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280 Clark Drive

Henderson, Nevada 89074 Mrs. Tara Imboden, Principal

Phone: 702-799-5730 FAX: 702-799-5759

(All meetings are subject to video recordings)

School Organizational Team

Meeting Agenda
5:00 pm DMC Library
Meeting began at:_____________

1. Meeting called to order (Mrs. Imboden)

2. Approval of minutes (09/09/19)
3. Welcome and Introductions
4. Binders and Contents-purpose of SOT and website on district web
5. Current SPP and Budget – new CAP report shared
6. Upcoming changes to Henderson Monies, Assistant Principal
7. Fundraiser for 4th grade textbooks (PTA bought 3rd, we shifted money for 5th from Henderson funds, and SB178
money was shifted for 1st/2nd).
8. Community Questions/Input (final 10 minutes of meeting, speakers must sign-in to speak and limited to 2
minutes for input).