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Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection @ UBL

To establish a standard job description format for documenting positions
and to ensure effective and efficient organizational structure of the

To maintain a transparent and equitable system of determining the

relative value of a general staff position.

To classify all staff positions into Job Grades and to examine whether
significant changes to an existing position will result in a change to the
grading level of that position.

Job Description

1. Every job will have a title and its next level of management reporting.
2. Every job will have specific objectives mentioned on the job
description form.
3. Every job description must indicate the purpose of the job, its scope
and duties and responsibilities in a very precise and clear manner.
4. Every job description will show the required level of education, job
knowledge, experience and training so that the
applicant/incumbent's eligibility could be measured against the
requirement of the job.
5. It is also important that every job shows the number of level from the
President's job to the incumbent’s own job. The President's job would
count as No. I.
6. Job descriptions will be submitted to HR to ensure that they are
complete and signed by the respective managers and are in line with
UBL standards and procedures.

Job Evaluation
HR may carry out the job evaluation process in consultation with the
management as and when required. On the basis of job description /
evaluation, each job shall have necessary benchmarking and a grade.

Institute of Business and Technology

Recruitment & Selection

A position will not be evaluated until after Human Resources has

obtained as much information as possible from the Position Holder (if an
occupied position), and/or Supervisor, and/or Departmental Head.

Job Grades
1. The permanent staff shall be classified into three categories and in
each category there shall be different grades/positions.
Category 1: Executives/Officers
Executives Officers
a. Senior Executive Vice b. Officer
President Grade-I
c. Executive Vice d. Officer
President Grade-II
e. Senior Vice President f. Officer
g. Vice President
h. Assistant Vice
Category 2: Clerical Staff
a. Stenographer
b. Steno typist/ Telex Operator/ Key Punch Operator.
c. Assistant/ Field Assistant/ Typist/ Cashier/ Godown Keeper/
Machine & Telephone Operator/ Mechanic and other
Category 3: Non-Clerical Staff
a. Duplicating Machine Operator/ Electrician (Possessing
Wireman’s Competency License)
b. Driver/ Liftman
c. Scooter Rider/ Watchman/ Security Guards/ Messenger/
Gardener and other subordinate staff
d. Cook/ Sanitary Worker (Sweeper), Non-Clerical Maintenance
2. The President shall have the power to determine the classification of
any new posts that may be created, if they do not fall under any of
the above classifications.

Institute of Business and Technology

Recruitment & Selection

To ensure that appointment of staff will be on the basis of appropriate
personal / professional skills and experience, free from discriminatory
biases against religion, sex, race, color, ethnic origin, nationality,
disability, marital status or social class and based soundly on the
principle of equality of opportunity.

To identify and attract qualified and diversified applicants based on

estimated manpower requirements.

1. United Bank Limited will provide equal employment opportunity
without any discrimination based on religion, sex, race, color, ethnic
origin, nationality, disability, marital status, social class, etc.
2. The Bank will hire employees on its payroll only in officer and
executive cadres. Non-management jobs will be outsourced.
3. A person appointed or selected as management trainee in the
officer grade in the Bank shall be governed by the terms &
conditions of his/her letter of Appointment.

Recruitment Channels
HR will utilize appropriate channels to solicit quality resources ranging
from (but not limited to) job advertisement, recruitment portals to
references, head hunters etc.

Hiring in Permanent Cadre

Hiring on permanent cadre and on contract on Bank’s payroll shall be
classified into the following three types:
1. External Hiring
a. This refers to hiring from outside the Bank and is carried out at all
levels; senior- and middle-management level, and at entry level.
b. Entry Level hiring includes bulk hiring and hiring of Management
Trainees (MTs).
c. Individuals who are currently on secondment with the Bank under
a third-party contract can also be considered for hiring.
2. Internal Hiring (Internal Job Posting)
HR may invite applications from existing employees by posting the
job on the network. The existing employees will have to compete on
merit with the external applicants.

Institute of Business and Technology

Recruitment & Selection

3. International Hiring
The HR representative at overseas locations will facilitate all
overseas recruitments.

Temporary Hiring
The Bank may acquire the services of an expert on a contractual basis.

Outsourcing (Third Party Contract)

1. Outsourcing (hiring on third party contract) will be done for all the
functions/groups that do not need employees on permanent basis.
2. HR will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with

Hiring of Former Employees and Prior Service Credit

1. Employees who had resigned on their own may be considered for
hiring on merit and as per rules. The past employment records of
such employees with UBL would be considered before making a
hiring decision.
2. A retired employee can be rehired on contract for such period as
deemed necessary and on such terms as may be agreed upon,
provided he/she is found fit for such re-employment.
3. The previous years of service would not count for any facility or
terminal benefits.

