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Resume Writing

For Arts, Acting, and Academic Resumes, use the CDO guide
“Specialized Resumes”

Smith College Career Development Office

Drew Hall, Northampton, MA 01063
413.585.2582 fax: 413.585.2596

Your Resume: Imagine…
…that you have the skills, experience, and advice needed to write a great resume. Good news! You
do! With effort on your part and help from the CDO, your resume can:

• Convince your reader to interview you.

• Market you effectively to your audience.

• Change as your experience and goals evolve.

Gear it to Your Audience

Employers scan resumes quickly—often in 30 seconds or less—so BEFORE you start writing:

• Research the field so you can use its keywords in your resume. Whether read by a person or
scanned by machine, keywords can make the difference in getting an interview.

• Analyze the description of the position for which you’re applying. Stress the skills sought.

• Assess yourself—what skills, characteristics, and experience do you offer? The CDO can help.

One page is standard for most students and recent graduates. This is especially important for
business, technology, or communications firms (advertising or publishing, for example). Employers in
many other fields appreciate a concise and attractive one-page resume.

A longer resume is appropriate for certain applicants and fields. For teaching (grades K-12) or
non-profits, a two-page resume is acceptable if you have significant related experience. For
fellowships, grants, research, or college-level teaching, you may need a Curriculum Vitae, or C.V.,
which can run several pages. (See below.) Note: Some employers ask for a C.V. when they simply
want a resume.

Need help editing your resume? Come for a drop-in appointment.

Avoid templates or resume wizards. Most people can’t adapt them effectively to suit their content.
Template resumes often look identical, making it hard to distinguish yourself among many applicants.

Arrange your education and experience in reverse chronological order, present to past. This
lets your reader easily see your current and recent background. You may also use categories relevant
to your audience, for example, Public Relations Experience, Laboratory Experience, Arts
Administration Experience, and so forth. If you’re returning to work after time away, or have gaps in
your employment history, you may want to consider the functional resume style.

Some fields require specialized resume formats. If you’re seeking a research, scientific, acting, or
performance opportunity, or if you’re a studio art major promoting your work, consult our separate
guide “Specialized Resumes: the Arts and Academia.”

EDUCATION. Education generally comes first for current students and recent grads. From present
to past, list school, location, degree and date awarded or expected, major, and minor. Study away
and previous degrees may be included, along with your thesis and relevant courses, projects, and
research papers. A GPA is required for finance or consulting but optional for other fields unless
requested. You may calculate a major GPA and a cumulative GPA.

High school experience is generally included by first years and sophomores. Others may include it
if relevant, for example, if you’re searching in the region where you attended high school, if you had
significant high school experience related to your objective, if your school may have “name
recognition” for your reader, or if you’re seeking a teaching job at a private school and attended one.

HONORS and AWARDS, if you have them, can go under Education or as a separate category.

SKILLS can include languages, computer skills, laboratory skills, equipment use, and other
competencies of interest to your reader. Include skills under Education or as a separate category.
Add relevant licensing and certifications.

EXPERIENCE includes paid jobs, internships, volunteer work, extracurriculars, and course projects.
From present to past, list title, organization, location, and dates. (Put organizations first, titles
second if you like, but do so consistently.) Use specific titles such as “Administrative Intern,” rather
than “Intern,” if your supervisor approves.

Remember: You can tailor your headings to your audience’s needs, for example: Research
Experience, Communications Experience, Museum Experience, International Experience.

ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE is an optional category for experiences you’d like to include but are
less important. You may use a second heading as described above or a brief summary, for
example: Additional experience includes childcare and landscaping.


that work for the rest of your content. Be specific. Say “Enjoy modern British fiction” rather than
“Enjoy reading.” If it’s not apparent that you’re a U. S. citizen or Permanent Resident, note it.
Listing memberships that reveal your race, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation,
or gender identity may encourage or discourage employers from interviewing you. The choice is
yours to make, and the CDO is happy to advise you.


References Available on Request. Prepare a separate page titled “References for Your Name”
with your references’ names, titles, and contact info (get permission). Send if requested.

Personal statistics such as age, height, and weight, except on a theatre resume. Marital/family
status is never included.

