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Marketing Vision The Drowzey Hotel is Somnigstad's premier luxury hotel and seeks nothing less than to transport visitors to a high-end cosmopolitan hotel setting, unlike anything that can be found in Somnigstad or elsewhere in the state. Luxury, aesthetics, and customer service (our customers are royalty here) are the hallmarks of the Drowzey Hotel. Goals Personal Goals (for CEO):
• •

Speak or take part in a panel at American Hotel and Lodging Association conference in 2012 Be asked to speak at more than 10 events in 2012

Business Goals:
• • •

Total annual revenue to exceed $10 million in 2011 and $11.5 million in 2012 Average $ per customer transaction to exceed $1,800 in 2012 Exceed 20,000 leads in 2011

Strategic Goals:
• •

To obtain a 99% "highly satisfactory" or higher rating on customer surveys To achieve Forbes five-star rating by 2012

Tactical Goals:
• • • •

Hire new blog editor in 2010 Hire new PR agency in 2010 Target 10,000 individuals per year with direct mail Hold 3 focus groups in 2010, 6 in 2011, 10 in 2012


This marketing plan will be the blueprint of Drowzey Hotel's establishment as a five-star hotel that goes beyond meeting customer expectations. Even with the highest customer service and amenities, Forbes will only grant a five-star rating after a number of years of consistent service. The Drowzey Hotel will devote itself to this consistency as well as finding new ways to surprise visitors with its hospitality in order to create experiences that are worth much more than its wealthy clientele pay for them. The Drowzey Hotel believes that luxury must be a bit pleasantly unpredictable to be truly rewarding. Picture A visitor to the Drowzey Hotel expects a beautiful, high-end boutique hotel from the images they have seen online and what they have read about it. However, they are impressed from the beginning by the attentiveness of staff, including their almost constant question of "Is there anything else I can do to make your stay better?" At first, the visitor has no answer to this question, but as he or she comes up with ideas they discover that the staff find a way to attend to them, even when they seem to be difficult tasks. Beyond this high level of customer service, the visitor finds a delightful gift in their room each evening of the stay. Finally, without even asking for it, the concierge offers to make reservations for the visitor and their colleagues at the restaurant he or she had previously found to be booked up. Guests leave the Drowzey Hotel with the notion that the staff and management wield some kind of magic. Gap Dashboard The Gap Dashboard reflects the company's goals and CEO's personal goals which can be measured quantitatively. Once a month, the Gap Dashboard will be updated and reviewed in a marketing meeting between the CEO and Marketing Manager, along with details on gaps between the numbers. The two will examine both shortfalls and successes beyond plans in order to look at whether goals should be escalated. Gap Dashboard Year 1 Personal Speaking engagement requests Other 5 0 8 0 10 0 Year 2 Year 3

252 15. When traveling. even if no one else knows.550 $1.917 $1.php#ixzz0opJCimeV Hotel and Motel Marketing Plan The Drowzey Hotel This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Marketing Plan Pro c.183 $11. Ideal Customer Whether visiting Somnigstad for business or pleasure.551 $1. some travelers are not satisfied with the predictability of chain hotels or the quaint charm (and unpredictability) of inns and bed and breakfasts. This ideal customer earns and has earned a great deal of money in his or her life and can afford the best any city has to offer. this customer feels it is important to have new experiences which demonstrate the status he or she has achieved in life.907.000 10 Strategic Customer satisfaction level at highly satisfactory Forbes Star Rating 90% 4 96% 4 99% 5 Read more: http://www. if this customer misses such an experience he will judge that he has lost something.693 21. .041 $10.509.863 22.628 Tactical Individuals targeted by direct mail Focus Groups 10.mplans.000 3 10.Business Revenue $ Per Customer Transaction Leads $7.000 6 10. Furthermore.175.

