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Gideon's Army Weekly Conference Call Saturday 9 am CST for American Political


Peace and blessings family,

Any new updates will include a plus “+” sign to indicate new updates from the prior
week. This document is filled with hyperlinks of supporting documents, videos and
website resources. If your version does not have hyperlinks, I encourage to go to the
homepage of and locate “Weekly Updates” for the PDF file with
hyperlinks. If you find any errors in this weekly update, I encourage you to contact me.

Exodus 9:26 Only in the land of Goshen, where the children of Israel were, was
there no hail.

Proverbs 24:10-12 If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. If
thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready
to be slain; If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the
heart consider it? and he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not
he render to every man according to his works?

We have created a free, non-compromising resource library on many political prisoners.

We ask that you look into these unjustly incarcerated men and women and decide for
yourself if they should be in prison. There is a massive problem with the criminal justice
system in this country. The FBI, DOJ, BOP, IRS, CIA and the judicial system are full of
sellouts to Satan and filthy lucre who carry out the agenda of Beelzebub. We encourage
all questions about any prisoner. Our God is a God of justice. We refuse to be silent as
so many innocents endure unjust incarceration and the wicked are not held

Revelation 6:10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy
and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the

We are having our weekly Gideon's Army call this Saturday. Please note that this call
will be recorded and published for the public. Please do not give any personal
information on the call that you do not want to be made public. If you know of other
Christians who are interested in the prison ministry, please invite them to join the call.

Date: Saturday, November 16th, 2019
Time: 09:00 AM CST
Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7031
Access Code: 277-814-548# (Don't forget to hit # key)
NOTE: If you cannot get in, please use the backup # of 206-451-6018.


The objectives of our group are simple:

1) Open and close in PRAYER and ALWAYS give glory to Jesus Christ in everything we

2) Make Noise and Shine Light about the unjust incarceration of political prisoners

Note: Feel free to pray and read your favorite King James Bible passage during the

Videos and Articles that may be of interest:

Death and Taxes: (The Gordon Kahl Story)

(Yorie Von Kahl and Scott Faul still unjustly incarcerated after 36 years)

CAUGHT on CAMERA! The Outrageous Police Trap to Murder an Innocent Man (Jeff

Department of INjustice: The Untold Story of Schaeffer Cox

Cesspool of Judicial Corruption: The David Hinkson Story (Updates Approved by David)

The Persecution of Schaeffer Cox - Jordan Page - One of the best websites covering police militarization

and mass incarcerations

YouTube Is DEAD - New Terms Give Power To Ban “Not Commercially Viable”
Channels At SOLE DISCRETION!,,,,,,,,

Books & Articles & Movies

Authorized King James Bible

It's All About Power by Darrell Graf, Steve Schnabel

The Medina shoot-out between Gordon Kahl and US Marshals was the first stop on a
dangerous trail, which has lead to Ruby Ridge, Waco and Oklahoma City.

There Was a Man: The Saga of Gordon Kahl
We have located and obtained a copy of this important, rare and out-of-print book and
have completed the task of reading the entire book into YouTube. Efforts to re-print this
book have proven to be cost prohibitive. However, this book has been scanned
electronically and placed into DROPBOX.

Why the Militia by Red Beckman

On the Jews and Their Lies by Dr. Martin Luther written in 1543

To Harass Our People: The IRS and Government Abuse of Power Paperback – 1984 by
George Hansen

The Southern Poverty Law Center Scam

Nobody Died At Sandy Hook Author James Fetzer faces persecution and loss of free

The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI's Manufactured War on Terrorism by Trevor

The top three best FBI experts all claimed a positive conclusive fingerprint match on
Brandon Mayfield for the Madrid Spain Train Bombing but then were proven wrong
proving FBI corruption is common practice for the children of Satan.


+) Rodney Reed has 5 days to live, if the state of Texas execution goes as planned,
Rodney has 5 days to live. If you don’t think Texas will murder a man who most people
believe is innocent, I encourage you to check out the website
Rodney has become nationally famous and we are praying that Jesus Christ uses
Rodney Reed’s case to bring about a massive change to our corrupt judicial system and
exonerate Rodney. One of Rodney’s websites is Dr. Phil put
out a live facebook and plans two shows about his case. Texas plans to execute
Rodney on November 20th, 2019. Bob Smilie has been working hard to perform sign
waves on Texas roadways to alert the public about the Rodney Reed case. Checkout
Rodney’s website for the latest updates. Please check out the LETTER TO

-) Please update yourself on the shocking new evidence regarding the agent of Satan
Henry Folsom who attempted to murder Jeffrey Weinhaus while wearing a badge. Let
us never forget that the judge placed an 80,000-volt shock collar on Jeffrey during trial

in order to shut him up from telling the truth in front of the jury. The article by Kristi and
video by Matt Thompson are below:

Jeff Weinhaus Advocates Protest Shooting By Missouri State Highway Patrol

People Rally outside Courthouse for Jeffrey Weinhaus on October 2 nd, 2019

New Evidence Becomes Public That Proves Sgt. Henry Folsom is a Lying, Murdering
Blaggard on SSRI drugs and deemed unfit. All this was kept from jury.

Demand Justice for Jeffrey Weinhaus - Missouri journalist shot and caged for speaking
the truth

Matt Thompson provides update on Jeffrey Weinhaus case.