Make Your Resume Interesting and Relevant
√ Use action verb phrases to describe your experiences. Instead of “Responsibilities included training
staff“ say “Trained five new staff.” A list of action verbs is on page 6.

√ Be concise; omit personal pronouns and “a,” “an,” and “the” whenever possible. Instead of “I
created and maintained a database using Excel,” say “Created and maintained database using Excel.”

√ Stress accomplishments and results; use numbers when appropriate. For example:

Draft #1: Waited tables. Opened and closed restaurant.

Draft #2: Provided customer service to patrons of high-traffic café. Selected by manager to
open and close restaurant.

Draft #3: Provided quality customer service to patrons of high-traffic café, serving up to 100
meals during busy lunch and dinner shifts. Developed loyal return clientele. Selected by
manager over more experienced wait staff to open and close restaurant. Totaled up to $200 in
tips per shift.

√ Create different resume versions for different audiences. You may need to use different
keywords. All fields have different expectations of resumes. Be sure yours is appropriate. You’re
encouraged to have it reviewed by a professional in your field as well as by the CDO.

√ Make it clear. Avoid confusing acronyms and abbreviations. Instead of S.O.S., say “Service
Organizations of Smith.” It’s OK to use postal abbreviations for states, but be consistent.

Organizing Your Resume

Refer to the sample resumes on pages 7—17 as you choose and arrange your headings.

NAME. Put it at the top, centered or flush left. Use caps, bold, and a larger font to make it stand out.

CONTACT INFORMATION. List your current address, phone, and email on one line (saves space)
or blocked. Also list a permanent or forwarding address if it’s in your search region.

OBJECTIVE (optional). We suggest you omit an objective from your resume and state it in your
cover letter. If you have a very specific objective, you can include it, for example: “A position as a
hospital laboratory technician.” Change the objective as needed.

SUMMARY or PROFILE (optional). More experienced applicants or those whose relevant

experience is sporadic or not recent may begin with a summary geared to the reader. For example:

Five years communications and marketing experience in non-profit sector. Experienced

researcher, writer, and editor. Excellent public speaking and workshop facilitation skills. Strong
fundraising background with special expertise in grant writing. Skilled at recruiting, training, and
motivating volunteers. (Note: These phrases could be separate bullet points.)

The Look of Your Resume
√ Use bond paper (24 # weight is suggested) in white, cream, or gray with black print. Use the same
paper for your letters and get matching envelopes. If using paper with a watermark, be sure it’s right
side up and facing forward.

√ Select a font size and style that are easy-to-read. We suggest 10-12 point size in familiar fonts
such as Arial, Times New Roman, Garamond, or Helvetica. Try a larger font for headings and name.

√ Adjust margins to fit your content (1” all around is average). Visually balance your resume.

√ Use a letter quality printer with a fresh cartridge.

√ Use capital letters, bold type, italics, underlining, bullets, and spacing for emphasis. Make
important information stand out.

√ Be consistent with spacing, dates, punctuation, and order of information. Details matter.
√ Proofread your resume with utmost care, and ask others to do the same. Don’t rely on spell
check. Misspellings, grammar and punctuation errors, and inconsistencies make a poor first
impression. You may not be asked for an interview as a result.

Emailing Your Resume

Always follow an employer’s preference when emailing your resume and cover letter. Some
employers won’t open attachments; others request them. If you don’t know an employer’s preference,
send your resume as an attached Word doc or PDF. Some applicants also paste their resume into
the email (see below) or send hard copy as a follow-up.

Include your cover letter in the body of the email or as an attachment (employers’ preferences
vary). If sending it as a separate attachment, use the email to introduce yourself briefly and say why
you’re writing. State the position for which you’re applying in the subject line. Ask your reader to
contact you if there’s trouble opening your attachments. If sending a Word document from a Mac, you
need an OS10 operating system and an updated version of MacOffice for it to be read by PCs.

To paste your resume into an email or an online application form: highlight your document, clear
the formatting, fix any problems, and copy-paste it into your email or application form. You can use
asterisks or dashes in place of bullets.