and features services which go above and beyond a four star hotel's offering. fitness center. income over $100. material things Feel entitled to luxurious experiences due to their success and hard work Guard their free time jealously Read more: type of lodging this customer desires is extremely comfortable. this differentiation can be imitated over time. The hotel will go beyond the normal amenities common to a five-star hotel designation by indulging the whims of visitors through their concierge service and room service. Their hotel of choice needs to offer a surprising level of luxury. Remarkable Difference The Drowzey Hotel demonstrates its difference by finding ways to surprise their visitors with the hotel's luxury.000 or net worth over $1 million Believe that experiences are as valuable as. Room service. The core message of the Drowzey Hotel is "Luxury that will surprise you. and by anticipating the needs of visitors.mplans. php#ixzz0opJLdSXs Hotel and Motel Marketing Plan The Drowzey Hotel This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Marketing Plan Pro software. However. rather than Southern charm. and Internet access are all prerequisites for this traveler. To keep a . if not more valuable than." Differentiators The Drowzey Hotel is differentiated from other high-end hotels of Somnigstad through its focus on luxury. aesthetically beautiful. Market Description The target market for the Drowzey Hotel share most of the following characteristics: • • • • • • Ages 35 to 60 Visiting Somnigstad from a large American city or Europe Professional career. a full bathtub.

or books Read more: http://www.php#ixzz0opJVX5fz Hotel and Motel Marketing Plan The Drowzey Hotel This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Marketing Plan Pro nce_fc. On its website and in marketing materials. Internally. These include: • • • Room service which includes an extensive menu as well as products of all types that can be bought in Somnigstad or ordered Concierge service which can offer exclusive experiences to visitors or indulge their whims on short notice Surprise gifts each day of the stay tailored to an individual's interests. such as food items. lights. Measurable results that will show that the business is achieving its goal will include customer ratings and customer reviews. Core Strategy The core strategy of Drowzey Hotel's marketing is to project both its opulence and unwavering dedication to its mission or surprising visitors with its luxury. staff will be drilled with this mission so that they understand that excellent service is the highest art and not a lowly pursuit. Core Branding Elements Drowzey Hotel has cultivated and will continue to cultivate a brand image associated with dark. punctuated by the dazzling brilliance of gold. Staff training. the Drowzey Hotel focuses on an ever-evolving suite of services. candy. covered within the marketing training section. and the hotel's ability to maintain its level of pricing even in difficult economic climates. will help staff understand this concept. rich colors.mplans. . Staff will be directed to seek out new ways to surprise and excite visitors. although new hires will be chosen with an eye towards creativity as well as work ethic. these colors will be a rich purple and rich gold.competitive advantage. press and industry reviews of the hotel. and mirrors.

The core message of "luxury that will surprise you" also serves as the tagline on all marketing materials and printed materials.mplans. such as one night free after a three night stay. This tagline must be added to new business cards as they are Suspects (those who the Drowzey Hotel targets as they fit the target market well) will be offered a guided virtual tour of the hotel by a live hotel employee.p hp#ixzz0opJdV8Kk Hotel and Motel Marketing Plan The Drowzey Hotel This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Marketing Plan Pro software. an option that cannot be purchased by those who have only stayed at the hotel once. when appropriate. its rooms and willing visitors (or actors) taking advantage of its services. Prospects (those who visit the Drowzey Hotel website or call or email to express interest) will. Customers (those who have visited the hotel once) will be offered package deals for multiple night stays. Product/Service Innovation The Drowzey Hotel seeks to convert individuals up the pyramid by offering them services along the way. be offered smaller rooms at the lower end of the price spectrum so that they feel a lesser commitment when they come to stay. . Champions (those who have stayed at the hotel more than twice) will be invited for a free weekend if they take part in a focus group session to discuss the hotel. Premium customers (those who have stayed at the hotel more than once) will be offered access to the penthouse suite. Read more: http://www.The company has used and will continue to use a professional photographer to capture images of the hotel.

a wide range of additional services and amenities will be offered.mplans. The pricing is at the top for lodging options in Somnigstad. Price Rationale The rooms offered include the following: • • • • • • • • • Queen ($200-$400/night) King ($250-$450) Deluxe King ($300-$500) Extra Deluxe King ($350-$550) Emperor ($400-$500) One Bedroom Suite ($500-$700) Presidential Suite ($600-$800) Hospitality Suite ($700-$900) Penthouse Suite ($900-$1100) The price ranges reflect the difference between peak and off-peak times of the year and week. These include: • • • • • • • • • • • In-room dining Concierge service Complimentary gourmet continental breakfast and coffee Fitness center Indoor lap pool Valet parking Bag service Business center (with reservation and additional fee) Wireless internet (free throughout the hotel) Restaurant and lounge Board and meeting rooms (with reservation and additional fee) All of these services and amenities are available to all visitors at the Drowzey Hotel. but this is consistent with the fact that the Drowzey Hotel offers rooms to those who want something they cannot find anywhere else in some with extra charge and some free with room rental. Read more: http://www.php#ixzz0opKQ1GFI Hotel and Motel Marketing Plan The Drowzey Hotel .Beyond the room offerings. This pricing model is similar to most hotels.