Matt Thompson Provides an Another Brief Update on Jeffrey Weinhaus

Jeffrey Weinhaus was shot twice in the head and twice through the chest at point blank
range with 40 caliber hollow point bullets. Sgt. Henry Folsom with the MSHP attempted
to murder Jeffrey that day. Scott Mertens also shot at Jeff that day and got promoted
within the MSHP. Mertens is just as guilty for covering up for his friend Folsom. God
saved Jeffrey’s life that day when it was expected that brain matter would be all over the
parking lot without divine intervention. Check out The warden of
Jeffrey’s prison is also a Baptist preacher named Stanley Payne and is a very wicked
man who punishes Jeffrey after I read a letter claiming Jeff’s innocence. Mr. Payne
kicks people out of his church if they support Jeffrey. They will no longer allow Jeffrey
to give 15-minute bible sermons from prison. Jeffrey has been warned by the prison
authorities that if anyone on the outside reads any of Jeff’s letters or publishes Jeff’s
voice from prison that Jeffrey will be further punished by the terrorist who run the prison.
These people (Scott, Henry, Stanley) who have targeted Jeffrey Weinhaus are
INSANELY EVIL. Click HERE to listen to “EyeWitness Marty Leach says Jeffrey DID
NOT HAVE GUN IN HIS HAND and was MURDERED”. Read Psalms 36 as they
deviseth mischief upon their beds at night and they have no fear of God before their

+) Texas Man Spends 33 Months in Prison After Buying Shelter From Rising S Bunkers

This is a story of yet another FBI Informant (i.e. Clyde Scott) ruining lives of good
citizens. If you work for the FBI, you are a degenerate child of Satan who has no moral
fabric. The FBI uses the most degenerate bullies and scum of society to go after good
people. The FBI will reap what they sow. This video is another log on a growing fire of
corruption within the intelligence community of our so-called free country. Clyde, if you
read this and you want to put out your side of the story, call me at 972-839-9848.

+) We are seeing a pattern where prison authorities are invoking rules where prisoners
are not allowed to “have a presence on social media.” They will lockup, torture and

sometimes murder innocent men and women. They then silence them so they can’t tell
anyone about their innocence by using communications restrictions. This ministry is
becoming more and more restricted in giving a voice to the voiceless. Our letters to
prisoners are many times refused, denied, trashed and/or returned citing various asinine
reasons such as using a sticker for return address, letter contains more than 3 pieces of
paper (envelope counts as a piece of paper), smudge or oil stain on outside of
envelope, envelope weighs more than one ounce, envelope is not white enough, no
color photographs, no black and white photographs, no photos of offenders, greeting
cards must be black and white. YouTube has also penalized my channel citing
“community guideline” strikes (ie Hate Speech) from videos that are over 5 years old.
This results in the prevention of our YouTube channel from becoming widely known.
Also, we have had multiple reports that people simply cannot get to the website and various error warning messages are cited to discourage people
from visiting the website. For a video on discrimination of marketing services to
Christians from, please click HERE. The devil is doing everything he
can to suppress and hinder communications and awareness about innocents in prison.
Our YouTube channel was yet again penalized this week for a video titled “3rd Rail
Topics Censored by Youtube in the Past One Year”. This video can still be seen on
Facebook. It has become overly apparent that YouTube is biased on anyone who
promotes freedom and biblical values. We have appealed this penalty on YouTube and
they have already rejected my appeal. I cannot overstate the impact of censorship in
our society on social media in order to control the dissemination of information that
counters the establishment directives. Youtube’s new terms say that they can
shutdown anyone that they deem at their sole discretion that is “NOT COMMERICALLY
VIABLE”. Do you think that Christian’s who make content for no money will be deemed
“NOT COMMERCIALLY VIABLE” in this anti-Christ system?

-) Kurt Johnson just received another 18 years on top of his current sentence which
places his release date at 12/8/2043. A propaganda mainstream article can be read
HERE. Please consider that I am not allowed to mail these articles to Kurt nor
communicate with him to offer his defense. So yet again, the system convicts and then
silences a man from defending himself. Kurt is a Christian man who was exposing
banking and mortgage fraud and helped stop the murderer of Robert David Neal from
killing more Christians inside the hellhole known as Terre Haute, IN. prison. We do
know someone who has been communicating with Kurt, and we don’t suspect Kurt is in
the hole, but Kurt does need your prayers and letters of support.

-) After two years of trying, we successfully communicated with 26-year political prisoner
Michael F. Griffin who killed (not murdered) an abortion doctor David Gunn on March
10, 1993. Click HERE to listen to Michael’s letter. We encourage you to write Mr. Griffin
an encouraging letter since our letters are likely banned. We have an unconfirmed
report that a 21-year-old girl showed up at his parole hearing in 2014 and testified that
her mother was planning on an abortion but Mr. Griffin's actions saved her life that day.
Mr. Griffin's mailing address can be found on "other prisoners" at We
have not heard from Mr. Griffin since his first letter was received about September 9th,

-) We have also mailed our first letter to Scott Roeder in a Kansas prison. We will see if
we receive a response back. I encourage you to educate yourself about his story.

+) We have been encouraged to reach out to Clayton Waagner who was imprisoned
while working against the murdering of babies known as abortion and has a current
release date of 2046.. Our first letter was mailed out this week to his prison address.

-) Our satanic judicial system refuses any mention of Holy Scripture, the name of the
Lord Jesus Christ and/or the US Constitution in American courtrooms. If you doubt this,
we have the legal documents to prove it. What place does God or the US Constitution
have in modern day American courtrooms? Some people still foolishly believe they will
get a fair day in court if they are ever wrongfully accused of a crime. Courtrooms all over
America have become temples to the devil with the high priest judge who operates
above the law. A devil US Prosecutor said in open court that Schaeffer Cox is
“BEYOND REHABILITATION” because Schaeffer believes God’s Law is above man’s
law and thus requires a longer prison sentence. Dear Jesus, we ask for your guidance
in restoring justice to our land and bringing justice to the evil lying reprobates.

