Every human being alive has ancestors (deceased relatives) and it does not matter what walk of life you are from.  We can all relate to death on some level and this keeps us connected whether we realize it or not.  Because of this and for many other reasons, so many are intrigued with spirit communication and ancestral reverence.  Spirit communication has been long practiced, not just by our ancient ones, but by today's aspirants and spiritualist (espiritita) as well.  In general, spirit communication proves the continuity of life after death which in turn gives comfort to those missing and in need of guidance from their deceased loved ones.    Yet, for devotees, the spirit world is explored for information and truths about human and spirit life.    The primary purpose of this site is to help individuals maintain that spirit connection for a better way of life.  Whereas most people seek religion to be saved, I am offering people the opportunity through guided spirituality and the connection to spirit to save themselves.   I created this site to highlight the importance of ancestor veneration and the importance of african spirituality from a broad prospective that is not discriminatory.  And although the focus of this site pertains to African culture, spirituality, and the various religious practices and traditions of our African ancestors such as Egungun/Egun, Ifa/Yoruba, Lucumi/Lukumi, Orisa/Orisha worship, Santeria, and Vodou/Voodoo; the spiritually guided techniques on this site can be applied to just about anyone within any culture and that includes even those who are interested in such things as altars and altar setup, ancestral/spirit prayers, healing, life after death, and guardian angels.  This site was also created to bring positive awareness to those who are mis or uninformed and to

Lucumi/Lukumi. And since they are not at peace. these entities cause us.   THE ANCESTORS . violence. or karmic connections to our loved ones who have not been appeased.  Aspirants and initiates of Candomble. or on some level they have not elevated into the "LIGHT" or "HIGHER VIBRATIONAL REALMS" so that their souls can be at peace. and spiritual problems that in many cases are directly linked to our severed connection to our past.  However. ancestor reverence is totally misunderstood by millions because of misinterpreted.bring enlightenment to those searching for good sound information on how to honor their ancestors. and forgotten historical information on its true purpose and foundation especially pertaining to Black Amerikans.  However. hidden. ancestors. emotional and mental confusions. in the living. Vodou/ Voodoo and the egungun/egun communities take pride in this form of ancient culture. and spirit guides. Santeria. drug addiction. resulting in repeated neglect of not properly take care of our ANCESTORS.   The concept of ancestor veneration and eggun/egun worship is not "witch" craft in the negative context as many have been led to believe. guardian angels. Orisa/Orisha. verbal and physical abuse. Ifa/Yoruba. it is my belief that many of the problems that we suffer today in our families and in our communities from mental illness. family dysfunction.  Either way and in many cases. and other forms of selfdestructive behaviors can come from spirits. lost. to suffer in our families and in our communities and as a result we continue to experience social malevolence. Regla de Ocha. there are those who are familiar with its vision but have chosen to take a relaxed attitude toward its importance. properly cared for in death. alcoholism. suicide.

  Some even feel guilty to offer candle light and prayers to their ancestors. they would all announce that they have forgiven him/her since he/she is now dead. friends and relatives would gather around the body at the grave site and each person would recount all the bad deeds that the deceased did during their lifetime and after listening to all the misdeeds.   It is a fact that our ancestors believed in life after death. this is so far from the truth that it becomes disheartening.  For one.  For it was the belief that since the deceased . but what does this really mean?  There is a much deeper and more beautiful meaning to ancestor and spirit veneration than what one may think from all of the other broader and inferior meanings that we have been led to believe. burial.   If the deed or the debt was financial in nature. a surviving family member would offer to pay off the debt. ancestor veneration in many cases has been associated with some kind of craft that pertains to "witchery". many societies within Africa believed that the deceased not only needed a proper funeral.  From an African perspective.the invisible world.  Many people have heard of honoring one's ancestors.  For one. just in another world . many people have felt that by honoring their loved ones or spirit beings through ritual and offerings.  This was all done to ensure a smooth and easy transition from the land of the living to the realm of spirit.  In these instances. ancestor veneration served many purposes.  And in many instances. and cleansing rites but it was also very important that the deceased be freed or released from bad deeds. they feel an association to guilt that makes them uncomfortable for which they begin to think that they are engaging in something wrong. however.  They believed that death was a continuation of life.