Marketing Materials Drowzey Hotel uses a professional photographer and design firm to produce the following materials: • • • • • • Website Email newsletters Direct mail . and testimonials. case studies. lists of services. The virtual tour will be scripted.postcards and letters Newspaper and magazine ads Virtual tour presentation Marketing kit for corporate business development The marketing kit will be customized towards pleasure travelers and business travelers by having separate sets of images. Read more: http://www.php#ixzz0opLK6M9g Hotel and Motel Marketing Plan The Drowzey Hotel . The virtual tour will also be customized towards pleasure or business travel based on the interest of the prospect. although it will include room for interaction between the prospect and the tour guide as well as time for questions to be s_fc.mplans.This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Marketing Plan Pro software.

Read more: . The editor responsible for this blog will seek out other content providers online which cover luxury services and luxury hotels. location. The website reservation system is designed to make reservations a simple and quick process. etc. In addition to the posts which are sent out in the email newsletter. services. the website is designed to answer all of the key questions which visitors would have about the rates. The goal of the company blog will be to establish a reputation for the hotel's management as experts on luxury service.This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Marketing Plan Pro software. Social Media Plan A company blog (called "Surprising Luxury") will include the content from the periodic email newsletter about the meaning of luxury and hospitality. These sites will be asked to either syndicate the Drowzey Hotel blog or link to it in order to advertise its presence on the Web. Web Plan The Drowzey Hotel website is designed to offer an intimate look into the hotel and to guide visitors towards two potential next steps: • • To set an appointment for a virtual tour (for corporate or private prospects) To reserve rooms at the hotel (for private prospects) To these ends. A confirmation email and personalized thank you note will be sent to everyone who makes an online reservation. The goal of this procedure is to show the prospect the individualized care taken by the Drowzey Hotel with every customer. Furthermore. it is an attempt to cut down on the number of customers who cancel their reservation before visiting the hotel. of the hotel so that they are comfortable (and enticed) to visit. the blog will be updated every other day with some information relevant to the topic. going beyond specific stories about the Drowzey Hotel to include ideas from all over the world and history. along with an offer to speak directly to a customer service rep at the Drowzey Hotel should they have any questions or specific requests for their stay.

cities (5. The CRM system will also have fields for customer service including notes about additional services requested and provided. Dyssius L. likes and dislikes of the customer. once a month for 6 months before switching to a new set of 5. other personal information gleaned from conversation or observation. Advertising Media Tracking Kits Requested Advertising Medium Luxury Travel magazine Travel and Leisure magazine Contact Distributio Contact # Cost/Ad Name n individuals will be targeted with mailings. the date of the lead. Gulliver 333-4445555 541-5415411 TBA TBA TBA TBA Total CPM TBA TBA .http://www.php#i xzz0opLVfjW7 Hotel and Motel Marketing Plan The Drowzey Hotel This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Marketing Plan Pro software. and any information from the online inquiry form. Lead Generation Plan Lead generation will be through a number of means including: • • • • • National magazine and newspaper advertising Online pay-per-click advertising around "hotel Somnigstad" and related keywords Customer referral program Professional referral discount offers Direct mail campaign to target market of high net-worth individuals in U. varying between postcards and letters.mplans. The program will track basic contact information.S. if used. the source of the lead.000 names) The leads generated will be tracked in a professional hotel Customer Relationship Management program which can export information for mail merge purposes and import information from Internet entries.

This will be a way for customers to advertise the fact that they have used the hotel and to share it with business and personal contacts. By entering a list of email addresses or by providing mailing addresses.mplans. each making specific reference to the referral discount offer and the additional value which Drowzey Hotel can offer their clientele. To specifically request referrals from customers. Herz 666-6666667 123-4567890 TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA Referrals Drowzey Hotel strategy will lend itself well to referral marketing. convention centers and meeting halls. Service Experience .php#ixzz0opLiJZ3h Hotel and Motel Marketing Plan The Drowzey Hotel This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Marketing Plan Pro software.NY Times Travel section Online pay-per-click M. the Drowzey Hotel will offer to send visitors introductory discount offers by email or postal mail to any number of contacts provided by the visitor. visitors and employees. This offer will be sent by email to past customers two days after their visit. Read more: http://www. These referrals will be sought through personal contact with these businesses by Drowzey Hotel business development staff and through mailing of the marketing kit and referral offer. the Somnigstad and state tourism an_fc. Polo U. the hotel staff will send on these discounts noting who they are coming from. hopefully building those relationships in the process. Repeated touches with the specific contacts at these businesses will be continued through postcard and letter mailings. Professional referrals will be sought from Fortune 500 businesses with offices in Somnigstad.