-) has offered to send prisoners free King James Bibles if they
are in need of God’s perfect Word. Their email is A
free bible was recently requested for Shawn Christy and James Helderle. A HUGE
thank you to this organization for their faithfulness to help prisoners receive the Word of
God free of charge. Checkout their website at

-) Educate yourself about patriot marine Charles Dyer. The document OPERATION
FLOODLIGHT will show the innocence of this man who was targeted because he was a
rising political star. Some of the most inspirational liberty speeches ever heard were
given by Charles Dyer. His website is Jan Dyer is requesting that
people flood David Lampley at with the document Operation
Floodlight in order to get his attention to look into the innocence of Charles Dyer. For a
sample of Charles Dyer’s videos before prison, please click HERE (Give Me Liberty or
give me DEATH!). Please keep both Jan and Charles in your prayers. The Oklahoma
prisons were locked down across the state in September, 2019. Search “Oklahoma
prison riots”. You will see that fights in September at six Oklahoma prisons left one
inmate dead and three dozen others injured.

-) Lonnie Vernon was severely attacked and beaten by his cellmate but is recovering by
the grace of God. Lonnie lost over ½ of the blood in his body. Lonnie reports that he
was visited by angels during this tribulation. Lonnie NEVER had any trouble with the law
prior to his being entrapped by the children of Satan known as the FBI and a 300k
whore lifelong criminal FBI paid informant named Gerald “J.R.” Olson. This 300k whore
who ran drugs for a Hell’s Angels biker gang testified in court that he would ask the FBI
for $300k to setup and frame Schaeffer Cox and Lonnie Vernon. We sent Lonnie a copy
of “To Harass Our People” by George Hansen but Lonnie confirmed that he NEVER
received it. They also entrapped Lonnie’s wife Karen. Please pray for Karen’s health

and remember to write her a letter to remind her that she is loved and prayed for every

-) Ed Brown released a letter titled SHINOLA - US Govt Economic Plan for

America. Please read it and write back to Ed Brown. Please mail both Ed and Elaine
Brown encouraging letters of support. The devils have denied Erin and me visitation
privileges (as certified Chaplains) even though she is only an hour from our home. Ed
Brown recently put out a request for a videographer similar to Dinish D'Sousa recently.
If you know of someone with these skills, please have them contact Ed Brown. Ed
Brown recently wrote “I am well! I ran the 100-yard dash in 15.4 seconds and did it like
a breeze. There were no side effects. And barely any loss of breath. I am back to full
health, except for the poor-quality food served here at Gilmer. There is no need for any
concern for me. Though the experience has left me in a deep pensive mood….” Please
continue to keep both Ed and Elaine Brown in your prayers. Forbes recently released
an article titled “Ed And Elaine ‘Show Me The Law’ Brown May Be Released Soon”.

-) Please remember Jason Gerhard in your prayers and write an encouraging letter of
support to Jason. Also, checkout Jason’s writing titled “The Revolution Solution” on website. Jason stood up against tyranny and deserves your support.
Jason recently wrote “Today was an uneventful day for us. On the plus side, it was the
last day for the government to file an objection to our bail motion and, so far as I can
tell, they didn't. Now it is a matter of waiting for the judge to rule on it. Considering they
had us sign probation paperwork last week it looks pretty good for us. Each day now I'm
going to wake up waiting for my name to be called. It's coming, I can feel it :)”.

+) Daniel Riley is an incredibly talented painter. Check out his webpage on to see images of all his paintings and writings from prison. You will be
glad you did. Daniel recently wrote “Friday 11-01-19 9:49am To All, I wanted to update
you on what has happened in my case over the past week or so. The court gave the
gov't till this Monday Nov. 4th to respond to my motion for immediate release. As of now
no opposition has been filed. The court ordered the probation department to prepare for
my release. In doing so, my case manager here at the prison said that probation had
called him yesterday and wanted to know my release address; and this morning asked
for the contact info for the person needed to be contacted to gain access to the house.
According to my case manager I could be released any day, once probation okays the
house. I'm more expecting next week (though this is a guess). My brother said he is
going to come and pick me up, however little notice he gets prior to my release. It finally
looks like this ordeal is coming to an end. Again, I'd like to thank you all for your support,
I could not have made it through without it, and that includes a lot of people not listed on
this email. God Bless. Take Good Care”. We have received a photo yet another painting
from Daniel that we call “Reflections in the River to Freedom”. It is attached to this

+) The lying proud devils and blaggards named Warden B. True, Warden J.R. Bell and
Warden J.W. Cox at both CMUs in Marion, IL. and Terre Haute, IN. have blocked me
and my wife from communicating with any prisoner at either of these two illegal hellhole

prisons for over one year now. Click HERE to see a video where evildoer Warden I.
Jacquez rejects all my letters to Schaeffer Cox at FDC Seatac. Imagine having the
government and the media hurl accusation after accusation at you and then the prison
system will not allow you to communicate with the outside world to defend yourself or
even hear about what is transpiring on the outside. The Lord will hold the BOP
accountable for their wicked actions of isolating and silencing prisoners. This is
promised in the Word of God. This currently prevents us from advocating as effectively
for David Hinkson, Schaeffer Cox, Martin Gottesfeld, Kurt Johnson, and Rex Russell
Landers. The people who manage and work in these two secret CMU hellhole prisons
are god-hating reprobates where torture, murder (ie. Robert David Neal), and coverups
are commonplace. The FBI, DOJ and BOP know exactly what is going on and refuse to
correct the situation. Books, prison letters and all forms of communications are
constantly being rejected from this ministry to prisoners. What was the penalty for
Rodney Curtis Hamrick who murdered Robert David Neal? Who was the Muslim shot
caller who ordered the murder of Robert David Neal? Voice your concern about the
coverup of the BOP, FBI and DOJ by clicking HERE. “For there is nothing covered, that
shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.”

