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Scholar-in-Residence & Melave Malka

November 15-16th with Rabbi Dr. David Hertzberg
Melava Malka: 7:30 pm - Dilemmas in Counterterrorism -
In this talk we will examine from a Torah perspective issues such as crisis
decision-making; enhanced interrogation techniques; profiling; mitzvah observance
as a spy; shabbat and national security.
$25 per person
Sponsorships Available: Silver $54, Gold $100, Platinum $180, Diamond $360 (all per person)

Friday night Oneg Shabbat: Akeidat Yitzchak and the Centrality of Jerusalem in Jewish History
at the Shul, at 7:30 pm. In this talk we will examine the centrality of Jerusalem since the Akeidah took place on
the Temple Mount. We will focus on the years 70; 1948; and 1967.

Shabbat after lunch: November and the History of Modern Israel - In this talk we will look at major
events that occurred in November including: Balfour Declaration, Kristalnacht, and the UN Partition Vote.
We will discuss the role these three events played in the establishment of the modern state of Israel.

Rab b i Dr. Dav id He rtzb e rg is the principal of the Yeshivah of Flatbush Middle Division and an adjunct assistant
professor of History at Touro College. His research has focused on intelligence sharing in counter-terrorism, diplomacy and
epidemiology. He writes a monthly column for the Jewish Press. He was Sgan Rosh Mosh at Camp Moshava in 1986.

Send-A-Kid-To-Israel Partnership (S.K.I.P.) 9th and final chapter. The shiur meets Wednesdays at
Kesser Maariv is proud to be a participating 7:20 pm (after Maariv) and is open to men and women,
Congregation in S.K.I.P. The program allows parents to for beginners and advanced students.
contribute money annually in partnership with the Rabbi Soloveichik’s Sunday Parsha Shiur
synagogue and the Jewish Federation for an Israel trip Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik’s Sunday morning Parsha
for their children. Students in grades 3-6, enrolled in a shiur meets at 9:30 am. All are welcome to attend this
day or afternoon school, who have finished paying their fascinating shiur.
annual membership to the shul are eligible to participate. Daily Minyan
For additional details, a registration kit or to enroll your We have daily 6:00 am Shacharit. Please note that after
child(ren) for the first time, please contact Ben Zion December 12th minyan will begin after 6:00 am, due to
Lazovsky at (847) 679-9800. sunrise being so late.
Parsha Podcasts Sunday, Mincha-Maariv 10 minutes before sunset.
Rabbi Louis Lazovsky's morning Vorts on the Parsha are Monday–Thursday, Maariv only at 7:00 pm.
available as podcasts online at ! Pick up a Kesser Maariv Pushke (Tzedaka Box).
(a link is on our homepage, On ! Members may borrow books from our Lending
the Podomatic page you can subscribe via iTunes. Library, located on the south side of the Social Hall.
Rabbi Benzie’s Gemara Brachot Shiur has begun the
End of Year Tax Benefits learn Torah with a partner, and hear short inspirational
The Board of Directors thanks you for your generous remarks at the end. Refreshments are served.
response to the High Holiday appeals and auctions. Questions? Contact Jeff Greenspan.
There is a tax advantaged way for you to support Kesser Misheberach List
Maariv. If you contribute “appreciated property” – for If you have names for a misheberach, please send them
example, stocks or bonds that you have owned for over to the shul office or e-mail to
a year that have gone up in price since you bought them
– you can take the full value as a deduction without PAST EVENTS
recognizing any capital gain which would be due if you We would like to thank you for joining us this High
sold the security and donated the cash. If you would like Holiday Season. We thank you, our members, for your
to contribute appreciated securities to Kesser Maariv, generous response to the appeals and auctions during the
please call Steve Goldrich at (847) 675-8730 or the High Holidays. As you know, every year we bestow
office at 847-679-9800 for the necessary information. upon our rabbi, Rabbi Louis Lazovsky, the honor of
reading the Maftir Yonah on Yom Kippur afternoon.
Rabbi Meyer Juzint’s Nechamas Meyer - Mussar on We ask that you please be generous in contributing for
Parsha and The Chain of Miracles this honor as a show of appreciation for all that the
These books - Mussar on Parsha and an amazing Rabbi does for the shul and the community ...Rabbi
Holocaust memoir written by a teacher of Rabbi Louis Benzie Lazovsky spoke before Selichot ...Thanks to
Lazovsky and a friend of Kesser Maariv, are available Sheryl & Bob Greenstein for organizing the High
for purchase from the office, and from Holiday Greeting Card...Thank you to all of our and Amazon. Nechamas Meyer Chazzanim - Rabbi Ben Zion Lazovsky, Shabsa Lis,
is $25 and Chain of Miracles is $20. Rabbi Eli Lazovsky and Dr. Ed Kaplan - for leading the
Partners in Torah beautiful tefillot and making the High Holidays very
Kesser Maariv is proud to host “Partners” on Mondays meaningful....On the first day of Sukkot we had a Kids
from 8-9:00 pm. Men and women are invited to come Sukkah Party in the Shul’s Sukkah...Thanks to the
sponsors of the Simchat Torah Luncheon.