First-time customers who take part (75% of the group) will be offered the free lunch and another complimentary service (such as limousine service. who will be given a refund for two nights of the stay if they take part. it is expected that the employee will be fired or quit on their own in most cases. six times in the second year and ten times in the third year. The point of these focus groups are to engage champions. what customers like about the hotel. leveraging their excitement to further excite newer customers.) for taking part. It is not expected that this will happen and if it does. WOW Process Quality assurance is paramount to the success of the Drowzey Hotel. and where it can improve. The following processes and practices are part of the quality assurance system: • • Customers are to be asked if anything can make their stay better every time they speak with a staff member. These focus groups will be held three times in the next year. Employees who are reported by customers to have failed to provide some needed help more than once will be put on probation and given a one month period to rectify the problem. First-time customers who are at the hotel at that time will be enlisted to take part. who can be expected to have highly favorable opinions of the Drowzey Hotel.Customer loyalty is won systematically at the Drowzey Hotel by careful attention to assuring the quality of all services and to going beyond those basics to offer a customized surprise for each customer. etc. Loyal customers will be treated to free stays when they attend a focus group for the purpose of learning more about them. and to develop ideas to improve the hotel and its services. These focus groups will occur during dates which are already booked by the champion. to share their excitement with first-timers who have the potential to become champions themselves. Employees that are favorably mentioned specifically in customer reviews more than three times in a quarter will be rewarded with an additional quarterly bonus equal to 10% of their salary for that period. . This focus group will feature a gourmet lunch and will include a moderated discussion of questions about what the hotel is doing right. Signs at reception declare that if an employee fails to ask the customer this question and to take steps to help them that they should call manager for help and a complimentary service. tickets to a show. Loyalty Product/Service Offerings Loyal clients (called "champions") will be offered a free two-night stay from time to time if the individual agrees to take part in a three-hour focus group along with two to three first-time customers.

based on the discretion of the customer service manager. The marketing manager works with an outside advertising _fc. if needed. Read more: http://www. These guidelines will be revisited regularly and updates to the guide produced when necessary. and other service providers as needed to implement all marketing activities. The form is a short. All staff members will be provided with written guidelines pertaining to the cleanliness and preparation of all rooms and spaces. The most creative and best reviewed surprises will lead to additional bonuses for concierge staff.• • The customer will be requested to fill out a customer feedback survey upon check-out. The concierge staff will ask key questions about each customer's interests during the initial check-in process and using past information collected in the CRM database. Marketing Calendar The marketing calendar includes both ongoing marketing activities which will become a routine (represented by the "marketing themes" of each month shown on the monthly schedule) and one-time development activities over the next year shown on the Milestones table. Going beyond quality assurance to offer a true WOW to customers requires encouraging all staff to think beyond the written guidelines and to seek to understand the needs of customers more deeply. all interactions with customers. PPC firm. and all services provided. The hotel's concierges will be directed to find a specific way to surprise each client during their visit. five question survey which the customer can complete while waiting at check-out.mplans. PR agency. The marketing manager will spend at least one hour a . An example would be to set up a horseback riding lesson for the daughter of a customer after overhearing her interest in going on a horse-drawn carriage ride. blog editor. There will be a follow-up 2 days after check-out to discuss any issues or to receive clarification on answers.php#ixzz0opM6q1B4 Hotel and Motel Marketing Plan The Drowzey Hotel This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Marketing Plan Pro software.

Monthly Months 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Milestones Marketing Theme Customer referral program Focus group program Blog and email newsletters Surprise ideas and system Marketing kit Website Business development and referrals Customer feedback and ratings Marketing training Surprise ideas and system Virtual tour Annual review and goal setting Advertising New print ad design Start running new print ads Pay-per-click campaign revision Total Advertising Budget PR Hire new PR agency Start Date 2/1/2010 3/15/2010 1/15/2010 End Date 2/28/2010 4/15/2010 1/31/2010 Budget $2.000 $ on the marketing "theme" of the month to ensure that these major systems are reviewed every year.000 $0 $1. The marketing manager will also track marketing results on a weekly basis to judge key metrics against actual outcomes. Gaps will be shown in an Excel spreadsheet which pulls the actual results from the database.000 Manager Implemented by Marketing Mgr Marketing Mgr Marketing Mgr Ad firm Ad firm PPC company Start Date 2/1/2010 End Date 3/31/2010 Budget $0 Manager Implemented by Marketing Mgr Marketing Mgr .