-) Political prisoner, Francis Schaeffer Cox, sent a letter describing what he witnessed.
Cox wrote, “The Muslims over here put a hit out on all the Christians in the unit. My
good friend was taken hostage, his hands were tied behind his back, he was stabbed in
the heart, then his head was sawed off with a wire while he was still alive. Getting his
head all the way off was harder than expected, so once he was dead, the job was left
unfinished and the next victim was attacked. He got stabbed 12 times before another
Christian man could get to him and block the Jihadi. If we hadn’t circled the wagons and
stopped the killing like we did, I’d have been next, along with two other friends of mine.”
Cox was sent to “the hole” after leaking this information to his attorney. The new warden
JW Cox at this hellhole illegal prison continues to block all our communications to all
prisoners at Terre Haute, Indiana. The shot caller, the warden, the murderer and this
illegal prison have not gone unnoticed by our Lord. The BOP, DOJ and FBI employees
are working to coverup the murder (attempted beheading) of Robert David Neal in Terre
Haute, IN CMU prison. We have letters trickling out of the prison from inmates claiming
that the Muslims were encouraged to murder Christians by the prison authorities who
have an allegiance to Beelzebub. A Press Release was put together regarding the
murder of Robert David Neal since the mainstream press will not report on it.

-) To see photos from Schaeffer Cox re-sentencing and Red

Pill Expo, please click HERE. For my 30 minute reaction to the Schaeffer Cox re-
sentencing on November 4th, 2019, please click HERE. Please pray for justice for the
“Dirty 13” that have lied, entrapped and sided with the enemy against Schaeffer Cox.

1) United States Attorney for the District of Alaska Karen L. Loeffler - Woman given
authority targeting innocent Christian men
2) US DOJ Prosecutor Steven E. Skrocki - Another lying lawyer who destroys
exculpatory evidence

3) US DOJ Prosecutor Joseph Bottini - Another lying lawyer who cheats and
manipulates courts
4) US DOJ Prosecutor Yvonne Lamoureux - Woman given authority and promoted to
Alaska Judge, sold her soul for filthy lucre and became traitor to justice
5) FBI Special Agent Patrick Westerhaus - Plants audio recording devices on innocent
Americans and laughs like a devil when he hears scripture
6) FBI Special Agent Richard Sutherland - Self-righteous man who creates a
boogeyman out of Schaeffer to justify his own useless career and advancement
7) FBI Special Agent Sandra Klein - Another woman given authority who then sends in
mercenaries as FBI informants to provoke and threaten the lives of innocent young
8) FBI Informant Bill Fulton – Arrogant gay turd, sellout traitor snitch. Seeks wealth and
fame on the backs of innocent men
9) FBI Informant Gerald JR Olson - 300k whore traitor snitch. Sided with the enemy to
save his own hide and gain filthy lucre
10) Judge Robert J. Bryan - Refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing on the part of the
FBI, BOP and DOJ in the case of Schaeffer Cox. Coward who uses his position to
justify the wicked and persecute the innocent
11) Warden JR Bell of Terre Haute, Indiana CMU Prison - I pray a massive case of
hemorrhoids come upon this warden for blocking all of our letters and covering up the
murder (beheading) of Christian Robert David Neal.
12) Warden JW Cox of Terre Haute, Indiana CMU Prison - Evil wicked godless man
who enjoys persecuting the innocent and also covered up the murder (beheading) of
Christian Robert David Neal. Uses cruel punishment regularly.
13) Warden B. True of Marion, Illinois CMU Prison - Initiated action against this ministry
to block all our letters to prisoners.

The Word of God the Holy KJV Bible promises these 13 wicked children of Satan will
reap what they have sown. There is no peace for the wicked as stated in the Word of

-) Martin Gottesfeld is in Schaeffer's prison as a human rights activist. His website is Martin has been thrown in the hole for trying to help Schaeffer with
legal work and reporting on the murder of Robert David Neal. Martin Gottesfeld has
connections with Infowars, Huffington Post and Rolling Stone Magazine. Click HERE to
watch Dana Gottesfeld discuss her husband (on Infowars with David Knight) being held
in a hellhole CMU prison. Martin was also punished for speaking about the murder of
Robert David Neal.

-) David Hinkson has been relocated to the same hellhole prison as Schaeffer Cox in
the CMU in Terre Haute, Indiana where we have been banned from communicating with
David and others located there. A very evil and wicked man named R. Blythe with CTU
(Counter Terrorism Unit) orchestrated this illegal move on a false incident report with an
evil racist guard named J. Duncan claiming David and I were planning to defraud
people. They will be held accountable for their lies by God Almighty. God promises us
this in His perfect Word. Our God is a God of justice. Please write to David Hinkson. I

refer to David Hinkson as America's most provably innocent political prisoner. He got 43
years on the testimony of one provable valor thief and child molesting liar named Elven
Joe Swisher. David was visited by his elderly parents this week and has some important
legal motions before the court that could set David free prior to Christmas. Please write
to David an encouraging letter and pray for JUSTICE in the case of David Hinkson and
the liars who set him up. David has some sort of lawsuit against the Warden. The case
# is 2:19-CV-00290-JMS-DLP. If anyone can write to David to offer him legal
assistance, I am sure he would appreciate it. Also click HERE to hear a radio show
David Hinkson did on the 7th Amendment prior to his incarceration. David has opened
up a legal action against Warden JR Bell (2:19-cv-00290-JMS-DLP). When Robert
David Neal entered legal action against the BOP, he was murdered and the murder was
covered up by the DOJ, BOP and FBI.

+) Russell Landers has been in prison 23 years as an innocent man. Check out his
webpage on Russell is part of the Montana Freeman and
there is no victim in Russell’s alleged “crime” in which he has been sentenced 44 years.
See: They have blocked all
communications from prison ministries to Russell. Please write to
Russell because we have heard they have thrown him in the hole again, and we do not
have any ability to reach out to Russell with an encouraging letter because of that devil
named Warden JW Cox who is a liar from the pit of hell and is on the broad path to
destruction. Russell has now been in the hole 100+ days. Click HERE to listen to
Russell’s latest letter we titled “BOP wants to put Montana Freeman Rex Russell
Landers back in CMU after 23 Years in Prison”.

-) I recommend everyone read "Ruby Ridge" book by Randy Weaver and his daughter
Sara. In the case of Randy Weaver and his murdered wife Vicki and young son Sam,
please pray for God's justice for the following three murderers, sellouts, boot lickers,
liars and tyrants.

