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Knightscope, Inc., 1070 Terra Bella Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043

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HP RoboCop
Autonomous Technology & Charging
• Ultrasonic Sensors
• Inertial Measurement Unit
• Wheel Encoders
• Lidar
• Communication via 4G LTE
Advantages of Autonomous Security

• Large Autonomous Robots are an Effective Physical Deterrence

• Highly Productive in Repetitive or Even Dangerous Security Roles

• Autonomous Charging Allows for Continuous Operation 24/7/365

• Sensors Record & Retain More Data than a Human Alone

• Engages the Public & Enhances the Brand

• Saves Time & Money

Autonomous Security Winning Against Crime
• Helped law enforcement issue arrest warrant for burglary and felony property damage
• Helped law enforcement issue arrest warrant for a sexual predator
• Helped a security guard catch a thief in a retail establishment
• Helped stop a fraudulent insurance claim
• Helped catch an armed robbery suspect
• Helped eliminate vehicle break-ins
• Helped catch a corporate vandal
• Helped eliminate trespassers
Knightscope Security Operations Center

All data generated by Knightscope ADMs is
accessible through the Knightscope Security
Operations Center (KSOC), a highly intuitive,
browser-based user interface. Customers can
recall, review, and save the data for forensic or
event documenting purposes.

The KSOC is fully responsive designed and
mobile/tablet optimized. Put the power of the
KSOC right in the palm of your hand.
People Detection

• Unauthorized
Individuals in
Secured Areas
• Suspicious Persons
After Hours
• Trespassers or
Criminal Activity
• Positive
Broadcast and Intercom
• Prerecorded
Messages Based
on Time, Location
or Event
• Live Two-Way
• Live Audio & Live
Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)
• Protect Employees
from Domestic
• Mark Suspicious
• Track Terminated
• Police BOLO Alerts
for Vehicles &
Advanced Signal Detection
90+ % of Adults Have
Smartphones and Use
WiFi When Available

• Suspicious Packages
(device inside)
• Unauthorized Device
in Secure Areas
• Workplace Violence
• Positive Identification
The investigate page
allows KSOC users to
access forensics the
robot has gathered by
letting them filtering
alerts by the following

• Time Range
• Machine
• Alert Type
*Add Camera Recording
HP RoboCop
• Social Media Influencer?
• @HPRoboCop

• Media Coverage
• Noticias 62

• KTLA 5


Jason M. Gonzalez
Director Client Development

Knightscope, Inc., 1070 Terra Bella Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043

© 2018 Knightscope, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Autonomous Data Machine (ADM)

Easy Installation; Branded with Your Graphics;
Uses Standard 110v Power Outlet; Alerts
Delivered via 4G LTE or Wi-Fi

Custom Concierge, Residential Parking Lots / Speed: Stationary
Terrain: Indoors/Outdoors
Structures, Pedestrian Entrances, Lobbies and Height: 69”
Reception Areas, High-Risk Areas & Hot Width: 28.8”
Spots, Remote or Distant Areas, Help Points, Length: 11.2”
Shuttle Stops, and Challenging Retrofits Weight: 150 lbs.
Facial Recognition
• Detect Persons of
• Hostile terminations
• Domestic violence
• Suspensions
• Custody disputes
Why Our Clients Use Autonomous Security
• Security Robots are a Highly Visible Force Multiplier

• Automatic License Plate Recognition Secures Parking Lots/Structures

• Robots Help Mitigate Workplace Violence and Improve Public Safety

• Robots Patrol Hard to Reach and Previously Neglected Spaces

• Continuous Human Patrol Was a Financial Challenge

• Eye Level Data Empowers Users to Make More Informed, Safer Decisions
24/7 Monitoring

The KSOC gives the

ability to perform
forensic investigations
from anywhere in the
world with a Chrome
browser and an
Internet connection

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