These will be entered automatically as the leads come over .000 $2. and referrals will be tracked through the CRM system.000 $6.000 $0 $5.000 $11.mplans.000 $26.000 $2. testimonials.php#ixzz0opMFzJ00 Hotel and Motel Marketing Plan The Drowzey Hotel This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Marketing Plan Pro software.000 Marketing Mgr PR agency Start Date 3/15/2010 4/15/2010 End Date 3/31/2010 4/30/2010 Budget $2.Renew press contact list Total PR Budget Direct Marketing Design postcard mailing template Design letter mailing template Total Direct Marketing Budget Web Development Hire blog editor Begin regular blog posts Virtual tour update and redesign Total Web Development Budget Other Plan first focus group Hold first focus group Total Other Budget Totals 4/15/2010 4/30/2010 $2.000 Manager Implemented by Marketing Mgr Marketing Mgr Marketing Mgr Marketing Mgr Read more: http://www.000 $10.000 Manager Implemented by Marketing Mgr Marketing Mgr Marketing Mgr Marketing Mgr Blog Editor Ad firm Start Date 4/1/2010 6/15/2010 End Date 5/31/2010 6/15/2010 Budget $1.000 Manager Implemented by Marketing Mgr Marketing Mgr Ad firm Ad firm Start Date 5/1/2010 6/15/2010 2/1/2010 End Date 5/31/2010 6/15/2010 2/28/2010 Budget $1. Critical Numbers The critical numbers of the business will be tracked through the following means: • r_fc.000 $4.

Room service sales are driven by room nights sold. as they are incurred. As marketing efforts pay off over the next two years. Off-peak times will be slower.250 room nights) but not reach more than 80% of this number. 75% of mid-level room rentals and 50% of introductory-level room rentals. unit sales for mid-level and premium level rooms are expected to increase relative to introductory level rooms. Sales are projected to rise towards full capacity (50 rooms x 365 nights per year = 18. Generally. into the system by the accounting department.• • • the Web and by hand by the customer service or sales person dealing with them otherwise. All departments are required to make all entries within 24 hours of when they are incurred to keep the system up to date at all times. which doubles as an accounting software suite. Leads converted (through room reservations) are logged automatically in the CRM system. every night of a premium room rental corresponds to a room service purchase. Sales Forecast Sales are currently higher in the category of introductory level rooms. . This is due to the fact that it is in the best interest of the hotel to not discount rooms so highly that they are all used at all times. but the hotel will maintain its premium-level pricing for the most part through this method. Prices are expected to rise on average over the next three years as the business can command higher prices from customers. Marketing expenses are entered.

417 Year 2 Year 3 Unit Prices Premium level room nights Mid-level room nights Introductory level room nights Room service meals Year 1 $900.00 $550.813.756 4.285 .516 $3.183 3.Sales Forecast Year 1 Unit Sales Premium level room nights Mid-level room nights Introductory level room nights Room service meals Total Unit Sales 3.796 $3.318 4.013 18.872.083 $3.665 4.00 $700.00 Sales Premium level room nights Mid-level room nights Introductory level room nights $2.084 4.865.187 4.892 $4.00 Year 3 $950.024 8.710.564 5.335.011.00 $750.373.381.521 9.946 23.00 $500.00 $50.00 Year 2 $925.629.00 $55.00 $725.813 $2.00 $60.00 $525.477 $2.266 $2.976 4.546 $2.841 25.928 10.