Lon Horiuchi – FBI Sniper, Larry Cooper - Deputy U.S. Marshal Larry Cooper, Herb
Byerly - ATF Agent

-) Please write both Yorie Von Kahl and Scott Faul encouraging letters. Scott and Yorie
have been in prison 36+ years as innocent men. Both Yorie and Scott are men of the
highest integrity and honor and faithful to the Lord Jesus. Scott Faul needs to contact
any member of his family and he needs our help in reaching out to them in Harvey, ND
as Scott needs a visit from someone in his family. The prison has a policy that you
must have known Scott prior to incarceration in order to visit him or be a member of his
family. We have been trying to reach out to any member of Scott Faul’s family for years
with no success in persuading them to visit Scott. It is a sad situation and they continue
to ignore our please to visit Scott. Let us pray that Scott is never abandoned by his
heavenly family. The injustice done to both Yorie Von Kahl and Scott Faul is beyond
my ability to fathom. Neither of these men ever received a fair trial. Click HERE to hear
the book “There was a Man: The saga of Gordon Kahl: A True Story”. Click HERE for a
webpage dedicated to both Yorie and Scott. Their story is vitally important to

understand. A painting by Yorie Von Kahl I call “Dead Lady Justice” is attached to this

-) I encourage you to write Anthony Troy Williams a letter and learn about his
story. Anthony is doing wonderful work to expose banking and mortgage fraud and
provide solutions to tyranny which is why they have targeted him. Anthony’s websites
were very professional and popular until they were censored and removed from the
internet. Anthony had over 500 clients and not one of them would testify against
Anthony. We recently learned that Anthony’s public pretender delayed 3 months in filing
a legal motion on behalf of Anthony. For Anthony’s latest calls from prison, please view
the top two videos located at Anthony has recently been
thrown in isolation (aka SHU) as of 10/25/19 by an evil guard. Also, for the 8th time, the
judge, Leslie E. Kobayashi, postponed the trial…again… to Feb. 3rd, 2020, per her own
decision. It was scheduled for Jan. 21st, 2020. As stated in her own court minutes, she
gave Anthony a choice to change the trial dates. However, Rosy (Anthony’s good
friend) received a hand delivered subpoena three days ago, from the clerk of court, for
her to appear for Anthony’s trial on Feb. 3rd. This is an outlandish lie and the proof, that
judge Kobayashi made her own decision to postpone the trial for the 8th time! Anthony
has recently confirmed that he has received the book titled “Not Guilty: The Unlawful
Prosecution of U.S. Senator Ted Stevens”.

-) Mrs. Patti Stockman sends out updates for Steve. Steve's website is This liberty minded and innocent Congressman should NOT be in
prison and is a sign of the times in which we live. If the devils can target and frame a US
Congressman, then what does that say about how corrupt our system is? I strongly
recommend you read the book “Not Guilty: The Unlawful Prosecution of U.S. Senator
Ted Stevens” by Rob Cary. Steve Stockman has recently been relocated to Beaumont,
TX FCI prison. For a good article on Steve, click HERE. I was told Steve’s bumper
sticker said “If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted.” Sidney Powell is a
supporter of Steve Stockman. We encourage everyone to read her book titled
“Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice” at . Click HERE to read Steve’s recent document titled “Why
November 3rd Matters”. For Mrs. Patti Stockman’s latest update on Facebook, click

-) Christian Philip Zodhiates led a successful direct mail business was sentenced to 3
years for simply driving Lisa Miller to the airport. Educate yourself about the Lisa Miller
case. Lisa was in a lesbian marriage with a small child prior to conversion to
Christianity. Lisa then tried to escape from an abusive lesbian partner. The courts sided
with the lesbian partner (of course) and against Philip for trying to render assistance to
Lisa. Philip’s blog is at Click HERE to listen to an interview
with Sam Bushman at A date has been set for the civil suit filed
by Janet Jenkins with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center - December 2, 2019
in Burlington, VT to be heard by the same Judge Sessions that resided over the
convictions of Lisa Miller and Ken Miller. Do you think the judge is going to be impartial?

-) Barbara Holder needs Christian pen pals. Texas has extremely draconian prison rules
so we have to record Barbara's calls without the use of a speaker phone. Her website is We ordered her a copy of Ruby Ridge. Barbara had a successful
cataract surgery. Kaylene Canfield is Barbara’s biggest supporter. For anyone who
wants to know more about this from Kaylene, please click on her facebook page here to
contact her.

-) The innocence project has recently picked up Darlie Routier's case. Texas inmates on
Death Row do NOT have access to any phones at all even to call their lawyer. This
includes Darlie Routier. Please consider writing her a letter. We videotaped Kristine
Bunch speaking at the event. The event was full of wonderful people/activists who
support Darlie’s innocence. Click HERE to listen to a recent letter from Darlie titled
“Darlie Routier Letter - 22 Years on Texas Death Row”.

+) Don't forget to write an encouraging letter to innocent political prisoner Eddie Ray
Kahn who was illegally extradited from Panama. Eddie’s wonderful wife Kookie who
loves him and, unlike so many other wives, has not abandoned him. Eddie was giving
seminars on how to deal with the IRS and has now paid a heavy price. Movie actor
Wesley Snipes, one of his students, got only three years but Eddie got 20 years. The
prosecutor called Eddie’s case the biggest tax case of the 21st century. Kookie writes
“"... much paperwork for Eddie and she sent a bunch to the court which was received
yesterday via registered mail. Please pray about this and that God's will be done. We
want to glorify Him above all but I sure would like to have Eddie home”. Click HERE to
read a letter Eddie wrote titled “Eddie's Letter 11/8/19 and the Rule 5 (c) (3) Affidavit

-) If anyone wants to educate themselves about the case of Christopher Moltz, please
let me know. He is serving LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE starting at 19 or 20 years old for a
conversation about a crime at which he was not even present. Chris is now 41 years
old. The jury never heard that Chris would NEVER be eligible for parole. He has spent
21 years in prison and needs our support.

