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The SENTINEL — November 21, 2010

Scheduled to Serve Next Week (11/28/10) Lesson for Sunday morning

November 28, 2010
“Take Away the High Places”
Announcements II Kings 12:1-3
Roger Scott November 21, 2010 Volume 10, Number 47

Southern Ridge Income Statement Southern Ridge Church of Christ • 2237 SW 134th Oklahoma City, OK 73170 • 405-378-0701
Greeters Ten months ending October 31, 2010
Sam & Donna Greenroyd, Stephen & Cathy See Bill Sherman if you have questions.
Hopkins, Keith & Becky McDougal Actual Budget Variance Drop by drop
Contributions $300,228 $323,716 ($23,488) Despite Marlon Brando’s famous, Oscar- slowly, drop by drop, sometimes unrecog-
winning turn as the patriarch of the Cor- nized. The effects are perhaps worst when
Lord's Table (am) Expenses: leone family in The Godfather, the real cen- perversions of the gospel infect an entire
Chad Bruner Darrell MacDonald Evangelism 78,951 83,342 4,391 ter of the story is his son Michael (played congregation due either to the efforts of
Missions 51,453 54,000 2,547 by Al Pacino) who assumes the title role error-teaching elders or ministers or to a
Gerald Harden Donal Ruminer
Edification & by the film’s end. When we first see him, lack of effort by weak men in the same
Brian Jaworsky Jim Skaggs Benevolence 11,883 12,595 712 at his sister’s wedding, Michael is a fresh- positions. But whether on an individual or
Fred Jones Blue Suarez Utilities 21,470 23,917 2,447 faced young man just home from heroic congregational level, the effects are dis-
Building & service in World War II who tells his girl- heartening to watch. We have all seen
Grounds 104,035 126,312 22,277 friend that he is different from the rest of men and women in the Lord’s church
Lord's Table (pm) Administrative 21,735 23,550 1,815 his family. By the end of the movie, how- who have slipped away from the faith,
ever, he has become a cold, ruthless crime never to return. Again, it usually happens
Dewayne Ross Roger Scott Profit (Loss) $10,701 —- $10,701 boss who lies openly to the same woman slowly — a peculiar belief here, a false
(who is by then his wife). By the end of teaching there — until, over time, the soul
Prayers (am) the equally great sequel, he is more power- once saved is again lost.
ful, more “successful,” than his father ever Because this possibility always exists
Randy Vance Dwain Thacker was but is totally alone and profoundly (for all of us!), we must ever be on guard
Sentence Sermons
unhappy. against error and weakness. More than
◊ There are three kinds of people in the
Prayers (pm) The Lord’s church is certainly not a once Paul counseled his brethren, “Be not
world: those who make things happen,
crime family — God forbid! — but it is deceived”; Peter warned that we must be
Jerry Doyle Wayne Haynes those who watch things happen, and
possible to see within it from time to time “sober” and “vigilant” due to the devil’s
those who wonder what happened.
the slow, sad decline of believing souls wiles (I Peter 5:8). While error often has a
(Which are you?)
from righteousness to error. While un- seductive patina of reliability, it is always a
◊ Lord, when we are wrong, make us will- truths can enter the church suddenly — damnable lie — literally so, because reli-
Schedule of Services ing to change. When we are right, make the apostle Paul “marveled” at the way the ance on error is a path to condemnation.
Sunday – 9:00 AM Bible study us easy to live with. church in Galatia was “so soon removed” Because the effects of error are often slow
10:00 AM Worship from the ways of truth (Gal. 1:6) — it is and subtle, our watchfulness is all the
more often the case that error creeps in more necessary.
5:00 PM Worship
Wednesday – 7:00 PM Bible study
Events in November Elders Deacons Minister
21 Singing class Kevin Keenan Michael Berry Keith McDougal Russell Dyer
Horace Phillips David Douglas John McFadden Roger Scott Bill Fleming Walter McFadden
