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MultiMedia Tools

Lesson Idea Name: Three Branches of Government

Content Area: Social Studies
Grade Level(s): 3rd Grade
Content Standard Addressed: SS3CG1 Describe the elements of representative democracy/republic in the
United States.

Technology Standard Addressed: 3: Knowledge Constructor

Selected Technology Tool:

☒ Movie (list application):
☐ Audio (list application):
☐ Other: (list)
URL(s) to support the lesson (if applicable):

Bloom’s Taxonomy Level(s):

☒ Remembering ☒ Understanding ☐ Applying ☐ Analyzing ☐ Evaluating ☐ Creating

Levels of Technology Integration (LoTi Level):

☐ Level 1: Awareness ☐ Level 2: Exploration ☒ Level 3: Infusion ☐ Level 4: Integration
☐ Level 5: Expansion ☐ Level 6: Refinement

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

iMovie is a great tool to use in the classroom because it allows the students to create a video about a certain
topic. This tool allows the students to have voice and choice because it gives the students the opportunity to
be creative and display the information in any way that they want. Engagement is met with this tool because
the student will be engaged in making their movie because they get to create it on their own. This also follows
the UDL principle of representation because the students will be creating content to represent the
information learned about the standard.
Lesson idea implementation:
This activity goes along with the basic productivity tools lesson. The students will be introduced the topic of
the three branches of the government. They will be asked to watch this video prior coming to class so that
they are prepared for the lesson at school. The video includes pictures and a short video about the three
branches of government. I will ask the students to come to school prepared for the lesson and they will have
an activity to go along with the video.

As the students are watching the video at home, they will be asked to collect the information that they
learned from the video and bring it to class. They will have to take a few notes while they watch the video and
may have to watch it over again. This will prepare them for their Mind map that they will create in class the
following day. The mind map will be created using the website This will be done on the same topic
of Branches of Government except that will have to research about the branches of the state.
Importance of technology:
Multimedia tools are important to use in the classroom because it helps engage the students in learning. In
this case, I have asked the students to use this tool as a flipped classroom tool. This will help the students
come to class with the basic knowledge of the topic. If we were to not use this tool in the lesson, the students
would come to class not knowing what the topic is and would have to learn all of the material in the
classroom. This helps both the teacher and the students prepare for the lesson. Other types of technology

Spring 2018_SJB
MultiMedia Tools
that I plan on using in this lesson would be the website to have the create a mind map and display
the information that they learned both before and during class.
Inspiration (optional):
Branches of Government Video from Discovery Education

Internet Safety and Student Privacy:

There are some issues that could happen when allowing students to use the internet. Some of the issues
include Sharing their information, finding inappropriate material, getting off task, etc. I would address these
issues with the students and how to avoid them. I would include the students and their parents when talking
about internet safety and how to go about it. I would post all of it on the class website, discuss it in class and
send home paper work explain the internet safety protocols and possibly a permission slip, depending on the
age of the students, to make sure that the parents are comfortable with their child using the internet at
Reflective Practice:
I think that this activity has created an impact on the students learning because it allows them to become
familiar with the topic before learning about it in class. To maybe further extent this activity into the lesson,
instead of creating a mind map or even after creating the mind map, I could have the students create their
own video about the branches of government. Include their own pictures and maybe create a video of them
talking about the information.

Spring 2018_SJB