SteeI Authority of India Limited

(A Government of India enterprise)
Management Trainees Written Test -2010
ADMIT CARD(ProvisionaI)
Scope Miner, Laxmi Nagar District, New DeIhi - 110092
RoII No. :1819368992
AppIication No.: 201008639
Category: OBC (Non-Creamy Layer)
DiscipIine : MechanicaI
PWD : No DepartmentaI : No
DOB : 29-Jun-1984
Signature of candidate
(In presence of invigiIator)
Signature of invigilator
(To cover the photograph)
Venue Name : Adarsh Madhyamik VidyaIaya
Venue Address : 6A, B.T.Road KoIkata-700002
Nearest Landmark:
Test City : KoIkata
Test Date : 12-Dec-2010
Test Time : 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Reporting Time : 9:00 AM
Entry CIoses : 9:30 AM
1. You have to appear in the written test at the above mentioned date/time/venue at your own cost. No TraveIIing
AIIowance wiII be paid by the Company.
2. Admission to the test center wiII be on production of this admit card onIy.
3. Candidates who are issued Admit Cards for the Written Test are to aIso bring the OriginaI SAIL Copy of the
SBI ChaIIan Form on the Test day, faiIing which they wiII not be aIIowed to appear for the written test. Copy of
the certificate/proof for SC/ST/PH/DepartmentaI candidates is aIso required to be brought and submitted
faiIing which such candidates wiII not be aIIowed appear for the Test.
4. PIease paste your passport size photograph on the Admit Card if the scanned photo is not visibIe. AIso bring
one photo identity proof (Driving Iicense/Voter ID card etc.) for verification purpose.
5. Candidates wiII need to ensure that they reach the test venue as per the reporting time specified in the Admit
Card. Late Comers wiII not be permitted to appear in the test.
6. This Admit Card shaII be vaIid onIy at the venue specified therein. Candidates shaII not be aIIowed to attempt
the test at any other venue. PIease ensure that your Admit Card is signed by the room invigiIator in the box
provided above. This admit card shouId be brought to the examination center and handed over to the
7. Candidates shouId carry bIue/bIack baII point pen. Candidates shaII not be aIIowed to share or borrow
Stationary items from other candidates.
8. AII other items such as CaIcuIators, EIectronic Diary, CeII Phones, Writing Pads, PenciI Boxes, Beepers,
Cameras etc wiII not be aIIowed into the Examination HaII. Candidates wiII have to Ieave the same, at their own
risk, outside the examination haII. Any candidate found in possession of such unauthorized materiaI or
induIging in copying or adopting unfair means wiII be summariIy disquaIified.
9. Candidates shaII not be aIIowed to Ieave the Examination HaII, for any reason, Once the question papers have
been distributed tiI the end of the test.
10. OnIy those candidates who fuIfiII aII the eIigibiIity criteria shouId appear in the test. If at any stage it is found
that you are not eIigibIe for the post, your candidature wiII be summariIy rejected.
11. Candidates shortIisted on the basis of written test shaII have to appear for interview and group discussion in
due course.
12. The test bookIet, answer sheet, admit card & the OriginaI SAIL Copy of the SBI ChaIIan Form shouId be
handed over to the invigiIator after the test.
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Instructions to Candidates:(Regarding Question Paper)
1. The totaI test has a totaI of 200 questions to be attempted in 2 hours and 30 mins. AII questions are compuIsory
and each question carries 1 mark.
2. AII questions are of the muItipIe choice variety with 4 aIternatives.
3. The Question Paper has two sections:-
Section I- reIates to the TechnicaI / Administration discipIine opted by you and has 100 questions to be
attempted in 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Section II- with 100 questions covers -
i) GeneraI Awareness ii) VerbaI AbiIity
iii) Quantitative Aptitude iv) Test of Reasoning
to be attempted in 1 hour and 15 minutes.
4. WhiIe both the sections wiII be administered simuItaneousIy, pIease DO NOT open the seaI of Section II tiII 75
minutes after commencement of test.
5. Answers have to be provided in the Answer Sheet by darkening the correct aIternative in the appropriate sheII
with bIue/bIack baII point pen.
6. Every incorrect response wiII entaiI a penaIty of (-) 0.25 mark (negative marking).
7. In view of the tight time span, do not waste your time on a question which you find to be difficuIt. Go on soIving
questions one by one and come back to the difficuIt questions at the end.
8. The test bookIet aIong with the Marked Answer Sheet & Admit Card has to be returned to the invigiIator at the
end of the examination.
9. Candidates need to quaIify in both the sections and aII the 4 sub sections of Section II.
SampIe Question
MechanicaI Engineering
1. The vaIue of poIytropic exponent 'n' in the reversibIe
poIytropic process usuaIIy varies between
A. 0.1 to 1.0 B. 1.0 to 1.2
C. 1.2 to 1.4 D. 1.5 to 2.0
2. For a given materiaI the moduIe of rigidity is 100000
N/m and Poisson's ratio is 0.25. The vaIue of
moduIus of eIasticity wiII be
A. 20000 N/m
B. 12500 N/m
C. 15000 N/m
D. 25000 N/m
GeneraI Awareness
1. In which state of India is the density of popuIation
the highest ?
A. West BengaI B. Maharashtra
C. Bihar D. Uttar Pradesh
2. The onIy SuItan of DeIhi who exempted his subject
from nearIy 24 taxes was
A. Mubarakn Shah KhiIji B. Ghaiyasuddin
C. Firoz TughIaq D. Sikandar Lodi
VerbaI AbiIity
1. SeIect the word which opposite in meaning to the
word given in capitaI Ietters beIow.
A. Courtesy B. SIowness
C. PIenty D. Despair
2. SeIect the word which is simiIar in meaning to the
word given in capitaI Ietters beIow.
A. Warrior B. Ghost
C. Detective D. SaiIor
Quantitative Aptitude
1. How Iong it wiII take for a sum of money to grow
from Rs. 1250 to 10,000, IF it is invested at 12.5% p.a.
simpIe interest?
A. 8 Years B. 64 Years
C. 72 Years D. 56 Years
2. A man waIking at 3 km/hr crosses a square fieId
diagonaIIy in 2 minutes. The area of the fieId is:
A. 2500 square meter B. 3000 square meter
C. 5000 square meter D. 6000 square meter
Test for Reasoning
1. Six students A,B,C,D,E and F are sitting in the fieId. A and B are from Kanpur whiIe the rest are from Hyderabad. D
and F are taII whiIe others are short. A,C and D are girIs whiIe others are boys. Which is taII girI from Hyderabad?
A. C B. D
C. E D. F
2. Among the given cIusters of Ietters, which one is different from the rest?
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