Bill Sherman George King Dwain Thacker
Darrell MacDonald Randy Vance
The SENTINEL — November 21, 2010
Order of Living the Mind of Christ:
Service Even a Cross — John 12:31-33
Needing cards and Brother’s Keeper
No meetings scheduled at this time.
prayer Welcome
I. Anywhere with You, Lord
A. I will draw all men or people to ______________.
The family of Leo and Larry Gramling.
This month’s singing class is scheduled Announcements 1. Pointed by _________, they sought to follow
Leo passed away recently. His brother Larry
for TONIGHT after evening services. See
passed away this past week. _____________. John 1:36-41
Joe Downs for more details.
Pat King and her family. Pat’s uncle, Bert Scripture: 2. There was something about Jesus that
Jones, passed away this past Thursday. John 12:31-33
Chuck Cox’s aunt, Betty Garland. ________________ a following.
Kim Veitenheimer. She had outpatient Song — 642 People were looking for someone to _____________.
gall bladder surgery this past week, then GIFT ITEMS
The Christian Service Where He Leads John 1:41
suffered some complications. I’ll Follow
Donna Greenroyd’s brother, Dale May. Center is collecting gift A popular prophet _______________ Him. John 1:36
He has been in SW Medical due to some bags for children (ages
Prayer His words and life were filled with ________________.
circulatory problems. infant through 18). Gifts
for bags should be around $15 in value. Matthew 7:28-29
Donna Schumann’s daughter, Tara Song — 283
Stephens. She has a shadow or tumor on Money can be donated if you would pre- His miracles identified His____________________.
fer, rather than making a bag. See Ruth or Jesus, Keep Me Near
her pituitary gland that will need further the Cross John 3:2, 9:16
testing. She also has an adrenal problem. Kim Veitenheimer for more details.
He challenged people to greater _________________.
Michael Berry. He had hernia surgery this Song — 591
past week. Matthew 5:20
’Tis Midnight, and on
Tres Lowrance’s mother, Dana Lorincz. Olive’s Brow B. Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go.
She returned to the church recently but has Birthdays/Anniversaries 1. The disciples of Jesus grew in their contentment
had some issues in her life that may distract Comments
Happy Birthday to . . . when they were _________________________.
her. Also remember Tres’ friend Geoff Jennifer Parker November 22
Burns and his wife as she recently miscar- Terri Scott 22 Lord’s Supper Matthew 17:14ff
ried their first child. Sam Greenroyd 25 2. His promise is to be with us even to
Two-year-old Elzee. He now needs brain Roger Scott 25
Collection _________________________. Matthew 28:20
surgery. Michael Berry 28
Sandra Bagger. She had back surgery. Clyde Christian 30 II. Even (on or with) a Cross
Aline McDaniel. Syd Greenroyd December 1 Song — 25
Horace Phillips 3 Anywhere with Jesus A. Take up your __________________ and follow
Linda Marcom.
Nancy Scott 6 me.
Layne Adams.
Randy Vance 9 Sermon
Others who are hindered: The Baldwins’
grandson Riley and friends June Tennell
David Douglas 12 Living the Mind of Christ: 1. This is more than just taking your
Dan Jolliff 12 Even a Cross _____________________. Galatians 6:4-5
and Shelli Vang; Jean Christian; Mary Walter McFadden 14
and Novella Cordrey; Florence Dixon; Joe Downs 15 2. Jesus had a strong message of
the Elmore family; Ruby Gill; Blue Linda Vance 15
Song — 726
_____________________. Matthew 16:24-25
Suarez’s daughter, Maria Hannigan; Mar- While Jesus Whispers
to You B. Even my cross?
tha Harden; Glen Martin; Jeanette
Happy Anniversary to . . .
Mitchell’s family; Lila Mulkey; Terri Bernard & Kaci Floranda December 2
1. It may be that we ________________ our follow-
Scott; Melanie Shelton; Edith Skaggs; Song — 157
Randy & Linda Vance 7 ing of Jesus by determining where our _____________
and Lorella Wilson. He Leadeth Me
Chuck & Marilyn Cox 13 begins. Cf. 2 Timothy 4:10
Prayer 2. Finding the cross in your life.