Date:____________ Vehicle #:____________ Mileage:____________ Interval:______ Inspector:____________ TYPE OF OPERATIONS TO BE PERFORMED: '/' if Okay; 'X' if Adjusted; 'O' if Repairs are Required PM WORK ORDER NUMBER:__________________________ OPERATIONAL CONTROLS Verify that starter will only work in Neutral Check operations of wipers and washers Inspect all gauges for proper operation Attempt to move bus with Park Brake applied Check door control operation in all positions Check throttle interlock with exit door activated Check brake interlock with exit door activated Check throttle interlock with kneeler activated Check brake interlock with kneeler activated Check operation of door dump valve Trip door sense edge; should set alarm and open door Check Check Check Verify Check Check Check Check Check Check Verify Check Check climate control and reheat mode climate control potentiometer blower operation on all speeds proper blower air flow at Driver area ducting fast idle. (switch must be off to move G-90) all exterior lights for proper operation all interior lights. Lamps must cancel in Reverse operation of step well lights operation of hazard lights and audible devices operation of signal lights and audible devices Low Air alarm and light activate @ 68-74 PSI operation of mirrors, heat, and dash indicators air buildup: 90-120 within 5 min w/fast idle on TIRES AND WHEELS Inspect wheel hardware for loose lugs Inspect tires for damage Check hub odometer for securement and damage Check for missing valve caps and damaged stems Inspect wheels for damage, cracks, and rust trails Check oil level in front hub oil reservoir BATTERIES Remove corrosion and check for proper connections Check cables and terminals for fraying and routing Fill cells on non maintenance-free batteries Check battery hold downs for securement and cond. Check charge rate (27.8-28.2 VDC w/fast idle on) Apply lube to battery tray slides Check alignment of battery compartment door Inspect battery compartment door seals UNDERCARRIAGE Check front end alignment Inspect suspension components for damage and wear Check for proper ride height Inspect drag link and ends for damage and wear Inspect tie rods for damage, wear, and securement Inspect steering arms for damage and securement Check kingpins for excessive movement Inspect sway bar for damage, loose/worn components Inspect air lines for chaffing, proper clamps/routing Inspect steering gear for leaks, securement, & damage Inspect steering lines for leaks, damage, and routing Inspect power steering pump operation and condition Inspect steering column condition and operation Inspect steering column u-joints for wear Soap test air bags and inspect for leaks and condition Inspect brake application valve for leaks and condition Inspect brake chambers for leaks and condition Record lining depth. Inspect for looseness or damage Inspect fuel tank straps for condition or damage Inspect fuel lines for chaffing, clamps, and leaks Inspect fuel cap for leaks and securement Inspect frame for cracks and damage Verify air governor cut-out @ 120# Inspect air brake lines for chaffing, clamps, and leaks Drain air tanks. Inspect for moisture and oil Inspect relay valves for leaks and damage EXTERIOR Inspect reflectors for securement, damage, & wear Inspect panels and skirts for secure., damage, & wear Steam clean engine and batteries Gently steam clean radiator core (no caustic cleaners) REPAIR WORK ORDER NUMBER:___________________ SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM Check operation, adjustment, and damage on cameras Inspect recorder securement, mounts, wiring, damage

Operate kneeler. Check alarm and warning lights

Check operation of horn Check operation of all indicator lamps Check B/U lamps and warning alarm in Reverse Test Destination Sign for proper operation Check operation of P/A, mic, amp, and foot switch Inspect driver's seatback, bottom, lumbar, and mounts Inspect operation of driver's seatbelt Inspect the tilt/telescopic function of the column Test emergency alarm/destination sign activation INTERIOR Inspect interior for damage, wear, and graffiti Inspect flooring for damage and wear Inspect glass for damage or graffiti Check operation and condition of visors and shades Inspect step treads for damage and wear Check rails and stanchions for damage/securement Inspect w/c belts for operation and securement Verify there are two spare belts per vehicle Inspect emergency exits for operation and decals Lubricate driver's seat and check adjusters Inspect Accident/Vomit Kit for proper inventory Check operation of window latches and slides Check passenger seats for damage and graffiti Check chime system, dash indicator, & ADA chime Inspect fire extinguisher charge, mount, & safety seal Inspect First-Aid Kit for proper inventory Check triangle kit for damaged components Check air intake filters and grills; replace as needed

UNDERCARRIAGE (continued) check operation and condition of moisture ejector Inspect slack adjusters. Maximum stroke: 1.5-2.0" Inspect pinion seals for leaks Inspect axle gaskets for leaks Inspect carrier to housing gasket for leaks Inspect radius rods for wear, damage, and securement Inspect lateral rod for wear, damage, and securement Inspect shocks and bushings for wear and damage Inspect axle and pinion nuts for securement Inspect axle housing mounts for cracks and damage Inspect suspension mounts for cracks and damage Inspect propeller shaft for wear and damage Check u-joints for lock wire and tightness Inspect leveling valves for adjustment and leaks LUBRICATION Lube all pivot points on bike rack Lube exit door pins Lube windshield wiper pivot joints Lube throttle pivots (RTS) Lube upper rollers on entrance and exit doors Lube Lube Lube Lube steering tie-rod ends (2 zerks) drag link ends (2 zerks) kingpins (4 zerks) (raise axle to relieve pressure) driveline u-joints (2 zerks)