BEFORE emailing your documents to employers, email them to yourself and a couple of
friends. This gives you a chance to fix any problems and put your best foot forward.

How the CDO can Help

Feel free to bring your resume to a 15-minute drop-in with a CDO counselor. Drop-ins are held
every day—just stop by or call our Help Desk at 413-585-4055 to set up a time. If you’re off campus,
you may email your resume in advance and arrange a phone drop-in.

Your resume will always be a work in progress. Keep it polished and up-to-date. Revise it as you
gain new experiences or change directions. The effort you put into this important marketing tool will
be time well spent.

Action Verb List
The verbs listed below are only a few of the many you can use in describing your activities and
accomplishments. Make sure you have an action verb for each entry in your resume's
“Experience” section.

accelerated delegated instituted reduced

accomplished demonstrated instructed re-established
achieved designed interpreted regulated
adapted determined introduced rehearsed
adjusted developed launched reinforced
aided devised led renegotiated
allocated devoted lectured reorganized
amplified diagnosed listed reported
analyzed diagrammed maintained researched
answered directed managed reshaped
applied displayed modified restored
appointed distributed molded revamped
approved edited monitored reviewed
arbitrated effected motivated revised
arranged eliminated negotiated scheduled
assisted employed observed selected
assumed encouraged operated set up
attained enlisted orchestrated simplified
augmented established organized solved
awarded estimated oriented specialized
began evaluated originated stimulated
brought examined oversaw streamlined
built expanded overhauled structured
calculated expedited participated substituted
catalogued extended performed suggested
chaired fabricated persuaded summarized
compared focused planned supervised
compiled forecast pinpointed supported
complied fortified prepared systematized
completed founded presented teamed
conceived generated preserved trained
conducted guided produced treated
constructed handled programmed tutored
consulted harmonized promoted unified
contracted headed proposed updated
contrived implemented proved used
controlled improved provided utilized
cooperated incorporated ran volunteered
coordinated increased received widened
counseled influenced recommended worked
created initiated reconciled wrote
dealt inspected recorded
defined installed recruited

Purpose: General Font: Helvetica Text and headings: 12 pt Name: 16 pt

Bassema Kaleem
Box 4441 Smith College Hatfield Road
Northampton, MA 01063 Hatfield, MA 01038
413.585.5002 413.586.0000


Smith College, Northampton, MA B.A. expected May 2009

Courses: Adaptation (writing-intensive First Year seminar), Introduction to Psychology,
Chinese I, Calculus I

Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA Graduated in May 2005

Honors: Honor Roll—All years
David J. Workman Community Service Grant Recipient, May 2004
Earned 5/5 on AP Economics (micro and macro) and Statistics exams

Activities: Varsity and Junior Varsity Squash, Junior Varsity Tennis

Drama Club

Computer Skills: MS Office, Windows XP, Photoshop


Intern, The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, Hatfield, MA Summer 2005

• Supervised team in creating and condensing holiday card fundraising mailing list;
phoned area businesses to update contact information; input data using Excel
• Assisted with all aspects of Pancake Breakfast fundraiser; set up, took tickets,
ran errands, cleaned up
• Contacted food pantries to conduct Massachusetts Food Emergency Assistance
Program (MEFAP) survey
• Sorted food and filled orders in warehouse; inventoried office supplies

Technology Assistant, Information Technology Services, Deerfield Academy Summer 2004

• Assisted with campus-wide network change
• Helped set up and wire new computer lab
• Re-imaged laptops; learned Norton Ghost software
• Maintained and cleaned phones

Volunteer, The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, Hatfield, MA Summer 2003

• Sorted and salvaged food in warehouse


Online strategy gaming and tournament play. Theater

Purpose: General Font: Garamond Text and headings: 12 pt Name: 16 pt

Smith College Box 1234, Northampton, MA 01063 (413) 585-1234
3478 Mango Ridge Road, Ocala, FL 34471 (352) 334-7894


Smith College, Northampton, MA B.A. degree expected May 2008 Intended major: English
Courses: Reading Contemporary Poetry, Medieval and Renaissance France, Calculus I, Macroeconomics

Vanguard High School, Ocala, FL Graduated May 2004

Honors: Deans List and Junior National Honor Society

Computer Skills Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Languages Working knowledge of French


Waitress, Friendly’s Restaurant, Ocala, FL (Summers 2004 and 2005)

Provided polite and attentive customer service during hectic 3-hour lunch and dinner shifts. Covered 5-6
tables totaling 20+ customers. Prepared complicated ice cream, salad, and sandwich orders. Served as
dining room hostess while handling busy ice cream walk-up window. Averaged $60-85 in tips per 8-hour shift.
Praised by manager for skillful handling of challenging customers.