+) Mike Parsons is fighting for his freedom and his wife's freedom. Her name is Pat and
she is in an Alabama prison and was an electrical engineer for 25 years prior to being
entrapped by the FBI. Their website is Mike has been tortured,
malnourished and his letters are being intercepted by the mailroom. I have MANY
returned letters that I mailed to Mike because the mailroom is rejecting all mail. They
also put Mike in the same prison as Justin Thao where the Oklahoma prison claims
Justin committed suicide by hanging. Justin’s family does not believe it. This video on
Justin Thao was just released by his grieving family on Nov. 7th, 2019. Also, check out
Justin’s website. This is important because the same jail guards left what looks like a
hanging rope in Mike’s jail cell. This was revealed during a live jail video visit. Mike
refused to get a TB shot, so they took him to another building where US Marshals tied
him to a chair and beat him in the face. Mike wrote “I never submitted to any TB test, I
was strapped to a chair and blood was taken from my arm by force against my will. It
was actually 4 US Marshals who strapped me to a chair and only the one who punched

me in the mouth after I was strapped to the chair by the four. Because I was yelling for
someone to call 911 to report their assault on me.” Women have died in Pat's prison
due to neglect and lack of medical treatment. Mike has recently been relocated to
Memphis FCI and his release date is listed as 7/19/2025. Click HERE to watch a video
where all of our letters to Mike Parsons are rejected. Also, Mike has recently written
“The Appellate Court will decide my appeal on Nov 11, 2019 at the Federal Courthouse
in Omaha Nebraska. If anyone wishes to be there to rally for my release it can show
their support for the truth and restoration of the 2nd amendment”. I might add as
additional commentary that the evildoers who are stopping Mike from communicating
directly with his wife Pat are deserving of the hottest flames in hell.

-) Pat Parsons writes “A poor diet and breathing gas fumes have severely affected my
mind. There have been various gas leaks. The most major was behind B unit. They
worked on it months ago. One of the girls that resides in B has a husband that works for
the gas company. Also, I guess we are living in a TP police state here at FCI Aliceville.
We have not had access to toilet paper in 2 days. I luckily had some dinner napkins, but
they are running out also. What kind of a world do we live in. No TP and eating with our
hands because there are not enough utensils??? Pat writes “Hey Rudy and Erin, I have
been loaned a book that everyone needs to read. It is a bit technical, Under an Ionized
Sky: Chemtrails and the Space Fence Lockdown by Elana Freeman. We should all be
angered by what the elitist are doing not only to us, but to our planet. God Bless and
protect us all and Walk Sacred, Love, Pat”

+) Click HERE to listen to “Freedom Fighter Sue Holland Informs us of the Persecution
of Charles Bryfogle”. The Canadian government is targeting a 78-year-old man
because he sent an email that upset the establishment. These terrorists are also
ordering psychiatric treatment because Charles holds beliefs about the Chilcotin Nation
that infuriate the Crown. For further inquiry into this matter, please email Click HERE to listen to “Sue Holland with the
Chilcotin Nation Makes A Public Statement on 11/6/2019”. We have now learned that
Charles Bryfogle has been arrested and incarcerated for SENDING AN EMAIL!!!

-) Dennis Hicks is on Alabama Death Row for a crime that he maintains his innocence
on regarding the murder of Joshua Duncan. I believe him. They setup Dennis because
he is a Christian and had previously killed two transgender men who were attempting to
rape his nephew which Dennis served 25.5 years for that justified incident. If you want
to know more about Dennis Hicks, please let me know. I believe Dennis deserves your
support and encouragement and prayers. In one of Dennis’ latest letters, Dennis writes
of horrific torture and abuse by a black guard who eventually lost his job. Dennis also
sent us a card with an absolutely beautiful painting on the front. We did receive a letter
from Dennis today on Oct. 31st, 2019.

-) Patrick Hoffman in an American Indian who has been in prison for 32 years as an
innocent man. Patrick has a wife named Agnes who loves him dearly. Patrick has
recently been reconnected with his son after decades, which is a wonderful thing.
Praise God. Patrick was being mistreated by the guards because the son of the man

who was killed has called the prison as well as other trolls to make false claims against
Patrick. They brag on social media about making false reports to the prison and wanting
Patrick stripped naked and on suicide watch. They have filthy septic systems instead of
a Godly heart. We have confirmed that Patrick has been moved back to Walla Walla
prison. In Patrick’s latest call from prison, he discusses how the American people were
lied to about what happened on 9/11/2001 and how the CIA are Luciferian spawn and
enemies to the people of America. Patrick informed us about another political prisoner
named Red Fawn who is a Dakota Access Pipeline Activist. Her website is

-) Gary Michael Northington has spent over 32 years in prison as an innocent man and
needs our prayers as he is fighting health issues. He has recently been sending letters
from JPAY which we have placed on his webpage. Please consider writing and
encouraging letter to Gary. Gary wrote a book about Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child
Sex Auctions titled “The Satanic Deception”. This was prior to John Decamp’s book
The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska. Gary also
recently released a letter titled “Tribute to Jack McLamb” which is now on Gary’s YOJ
webpage. Gary was exposing all of this high- level pedophilia that we are seeing in the
mainstream press. There is no victim in Gary’s case, and he was setup and framed on
“conspiracy” charges just like Schaeffer Cox and is now serving a LIFE sentence. Gary
needs Christian penpals and is fighting to stay healthy.

-) Both Jacob Scott Goodwin and Daniel Borden were made scapegoats for a political
agenda. The propaganda from SPLC and others in their case is just insane. They both
were severely over-sentenced. Please consider writing them an encouraging letter.
Learn about their case at their webpage on

-) Karen Howell was a juvenile when the Lillielid family was murdered over 22 years
ago. She did not commit the murder and did not instruct anyone to murder. She was
simply there as a juvenile. Yet she was pressured to take a plea deal which offered her
LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE. Since she was a juvenile, there was no reason for her to
take the plea deal as there was no chance that she could have received the death
penalty. I believe Karen was severely over-sentenced for simply being there at the time
of the murders.

