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The War for Talent Rages On

What does that mean?

With unemployment rates at a near 50-year low of 3.6%,
it's a candidate market. Organizations are waking up to
the reality that they're the ones being interviewed by
candidates. Companies are "at war" to attract, secure,
and retain the best talent for their teams.

38% of Employers Can't Fill Positions

The availability of quality talent is growing more scarce.
The skills gap is widening as the technology landscape

evolves at a faster pace. Professionals are showing a
shortage of skills in emerging technologies. Employers
are scrambling to keep up with the rate of change.
According to Jacob Morgan for, "organizations
that focus on creating employee experiences aren't
feeling the skills gap as much as those who aren't."

Creating Employee Experiences

Are you attractive to prospects? 
Companies make the mistake of believing the war is
fought with other companies. In reality, the war begins
internally within their own organization. If a company
does the four things below, they should be able to keep
more of their employees and be much more successful.

Create a Solid Employee Experience

Team Culture, not Company Culture
Make your employees feel like they're part of something
meaningful by focusing on building a great team culture.
Create and practice genuine values and hire employees
who fit these core beliefs. Be sure to prioritize and
maintain healthy team dynamics. Solid teams help
increase productivity, decreases absenteeism, and
generate higher profitability.

The days of the traditional 9-5 are over. The new
generation expects employers to allow flexibility with
where and when they work. That means companies
should allow for opportunities to work remotely. Allow
for flexibility while employees are at work. Strict "no
cellphone policies" and other outdated business
practices are becoming less attractive to candidates.

It's Work-Life Integration, Not Balance

With work demands rarely ending at 5pm, employers
should create an environment that feels like a second
home. Work hard to make sure your employees feel
appreciated, get along with co-workers, and that they
have opportunities to take breaks and relax periodically
while on the job.

Increased Wages and Benefits

According to the PayScale Index, wages have only grown
2.6% over the year. CNBC studies show that 90% of
millennial employees will stay at a job if they're offered
annual raises and upward mobility.