Congregation B.H.H. Kesser Maariv A.L. ADELE GOLDBLUM WOMEN’S COUNCIL

Skokie, IL 60076 Serve Dinner at Café ARK on Wednesday November
(847) 679-9800 Twitter: @KesserMaariv 20th. Please contact Cookie Goldrich (847) 401-8149 to
fax (847) 679-5041 volunteer. Past Events
e-mail: Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on the Rosh Hashana Gift Bag project. Thanks to all who bought
Rabbi Louis A. Lazovsky
Steven D. Goldrich, President
Thanks to Cookie Goldrich, Brenda Kahn, Myra
Rabbi Ben Zion Lazovsky, Goldstein, Sharon Friedman Larry Rosen and Larry
Associate Rabbi & Executive Director Weinger for serving dinner at Cafe ARK.
Sandy Miretzky, Nasrin Kheradyar & Saretta Lazovsky, GOOD & WELFARE
Co-Presidents, Adele Goldblum Women’s Council Mazel Tov to: Cookie Goldrich on the engagement of
Committee Contact Information: her grandson Shykee Goldrich in Israel...Yoni & Dr.
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(847) 676-0556 or Avichai Ayishe...Bob & Sheryl Greenstein on the Bat
Chesed Fund Anne Elovic (847) 673-2904 Mitzvah of their grandaughter Chana Lipsky...Lisa
Solomon on the birth of a granddaughter, Rifka, in
Donate Books & Siddurim Office Baltimore...Nasrin Kheradyar on the Bar Mitzvah of her
(847) 679-9800 or grandson Oren Abramov...Leonard & Marlyn
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Kiddush & Seudat Shlisheet Judy Whisler Lauren.
Membership 8/677-2281 Condolences to: Dr. Steve Steinberg on the loss of his
Office father, Dr. Arnold Steinberg...Aron Lavon on the loss of
Social Hall Rental
his father, Chaim Tzvi Lavon... Mrs. Naomi Landes
Tree of Life
Stern on the loss of her son, David Landes.
Yahrzeit Plaques (847) 679-9800
Refua Shleima to: Bella Perlman, Alvin J. Goodman, Chanukah. In addition to lighting the candles, we eat
Alan Slodki, and all who need one. foods fried in oil like latkes (potato pancakes), and
Thank you to our recent Kiddush Sponsors: Jeff & Mila sufganiyot (jelly rolls) to recall the miracle that took
Zaretsky; Leonard & Marlyn Fensterheim; Simcha & place with the oil. We also add the prayer of Hallel, a
Margie Gross; Jeff & Sandy Cagan; the Goldrich family; prayer of praise and thanks to G-d as well as the Al
and anonymous sponsors. Hanisim, a prayer thanking G-d for His miracles, which
Thanks to the Lazovsky family sponsoring the is added to the Amidah and Grace after meals.
pre-Selichot refreshments on the yahrzeit of their brother Children play with dreidels to remind us how we
and uncle Martin Lazovsky. deceived the Syrian-Greeks, whose plan called for the
assimilation of those that they conquered to
Thanks to Nasrin Kheradyar on sponsoring the post Yom
Syrian-Greek culture. Their laws prohibited Jews from
Kippur break the fast on the yahrzeit of her husband Dr. learning Torah. They had regular patrols to all Jewish
Nejat Kheradyar. schools to assure that no Torah was being taught. The
Thanks to the sponsors of the Simchat Torah Lunch, Jews were dedicated to the Torah and devised a plan to
including the Goldrich, Greenstein, Miretzky, Pomper, trick them. They learned Torah, but each school had a
and Allswang families. sentry. When the sentry announced the imminent
Thank you to our recent Seudat Shlisheet Sponsors: arrival of the Syrian- Greek patrol, all the children hid
Samuel & Sophia Gabay; The Lazovsky family; Gilda their books and took out dreidels, which were simple
Allswang; Marty & Sandy Miretzky; Larry & Judy gambling implements. The Syrian-Greeks were always
Weinger; Arthur & Pearl Cohen; and anonymous quite happy to see the “progress” being made by the
sponsors. Jewish students who had seemingly abandoned the
DVAR TORAH road of Torah and had embraced gambling. Chanukah
Chanukah - Sunday night December 22 – Monday calls upon us to fight assimilation and assume Jewish
December 30. continuity, a task as valid today as it was in 150 BCE.
This year we light the first Chanukah candle on Asarah B'Tevet - Tuesday, January 7, 2020
December 22nd. We add one candle each night through Asarah B'Tevet, which means the 10th day of
Sunday evening, December 29th. Remember, on Friday the Hebrew month of Tevet, is a fast day. It was on
December 27th the Chanukah candles are lit before this day in 586 BCE that the Babylonians began the
lighting Shabbat Candles. We make certain that siege of Jerusalem that eventually led to the destruction
night’s candle will burn until at least 5:40 pm, which is of the first Temple. It also commemorates the Yahrzeit
75 minutes after sundown, so use a longer candle or of Ezra the Scribe, the leader of the Jews at the
use more oil. beginning of the Second Temple era. Today, on this
What does Chanukah commemorate? The solemn occasion, we repent and return to our heritage
Syrian-Greeks, in about 150 BCE, tried to make the and observance of the commandments and act with
Jews adopt some of their pagan practices, and they ahavat chinam, love of our fellow Jew, because it was
banned Brit Milah, Shabbat and keeping the Family our departure from these traditions that caused the
Purity laws. They also tried to introduce the sacrifice Almighty to allow the destruction of both Temples.
of unclean animals in the Temple. The Maccabees, a May the Almighty have mercy on His children and
family of Jewish priests-turned-warriors, managed to speedily redeem us on the merit of the good deeds we
vanquish the marauding Syrian-Greek armies. all perform every day.
However, the Syrian-Greeks tried to defile all the pure
oil for the Menorah by breaking the seals on the Bracha on Tallit and Tefillin
bottles. The Maccabees found one vial of pure oil, The Gemara says (Megilla 20a) that mitzvot whose
enough to kindle the Menorah for one day. The prescribed time is during the day, their ideal time is
Sanhedrin, the Jewish Religious high court, decided to after sunrise, but may be performed after dawn.
light all of the oil and fulfill the mitzvah However, the mitzvot of Kriyas Shema, Tefillin and
(commandment) as required, and a miracle occurred. Tzitzis depend on a minimum amount of light to see an
The Menorah burned for eight days, allowing the object or person (Brachot 9a and Shulchan Aruch
Maccabees the requisite time to sanctify themselves Siman 58).
and prepare more oil. It was decided to light candles in Because of that, when sunrise gets late, we
areas visible to passers-by to publicize this great cannot begin Shacharit at 6:00 am. Even after dawn,
miracle. We light one candle the first night, and add when me may daven, it is still not light enough to recite
one every night until the end of the holiday. the Bracha on Tefillin and Tallit.
There are many special Mitzvot,
Commandments, and customs that are observed on