-) Robert Ratliff is a new Christian and has a release date of 2040. Keith Orr is also a
new Christian. Waylon Ganey needs Christian penpals. Robert, Keith and Waylon could
use some encouraging Christian letters. Their mailing addresses are on "List of Other
Prisoners" on

-) Omar Qazi spent over 4 years awaiting trial. It would be unbelievable if it were not
true. He did _not_ waive his right to a speedy trial. His release date is
07/08/2020. Please consider writing Omar an encouraging letter and share your
testimony about Jesus. For Omar’s latest call from prison, please click here.

+) Prisoner Shawn Christy has been brought to our attention. A free King James Bible

was ordered for Shawn from Bible Truth Publishers. They raided his family's house,
damaged the home and killed his cat. Shawn was on the run for 4 months. Shawn went
through 6 states and Canada. That's the short version. Shawn’s Facebook support
page by his family is HERE. For recent updates on Shawn, please check out his
Facebook page. Please keep Shawn’s upcoming trial in your prayers. Click HERE for
an audio where Shawn calls us from prison titled “Political Prisoner Shawn Christy is
Denied Access to FoxNews Media”.

-) Many people believe Christian policeman Daniel Holtzclaw was setup and framed by
a lesbian internal affairs investigator. I believe Daniel is innocent and was framed
because he was a Christian in a corrupt police force. You can investigate Daniel’s case
further to make up your own mind at Also checkout the latest
update from his family member by clicking HERE. A fellow police officer did a live video
answering questions about Daniel’s case.

-) We encourage you to check out the story of Clint Lorance. His website is Clint did what he was trained by our military to do. There
appears to be a documentary made about Clint’s case. For the movie trailer, click

+) We encourage you to checkout the story of Ross Ulbricht. His website is Ross Ulbricht is a first-time offender serving two life sentences without
parole + 40 years for all non-violent charges associated with creating the Silk Road
website. Passionate about free markets and privacy, he was 26 when he made the site.
He was never prosecuted for causing harm or bodily injury and no victim was named at
trial. Two video series to educate yourself about Ross Ulbricht are below:

Deep Web Official Trailer 1 (2015)

Railroaded Six Part Video Series

-) We encourage you to checkout the story of Craig Cesal who is federal prisoner
sentenced to life without the possibility of parole as a first-time offender convicted of
conspiring to distribute marijuana. Click HERE for the article.

-) We encourage you to checkout the story of Todd Aurit and how SSRI prescription
drugs impacted his life and others forever. The interview with Todd’s 80-year-old
mother can be heard by clicking HERE. The petition Katie wrote to President Trump
can be read HERE.

-) We encourage you to check out the story of Mary Mooney. Her website is Her website discusses a war on international adoptions and
her involvement and set up by an overzealous prosecutor. We have received our first
Corrlinks from Mary. She writes “… not sure how I can be helped since it is all about a
messed up Justice system. I hear similar stories while I am in Alderson. Judges just do
what the prosecutor wants and do not look at evidence. OR the judges deny the

defendant the evidence they need to prove they are innocent…. I think with my case it
was about the Dept of State wanting to close down international adoption and make
adoptions look bad.” Mary wrote this week “Support H.R. 4018 - can you send a notice
to everyone to ask their House and Senate Members to support H.R. 4018 it is a bill that
just tells BOP how to calculate good-time days. Under the elderly pilot program those
over 60 would just need to serve 2/3rds of their sentence then go to home confinement.
The BOP is giving the good-time days on the BACK end. This bill would just clarify what
Congress wanted which is to get all elderly non-violent prisoners home ASAP and put
their good-time days on the front end. Thanks for getting the word out because we want
this passed by the end of the year. It is just a one-page bill to fix what BOP is doing
wrong. Thanks, Mary Mooney”

+) Rick Koerber has been brought to our attention recently. He was sentenced to 14
years in prison for charges of fraud. What is unusual is that the prosecution could not
identify any victims of Rick’s alleged fraud. I don’t have a website or prison address at
this time. For Rick’s facebook page, please click HERE. Ammon Bundy wrote an
article titled “Rick Koerber – Fraud or Patriot”. We just recently found out that the website uses CLAUD R KOERBER with register number 16324-081. As of
11/8/19, there is no assigned prison location or release date listed.

-) While not directly relating to a prisoner, I encourage you to checkout the story of
James at It could be argued that six-year-old James Younger is a
prisoner of today's celebration of transgender ideology in the culture, the courts, and the
classroom. Click HERE to read These Are Very Dark Times': Jury Rules Against TX
Dad as Ex-Wife Tries to Turn Their Son into a Girl.

-) The FBI and US Marshals put out an insane propaganda video on innocent patriot
Kevin “KC” Massey who is currently a fugitive. May the liars in this video reap what they
have sown and may God Almighty continue to protect and bless Kevin Massey. It
appears Kevin Massey still has an operating facebook page and we pray for his
continued freedom and survival and justice for the evildoers trying to capture and/or kill

Examples of FBI and US Marshal extremism and alarmism and lies:

-) Need your help!
-) Dangerous Domestic Terrorist!
-) Texas Border Vigilante!
-) Violated his SUPERVISED release!
-) Just finished serving 3.5 Years in Prison
-) Self-described Patriot!
-) Conducting Patrols and Detained some of them at gunpoint!
-) Weapons and Homemade Explosives!
-) Anti-Govt Extremist!
-) Alarming Rage!
-) Get Kevin off the streets and back in jail WHERE HE BELONGS!
-) Massey is white with close ties to Dallas, Texas!

