Project Report

Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection

Prepared by: Rajiv Sachdeva (2212149) Saugata Sarkar (2212210) Amit Jagga (2212232) Group No - 25

As per guidelines, the project has been divided into three parts Part 1 (Job and its Analysis) • • • • Choosing the Job Rationale for choosing the job Job Analysis Methodology Job Requirement Matrix

Part 2 (Recruitment) • • • • • • • • Recruitment Plan Job Requisition form Staffing Flowchart Recruitment Budget Recruitment Guide Selection of Recruiters Yield Ratio and Recruitment Strategy Recruitment Communication

Part 3 (Selection) • • • • • Identify KSAOs and Selection plan Application Form Reference Check Procedure Structured Interview and other tests Decision Making

5 Lakhs. 2. There is no formal education program in the market which caters to this requirement. which means almost 40.demand is more than supply 2. Analysis of the past data shows that maximum shortfalls on timely delivery have been encountered on this position . Interviews conducted with 8 existing TLs to understand job tasks 5. 17% positions being filled internally. . Rationale for choosing the job The key reasons for choosing this job are: 1.000 TLs are required in India. 4. NASSCOM estimates the current strength of frontline agents in the Indian BPO industry at 7. Time study done for a week with one existing TL 6.Operations in a BPO.Part 1 Choosing the Job The Job that is being chosen for this project is Team Leader . Interview with 2 managers. There is very limited scope of cross leverage from other industries. Job Analysis Methodology Job analysis has been conducted in the following manner. 3. Past yield ratio is 1:17. The optimum ratio of Team Leaders required v/s frontline agents in the BPO domain is 1:20. 1. remaining being hired from outside 4. industry preference has been to get people who have exposure to the BPO domain. Team Leader – Operations is one of the most difficult jobs to hire in the BPO domain. maximum rejections happen at the operations department. 3. The number of people required for this job is very large.

Job Requirement Matrix Job Requirement Matrix .Team Leader Operation (BPO) Tasks Specific Task Provide resolution to employee questions Product regarding customer Knowledge queries Importan Task Dimension ce KSAOs Importance of Nature Task 4 In-depth 20% knowledge of the Product Ability to understand and 10% analyze complex data 20% Good people skills Good communication 10% skills and ability to handle irate customers Knowledge of 15% company policies and procedures 10% Creative thinking 15% Target Driven approach Analyze the performance data of Data Analysis team members Provide feedback to Coaching and the employees on a Feedback regular basis Product Handling Escalated Knowledge and customer calls customer handling skills Provide resolution to employee questions regarding companies employee policy and procedures Design reward programs for the employees Ensure monthly targets are met Company Policies and Procedures 4 5 4 4 Planning Continuously monitor team performance and take corrective action to ensure performance target 3 5 .

Also.As this number is extremely met Part 2 Recruitment Plan Annual Demand . Annual % of positions getting vacant is 50% because of attrition and movement into new jobs. the organization is growing at the rate of 40% per annum.600 + 900 = 1500 Source of hiring . Thus.600 Backfill @ 50% on the mean on opening and closing head count .900 Total positions to be hired in the year . the annual demand for this profile is Ramp Up @ 40% . Source Absolute Tar Advertisement 50 Recruitment Agency 500 Employee Referrals 300 IJPs 600 Job Portal 50 Total 1500 Cost .The installed base of existing TLs in the organization is 1500 approx. the following targets ate being allocated to different sources.

It was found that people who were internally promoted were performing significantly better than their counterparts from other sources of hiring.Hiring Mix 50 50 500 600 Advertisement Recruitment Agency Employee Referrals IJPs Job Portal 300 IJPs (Internal Job Postings) have been given the highest target at 40%. An analysis was done on the existing 80 TLs in the organization and there performance and longitivity was correlated with their source of hiring. This signifies an important shift in the Recruitment strategy of the organization. . This was the key reason why the target for IJPs was revised from 20% last year (actual at 17%) to 40% for next year. The last year contribution of this source was only 17%.