Assistant Coach, Marion County Youth Softball 10 & Under Softball League, Ocala, FL (Summer 2003)
Helped plan and conduct practice sessions to develop beginning level softball skills for 12 girls twice weekly
for 2 hours. Maintain contact with girls now playing at high school level.


Member, Anchor Service Club, Vanguard High School (2000-2004)

Participated in community volunteer projects. Supported and sponsored 2-3 families during holiday time.
Assisted at several town events. Wrapped holiday presents at the mall. Projects received awards from head
of Anchor Service Clubs national association.

President, French Club, Vanguard High School (2002-2003)

Conducted meetings for 15 members. Organized activities and fundraisers including a candy sale and
holiday food and toy drive. Helped plan and implement school-wide Mardi Gras attended by 250 students.
Collaborated with faculty advisor. Active club member for two years before election as President.

Arts and Crafts Leader, Fine Arts for Ocala, Ocala, FL (2000-2002)
Led arts and crafts activities for 10 children ages 6-9. Designed projects using free items from local recycling
center. Maintained art materials, kept area clean and safe, and replenished supplies.

Additional activities: Fastpitch Varsity Team; Shocker Park All-Star Travel Softball Team; Slowpitch Varsity
Team; JV Soccer Team; Symphony Under the Stars Volunteer.

Purpose: Non-profit sector Font: Times New Roman Text: 11 pt Headings: 12 pt Name: 14 pt


Smith College Box 3000, Northampton, MA 01063 (413) 585-0000

209 Morningside Drive, Weston, MA 06313 (839) 392-2349


Smith College, Northampton, MA B.A. expected May 2006 Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology
Courses: Psychology of Adolescence; Seminar in Gender and the Life Course; Psychology of Women and
Gender; Lesbian Identity and Experience; Seminar in Sexuality, Gender, and Identity
Research: "The Rising Rate of STDs Among Adolescents," "Lesbian Coupling, Family-Building, and Parenting"

Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra, Santiago de los Cabelleros, Dominican Republic
Completed program sponsored by Council on International Educational Exchange, 2004-2005

Computer Skills: Word, Excel, Publisher

Language: Fluent Spanish


Peer Sexuality Educators Co-Chair, Smith College Health Services (2005-2006)

Organize workshops to promote and educate students about safer sex, reproductive healthcare, and sexually
transmitted infections. Serve as resource, discuss options, and make referrals to abortion, adoption, and prenatal
services. Supervise 20 peer educators.

Health Educator, Philadelphia Needle Exchange, Philadelphia, PA (Summer 2005)

Facilitated HIV/AIDS prevention and outreach for high-risk populations. Led workshops on needle use
including intramuscular hormone injections and harm reduction strategies for transsexual and transgender people.
Distributed clean needles to users via direct street outreach.

Health Educator, Santiago de los Cabelleros Community Clinic, Dominican Republic (1-3/2005)
Assisted physicians and health aides in educating youth on safe sex practices. Visited schools and youth centers
to distribute information. Conducted field survey of school officials on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.
Wrote 25-page research paper on findings.

Outreach Assistant, Lavender Youth Information Recreation Center, San Francisco, CA (Summer 2004)
Designed and implemented outreach initiative to at-risk, queer, and questioning youth. Developed activities for
2004 Pride. Created and distributed outreach materials; organized distribution of monthly events calendar.


Peer Advisor, Smith College Career Development Office (2005-2006)

Advise students on resources, answer questions, and staff Help Desk. Lead internship workshops.

Board Member/Chair, Service Organizations of Smith (2003-2004 and 2004-2005)

Served on governing board of 500+ student organization. Chaired committee raising $12,000.

