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Write about 5 character types and

relate characters from movies or
books and justify why.

Traits are consistent patterns of thoughts,

feelings or actions that distinguish people from
one another.

Traits are basic tendencies that remains stable

across the life span, but characteristic,
behavior can change considerably through adaptive

A trait is an internal characteristic that

corresponds to an extreme position on a behavioral

Factors determining personalities

THE BIG FIVE represents a classification of
traits that some personality psychologists
suggest capture the essence of individual
differences in personality.

Strict trait personality psychologists go so far

as to say our behavior is really determined by
these internal traits, giving the situation a
small role in determining behavior. In other
words, these traits lead to an individual acting
in a certain way in a given situation.

Allport, Norman and Cattell were influential in

formulating this classification which was later
redefined. Allport compiled a list of 4500 traits.
Cattell reduced this list to 35 traits. Others
continued to analyze these factors and found
congruence with self-ratings, ratings by peers and
ratings by psychological staff, that eventually

THE BIG FIVE personality factors are:

1. Extraversion versus Introversion

2.Agreeableness versus Antagonism
3.Conscientiousness versus Indirectedness
4.Neuroticism versus Indirectedness
5.Openness to experience versus not open to
Extraversion versus Introversion
Extraversion is defined as a behavior where
someone enjoys being around people more than
being alone.
An example of extraversion
is when someone likes to be around people and
enjoys being the centre of attention.

Introversion on the other hand is defined as a

tendency or quality predominantly concerned to
interacting with oneself ONLY. It is the
quality of feeling shy and quiet and
preferring to spend time alone rather than
with somebody else.
Agreeableness versus Antagonism

Agreeableness is a personality trait manifesting

itself in individual behavioral characteristics
that are perceived as kind, sympathetic,
cooperative, warm and considerate. They generally
have an optimistic view of human nature and get
along well with others.

For example; a person with a high level of

agreeableness in a personality test is usually
warm, friendly and tactful.

Antagonism is a personality trait which is present

in people who oppose someone else. An antagonist
is always in opposition, but she isn’t always bad
or mean.

For example; your opponent on the court could be

called your antagonist simply because it is her
priority to beat you in your argument in court.
Conscientiousness versus Indirectedness

Conscientiousness is the personality trait of

being careful or diligent. Conscientiousness
implies a desire to do a task well and to take
obligations to others seriously.

For example; conscientious people tend to be

efficient and organized as opposed to easy-going
and disorderly.

Neuroticism versus Indirectedness

Neuroticism is the personality trait when people

are more likely to be moody and to experience such
feelings as anxiety, worry, fear, anger,
frustration, envy, jealousy, guilt, depress and
loneliness quite often or most of the time.

For example; A person with high neuroticism as

their personality trait can easily experience
negative emotions most often than compared to
people with other personality traits.

Openness to experience versus not open to

Openness to experience is involves five
dimensions including active
imagination(fantasizing), aesthetic, sensitive,
attentiveness to inner feelings, preference for
variety and intellectual curiosity.

For example; an individual who seems to travel

every chance they get and are into trying new
foods and meeting new people. This trait includes
people with vivid imaginations, a willingness to
try something new, and have more liberal values.

Character 1:
Bittoo Sharma from Band Baaja Baaraat is a street-
smart and fun loving character showing the
extraversion in his personality trait. In the
movie, we see him as the centre of attention when
he works for the topmost wedding planner in the
city and is interactive with everyone.

Another personality trait also seen in Bittoo

Sharma is that of being agreeable or the trait of
agreeableness. He is warm, sympathetic and
cooperative with his co-workers.
It is possible to have one or more personality
traits in a person.

Character 2:
Naina Talwar is a shy and nerdy medical student in
the movie “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani”. The
character played by Deepika Padukone portrays two
personality traits of Introversion and Openness
to experience.

Naina Talwar is shy and intimated by the idea of

going on a solo trip. She then decides to enroll
herself for the trek to Manali, gearing up the
courage to try something new in life for the first
time and welcome some change in her life. This
action indicates towards one of her personality
traits of being open to new experiences.
But when she meets her old friends in the train,
she is feels quite hesitant to interact at first
which indicates towards her second personality
trait of her being an introvert.

Character 3:
Kabir Thapar a.k.a Bunny from “Yeh Jawani Hai
Deewani” is a handsome charmer whose dream is to
wander and discover the world. His personality
trait indicates toward his trait of Agreeableness,
extroversion and Openness to new experiences.

His desire of not stopping and keep travelling

around the world and not wanting to miss out
anything clearly shows his openness to have new
experiences and trying out new things.

His trait of agreeableness

is seen through his cooperative behaviour with his
mates. His extroversion is what makes him an
absolute charmer in the movie. He wins over
everyone with his trait of agreeableness.
Throughout the movie we see him being the centre
of attention for all the characters in the movie
because of his extrovert behaviour.

Character 4:
Feluda a character sketched by Satyajit Ray, a
renowned filmmaker and writer whose interest in
crime fiction stories like that of Sherlock Holmes
led him to create a Bengali character like Feluda.

An undercover agent whose personality trait

indicates towards him being conscientious

Conscientious people like him always want to be

organized and orderly and want to perform their
task well as is seen in his case of solving all
his mysteries in the most efficient manner mostly
single-handedly. Without leaving any trace behind,
of his findings.
Character 5:
Carrie Bradshaw from the very famous “Sex and the
City” a very famous TV series dating back to 1998
shows the character of Carrie Bradshaw as a
neurotistic character who ends up depressed,
anxious at times, frustrated and mostly moody.
This clearly indicates towards her personality
trait towards a neuroticism character .