Job Requisition Form The form should ideally be hosted in a HRIT platform and should be online so that data management is taken care of. No 1 Field Position ID I 2 Position Description 3 Number of Positions 4 Date Required 5 Date as per agreed SLA . S. Following fields are important to be mapped while designing the form.

25 days round in the previous organization Conducts3 notice Is the Function (If required ) round clear Yes No Yes . 10 days interview process. 5 days negotiations (6) (6A) rd and signing of contract.45 days (5 days sourcing.Staffing Flow Chart Sample Flow Chart made for the XLRI Group Project Receives Job Requisition Recruiter (1) Sources Resumes (8) Conducts reference check /s and initiates background check once the financials are agreed by both parties * (3) Short listed candidates fill Application form and undergo Interview Does Salary Fitment as per existing grids (9) Appointment Letter duly signed by authorized signatories with relevant Check Lists handed over to the candidate for acceptance (7) Candidate Shortlisted Recruitmen t Quality (2) Receives resumes& checks the database for duplication informs the & source in case of duplication (10) Receives documents for making a record the organization’s system On Boarding Repo rting 2nd In tervierw er Manager or Job Requestor (4) st Conducts1 Level Function round Yes (4A) Is the Function round clear No END (5) Conducts2nd Level Function round (5A) Is the Function round clear No 3rd Interviewer Black box means hand off to the next process Box with double lines means predefined artifact(s) to be used Total SLA for TL’s joining .

internal branding for employee referral program Identify square feet area occupied by recruitment team and for recruitment activities and apportion rent Depreciation of the capital expenditure items Apportion a % of total IT costs Transport and Travel Money being spent on the staff welfare and performance enhancement plans of the recruitment team Annual License fee being charged by job portal companies Tea/Coffee. irrespective of the source used for hiring Total Units has been assumed at 1500 Training and development costs to achieve the IJP target of 40% have not been factored Recruitment Guide .Recruitment Budget Expense Head Consultant Payouts Employee Referral Payouts Salary of Recruitment team Background Check Total Cost 24990000 7500000 10000000 1500000 Per Unit Cost 16660 5000 6667 1000 Methodology / Explanation At 8. on radio.33% of annual CTC (One months salary) plus service Tax Depending upon the referral scheme being run in the company and the payouts being offered Wages being paid to the recruitment team Cost being charged by professional background check companies Advertisements in news papers. vendor awards etc Advertisement and other Branding Activities 1500000 1000 Rent for space dedicated to Recruitment 2000000 1333 Depreciation of Assets Cost of IT Services Transport and Travel Staff Welfare and inceptive programs 1000000 500000 500000 250000 667 333 333 167 Job Portal Charges Miscellaneous Total Cost 300000 200000 50240000 200 133 33493 Per unit cost is the average cost. Job fairs.

Recruitment guide needs to be extremely detailed and ideally all selected recruiters should be taken through 5-7 day training and then a month of OJT before being certified to hire on their own. Hiring Checklist 9. Dressing up formally to meet the external candidates 2. and the average number of such positions a recruiter can hire in month is around 8. Conducting Reference Checks Selection of Recruiters An ideal recruiter for this profile should have the following qualities • • • • • • • Understanding of the profile Target driven approach Understanding of the basic assessment methodologies Ability to handle internal stakeholders Negotiation Skills Good with documentation Sales driven approach to be able to sell the job to the candidate As the target for the year is 1500 per year. Assessment Methodologies 6. Addressing the candidates 5. we would need 16 recruiters. Salary Negotiations 11. Psychometric Testing 8.especially in the case of multiple offers with the candidate 12. Documentation Procedures 10. Selection of recruiters for this profile would be based on the above mentioned parameters. Resume Prescreening 3. How to conduct structured interviews 7. Telephonic Screening 4. . Selling the Job . The broad categories of the recruitment guide are: 1.

For every 17 profiles sourced.5 Recruiter Cleared .1.17 .1. one from operations and one from HR. 1 person has joined and maximum rejections have happened at the operations interview stage.3 Oerations Cleared.We could use the following strategy • • • Have 6 recruiters from sales background. Yield Ratio and Recruitment Strategy The past yield ratio has been 1:17. Take them through appropriate training required for being a good recruiter Divide the team into 5 sub groups.10 Sourced .1 Hired . Past year’s data has the following conversion rates Joined . 5 from operations background and 5 from HR background. with one person from sales.