Marketing training reflects the cost in time and materials of orientation and ongoing training and exams for staff. Web development includes website maintenance and hosting.903 $502.00 $20.181 $1. The mailings will vary between the two formats each month and the expense will fluctuate a bit as the letter mailings are more expensive.00 $125.00 Direct Cost of Sales Premium level room nights Mid-level room nights Introductory level room nights Room service meals Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales Marketing Expense Budget The marketing expense budget divides expenses into their major categories: • • $515.656 $2. Quality assurance reflects the cost in time and materials to review customer issues and ratings. email newsletters.551 3 Direct Unit Costs Premium level room nights Mid-level room nights Introductory level room nights Room service meals Year 1 $162. Direct mail represents the postcard and letter mailing campaign to high net worth individuals.398 $762.907.175.018 $650.454 $10.715 $525.Room service meals Total Sales $400.00 Year 2 $166.823 $2.571 $260.00 $131.359 $593.25 $22.953 $160. as well as the bonuses from the quality assurance program.369 $218.185.704.50 $145.804 • • • • Advertising represents print and online external ads.00 $140.00 Year 3 $171.509.041 $547.18 $11.00 $150.121 $676.653 $677.252 $697.629 $7.00 $137.50 $24. . as is the direct cost of the lunch provided.807 $780. virtual tour development. and the company blog. Focus groups are costly as the discounts and free services offered to customers are logged as an expense on the books.480.

In general terms. and as the cost of doing business increases with inflation.Total expenses will increase as some activities.150 . and marketing training and quality assurance represent the expense of the service experience. advertising and direct mail represent the expense of lead generation.000 Year 2 $63. Marketing Expense Budget Year 1 Advertising $60.000 Year 3 $66. are ramped up. focus groups and Web development represent the expense of lead conversion. like the focus groups.

It is estimated that 20% of leads will be from referrals which will be generated from customers and corporate relationships. website queries. These customers will be offered a gift of Drowzey Hotel chocolates or other sweets as an incentive for expanding their comment into a testimonial.000 3. The marketing manager will create this report out of the CRM system and share the results with the CEO in the monthly review meeting.000 $24.678 2.750 $60. Testimonials will be derived from the best 10% of customer comments.200 -----------$302.000 $60. The average dollars spent per customer transaction is between one and two nights and will grow as more customers stay two nights or longer and move to higher priced rooms in the coming two years.230 $26.150 $13.000 $12.000 $30.91% Total Sales and Marketing Expenses Percent of Sales Key Marketing Metrics $261.688 $80. Lead conversion is expected to increase as the hotel establishes its name and preeminence in the Somnigstad area.460 -----------$334.97% $82.Direct Mail Focus Groups Web Development Marketing Training Quality Assurance $75.000 $12.000 ------------ $78. The ability of the company to charge higher average prices for its rooms as capacity is better utilized will also drive this number up. PR mentions will be tracked by the PR agency and they will provide a report on this data to Drowzey Hotel once a month along with all clippings or copies of mentions. These customers will be asked to expand their comments into a testimonial after their visits in a follow-up email. Leads (including all referrals.550 2. Key Marketing Metrics .000 $66.600 $25.30% The key marketing metrics will be reported each month.000 $63. and attendees of the virtual tour) are expected to grow at a steady rate.

252 3.550 20.907.175.18 $11.00% 1 $1.183 191 270 3 Year 2 Year 3 $10. characteristics. and behaviors The current marketing materials and campaign The virtual tour . Transactions/Customer Avg.509.mplans.041 15. All staff members will receive specific technical training.php#ixzz0opMfMYAC Hotel and Motel Marketing Plan The Drowzey Hotel This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Marketing Plan Pro software.526 315 380 10 Read more: http://www.863 4.310 300 345 6 22.Year 1 Revenue Leads Leads Converted Avg.75% 1.00 $1. observation. and testing over the course of two weeks. $/Customer Referrals PR Mentions Testimonials Focus Groups $7. will prepare food according to the Drowzey Hotel's ideal.917 16.693 4. Marketing Training Game All staff interact with customers in one way or another.551 3 21. who may never see the guests they serve. Even kitchen staff. During this time they will also be led in ten one-hour marketing sessions covering the following material: • • • • • Core message and what it means to their job Case studies of how the hotel has fulfilled its mission in the past The ideal target client description.00% 1 $1.628 .

core message. and how it plays out in real-life situations.Even staff who will not be directly involved in using the marketing materials and virtual tour need to understand how the hotel is represented in these external messages. marketing meetings will be held with all staff twice a month to keep a direct connection between the marketing manager and staff. . To prepare for these quarterly tests. These sessions will be led by the marketing director and will be held with multiple new staff members when possible. Routine education will include quarterly testing on the company's marketing. The tests will be administered in a thirty-minute session to multiple staff members at one time to insure their continued understanding of the hotel's marketing vision and tactics.

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