Sex, Health & Safety Committee Member, Spectrum (2003-2004)

Acted as resource and support liaison for queer students. Organized and led interactive workshops for
administrators, professors, and students on issues of safe sex and sexual violence.

Peer Advocate Intern, Safe Passage, Northampton, MA (Fall 2003)

Counseled youth experiencing domestic violence on 24-hour hotline, frequently in Spanish.

Purpose: Finance/business Font: Times New Roman Text and headings: 12 pt Name: 14 pt

Smith College Box 1111, Northampton, MA 01063

Smith College, Northampton, MA
B.A. (May 2006)
Major: Economics
Cumulative GPA: 3.6
RELATED COURSEWORK: Financial Accounting, Econometrics, Free Market Economics, Money
and Banking, International Trade and Commercial Policy, International Finance

Boston Scientific Corporation, Natick, MA
Finance Intern May – August 2005
Reported and analyzed monthly worldwide headcount
Prepared monthly Finance Project Investment Board presentations for Global Finance Excellence
Monitored and reported global financial measurements to corporate controller
Supported corporate cost center analysts

JP Morgan Chase, New York, NY

Intern May – August 2004
Updated merger and acquisition database, monitored public offerings, researched potential
investors, buyers, and acquisition targets
Assisted in preparing financial models, pitch backs, and database entry
Met with investment bankers in a variety of departments and attended trainings

The Grapevine Restaurant, Salem, MA

Server June – August 2003
Maintained high levels of customer satisfaction in a busy, high-end establishment
Worked with chef to learn menu offerings and specials; developed solid knowledge of dishes and
ingredients in order to answer customer questions
Acquired overview of wines and spirits to suggest as pairings for meals
Assisted with catering special events, including corporate meetings, retreats, and celebrations

Service Organizations of Smith (SOS) 2003 – 2005
Fund Drive Chair
Organized large-scale fund drive for homeless youth populations in Western Massachusetts
Created publications and initiated sessions to raise awareness; raised $5,000

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook; SAP; Hyperion Enterprise; Peoplesoft

Purpose: Engineering Font: CG Omega Text: 11 pt Headings: 12 pt Name: 14 pt

Smith College Box 1111, Northampton, MA 01063
Home: 413.585.5555| Cell: 413.242.5555 |

Smith College, Northampton, MA
Bachelor of Science, May 2006
Major: Engineering, with an emphasis in electrical engineering
Cumulative GPA: 3.78

Engineering Circuit Theory, Mass and Energy Balances, Continuum Mechanics I and II, Engineering
Thermodynamics, Signals and Systems, Advanced Electrodynamics, Neuroengineering, Engineering Design

Adeline Devor Penberthy Memorial Prize, awarded for academic excellence in engineering (minimum 3.5
GPA in engineering courses) and outstanding contributions toward building community of learners within the
Picker Engineering Program

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems, Cambridge, MA
Research Intern (June–August 2005)
• Implemented METLAB genetic algorithm to optical fiber design.
• Investigated thermal loads on thermophotovoltaic generator.

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Microelectronics Research Lab, Yorktown, NY
Intern (June–August 2004)
• Characterized two negative photoresists using tools for photolithography, developing, coating, Cu
etching, Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).
• Optimized metal liftoff process for one of photoresists.

Society of Women Engineers

Smith College Student Chapter
Co-treasurer; Conference Planner (September 2004–present)
• Oversee budget and fundraising activities for the chapter.
• Help with new member drives.
• Secured conference space and assisted with logistics for the 2005 SWE Region Conference.