singing.  However and generally speaking for most. protection. long life. but it was a celebration of SPIRIT of continued life.was totally cleansed and freed from bad deeds. fertility. “ancestor veneration” or “ancestor worship” (meaning to maintain an ongoing relationship with those who have departed) is not only a tradition shared amongst our Afrikan ancestors. prosperity. a festive time of drumming. venerated with rituals and are given offerings for their continued influence on the living by helping them to resolve their day-to-day problems. THE ANCESTORS   What is an ancestor or who can be considered an ancestor?  Depending on the culture. prayed to. drinking and eating . your culture. the ancestors were and still are to this day consulted by many for guidance. women are not considered ancestors at all.  In other cultures. the definition of ancestor has many meanings.  Therefore. or whatever the desires. prayers. dancing. he/she would have no other reason to linger in the lower realms to haunt or cause chaos amongst its family members or community. but the concept has existed through almost every known culture including various . morally correct life.  Death was not to mourn.  On the contrary. and your roots and is the first step to reclaiming your spiritual heritage. the spirit would be happy and free to ascend to higher realms of obtaining supernatural powers that could be accessed and bestowed upon family and the community during periodic spiritual visits from the deceased that would provide blessings. good harvest. and requests were from those still in the living.all to honor the dead fro it is believed that to honor the ancestors is to honor your lineage.  In some cultures you cannot be considered an ancestor unless you have lived a good standing.

  And in many instances. flowers and food on the graves of their family members for it is believed that once death occurs. the ancestors are consulted for guidance.  The soul continues on. venerated with rituals and are given offerings for their continued influence on the living by helping them to resolve their day-to-day problems. cloths. the living will leave money. believe that the invisible world plays such an enormous part in every day life. the physical body is left to decay and the soul transits into the realm of spirit where such spirit continues to live as an ancestor or a spirit guide. Indonesia. certain parts of India and Indochina. just.  Even Jewish people have been known to light candles and say special prayers honoring their family memberʼs anniversary of death. South American. life does not just end there. and drinking for it is believed that to honor our ancestors is to honor our lineage and our roots and is the first step to reclaiming our spiritual heritage. drumming.  In addition. animals. and messages at gravesites of their deceased relatives in hopes that the deceased might use these things on their journey.  I think we all can agree that death is a universal fact and is the inevitable end of all human life. dancing. many honor the dead by putting gifts. prayed to. many cultures will honor the dead with festivals.  It is also believed by many that the dead are reborn into family members so that they can finish whatever .parts of Afrika.  However.  And in celebration of All Soulʼs Day. it is custom and is extremely important to pay a great deal of attention to the dead and the ancestral family.   Because so many cultures. in many cultures. singing. in another form (spirit) and in another world.  Therefore. the Pacific. even among those who have converted to Islam or Christianity. primarily outside of the United States.

  They believed that there is a the link between the dead and the living and that the egungun represented ancestral spirits that would return from heaven to visit and periodically commune with the living during a 7-day festival where honor is given and sacrifices are offered at shrines specifically set for the ancestor spirits. how would you feel? If you were alone.  If you were an ancestor and your family members and friends were to just forget about you. and confused in . children.   How important is ancestor reverence?  Lets they were not able to finish while on earth and for these reasons a great deal of concern. and sacrifices given to help ensure that the deceased is satisfied and appeased for an easy transition from the land of the living to the land of the dead. “ancestors” were called “egungun” and were viewed as departed family members: parents. ceremonies. lost and confused with the abilities to harm and haunt people and relatives until it gains attention and proper acknowledgment of the proper burial rights. the spirit of the dead person will become a ghost to roam the world without peace.  For it is believed that if proper funeral rites are not performed for the deceased. try to put yourself in the shoes of your ancestors.  From the preparation of the body all the way through to the prayers.   Traditionally in Afrika. aunts and uncles. or ceremonies that will bring contentment to its soul. time. grandparents. prayers. care.  Egungun is a society of people who believed in the continued existence of the ancestors in the life of the living. offerings. lost. and money is spent on proper burial rites.

that they are . Head Priest of the Shinto Tamamitsu sect of Japan which states:                         “The parent/child connection manifests as one link in a long chain of ancestral karma that stretches back through time. Mr. how important would it be to you that someone. I came across another article online written by David Furlong called “Healing Your Ancestral Patterns” where he talks about the need to grab every opportunity to heal our ancestral family lines because we are all linked to the universe through our ancestry. in my continued search to further validate my point about the importance of ancestor veneration amongst various cultures. what would you do?  If you wanted to save someone or help them to better their life and they just ignored your messages.  In this modern scientific age it is very difficult for people to accept the fact that they are responsible to their ancestors. would you give up?  If you wanted forgiveness or just wanted know that you were still loved. wouldnʼt you feel alone and abandoned?  And God forbid. but. Hiroshi Motoyama. Furlong enlightens us with an excerpt from a book called “Karma and Reincarnation” by Dr.  Your link to your family allows you to be born into that specific line – it is a link that needs to be understood and respected. even if one person.the spirit realm and there was no one person praying for you or giving you light so that you could find your way.  In this article. if you were ill and approaching death or you died suddenly. were to remember you? ANCESTRAL HEALING   Now. and there was no one to show you some attention and your efforts were ignored.

