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Weston Unit 4

Project Case History

Wisconsin Public Service

Wausau, Wisconsin
Plant Owner • Dry flue gas
Wisconsin Public Service desulfurization
(FGD) system
Plant Name • Pulse jet fabric
Weston Unit 4 filter particulate
Location • Powdered acti-
near Wausau, Wisconsin vated carbon in-
jection system for
mercury removal
B&W PGG Scope
• Supercritical coal-fired boiler Other Equipment
with air quality control system Supplied by B&W Weston site aerial view during construction.
• Construction by Babcock & PGG
Wilcox Construction Co., Inc. • B&W Roll Wheel® pulverizers, Contract Order
(BWCC) Series 89
• Startup and commissioning • Hydrojet® and sootblower
advisory services boiler cleaning system by Commercial Operation
• Training Diamond Power International,
Inc., a B&W PGG subsidiary
Boiler Specifications • Powerclean™ intelligent
• Boiler type: Pulverized coal- sootblowing system
fired Spiral Wound Univer-
sal Pressure (SWUP™)-type
supercritical boiler
• Design fuel: Low sulfur
Powder River Basin coal
• Capacity:
530 MW net
• Steam flow:
3,641,000 lb/h (458 kg/s)
• Superheater outlet pressure:
3775 psig (26 MPa)
• SH/RH outlet temperature:
1085/1085 F (585/585 C)

Environmental Equipment
• DRB-4Z® low NOx burners and
overfire air
• Selective catalytic reduction
(SCR) NOx removal system The Weston 4 supercritical boiler utilizes spiral furnace tube technology that
provides flexible and reliable operation.
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����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Dry FGD


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Fabric Filter

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Sectional sideview of Weston 4 boiler with air quality control equipment.

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