Management Trainees (MTs) Programme

• Only fresh MBAs from top local business schools with 2.7 CGPA
• Bachelors from (LUMS) and foreign accredited / recognized
universities in business discipline
• Ages not exceeding 26 years in case of Local Graduates
• Prospective candidates will be taken through Assessment Center.
• A single or combination (as deemed appropriate) of different
exercises / techniques could be used by the Recruitment Team
• Panel Interviews will be conducted by Business Heads with HR
Appointment / Confirmation

Institute of Business and Technology

Recruitment & Selection

• Management Trainees will be appointed in Officer Grade II cadre.

• They will be confirmed and assigned their respective Job Titles on
completion of 1 yr with the bank from the date of induction.
Training / Rotation & Placement
• Comprehensive training in core banking / soft skills areas
• The MT is required to serve at least 2 yrs in the department /
Division s/he is placed in before looking for any job rotation /
• Any exceptions will be purely at management’s

Internship Program
1. Internships will be offered to post graduates, graduates, and
undergraduate students during as well as after completion of their
respective programs to give them the requisite exposure to the
corporate culture and identify potential resources.
2. Internships shall be categorized into two:
a. Summer Internship Program
b. Year-round Internship Program
3. Interns will be paid nominal stipends, as per industry practice and
the existing rules.
4. Internship will be offered for at least 4 weeks. An internship
cannot last for more than six months.
5. Interns shall be issued certificate of internship by HR on
satisfactory completion of internship.

Conditions of Appointment/ Hiring

1. Minimum Educational Criteria:
a. The minimum educational qualification for officer/executive is
Graduation or equivalent qualification from a reputable national or
foreign university or educational institution.
b. All entry level hiring at officer grade III level should at least be a
graduate with minimum 60% marks or CGPA 2.7.
c. However, for all entry level hiring at officer Grade II level, the
candidate should at least be 4 years graduate degree holder or a
Master’s with minimum 60% marks or CGPA 2.7.
d. The management shall decide the minimum marks/CGPA
requirement for hiring at the entry level.
2. Experience Requirement:

Institute of Business and Technology

Recruitment & Selection

Hiring Grade Graduates Masters

Officer Grade III 0 – 1 0 – 1 year
Officer Grade II 4 years 0 – 1 year

Officer Grade I 6 years 3 years

AVP/VP 8 years & plus 5 years & plus

SVP & above 12 years & plus 10 years & plus

3. Age Limit: A candidate shall not be less than 18 years of age.

4. The President reserves the right to waive the above requirement
of minimum qualification/experience in exceptional cases.

Aptitude/written Test
All entry level candidates will have to give an aptitude and written test.

1. All candidates before selection shall have at least 3 interviews:
a. One interviewer shall be from the concerned group,
b. One from HR, and
c. One from another functional group.
2. Appointment shall be subject to two agreements, including one
from HR.
3. The interviewers shall record their comments and
recommendations on the prescribed interview sheet.
4. HR shall select all panels for interviews. One HR representative
shall always be part of the panel.
5. The grade of the interviewer should be at least one step higher
than the grade for which the person is being interviewed.
6. The minimum level required for an interviewer shall be an AVP in
main cities and an OG 1 in smaller cities. However, the HR
representative can be junior than an AVP and can interview
candidates for grades equal or lower than his/her own.

Reference Checks
1. All candidates will furnish at least two references. These
references will be verified once the candidate is on board.

Institute of Business and Technology

Recruitment & Selection

2. Unfavorable recommendations from the references shall lead to

termination of the employment.

Medical Check-up
1. All candidates will have to undergo a medical examination before
appointment (exceptions may be made by the Group Executive HR
to hire any person prior to medical clearance).
2. Any candidate failing the medical test will not be eligible for

Related Staff
1. Hiring of employee’s close relatives will be permissible only in OG-
II and OG-III grades.
2. The close relatives include parents, brothers, sisters, spouse, sons,
daughters, parents-in-law, brothers/sisters-in-law and
sons/daughters-in-law. Grand parents, uncles, aunts, nephews,
nieces, and cousins, however closely related, would ipso facto be
excluded from this definition.
3. Hiring of distant relatives at mid and senior management level
may be allowed. However, the close relations as defined above
would not be employed.
4. Hiring will be strictly on merit and as per criteria.
5. HR Services Division will ensure that related staff is posted to
separate business units and under no circumstances report to each

Probation and Confirmation

1. Employees shall be placed on probation as under:
a. All entry-level hires with less than 3 years experience –
6 months.
b. All hires having 3 or more years of experience – 3
2. The probationary period can be extended, waived or shortened in
case of seasoned and experienced candidates as follows based on
the performance of the individual.
• Up to SVP Level by the joint approval of the concerned
group head and group executive HR.
• EVPs and above by the president.