  Their spirit is not just an individual entity.  Many find it absurd to think that the actions of an unknown ancestor could possibly have anything to do with what is happening to them today.  This article further makes it clear that many cultures. it is understandable why someone may not want to venerate an ancestor that has caused harm to him/her or to another loved one.actually liable for the actions of their ancestors if the resulting karma has not yet been dissolved.  While in many cases. I find problems that stretch back generations. pay a great deal of attention to the ancestral family line proving that this form of veneration is one of the most widespread of all religious belief systems.   Many people venerate all of their ancestors without any emotional problems or hang ups but there are some who find it uncomfortable or they feel bitter about giving veneration to ancestors that have been abusive in some way or another whether emotionally. there is reference to us as children suffering for the sins of our forefathers even unto the third and fourth generations clearly suggesting how integral the ancestors are to our lives and how we must learn and teach prayer and sacrifice including the giving of ourselves to keep us in harmony with our lineage. sexually. physically. however it is my plea to keep in mind that you . both sophisticated and primitive. and/or verbally. it is also part of the family spirit that births and nurtures it.”   Even in the bible. Numbers 14:18.  But time and time again when investigating someoneʼs karma.

  On another note.  If you can find it in your heart to pray for your ancestors who have done wrong. we also need to pray for ancestral healing from karmic energy. all because they have transitioned through "The Light of Understanding" and have come to realize their mistakes now that they reside on the other side. peace.  Many times. for both the deceased. you can say a brief prayer that you forgive them and that you pray for the soul of {name of person} to elevate and find the light. I am sure that you can think of at least one family that just cannot get it together – . wanting forgiveness. it not.  Many of us have heard of karmic energy that affects an individual singly but multiple family members as a whole can also carry karmic energy.  From a negative aspect. we need to pray for healing.  I know this is easier said than done but when we forgive. and do for you on the other side what they did not get to do in life. for ourselves and for generations to come so that we can alleviate as many dysfunctional and abusive patterns as we can so that they will cease and will no longer plague any member of the family line.must TRY TO forgive. we heal ourselves. wanting repentance. it is up to you and what makes you comfortable. then you must do what makes you comfortable.  Of course. help. whether negative or positive. and love in God that he or she needs that will bring peace to you. your family. and your home. then great.]   Either way.       [If you choose to pray for an ancestor that has caused harm to you or a loved one. and wanting to give. directly or indirectly. ancestors who have done wrong in life will seek light and prayer from you.

  For it is through the love. I have written an "Ancestral Healing Prayer" that can be said at your altar or at any time that you get the feeling to help not just the deceased but yourself in the healing process. and the power of God that all souls are saved. poverty. drugs and judicial problems are prevalent.they struggle and suffer for many reasons. or even mental illness. death. whether through prayers. or ceremonies we can work to heal our ancestors in the spirit realm so that they can help us to heal in the living for a better way of living.  Let the light I offer fade out the shadows of fear and guide them toward the arms of God. rituals.    These families can carry a karmic energy of sickness.  For this reason.   .   Through ancestral healing.   I offer prayer and protection by way of the Divine Creator for those ancestral souls that are in darkness. the will. ANCESTRAL HEALING PRAYER   I offer light and pour libation with respect and honor for all my ancestors whose names I know (say all the names that you know) and all the ones I donʼt know to uplift and liberate their soul(s) in the name and light of the Almighty God.  While in other families. or lost.  Some would even view this type of enery as a generational curse. forgotten.

  I offer forgiveness to the ancestral souls that want to repent. pained.I offer guidance to my ancestors by way of the Guardian Angels and Protective Spirits who by the power and order of God will assist them in their greater act of evolution. enslaved. and comfort to those ancestral souls that are suffering and depressed.  Let the light I offer be a Beacon of Hope and serve as an escape and protective shield from the shadows of despair. neglected.   I offer healing by way of the Supreme Being on all spiritual levels for those ancestors who were abused. saddened.   . compassion.  Let the light I offer to their souls inspire clemency.  Let the light I offer lead them from discord and the miseries of their souls to the sanctuary of God and the joys of heavenly bliss. traumatized. hated. deceived. misguided. oppressed. afflicted.   I offer love. for the error of their ways in both realms of life and death.  Let this light guide them to the truth. love and harmony from today onward. faith. sincerely. enlightenment and righteousness of God. and died tragically. lonely. liberation.

ignorance and inferior habits and traits.  Let the light I offer serve as a reminder for us in the living to acknowledge and learn not to make the same mistakes as the ones who lived before us.   In every way.  And I forgive those ancestors whose past sins Iʼve had to suffer as a result of their own naivety. I forgive those ancestors that committed wrongs that have set their generational line “us that are living” in barrenness. I forgive those ancestors who need it most so that their souls will embrace in positive gratification a new and improved way of living in the spirit realm and that those souls will elevate in peace and awaken to eternal life as God promised.In addition. .

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