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26 – 28 October 2008

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre,

Abu Dhabi, UAE

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American Academy of
Ministry of Health Health Authority Department of Health
UAE Abu Dhabi and Medical Services
Continuing Medical Education
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The Abu Dhabi Medical Congress brings together healthcare manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers and distributors. Attending one
of the forums as an exhibitor, delegate or visitor will provide you with key information on the major topics affecting the
Healthcare industry today.

Why Exhibit at the Abu Dhabi Medical Congress?

Meet senior government officials, international delegates, key decision makers, end users and medical professionals
Maintain relationships with your existing clients
Showcase your products and services cost effectively to industry leaders
Make immediate sales on your stand
Enjoy the benefits of the marketing, advertising and PR campaigns for the Abu Dhabi Medical Congress
Network with similar organisations in the industry and discover new ways of developing more efficient procedures
Discuss new advances in industry and make your company stand out from the crowd

Marketing & Promotion

Participating as an exhibitor or sponsor will give you unprecedented exposure to your industry by all the mediums below –
putting your brand in front of the key industry decision makers on a regular basis is proven to strengthen your impact at the

Abu Dhabi Medical Congress will use the following activities to promote the event to this highly targeted audience.
• E-newsletters
• Relevant trade magazines editorials and advertisements
• Industry and government support
• Email shots
• Public relations
• Tele-reminding
• Fax campaigns
• Direct mail campaigns

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorship opportunities can be individually tailored to ensure that your marketing budget is directed to the areas of greatest
opportunity for your company. We will develop a sponsorship programme that ensures your company’s brand and key
information is placed in front of the right people at the right time, helping you meet and influence the people who are going to
ensure the growth of your business now and in the future. The tailored package will position you within the industry as market
leaders, not only in the Middle East but worldwide.

Tailored sponsorship packages could include some of the following items:

• Logo on event brochures, along with profile
• Logo on home page of conference web site, along with hyperlink
• Speaking opportunity within main programme
• Sponsored lunch and coffee breaks
• Advertisement opportunities in the Show Catalogue
• Company branding of the conference hall and stage
• Full delegate and speaker list for one-time mailing
• VIP Conference passes
• Supporting delegates to attend

The earlier you book your participation the more exposure you will receive!
Please contact us today on +971 4 3365161 or email
to book your space.

Tel: +971 4 3365161 Fax: +971 4 3364021 Email:

In its 6th year, the Emergency Congress is expanding to include more pressing and relevant topics that emergency professionals
encounter in their jobs. Listed below are the conferences and topics that will be presented in Abu Dhabi in October 2008:

Emergency Medical Services

• Operation Safe Arrival – Lessons to Improve Skills of Planning
EMTs • Incident Management Teams
• Staying Alive – EMS Road Safety • Special Event Planning – Large Scale Public Meetings
• Advanced Driving Skills for EMS Personnel • Role of Information Services for Emergency
• Challenging Cases from the Field – How Do You Manage Preparedness & Response
Them? • Hospital Assessment & Planning During a Disaster
Trauma and Accident and Emergency • Transforming from Planning to Operations: EMS
• Trauma Centre Set Up Disaster Response
• ER Trauma Protocols • Integrating Logistics, Medical and Safety
• Treatment of Auto Accident Injuries & Blunt Trauma • Preparing and Managing the Healthcare Workforce
• Update on WHOs Trauma Protocols During a Disaster
• Public Safety/Crowd Control
Fire and Safety
• Developments in the Fire Protection of High Rise Workshops
Buildings • BLS/ACLS Courses
• High Tech Fire Fighting • Difficult Airway Management
• Airport Fire Training • Defibrillator
• Fire Fighter Safety • Hands on Car Extrication Workshop
• Auto Accidents and Road Safety

Disaster Management
Outbreak/Public Health
• Creating Community Partnerships During Public
Health Disaster Response
• Mobile Treatment
• Mass Casualty

Exhibitor Profile:
A large spectrum of emergency related products, which includes: • Ambulances • Defibrillators • Immobilisation Devices
• Mobile Surgical Equipment • Rapid Infusion Systems • Bandages / Dressings • Portable Oxygen Systems • Training /
Simulation Equipment • Vehicle Extraction Equipment • Manual Resuscitators • ECG • Portable Suction Systems • Paramedic
Cases / First Aid Boxes • Pharmaceuticals • Pulse / Oximetry Units • Spinal Boards • Stretchers • Splints • Orthopaedic
Implants • Protective Clothing

Tel: +971 4 3365161 Fax: +971 4 3364021 Email:

The Patient Safety Congress has been held in collaboration with the GCC Centre for Infection Control for 3 years now. Each year
we hope to bring you the latest updates and information available on patient safety issues from infection control to biohazards.
Please see the conferences slated for Abu Dhabi in October 2008:

Infection Control Waste Management

• Infection Control Update • HAZMAT for Healthcare
• Needle Stick Injuries Related to Needle Use and Work • Advanced Waste Management Technology
Hours • Biohazards
• Strategies for Flu Outbreaks • Toxic Material Collection and Disposal
• Pandemic Planning
CSSD • Needlestick Injuries
• Best Practices in CSSD • Hand Hygiene
• Inventory Management • Is Your Office a Hazard?
• Disinfectants
• Facilities Management‘s Role in Decontamination and

Patient Safety
• “Nine Patient Safety Solutions” by WHO
• How to Reduce Medication Errors
• JCAHO's National Patient Safety Goals
• Hospital Security Systems

Exhibitor Profile:
A large spectrum of infection control products will be on exhibition, including: Autoclaves • Bandages & Dressings • Clinical
Waste Management • Dental Equipment & Supplies • Disinfectants • Medical Devices • Medical Disposables • Needle-free
Injection Systems • Needle-Stick Injury Products • Sharp Containers • Sterilisation Systems & Equipment • Sterilisation
Management Systems • Sterilisation Wrapping Materials

Building on the success of the inaugural conference on metabolic syndrome, the Primary Healthcare
Congress 2008 will cover a wider range of health areas. With a multi-disciplinary appeal, the
congress will be an opportunity to update knowledge of therapeutics as well as find out about
more practical approaches to help fulfill public health ambitions.

Subjects included are:

• Obesity • Infectious diseases and vaccination
• Diabetes and pre-diabetes • Dermatology and wound care
• Cardiovascular conditions • Interactive Point of Care / ARGA
• Respiratory conditions Diagnostic

Exhibitor Profile:
The profile for exhibitors covers the whole range of products used, prescribed and recommended by Primary Healthcare
Professionals. This is a huge profile and includes: • Pharmaceuticals • Diagnostics • Disposables
26 – 28 October 2008
Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre,
Abu Dhabi, UAE

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