Date Candle Friday Mincha Shacharit Shiur Mincha

Lech Lecha 11/8-11/9 4:17 pm 4:20 pm 8:45 am 3:05 pm 4:05 pm
Vayeira 11/15-11/16 4:10 pm 4:15 pm 8:45 am 3:00 pm 4:00 pm
Chayei Sarah 11/22-11/23 4:04 pm 4:05 pm 8:45 am 2:55 pm 3:55 pm
Toldot 11/29-11/30 4:01 pm 4:05 pm 8:45 am 2:50 pm 3:50 pm
Vayeitzei 12/6-12/7 3:59 pm 4:05 pm 8:45 am 2:50 pm 3:50 pm
Vayishlach 12/13-12/14 3:59 pm 4:05 pm 8:45 am 2:50 pm 3:50 pm
Vayeishev 12/20-12/21 4:01 pm 4:05 pm 8:45 am 2:50 pm 3:50 pm
Mikeitz 12/27-12/28 4:05 pm 4:10 pm 8:45 am 2:55 pm 3:55 pm
Vayigash 1/3-1/4 4:11 pm 4:15 pm 8:45 am 3:00 pm 4:00 pm
Vayechi 1/10-1/11 4:18 pm 4:20 pm 8:45 am 3:10 pm 4:10 pm
Shemot 1/17-1/18 4:26 pm 4:30 pm 8:45 am 3:15 pm 4:15 pm
Va’eira 1/24-1/25 4:34 pm 4:35 pm 8:45 am 3:25 pm 4:25 pm
Bo 1/31-2/1 4:43 pm 4:45 pm 8:45 am 3:35 pm 4:35 pm

If you have a chiyuv - obligation to daven or require an Aliya, please inform Rabbi Lazovsky before Shabbat.
To sponsor a kiddush or shalashudos, please call Judy Whisler at (847) 677-2281.

Minyanim meet in the Kaufman Bais Midrash

Minyan Times Classes

Shacharit Sunday Morning at 9:30 am: Parsha Class
Sunday: 8:00 am Given by Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik
Monday-Friday: 6:00 am Wednesday evenings 7:15 pm after Maariv - Gemara Brachos (9th
Mincha-Maariv chapter). Given by Rabbi Ben Zion Lazovsky
Sunday: 10 minutes before sundown Shabbat Afternoon
Monday-Thursday Maariv at 7:00 1 hour before Mincha: Weekly Parsha. Given by Rabbi Louis Lazovsky

Partners in Torah - Every Monday at 8:00 pm. Questions? Dovid at 773-656-4244 or
Malamud Reference Library
Come and Learn from any of the hundreds of titles in our library.
Lending Library
Members may borrow books from our Lending Library, located on the south side of the Social Hall.
Tape Lending Library
We have tapes and digital audio files on many topics including Chumash, Talmud and Mussar.