Institute of Business and Technology

Recruitment & Selection

3. On satisfactory completion of the period of probation an employee

shall be confirmed.
4. On unsatisfactory performance, the appointee may be discharged
without further notice, or, where permissible under the rules, may be
given a written notice of extension of probationary period.

1. Letter of Appointment: HR Services Division shall issue an
appointment letter. This letter of appointment shall briefly outline
the position, location of appointment, remuneration, a reasonable
period to join, length of the probation, the name/title of the person to
whom the new entrant is required to report as well as other terms
and conditions of service.
2. Confidentiality: All persons hired to work at UBL shall be
required to sign a declaration of fidelity and secrecy agreement.
3. Disclosure of Personal Information: All candidates at the time
of joining will be required to fill in the Candidate/Staff Record Form
giving details of their respective profiles and attested photographs.
4. No traveling allowance shall be admissible on joining.

Verification of Antecedents
1. The antecedents of all persons appointed shall be verified to
ensure that only persons enjoying a good reputation in terms of
honesty/integrity are appointed and retained.
2. HR Services Division shall verify in writing the antecedents of
prospective / appointed employees from their former employers and
nominated references, and academic / professional achievements
from the degree awarding universities / educational institutes.
3. Employee appointed will provide a clearance from their previous
employer within a reasonable / prescribed time.

Compliance with SBP regulations (Restrictions on hiring)

No incumbent shall be hired from the list that is forwarded by SBP, from
time to time, specifying the names of all terminated employees from
different banks.

Institute of Business and Technology

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment Process
1. Staff Requisition Form (SRF)
a. SRF shall be filled by all the Divisions/Departments with
authorization from the respective Group Executive/Group Head.
b. Complete job description, job specification, hierarchical
placement, type of recruitment, terms of employment (if
contract), salary range, etc. shall be mentioned on the form.
c. Group Executive HR shall approve the SRF.
2. Screening of prospective candidates
a. Written Tests
i. Entry level candidates and candidates with less than one
year experience will take a written test prior to interviews.
ii. All short listing will be in accordance with the cutoff
percentage as determined by the management from time to
time or else a ratio of the # of candidates/ # of vacancies,
whichever lower.
b. Interviews
i. Panel interviews shall be conducted for all entry-level
hires, including bulk hiring as well as MTs.
ii. One to one interviews shall be conducted for all mid-and-
senior level hiring, from OG-I to SEVP level. All candidates,
before selection, shall have three interviewers.

Traveling Expenses for Interviews

1. No traveling or out-of-pocket expenses shall be admissible for

interviews at entry levels.
2. Traveling expenses shall only be paid on case-to-case basis to
candidates for senior-and-middle management positions.

Relocation Expenses on Joining

1. Traveling Cost/Freight Charges: All hiring that entails a shift in

location (City/Country) whilst joining UBL shall entitle an incumbent
to traveling cost and freight charges as per Transfer/Travel policy of
the Bank.
2. Relocation Allowance: All new incumbents who shall be relocated
or transferred from one city to another shall be given a relocation
allowance on a case-to-case basis as per Bank’s relocation policy.

Institute of Business and Technology

Recruitment & Selection

Employees file and Record

For each member of the staff a separate file will be maintained
containing a record of service and any correspondence including the
application and subsequent appraisals, with following particulars as
stated in Annexure VI.


To recognize that staff motivation, productivity, and retention are
dependent upon employees working in jobs that are well suited to their
interests and therefore,

To offer and encourage transfer opportunities for current employees

who have the desire to enhance their skills and develop new
competencies to pursue different or greater responsibility internally.

