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Field Engineer Specification

Company Overview

The company provides a callout and repair service to both home and small business computer users.

An 0800 free-call number is in use for all areas and all incoming calls are received by our call centre.
Telephone lines are open seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day.

The call centre forwards details of all calls received to the Booking Administrator on duty, who will then
allocate the booking to the most appropriate engineer, and will liase with the customer and the engineer to
arrange the visit. The engineer will then attend at the customer’s home or business premises as arranged, in
order to assess the nature of the problem and to carry out the necessary repair work.

Required Skills

1. A good knowledge of the Windows® operating system - all versions from Windows® 98 onwards.
The ability to assess and diagnose Operating System software errors and to rectify these using the
most appropriate procedures.

2. Knowledge and experience of hardware installation and configuration on desktop machines,

including floppy and CD-Rom drive, processor, motherboard, hard drive, graphics and sound card,
modem, power supply and memory. The ability to assess and diagnose hardware component failures
and to recommend/install replacement parts where necessary.

3. The ability to set up and configure connections to the Internet using dial-up-networking or
broadband (both wired and wireless). The ability to install, configure and troubleshoot wireless
networks, mainly for home computer users.

4. Knowledge and experience of dealing with virus and spyware problems and the ability to give advice
to customers regarding effective prevention measures and appropriate software.

5. Knowledge and experience of installing and maintaining small business networks, both Windows®
NT and peer-to-peer based, although not essential, would be an advantage.

The company does not require its engineers to possess any specific qualifications. Instead, we place greater
emphasis on experience and the personal qualities of our engineers. We accept applications from engineers
with varying degrees of experience and ability, and will then allocate jobs to engineers on the basis of their

Personal Attributes

field engineers must be honest and reliable. They should be totally professional at all times in their dealings
with our customers and a confident approach is very important. The ability to work alone and using your
own initiative is vital.

Working Hours

All customer appointments are arranged within the hours of 9.00am and 8.00pm.
Engineers are required to submit their availability for work on a weekly basis. They may indicate themselves
as available at any time or may choose to restrict their availability, for example, evenings only or weekday
mornings, etc. Naturally, the greater your availability and the distance you are willing to travel, the more
work you will receive.

The work is part-time and no guarantee can be given concerning how much work will be available. This
depends purely on the demand for the service in specific areas, i.e., on customers contacting us to arrange
engineer visits. The amount of work will, therefore, vary on a week-by-week basis. As an approximate
guideline, an engineer in a major urban area might expect to work for an average of 25 hours per week
(on the basis of full-time availability) and an engineer in a rural area might expect to work for an average of
5 hours per week (on the basis of part-time availability).

Payment Details

If the computer is successfully repaired, engineers are paid at the rate of £15.00 for each hour or part-hour
worked, in addition to 15p per mile in respect of journeys to and from customers’ premises, for one hour
jobs, and 25p per mile for jobs that last two hours or more.

If the engineer is unable to repair the computer, no charge is made to the customer and the engineer is paid a
flat fee of £5.00.

For any hardware components sold, engineers are paid a commission of £7.50 per item sold.

Engineers work on a strictly self-employed basis and issue a weekly invoice to the company for their
services. They are responsible for payment of their own National Insurance contributions and Income Tax.