Innovative Employee referral schemes with targeted branding across the organization. A two hour recorded CD of successful TLs would be played in the office cafeteria daily. Detailed mapping of the external market. • • • • • • • Recruitment Communication . • A focused learning module for the existing employees who apply for Team leader IJPs.Yield ratio has a direct correlation with cost and recruiter productivity. which could build pipeline for future years. This learning intervention would impart basic skills required for a TLs job to the employees who are eligible for applying in TL IJPs. Extra rewards and recognition for individuals and teams who refer the most. The target for next year’s yield ratio has been set very aggressively at 1:10. Innovative schemes for the consultants for supplying on time and for lower attrition Advertisement which positions the organization as an employer of choice in the marketplace. Partnering with universities to start BPO specific courses at the post graduation level. This would be a 48 hour module split into two parts at a gap of 3 months. Extreme focus if any competitor losses business from a customer. Face to Face meetings of the consultants with the final interviews in order to achieve better level of calibration. These would be internally promoted TLs who would narrate their success stories and the efforts that they had put to reach that level. Following interventions are being made to ensure that the recruitment team achieves this.

Key Channels of recruitment communication for this specific position would be FM Radio and Job Portals. aggressive and focused communication should be developed for this segment. Looking at the budget that has been set up for as a large contribution is being sought from Employee Referrals.Oriented Resourcing team to provide competent decision making in branding and communication Right . A very limited joint advertisement with other profiles would be done in the print media as well. we would not be in a position to go very aggressively on the print media a it is one of the most costly channel’s of communication. Also. preferably in a retainer ship model to provide access to highly creative thought pool 360 degree approach to increase penetration and value in the defined target group.Recruitment communication has to be designed in such a way that it positions the organization as an employer of choice in the marketplace. Some of the things that can differentiate the recruitment communication from other organizations are: • • • Sales . Part 3 .

KASOs and Selection Plan Major KASOs Category Necessa selection Indept knowledge of the Product Ability to understand and analyze complex data Good people skills Good communication skills and ability to handle irate customers N Y Y Y .

Application Form Page 1 PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY FIELD BLANK Position Applied For: APPLICANT'S NAME (BLOCK LETTERS) First Name: Middle Name: Last Name: EDUCATION DETAILS (Start from class 10th & inc From MM MM To YY YY Degree / Diploma 10th 12th St .

Address. Phone number to be contacted in Name: Address: Pin Code: . of three super than your relatives employed with Public / Pvt Se 1) Name: Designation: Organization: Tel No: Mobile No: email id : 2 D O T M e Name.Application Form Page 2 CURRENT SALARY DETAILS Monthly Salary (INR) : Total CTC (INR) : Notice Period required to be served to the presen Names. Addresses and contact nos.

Most customers ask for this as part of their contract with the supplier. The information would be provided by the candidate in the application form. Criminal Checks .No of years could be restricted basis the criticality of the position 3. Eg . There are multiple reasons why these have become mandatory for most IT and BPO companies. Professional Experience . There names are available on the National Skills Registry website. Structured Interview and other tests . We would use a two-prong approach for conducting these checks Reference Checks: These would be conducted by the recruiters’ themselves. 1. if any. Background Checks: These would be conducted by professional background check companies. Following parameters could be checked. The SLA with the vendors should be such that the final reports should be available with the organization prior to the on boarding date of the potential employees.Database of Supreme Court convicts etc. It would be advisable to stick to the 17 NASSCOM empanelled vendors. Address Verification . Educational Qualifications 2.Could be restricted only to critical or high risk businesses 4. Also. This would help weed out the negative background check cases prior to on boarding. As we have assumed a 25 day lag between offer to Joining. this should provide us enough time to execute these checks and take corrective actions.Could be conducted either through Local police station verification or through various data bases available.Reference Check Procedure Reference and background check procedure has become a key aspect of the BPO hiring. this acts as an additional filter for hiring the right kind of employees.

