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BHAVNA MAHADEVAN bhavna@bhavnaism.


Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center, Pittsburgh, PA 
Master of Entertainment Technology, May 2013

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, High Honor, May 2011  
Certificate in Social & Personality Psychology, May 2011  
Software: Git, Unity3D, Houdini Engine, Perforce, Adobe Audition, Shotgun Libraries: Cinder, D3.js
Programming Languages: C#, Processing, Java, Python, C++ Operating Systems: OS X, Windows, Linux
Hardware: Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion Controller, Arduino Languages: English (fluent), Tamil (conversational) 
Professional Experience
● Jr. Programmer, Mirada Studios - Aug 2014 - October 2014
○ Communicated with creative director and another programmer to design and program a dynamic multi-screen visualization generated in
real time at 1920 x 4320 resolution for the lobby of IBM headquarters in New York
○ Formatted Linux server for installation in IBM’s lobby, installed application, and set up autoplayer and show control scripts
○ Helped develop Python solutions for production pipeline
● Adjunct Professor, Digital Dragon - May 2014 - June 2014
○ Taught intro programming course in Processing to students with varying degrees of programming proficiency from ages 11-17
○ Designed and developed curriculum and created lesson plans and assignments for a six-week class
○ Communicated with parents, students, and studio staff regarding student progress and educational improvement
● Freelance Programmer, Mirada Studios - Nov 2013 - July 2014
○ Built large-scale data visualization installations for large financial corporations using Cinder and D3.js
○ Downloaded, interpreted, and visualized real-time and historical data using client’s proprietary API
○ Designed and programmed data visualization prototypes and delivered to client, designers, and creative directors
● Houdini Gaming Intern, Side Effects Software - Jan 2013 - Sept 2013
○ Scripted gameplay, combat, basic AI, user interface, and pickup elements in a demo level for a first-person shooter in Unity 3D and C#
to demonstrate the capabilities of the Houdini Engine
○ Developed tools to enable demonstration of Houdini’s applications in games production
○ Prototyped features of Houdini Engine
○ Created real-time game effects using both Houdini's pyro solver and in-engine particle system and rendering capabilities
○ Constructed simple Houdini digital assets with explanations in order to introduce Houdini to new users of all backgrounds
○ Wrote an OTL in Python to integrate Perforce with Houdini, bringing version control into the Houdini interface
○ Presented internship project at “Birds of a Feather: VFX Student & Intern Showcase” at SIGGRAPH 2013
● Lead Programmer, DARPA Engage: Beanstalk Educational Game – June - Aug 2012
○ Built on an existing code base and environment in Unity3D and C# to improve in-game mechanisms on a team of three 
○ Introduced socio-emotional learning as NPCs in an educational game to teach children concepts of balance
○ Redesigned levels with ramping difficulty and socio-emotional learning elements to reflect new learning goals 
● Undergraduate Researcher, Computer Graphics Group, SURE Summer Research Program – May - Aug 2010 
○ Created an interactive simulation of swimming creatures using a mass-spring system with angular and linear springs
○ Programmed an applet in Processing to facilitate effortless creation and manipulation of simple swimming creatures in 2D
Academic Experience
● Content Designer, Up+, Entertainment Technology Center – Aug - Dec 2012
○ Designed a highly personalized, interactive, web-based, retail experience for the Windows Phone 8 on a team of seven
○ Devised questions and images to unobtrusively gather information about a user, based on picture preference
○ Organized and conducted several large-scale playtests at a high school, a museum, and a department event
● Co-Producer, Lead Programmer, ETC-Madhouse, Entertainment Technology Center – Jan - May 2012
○ Managed resources and oversaw development of an interactive visualization of a 30-minute musical piece 
○ Programmed ambient Kinect interactions to be displayed on Christie microtiles, as part of a larger visualization 
○ Networked five large screens using C#, Unity3D, TCP clients, and VLC media player to play and change digital content in sync 
● Producer, Sound Designer, Programmer, Building Virtual Worlds, Entertainment Technology Center – Aug - Dec 2011
○ Designed soundtracks and sound effects for four mini-games using Adobe Audition, and imported sounds into Unity3D
○ Managed resources and oversaw development of a game for Microsoft Kinect, created in a two-week period in Unity3D
○ Programmed a real-time, interactive particle system for Kinect using Processing, for use in an interactive music video

Activities & Awards
● Spring 2009-Spring 2011 – President, Upsilon Pi Epsilon Computing Honor Society
● Spring 2010 – Parliamentarian; Spring 2009-Fall 2009, Recording Secretary, Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity
● Fall 2007 – Girl Scout Gold Award, President’s Volunteer Service Award