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GRE Math Review GRE Analogies - Common Types

Arithmetic The makers of the GRE claim that their analogy questions are exact and precise, so if you
Algebra know a discerning-enough relationship between the provided words, then you should be
Geometry able to spot the answer quite easily. However, it's not always easy to come up with a good
Data Analysis enough relationship. Regardless, there are a few relationship types that are seen often on
Math Question Types the analogy questions of the GRE exam. Although you shouldn't memorize this list, yo
should notice that it is not that extensive and that most of the relationships are quite
GRE Verbal Review Analogy Type Example
Analogies Definition home:dwelling
Make A Sentence Type of grasshopper:insect
Be Precise Antonym love:abhor
Parts Of Speech
Synonym thrifty:economical
Educated Elimination
Tool and Function axe:chop
Left To Right
Tool and Object saw:wood
Secondary Meanings
Common Types Subset, Part Of ant:colony
Antonyms Cause and Effect virus:disease
Sentence Completion Worker and Workplace teacher:classroom
Reading Comprehension
Degree drizzle:downpour

Notice that many of the above relationships can be interchanged. For example, a home
by definition a dwelling, but a home is also a type of dwelling. You'll need to be familiar
with such relationships so that you can choose the best one. As has been mentioned,
may very well find a good relationship between the two given words, but upon inspect
of the answer choices, you'll see that you need to refine you relationship, and so you'll
have to make it more specific or else select a relationship that is slightly different but still

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