METLAB, MS Office, Mathematica, AutoCAD, Excel, Macromedia Dreamweaver, LabView, MS Access, C++

Fluent Spanish and English; conversational French

Purpose: Events planning Font: Arial Text: 11 pt Headings: 12 pt Name: 14 pt

Smith College Box 1111, Northampton, MA 01063 · 413.585.0000 ·


Smith College, Northampton, MA BA degree expected 5/07

Major: American Studies Minor: Exercise and Sports Studies GPA: 3.7
Course Highlights: Popular Culture; Mass Culture, Media, and Morality; Seminar: Writing About
American Culture; Visual Anthropology; Sport: In Search of the American Dream
Technical Skills: MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Quark Express, 3DS Max

Smithsonian Institution American Studies Semester, Washington, DC Fall 05

Events Planning Experience

Sommer, Schell, & Zimmer, Inc., New York, NY

Special Events Intern 5/05-8/05
Assisted in designing marketing plan for Mobil Oil’s convenience store campaign. On production rotation,
contacted up to 25 vendors daily for cost estimates. Devised opening day schedules for 15 locations.
Coordinated and promoted grand openings. Managed and launched point of purchase displays and
banners. On graphic design rotation, created logo approved by management for use on giveaways.

Athletic Association Board, Smith College

President 9/04-5/05
Elected by student body to serve on Student Government Association cabinet. Oversaw $30,000 budget
to support activities and events. Chaired weekly meetings. Planned campus-wide events such as Fun
Runs, Field Day, Float Night, Midnight Madness carnivals, and other activities for hundreds of students.

National Girls and Women in Sport Day, Smith College

Organizer 2/05
Helped organize and staff event attended by 150 3rd-5th grade girls. Taught stretches and endurance
training techniques clinic. Designed T-shirt logo for giveaways: coordinated with local screen
graphics design firm, and administered $1000 project budget.

Additional Experience

Department of Psychology, Smith College

STRIDE Scholar Research Assistant 9/03-5/05
Assisted professor studying effect of parental pressure on young athletes. Researched and evaluated
sources for class, “Psychology of Sport.” Researched and wrote paper on increasing injury rate among
young athletes. Conducted interviews with local physicians, school administrators, families, and children.

Varsity Track and Field Team, Smith College

Member 1/03-5/04
Devoted 20-30 hours weekly to practices and competitions. Recognized as “New England All Regional”
by New England Women’s Track and Field Coaches Association. Served as game statistician for
basketball team (8 hours weekly) and as facilities monitor (10 hours weekly).

Purpose: Science/technology Font: Times New Roman Text: 11 pt Headings: 12 pt Name: 18 pt

135 South Street #5, Burlington, VT 05401 802-555-1111

Research position at biotechnology firm using my laboratory experience and background in biochemistry


Smith College, Northampton, MA B.A. 2004

Major: Biology, concentration in Biochemistry
Related course work: Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Calculus

University of Vermont, Burlington, VT Summer 2003, Physics I, II

Skills: Visible spectroscopy, IR and NMR spectroscopy, GC-MS, separation and purification (degradation,
recrystalization, extraction, filtration, distillation), chromatography, DNA isolation and fingerprinting by PCR,
DNA and protein synthesis, enzyme kinetics, Microsoft Office


Research Assistant, Department of Pediatric Cardiology, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT (2004-present)

• Examine synthesis, characterization, and application of new polyurethane based on aliphatic diisocyanate bis
(4-isocyanatocyclohexyl methane) HMDI
• Perform in vivo, in vitro rat subdermal implantations
• Examine surface characterization of polyurethane by FTIR-ATR Spectroscopy
• Conduct binding stability and calcification diffusion studies

Research Assistant, Chemistry Department, Smith College (Summer 2003)

• Examined chemical modification of essential histidine residues of lactate dehydrogenase
• Operated spectrophotometer for evidence of LDH modification treated with diethylpyrocarbonate
• Prepared assays and analyzed data for enzyme activity

Volunteer Clerk, Emergency Room, Fanny Allen Hospital, Winooski, VT (Summer 2002)
• Processed and recorded background information of incoming emergency patients
• Updated files of past patients; handled transfer of files to other departments
• Assisted in billing unit


Biology Department Liaison, Smith College (2003-2004)

Assisted in selecting new professors; organized department meetings
Vice President, Lamont House (2002-2003)
Coordinated dormitory jobs for 75 residents and handled security issues
Social Chair, Black Students Alliance, Smith College (2002-2004)
Organized events for 200-person organization
Member, Junior Varsity Softball Team, Smith College (Spring 2003)
Waitress, Tip Top Restaurant, York, VT (Summer 2001)
Enjoy skiing, hiking, and photography