ELECTRONIC DIAGNOSTICS If CEL on, use reader to retrieve codes RADIATOR Inspect for leaks, dirt, and debris Inspect mounts and louvers for damage Inspect all skirts and panels for damage Check surge tank, fill cap, and pressure cap TRANSMISSION Inspect case for leaks, damage, and securement Inspect mounts for wear and damage Inspect lines for wear, leaks, and damage Inspect transmission cooler for fluid leaks Inspect retarder housing for leaks and securement BIKE RACK AND BIKE RACK AD SIGN Inspect rack for damage and function Inspect latch for operation and damage Inspect brush guard Check condition of paint Check securement of ad sign on bike rack VERICOM BRAKE TEST Test #1: Test #2: Test #3: MOTOR GUARD SYSTEM Test coolant probe per manual Test 'Hot Engine' shutdown per manual Test fire alarm per manual Test 'Low Oil' shutdown per manual BATTERY LOAD TEST RESULTS (minimum 9.6 VDC) Battery #1: Battery #2: Battery #3: Battery #4: VDC VDC VDC VDC

Lube driveline slip spline (1 zerk) Lube steering column u-joints (4 zerks) Lube engine door pivots Lube s-cam tubes (1 zerk per wheel position) Lube slack adjusters (1 zerk per wheel position) Check oil level in differential. Change if contaminated Drain engine oil Replace engine oil filters Install and tighten engine oil drain plug Refill engine with 15/40 oil (40 wt on 2-cycle engines) ENGINE COMPARTMENT Inspect belts and automatic tensioners Inspect engine for leaks and abnormal noises Inspect hydraulic tank for proper level and leaks Inspect transmission fluid level. Adjust as needed Test antifreeze strength Check coolant level in tank. Adjust as needed Inspect air induction system for leaks and securement Inspect air restriction indicator for flag or damage Inspect engine mounts for wear and securement Inspect air compressor for air, oil, and coolant leaks Inspect air lines for leaks, chaffing, and clamps Inspect charge air cooler for wear, damage, or leaks Drain water from fuel/water separator Inspect hydraulic system for leaks Inspect electrical wiring for chaffing and clamps Check operation of engine compartment lights Inspect gauges and switches in rear-run control box Drain air box canister (2-cycle only) PERFORMANCE TEST Check acceleration response Record shift points: 1st to 2nd: MPH 2nd to 3rd: MPH 3rd to 4th: MPH

WHEELCHAIR LIFT (except RTS) Cycle lift and check for proper operation Test sensitive edges and mats Remove access panels and guards Inspect entire structure for cracks and damage Check for hydraulic leaks and chaffing hoses Inspect electrical components for chaffing/D37damage Inspect condition and adjustment of drive chains Apply lubrication to all pivots and chains Reinstall guards and pans Inspect hydraulic pump unit for leaks and connections Check oil level in hydraulic unit. Adjust as needed Recycle lift to ensure proper operation VENTILATION SYSTEM Inspect ventilation filter. Replace as needed TIRES-RECORD TREAD DEPTH AND PRESSURE Tire position Tread depth PSI RF: LF: RRO: RRI:

4th to 5th:



Governed highway speed: Check turning radius Check speedometer operation

ADDITIONAL TASKS TO BE PERFORMED PER INSPECTION ADDITIONAL TASKS FOR B, D ,F & H LEVEL INSPECTION Replace transmission filter Replace coolant filter Replace fuel filters Apply lube to all window slides and latches Rotate batteries from front to rear (RTS) Replace air filter (RTS) ADDITIONAL TASKS FOR D & H LEVEL INSPECTIONS Drain transmission; install and torque plug; refill Lubricate evaporator fan shaft bearings w/EP-2 Replace hydraulic oil filter Replace air filter (Gillig) RECORD MILES ON OIL:_______________________ DRIVER'S SEAT Inspect foam cushions for breakdown Inspect seat fabric for tears or other damage Inspect condition of all pivot joints and bushings Inspect air line for damage, pinching, or obstruction Check operation of slide release and lock mechanism Inspect condition of three point harness Inspect seat tilt adjustments for proper operation Inspect seat base for cracks or damage Ensure seat is level and mounted true to column Inspect air dump valve for proper operation Inspect height/weight adjustment mechanism Ensure full fore and aft movement on tracks ADDITIONAL TASKS FOR RTS FLEET ONLY Inspect bell crank for wear, securement, and cracks Inspect upper control arms for wear and securement Inspect lower control arms for wear and securement Inspect stabilizer bar for wear and damage Inspect condition and operation of engine stop cyl. Inspect condition and operation of air throttle comp. Inspect condition and operation of fast idle cylinder ADDITIONAL TASKS FOR H LEVEL INSPECTION ONLY Take engine oil sample Take transmission oil sample Take differential oil sample Drain differential; install and torque plug; refill






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