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Grant Proposal
FRIT 8132
Sarah Wiggins
November, 16, 2009

No Child Left Behind made awareness for creating

differentiated classrooms that engage all learners while
assessing them in new and different ways in order to ensure
that every child is making progress in the learning process.
The following proposes the use of a technological resource
that incorporates all of the above into an elementary

Table of Contents
I. Executive Summary
II. Project Description
III. Project Accomplishments
IV. Budget
V. References
VI. Resources
Executive Summary

With the current “No Child Left behind” laws and regulations, teachers at Chestatee Elementary

work vigorously to make sure that all children are meeting standards. Such structures as Early

Intervention Programs, Response to Intervention Programs, and Student Support Teams are in place to

catch any child that is close to “falling through the cracks”. With such systems as well as Standards Based

Grading, the teachers are often assessing the needs of students through formative and summative

assessments. Students see assessments as boring and time consuming, and the joys of learning are often


The current grant will focus on meeting the needs of three of Chestatee’s biggest problems: 1.)

The need to raise student achievement; 2.) The need for authentic assessment to provide effective and

efficient feedback; and 3.) The need to raise student engagement in order to see a true picture of student


Chestatee Elementary is a Kindergarten through 5th grade public school located in the northern

most section of Forsyth County Georgia. Although Forsyth County is considered a suburb, Chestatee is

actually located in the more rural area of the county. Currently, Chestatee qualifies as a Title 1 school.

The following illustrates the demographics of Chestatee Elementary during the 2008 – 2009 year.

Total Population 1,157

Racial % 80% 15% 2% Multi 1% 1% 1%

white Hispanic racial Black Asian American

Attendance 10% of the student population had 15+ absences throughout the year.

Economically Disadvantaged 37% of total population is economically disadvantaged

Special Education 202 students qualified for special education services

Retention 44 students were retained

The requested technology would be appropriate in all grade levels, but will be piloted in three 5th

grade classes. Currently, the classes are departmentalized with one teacher teaching ELA, one teaching

math, and the other teaching science and social studies. The classes are inclusion classes and serve

special ed., EIP, and Title 1 students. The following chart demonstrates the current abilities, and

subgroups existing in the 3 classes.

Population Total Population =82 Girls = 36 Boys = 46

Current Achievement 8% DNM 17% DNM 46% 54% 46% 29%

Levels Standards Standards Meets Meets Exceeds Exceeds
Reading Math Standards Standards Standards Standards
Reading Math Reading Math

Special Programs 13 in Special Education 13 in Title 1 services 9 in EIP services

Chestatee regularly meets the standards for Georgia Elementary schools and has only once in 5

years been on the Needs Improvement list. However, every year the faculty and staff work very hard to

attain this goal. The Qwizdom Student Support System alongside the Ready Set Program can provide the

authentic assessment that can be engaging and relevant to the Chestatee student population.

Project Description

Qwizdom is software which incorporates data collection tools along with a handheld remote that

provides students and teachers the ability to have immediate feedback in the midst of an assessment. The

Qwizdom Education website refers to their product as combining “response system interactivity,

customized presentation, formative assessment, and online reporting into one complete solution.”

Combined with their accompanying Ready Set Program, teachers are provided unique resources that are

tailored to their state standards.

Component Justification

Qwizdom Q2 The software and the hand helds are sold together. These items will be used in
RF16 Remote whole group instruction as well as small group instruction. During small group
System PC instruction students will use the handheld to demonstrate knowledge and
understandings. During whole group instruction, the teachers can combine the
three sets so that all children can participate in the activity and or assessment.

Grade 5 Ready Set The ELA teacher can utilize the curriculum that is included in the Ready Set
Reading program to teach the state standards, and use it during differentiation to target the
Curriculum key areas that the students are struggling with.

Grade 5 Ready Set The math teacher can utilize the curriculum included in the program to teach the
Math Curriculum state standards, and use it during differentiation to target the key areas that the
students are struggling with

Grade 5 Ready Set The science teacher can utilize the curriculum included in the program to teach
Science the state standards. Although science is not considered a high stakes test, there are
Curriculum direct correlations to math achievement as well as understanding of informational
materials through science instruction.

