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1: Checklist Manifesto
1. Write a checklist
2. Complete checklist as written
3. Profit???

In order to be a successful writer, you must be able to tailor your writing to fit
your purpose and your intended audience. This is particularly true when it
comes to writing an efficient and effective checklist. What do you need to
include? What can be safely left out? You need a solid understanding of your
audience and the situation in order to answer these questions and write your

Part 1: The Checklist
• Using your knowledge of effective checklist-writing practices from Atul
Gawande’s The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right, rhetorical
situations, and your intended audience, write a checklist for a process of
your choosing.
• Length: This is the most flexible assignment of the semester—the
checklist itself can be as long or as short as you think it needs to be. Just
be prepared to explain your choice in the accompanying informative

Part 2: Informative Essay

• As you compose your checklist, I would like you to also write an
informative essay explaining your rhetorical choices and writing practices
during the checklist writing process.
• Your essay must answer the following questions:
o Who is your intended audience?
o What is the rhetorical situation for the checklist?
o How did your audience and the rhetorical situation affect your
writing choices?
• Length: 750-1000 words

After completing both components of Unit 1, students will be able to
• Identify the intended audience of their papers throughout the semester

Holtan | ENGL 106E | Spring 2018

• Understand rhetorical situations and how they shape texts
• Apply their knowledge of audiences and rhetorical situations to write
effective texts

Note: Failure to turn in a full draft by the deadline or to follow assignment

deadlines will result in a 10% deduction to the final assignment grade. Similarly,
if MLA format is not followed, 10% of the final grade will be deducted in
addition to plagiarism penalties, if applicable.

Project Component Important Dates

Checklist and Informative Essay (1st Monday, January 22nd (Blackboard by 11:59
Draft) pm)

Checklist and Informative Essay (2nd Monday, January 29th (Blackboard by 11:59
Draft) pm)
Peer Review Monday, January 29th (In class)

Checklist and Informative Essay (Final Friday, February 9th (Blackboard by 11:59
Draft) pm)

Reflection Monday, February 12th (Blackboard by 11:59


Holtan | ENGL 106E | Spring 2018

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