry Fee: $10 for the each entry. CASH ONLY. Payment must be made at the time of submission.
Entry fees are non-refundable.

Exhibit Catalogs: We anticipate publishing a full-color hard-cover book catalog of entries submitted to this exhibition. If
entries are insufficient to justify catalog publication, we reserve the right to cancel catalog printing and all checks and
credit card information will be voided and returned.

Presentation & Drop off: All submitted works must be submitted in the final format ready to be displayed. Once
submitted, work will no longer be able to be altered or swapped. If entries are framed, they must be suitably framed and
wired for hanging (no clips or saw-tooth hangers). Artists will drop off work at Towson University, Center for the Arts
Building, Room 2006 on November 30th and December 1st between the hours of 12pm- 3pm. Payment must be made
at the time of submission. *HATCH reserves the right to refuse any explicit or inappropriate work.

Delivery to Gallery: All works are to be picked up by their respected artist from Room 2006 on December 3rd from
12pm-5:30pm and moved to Skylofts Gallery, 3701 Bank Street, Baltimore MD 21224. Arrive no later than 6pm. Work
is to be transferred by each artist to Skylofts Gallery due to the legal repercussions of damaged work in travel. During
transfer, work that has been altered or swapped will be rejected from the show. DO NOT ALTER WORK IN THE TIME

Sales: Work need not be for sale to be eligible for the exhibition. HATCH will make every effort to encourage sale of work
available for purchase. Works will be for sale unless noted as NFS [not for sale] on the entry form. Skylofts Gallery
operates on a commission free basis and the artist retains all of the income from sales of artwork while on display at the
Gallery. If sold via credit card, an additional 3% will be charged to the artist. All art sales are final. The artist will be paid
at the end of the show. The works selected will be shown at the Skylofts Gallery and on-line at and

Liability: HATCH and/or its subsidiaries is not liable for damage to artwork in installment or during display at Skylofts
Gallery. The artist shall defend and hold the SkyLofts Gallery and HATCH harmless from any losses, claims, damages,
awards, penalties or injuries incurred to the artwork during it’s display in the Gallery. The artist understands that they are
placing the artwork in the public Gallery at their own discretion and shall not hold Skylofts Gallery or HATCH liable for any
damages or loss of property that may occur during the display. Any or all of the artwork may be removed from the
Gallery at the sole discretion of the Gallery Curator or Director.

Other Conditions: Artists agree to abide by all exhibition rules by their submission. Failure to comply with these rules in
any manner constitutes withdrawal from the exhibition. If HATCH deems the pool of entrants insufficient, the exhibition
will be cancelled and all jury fees will be returned to entrants.

Exhibition Schedule: Dec. 1, 2010: Entry Deadline: All entries must be delivered by this date.
Dec. 15: Gallery Exhibit Opening Reception 5:30pm - 8. Show duration: Dec. 15- Jan. 30. Pick up date: TBD

Entry Checklist: ____Completed and Signed Entry Form, ____ Attached and Signed Skylofts Gallery Artist Release,
____Non-refundable Entry Fee: $10 per each entry

Applicants keep this sheet

A Salon Des Refuses presented by HATCH Design Collective
Call for Entries Form

PLEASE PRINT: Artist’s Name____________________________________Phone No.(_________) ____________________




Email Address:_________________________________________________

Title of Work and Artist’s Name should be on the back of each submitted piece.

Submission 1:
Size____________ Price or NFS__________

Submission 2:
Size____________ Price or NFS__________

Submission 3:
Size____________ Price or NFS__________

Payment: CASH ONLY $10.00 per submission

Total Submissions:_____________ Total Payment:__________

I hereby certify that I am at least 18 years of age and agree to be bound by the rules of Migration as outlined in the
official prospectus. The work I submitted for consideration is my original concept and execution. I hereby grant
permission for HATCH to reproduce image(s) of that artwork and my name in any medium including but not limited to
exhibit catalog, publicity, mailings and/or website display.

Artist’s Signature_________________________________________________________________Date___________________

Submit this form with work on Nov. 30th & Dec. 1st between the hours of 12pm-3pm in Room 2006 of the
Center for the Arts Building, Towson University.