you should work as quickly as you can and not ponder at length over any one set of statements. It is in your own interest as well as ours that we gather an accurate impression of your working style. The questionnaire consists of 128 statements and there is no time limit for this exercise. Allowing for instructions and examples. You must respond to all 32 blocks of statements. When answering.Psychometric test being suggested for this profile is SHL. There is no right or wrong answer. Although there is no time limit. Personal Interview Things to decide before starting the Interview • • • • Who will conduct the interview –If more than one person will be conducting the interview decide who will ask which questions Set an interview schedule When How Long . It is not a test. please think of work or similar situations rather than domestic or social situations. You may find some of the choices difficult. There are no right and wrong answers. Please note that certain checks are built into the questionnaire to give us an indication of how frank and honest you have been in your ratings. so please do not give an answer because you think it is the right thing to say or it is how you might like to be. but please try your best. Material Required .Computers with internet connection Instructions that should be given to the candidates This questionnaire helps to find out more about your preferred style of behavior at work. this session should last for approximately 35 minutes. Please remember: • • • • Be as discerning and honest as you can.

Don’t be afraid to point out realistic promotion opportunities the position may afford. Evaluating the event itself or the person’s behavior. Don’t hesitate to probe yet do not show off/nag. Don’t make the applicant think you are rushing. set the tone.• How much time between interviews Guidelines for the Interview Opening the Interview • • • • Have the papers in chronological order and scan through them before the entry of the candidate. making him/her feel unimportant. . Take notes (reverse of the cv could be used) Build on the information gathered from CV and Position Particular Form. but don’t make promises.proper introduction Put the candidate at ease. Reach out-receive. ACTIVE LISTENING IS THE KEY • • • Avoid: • • • • • • • • Close-ended questions/ Leading Questions Paraphrasing in ones own words Failure to get a dialogue Failure to probe “ We” Failure to intervene if the interviewee digresses Asking questions in the present tense. Briefly describe the job. A description of the job is a nice transition from the icebreaker to the actual interview. Include pertinent information about the primary functions of the job and any special challenges the job may pose. Core of the Interview: • Analyze & understand the key competencies displayed by the candidate in the past experiences/situations so as to process his/her candidature further (look for relevant behavioral data plow deep not wide).empathy and sensitivity. Be on time .

specific. Share/solicit observed behavior data. Separate the real from the paper person Closing the Interview: • • • • • • • Ask the candidate if there is anything he/she would like to know or ask Success stories Company’s expectations Future plans Describe next step and timings. Don’t be afraid to probe. your choice of words .strengths. don’t slot. Re-look at the cv/your notes. Don’t show boredom/aggression. Involve/exchange notes with co-panelist. Don’t let an interruption destroy the tempo of the interview. Weakness Potential / suitability for the position commitments recommendation. Maintain confidentiality to appropriate extent Possible Questions for KSOAs to be judged in the interview Good People Skills • • How would you resolve the conflict between two of your employees? If two of your employees need leave on the same day and you could grant it only to one of the employees. Make sure you elicit answers to questions. Comprehend his/her needs (both expressed and unexpressed) Thank them for coming to the interview Post Interview: • • • • • • Write your conclusions and recommendations Catch them fresh.• • • • • • • • • Don’t rush into quick assessments. how would you decide and how would you address the situation? . Don’t Show off Don’t forget to listen feelings Don’t let stereotypes ruin your judgment. Detailed.

recruitment team has very little say in the decision making on selection. recruiters try to influence the business that the candidate is good for the organization.Ability to handle irate customer • Role play where the interviewer becomes an irate customer who wants to speak with a customer service manager. Once a candidate is short listed and show cased to business. Creative Thinking • If you were short of your targeted production by 20% and there are only 6 days remaining before the close of the month. what would you do to achieve your target? Decision Making In today’s scenario. . One thing that the recruiter should be focused on is that they should continue to monitor the performance and longitivity of the candidates that they hire.

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