-) The case of David Diaz has been brought to our attention. He has a petition titled
“Free David Diaz: An innocent man who has served 20 years in prison” with over 56k
signatures. More info on David can be read HERE. We mailed David a letter this week
as well.

-) The case of Marion “Bud” Hunter has been brought to our attention. Click HERE to
see an interview of this man. We mailed Bud a letter this week as well.

-) We have been given recent tip on Arkansas Senator Jon Woods. Click HERE for an
article titled “Former Arkansas State Senator Jon Woods Reports to Federal Prison”.
Can you look up State Senator Jon Woods from Arkansas and Randell (his co-
defended)? The FBI really did them wrong. The FBI agent destroyed Brady information
and wiped the computer clean and then lied about it on the stand and then got caught
lying about the destruction of government evidence but the Obama judge didn't throw it
out. Unbelievable. They need prayers as they just filed their responses to the appeal
tonight. They are very good Christians. Letters were mailed to both Jonathan Woods
and Randell Shelton this week.


I have a letter here written by a little girl named Ruth. It’s about a nightmare and then
there’s a reply. It says: This is Ruth. I’m glad you like the pictures I sent of being
baptized at the river by my house and the pictures of me and my family at the zoo. The
weirdest thing happened to me. It is kind of hard to explain. It is 9:30 in the morning and
I started writing this letter when I woke up. The reason is because I had a dream me
and my mom were put in jail. I do remember sitting on a cement floor crying. I turned
that over and over in my head in the dream and every time I thought about it, I cried. It
was the worst dream I have had in my entire life but I think God wanted me to have it
because, in a way I can almost understand what you’re going through.

The following was his response…

Dear Ruth, I just read your letter about your dream where you were in prison. You said
you were on the floor crying in your dream. I understand it’s common for us to have
dreams that shake loose our emotions at a very deep level. Maybe your subconscious
was finding a way to expand your capacity for empathy. This means you have a good
heart and want good for other people. Only kind and loving people feel other people’s
pain. The opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference. You have God’s love in your
heart. That’s why you are not indifferent when you see me, and see the pain of others.
This is all good. Don’t hate the pain. It means you are alive. Our government is doing all
sorts of horrible things to good people. It’s got a modern bureaucratic face on it, but at
the end of the day, it’s still just satanic ritual. Our persecution is an honor and our
servitude, a survivable adventure that opens our eyes to things most people can’t see.
I’ve seen a lot of men break under the torture and abuse, but I’ve also seen a lot who
didn’t break.

It’s not the tough guys who can hold up under torture. It’s the guys with a pure heart.

Ruth, you have the kind of pure heart that could survive even the worst of it. It’s
beautiful. Hold on to that. But fear is a sneaky, creeping poison that can kill the heart.
Fear makes us close ourselves off. Our hearts don’t die from loving, from being stabbed
or burned or trampled upon. They died from experiencing fear. The Bible says, “fear
not” more than any other phrase. It repeats that many hundreds of times. We have to
learn to let ourselves be fearless if we want to experience God’s presence in our lives.
Perhaps this frightful dream you had is an invitation for you to let go of your fear, and
find your gentle courage, a full life, and true love. Loyalty to the King is not for the faint
hearted, and it’s what you are called to. So just leave your trepidation behind and don’t
even blink. Courage in the face of danger is perhaps the deepest form of worship we
have. It is in our moments of battle and tragedy and pain that our spirit can whisper the
most unpretentious prayers of confident trust to our King. God has woven his own
fearless nature into our soul, and it is that divine nature within us that must step forward
in the face of danger.

This is God showing himself to the evil ones who were against His children, and when
the King of Kings makes an appearance in us, and we stand tall, and sure-footed
against the storms of sadistic evil, we have with our whole hearts sung the praise of our
King for all the hosts of heaven, and all the Fallen legions to see this is a worthy
endeavor if ever there was one.

Conversely, if we lay down our faith whole heartedness and steadfast resolve and adopt
in its place dread, half-hearted and quivering compromise we are singing praise to evil.
We are worshiping that which is bad by standing in awe of it. Our trembling despair is
offered up to the father of lies like a prayer. We must not do this. It is shameful. All of us
have been scared before, even Jesus was so shook up that he wept and sweat blood
before the police showed up with his snickering friend Judas to arrest him. He knew
what was coming and it broke his heart but he worked through it, swallowed his fear,
and took it like a King.

Your dream was about being thrown in a prison. The odds are that such a thing will
never actually happen to you. You’re a young female and the Empire will likely crumble
before you’re old enough to be considered a threat. But what has already happened is
that your fears have made themselves known and invited you to overcome them. You
must navigate the here and now regardless of what the future may or may not hold. If
you can supplant your fear with forbearance and valor you will have multiplied your
capacity for blessing seven fold. You will have become wholehearted. And
wholeheartedness is the virtue that begets all others. On the other hand, fear is the soil
out of which all the thorns and briers of life grow: We fear we cannot make an honest
living, so we cheat and steal. We fear that we will not be loved for who we are, so we
lie. We fear we cannot endure the pain, so we take the easy way out. We fear we will be
taken advantage of so we don’t love without limits. We fear we will fail, so we don’t even
try. It all starts and ends with fear. To be fully human we must truly be fearless. Sit and

reason with yourself. Consider what you would give to be wholehearted. Nothing that
can be done to you could ever be as tragic as a half-hearted life. Meditate on this. Let it
sink in.

Then, after having counted the cost just accept the courageous authenticity that is
already in your heart and in your nature. Doing this will also invite great pain and
powerful enemies into your life. But in the gentle valor you will have found, you will not
be dismayed by any of it. it is an acceptable price to pay. Life begins when we choose
wholeheartedness over fear, let come what may.
I believe in you. your Friend

Galatians 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall
reap, if we faint not. or

Note: We encourage all questions on all prisoners. If you notice any mistakes on the website, please let me know and we will work to correct.

Onward Christian Soldiers,

All Glory to Jesus Christ,
Rudy Davis