Institute of Business and Technology

Recruitment & Selection

Selection for transfer

1. Transfer of an individual will take place in accordance with the
needs of the Bank.
2. Transfers shall take place on one of the following reasons:
a. Career growth of the individual;
b. Optimal utilization of the skills/expertise;
c. Market dictated need for experience;
d. Filling a vacant position;
e. Requirement of job rotation policy; and
f. Administrative reasons.
3. Transfer may require a person moving from one geographical
location to another geographical location or from one function/divi-
sion to another function/division in the same geographical location.
4. Reporting for Duty: Transferee shall report to the place of posting
within the specified period after receiving the transfer order:
Transfers Time
within the city with immediate
within the region 5 days
Transfer from one region to another 7 days
region (or within the region to a
place more than 100 km. away)

Job Rotation
The Departmental Heads/Branch Managers shall ensure that:
• eligible employees under their supervision are properly rotated
after serving a maximum period of 3 years plus minimum vacation
requirement, and
• Cash officers/tellers/cashiers after every two years.
Job rotation shall not apply to employees:
• where specific technical skills/expertise or specialists are required,
• with low circulation value, that is, on assignments/jobs high in
complexity where functional specialist are needed,
• hired for some specific technical skills/expertise or specialists

Institute of Business and Technology

Recruitment & Selection

where heavy expenditures are involved

HR shall facilitate/ monitor job rotations.

Temporary assignments of UBL Employees with other Institutions

At the request of other institutions, an employee may be transferred to
work on a limited time basis (normally not more than one year) with
another institution, on such terms and conditions as mutually agreed by
the management.

The President may send an employee on secondment to a subsidiary,
joint venture or sister organization for such period as the President may
deem appropriate. The objective of the secondment will be to transfer
professional expertise and skills to such organizations.

The employee while on secondment shall retain his/her lien and

seniority in respect of his employment with the Bank and shall be
governed by the Bank’s rules and regulations

Overseas Posting: Policy Objectives

1. Fill in critical mid- and-senior level/specialist/technical positions
abroad with professionally qualified persons having relevant
experience and expertise.
2. Minimize Pakistan based staff to around 10% of total staff strength
overseas in order to: (a) control costs, (b) provide local-based
employees a longer term career path, and (c) improve the skill set of
employees posted overseas.
3. Make Pak-based middle/senior level staff cognizant of our Bank’s
international operations and trends in international banking.

Overseas Posting: Selection Criteria

1. Requisite educational qualification, skill set and experience.
2. Selection strictly on merit; based on past performance, experience
and relevant expertise.
3. Age 55 years or less, can be relaxed for the mid- and-senior
management positions.
4. Ability to read, write and speak English coherently.
5. No one below officer level shall be transferred to overseas

Institute of Business and Technology

Recruitment & Selection


Overseas Posting: Duration of posting

1. There shall not be any minimum or expected tenure of posting
abroad but it shall not exceed 4 years per assignment.
2. Posting shall be on the basis of the requirement of the Bank. The
employee may be transferred from one overseas country to another
at the discretion of the Bank’s management.

Overseas Posting: Compensation & Benefits

1. The staff transferred from Pakistan to overseas operations shall be
offered local based contracts for specific period and offered
compensations and benefits in line with the local market.
2. The transferee shall be eligible for medical insurance cover as per
the current policy at the overseas location.
3. The officers/executives on returning back from overseas posting
shall be adjusted in the domestic operations.
4. The notional salary of the transferee in Pakistan shall be
ascertained on the basis of his/her yearly performance and the same
shall be assumed as his/her salary on transfer back.
5. The transferee shall continue to remit his/her GPF/PF contribution
to GPF/PF Trust and pay his/her loan(s) according to the repayment

Overseas Posting: Travel Entitlement

1. On transfer, an employee shall be entitled to (i) economy class
airfare to the place of posting for self, spouse and dependent
children and (ii) reimbursement of expenses on transfer of personal
effects and other traveling expenses as admissible under the
overseas traveling policy.
2. Staff transferred from Pakistan to locations in the Middle East shall
be entitled to air passage annually or once every two year, as the
case may be, for self, spouse, and dependent children.

Handover procedure
1. It will be the responsibility of the concerned supervisor to ensure
proper handing/taking over.
2. On transfer / relocation/secondment / temporary assignment /

Institute of Business and Technology

Recruitment & Selection

international postings with other institution, the employee shall be

required to produce prior to his/her leaving a list of all his/her
pending works, important issues, due dates for any particular assets
or liability maturity and any other pending actions to his/her
successor and to hand over his/her duties in a responsible manner.
3. He / She must also handover as per prescribed policy all bank
property and settle all accounts and loans, etc., if needed.
4. The handover memo must also be signed by the replacement to
acknowledge receipt of same.
5. The outstanding dues will be paid after his/her immediate
manager confirms that such a document has been obtained from the
departing employee and has been satisfactorily explained.

Institute of Business and Technology