Purpose: Policy research Font: Times New Roman Text: 11 pt Headings: 12 pt Name: 14 pt

Smith College Box 1234, Northampton, MA 01063 (413) 585.1234
46 Mathews Road, Conway, MA 01341 (413) 665.5000


Smith College, Northampton, MA BA degree expected May 2006

Major: Government Minor: Environmental Science and Policy
Courses include: Politics of the Global Environment, Environment and Society, Public Policy and Natural
Resources, Politics of Public Policy, Public Opinion and Mass Media in the United States
Computer skills: MS Office, Internet, familiarity with GIS


Research Assistant, Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, Summer 2005

• Assisted Environmental Information Office staff with research and correspondence for clean water public
information campaign.
• Wrote summaries of hearings used by Deputy Administrator to prepare media briefings.
• Conducted email survey of 250 municipal wastewater treatment plants in New England region. Created Excel
database to track results.
• Responded to schoolchildren’s email questions about drinking water safety.

Seminar in Environmental Science and Policy, Smith College, Spring 2005

• Examined human impact on natural systems, history of environmental problems, and relationship between
environmental science and policy.
• Participated in weekly discussions on key environmental issues. Helped lead discussion on environmental
justice and wrote abstracts of relevant articles.
• Conducted independent research project on pesticide and herbicide applications on campus. Interviewed staff,
investigated toxicity of chemicals, and mapped freshwater drainage patterns on campus using GPS and GIS.
• Wrote 15-page paper on findings. Gave oral presentation to class.

Seminar in American Government: Politics and the Environment, Smith College, Spring 2004
• Examined federal environmental policy making with special emphasis on Congress.
• Analyzed case studies of policy areas such as clean water, clean air, and toxic waste.
• Led discussion of legislation on greenhouse gas emissions and depletion of ozone layer.
• Researched and wrote 15-page paper on threat of terrorism to national water supply.


Captain, Varsity Tennis Team, Smith College, 2004-2005

• Served as liaison between 12 members and coach. Participated in monthly Captains’ Board meetings.
• Directed team-building activities in and out of practice such as spring training trip.
• Coordinated logistics including lodging, meals, and transportation for 10 away matches.
• Raised $1000 through planning and coordinating tournaments and clinics throughout year.
• Received Smith Award for best First Year player during 2002-2003 season.

Counter Staff, Starbucks Coffee, Northampton, MA, Summers 2002-2004

• Managed all sales transactions during 8-hour shift including busy morning rush hour.
• Trained 5 new staff in customer service techniques and cash register and espresso machine operation.

Purpose: Teaching Font: Arial Text: 11 pt Headings: 12 pt Name: 14 pt

3 Barbara Lane, Northampton, MA 01060 (413) 585.2222


Smith College, Northampton, MA

BA, May 2006, Ada Comstock Scholar, program for returning students
Major: Education and Child Study

Miami Dade Community College, Miami, FL

AA, Liberal Arts, 2000

Languages: Conversational Spanish

Computer Skills: Microsoft Word, Photoshop, HTML, Internet research
Licensing: Mass. Certification, grades 1-6 expected Fall, 2006


Teacher Intern, Jackson Street School, Northampton, MA (2005-06)

Assisted in diverse 3rd grade classroom. Team-taught language and reading skills. Worked
individually with child with developmental delays. Taught units in math and science, as well as cross-
cultural units.

Teacher Intern, Smith College Campus School, Northampton, MA (2004-05)

Helped students ages 8-9 create website. Taught writing project resulting in class book, published on
website ( Substituted for master teacher in all subjects. Sat in on family

Tutor, Northampton, MA (2003-05)

Tutored children in math, English, and science during academic years.

Tutor, Jessie’s House, Northampton, MA (2003-04)

Tutored children of residents in transitional housing. Coordinated childcare for residents.

Camp Counselor, Lazy Day Math Camp, Shutesbury, MA (Summers 2003, 2004)
Taught math to campers ages 8-11. Coordinated arts and crafts projects; led campfire singing.


Member, Steering Committee, Habitat for Humanity, Northampton, MA (Summer 2005)

Organized and led trips to HFH work sites. Recruited student volunteers, resulting in 30% increase in
number of volunteers.