Project Accomplishments

The Qwizdom System and Curriculum offers the teacher the opportunity to pre-assess all the

students with immediate results. The results would drive the creation of flexible groupings for

differentiated instruction. During small group instruction, the teacher would use the Ready Set

Curriculum to target the specific skills. For the higher level students, activities include allowing students

to apply Higher Order Thinking Skills. Special services would be able to access the technology as well.

Currently, every child participates in an RTI lesson. Special area teachers use this time to provide

students who are in special education, or who are considered Tier 3 within the RTI Pyramid, the

opportunity for small group specific instruction. During this time period, it is required that the teacher use

progress monitoring tools. The Qwizdom software, curriculum, and handheld devices would be beneficial

to the students and teachers for such feedback.

Through pre-assessment, flexible groupings and engaging tasks, students are focused and driven

to demonstrate their knowledge. These elements are the foundation of the Teaching and Learning Goals;

“Leaders and Teachers in Forsyth County Schools are committed to designing learning experiences that

reflect high expectations which result in student engagement. Standards-based classrooms are

accomplished through purposeful design, quality teaching, balanced assessment, and collaboration with
colleagues and students.” The primary goal of the technology department; “the effective use of

technology for teaching and learning,” is met too.

Project Evaluation

Expected Outcomes Evaluation of Results

Engaging Student Activities A survey will be given to students and teachers to

assess their level of engagement, and the teacher
observations of such. A pre and post survey will be

More Effective and Efficient Practices A survey will be given to teachers to compare and
contrast the practices before the implementation of
the Student Response System and after. A pre and
post survey will be given.

Raised Student Achievement Pre tests and Post tests will provide skill results and
CRCT data will be evaluated to see if there is a
marked improvement in the students who are
instructed and assessed with the Student Response
System compared to the other three fifth grade
classes that will not be using the technology.


Item Description Cost

Personnel Technology Specialists will be used to install No cost will ensue because FCSS
software and curriculum support. employs highly qualified
personnel to do such tasks.

Equipment All classes are equipped with interactive boards, No cost will ensue due to pre-
teacher laptops (PC), and wireless connectivity. existing equipment.

Software Qwizdom Q2 RF16 Remote SystemPC is Each Q2 RF 16 Remote

packaged to include the software along with the Systems = $950.00
Student Response Devices. Three packages that
contain the software to be installed on the teachers’ X 3 classes = $2,850.00
laptop along with 16 hand held devices will be
purchased to be used in and across all 3 test pilot
classrooms. The hand held devices will be used in
conjunction with the software that is loaded on the
teachers’ laptop during whole group and small
group instruction to provide for opportunities of
differentiated engaging instruction.

Curriculum Ready Set Reading, Math, and Science will all be 3 @ $1,995.00 = $5985.00
purchased to be used in each of the three content
related classrooms. The curriculum is created to
support the State Standards. Such lessons will be
used in small differentiated groups to provide
authentic lessons and efficient and effective

Final Cost $8,835.00

Due to the commitment of the Forsyth County Schools Sytem to make every classroom an

engaging technology driven environment the Qwizdom Student Response System and Ready Set

Curriculum fit perfectly with the existing technology within the classroom. The grant money will be used

to help engage learners through effective and efficient lessons and assessments.


The success stories are numerous.

South Polk Elementary: Students’ needs in all levels were met. “The challenging questions stir the mind
of the gifted child. The average and low achievers benefit from the immediate feedback, so they can
rethink their answer.”

8th Grade Science Class in TX: 80% of the class passed the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
compared to only 60% passing in the control group that did not use the system.

Canyon Lake Middle School: “The motivation of my students has increased tremendously. They can no
longer sit in class without participating.”

John F. Ryan Elementary, MA 5th Grade Class: A pre-assessment was given followed by a post test. Half
the class used the System and half was considered the control group. There was a 10% growth in the
control group and a 15% growth was seen with the tested group who used the Qwizdom system.

It is evident through these success stories that the Qwizdom Response System when used in

conjunction with the Ready Set Curriculum can be very effective in engaging students, raising student

achievement, and providing authentic and relevant assessments.


Qwizdom website:

Forsyth County Schools: