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Application for employment

For the post of Job reference

Where did you see this post advertised?

Surname Title (please delete) Mr/Mrs/Ms/Other

Other names
Tel: (home)
Tel: (mobile)

Tel: (work)

(Discretion will be used if we contact you at work)

National insurance number Fax/email

Do you require a work permit? Yes/No

(For employment in the UK; if you do not have a national insurance number and are called for interview,
you will be asked to produce evidence of your eligibility to work in the UK in order to comply with the
Asylum and Immigration Act 1996.)
Please give the name and address of two referees. One should be your most recent employer.

Name Name

Position Position

Organisation Organisation

Address Address

Telephone Telephone

Email Email

May we contact this referee: May we contact this referee:

prior to your offer? yes/no prior to your offer? yes/no
prior to your interview? yes/no prior to your interview? yes/no
Please complete this application form in black ink or type and return it to: Christian Aid, 6/8, Sir Syed Road,
Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh or by email to If you use a
continuation sheet please write your name and the job title on each page. Please do not include your CV.
Christian Aid is an equal opportunities employer.
Present or last post
Reason for leaving
Job title


Dates from to

How much notice must you give your present


Summary of responsibilities

Employment and/or relevant voluntary work in the last ten years (starting with the most recent)
Organisation Job title Date from Date to Reason for leaving

Languages – written and spoken

First language

Other languages (please list)

Written Spoken
level of fluency level of fluency


Relevant skills and experience – for example, qualifications and training; typing and word-
processing (with speeds); public speaking; etc

Personal statement
Please explain how you meet the person specification criteria, ensuring that you give evidence and
examples of how your skills, knowledge and experience meet the specification.
If you are applying for a post where you will be required to have contact with children, young
persons or vulnerable adults you will be required to have a standard CRB check.

I confirm that the information given on this form is, to the best of my knowledge, true and complete. Any
false statement may be sufficient cause for rejection or, if employed, dismissal.

The information you provide on this form will only be used in accordance with the principles of the Data
Protection Act 1998. If you are appointed it will form the basis of your personal record.

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