Sales Associate, Sun State Ford, Miami, FL (1991-2001)

Sold cars. Won top salesperson of the month award, 1998-2001

Volunteer, Miami Elementary Schools (1995-98)

Helped with annual productions of “Cinderella” and “Rumpelstiltskin”

Vice-President, PTA, Miami Elementary Schools (1995-98)

Purpose: Computer science/web design Font: Futura Lt BT Text: 11 pt Headings: Futura Md BT 12 pt
Name: Futura Md BT 14 pt


84 Peter Road Smith College Box 0000

Newtown, MA 01100 Northampton, MA
617-555-0000 413-585-0000


Smith College, Northampton, MA

B.A. expected May 2006
Major: Computer Science Minor: Studio Art

University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia Spring 2005

Computer Skills: C++, SQL/Databases, object oriented programming, JAVA, HTML, PHP, Photoshop,
Dreamweaver MX


Help Desk, User Support Center, Smith College

Student Assistant, 2004-2006
Answer user questions. Troubleshoot computer problems in heavily utilized student computer center. Maintain
database that tracks, tickets, and schedules service calls.

Acme Travel Guides, Inc., New York, NY

Web Designer Assistant, Summer 2005
Assisted in designing and maintaining website,, utilizing HTML, Dreamweaver MX,
Photoshop 7, and other web development tools. Ran online database. Secured ordering of documents in
electronic and paper formats with payment verification features.

Career Development Office, Smith College

Student Assistant, Summer 2004
Staffed reception and help desk. Answered multi-line phones. Responded to in-person and phone questions. Made
appointments. Assisted with filing, coded and entered jobs and internships into online database. Followed up with
job and internship development.

Starbucks Coffee, Newtown, MA

Barista, Summer 2003


Smith College
Head Resident, 2005-2006
Handle all logistical and administrative responsibilities for house of 70 women.

Habitat for Humanity

Volunteer, 2000-2003

Functional resume appropriate for those returning to work after long absence or for career changers
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Pauletta Malique
· 245 Greenridge Road · Newton, MA 02495 · 617.296.5917 · ·

A fundraising position in a community-based, non-profit organization serving children and families.

• Co-chaired 10-person committee raising $150,000 to improve playground facilities and safety
• Wrote appeal letters to parents and community leaders; created mailing list using MS Access
• Planned and oversaw 2-night phonathon for 25 volunteers; donations and pledges totaled $5000
• Called on corporate donors and major gifts prospects to solicit support for educational and athletic
programming and equipment needs

Grant Writing
• Wrote grant to National Association for Playground and School Safety resulting in $25,000 award
• Completed online grant writing course offered by Associated Grant Makers (AGM)

Volunteer Recruitment and Training

• Recruited 20 new parent-coaches to rejuvenate local youth soccer program after 3-year hiatus
• Trained student and parent phonathon workers on phone solicitation techniques
• Educated volunteers in local hospital outreach program on breastfeeding benefits, techniques,
obstacles, and equipment use for breastfeeding at work

Finance and Budget

• Managed 120 trusts totaling $875 million for Boston-area bank
• Coordinated corporate giving program distributing funds to 50 local non-profits and community
foundation read and summarized grant proposals; presented recommendations to grant-making
• Performed financial analysis of potential client businesses; assessed risk; determined best
business initiatives

Community Involvement
Campaign Co-chair, Newton Hills Charter School, Newton, MA 02-03
Executive Board Member, Newton Hills Youth Soccer Association, Newton, MA 99-01
Volunteer, Family Services, Boston, MA 96-98
Health Educator, La Leche League of Eastern Massachusetts, Newton, MA 93-95

Work History
Trust Officer, Trust and Estate Planning, State Street Bank (now US Trust), Boston, MA 89-91
Assistant Vice President, Commercial Lending, Bank of Boston, Newton, MA 86-89
Analyst, Morgan Guaranty Trust Company (now JPMorgan Chase), New York, NY 84-86

American Bankers Association National Trust School, Williamstown, MA Summer 89
Smith College, Northampton, MA BA, 5/84 Major: Government Minor: Economics