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CORRECTIONS 31 October 2019 coms Roger Brooking badacaod@amall com Dear Mr Brooking ‘Thank you for your email of 9 October 2019, requesting information about Corrections’ prison capacity. Your request has been considered under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA). ‘As you may be aware, the total prison population increased from 9,532 as at 30 June 2016, to a peak of 10,820 in March 2018. There are a range of factos that influence the prison population, including arrests, court decisions, releases and seasonal trends. Corrections is working to support the Government's target to reduce the prisen Population by 20 percent over 15 years and improve the wellbeing of people in the Corrections system. As at 31 October 2019, the total prison population is. 9,998. In August 2019, the Minister of Corrections additionally launched Corrections! new strategy, Hokai Rangi: Ara Poutama Aotearoa Strategy 2019-2024. Hokai Rangi oulines our strategic direction over the next five years and represents our new approach to how we work, how we interact with people ir ‘ur care, and the services, facilities, and programmes that we provide, withthe aim of addressing the significant over-representation of Marin prison, [More information regarding HOkai Rangi, including a full copy ofthe new Strategy, is avallable on our website af: ywwu.cortections.qovtnz/resources! stralesic reportscomections_ strateaic_plans/hkai_rangi him While a dectine in prisoner numbers since March 2018 has helped to relive acute pressure on the network, and the urgent pressures previously faced have ‘abated somewhat, Corrections is continuing to plan for future population changes. Given the nature of the custodial environment, Corrections requis buildings to be constructed to a high standard and be fi for purpose as prisoner ‘accommodation. Corrections is commited to ensuring that any new bulls Within prisons are durable and meet all expected standards, to support the ‘wellbeing of prisoners and our staf in the years to come, You have asked \which prisons are currenty in the process of having ther prisoner capacity (bed numbers) expanded - and by how much. \which prisons are planned for expansion - andl by how much, hat isthe budgeted cost ofthese expansions? ‘As part of Budget 2018, 610 modular build prison places were announced tobe built across three prisons. These were the Second tranche of modular build Prison places, in adaltion toa fist tranche of three units announced in 2017 to be built at Tongariro Prison and Rolleston Prison, In total, the modular build ‘units will provide 976 additional beds across five prisons. Cabinet approved funding forthe Modular Programme totalling $406.1 milir. ‘The number of beds curently under construction at each prison is outlined in the table below. Prison Beds “Teagae Prison m (Ghistcurch Womens Prison | 122 CChistchurce Mens Prison | 244 intake Pron 24a The modular build nits are manufactured from high quality components that ‘meet New Zealand building code standards. They are fited out to Corrections ‘specifications, using approved products including custadia-grade steel doors ‘and windows, We have employed robust quality assurance mechanisms, ‘including design review and inspections by independent specialists, as Well as, Corrections staf ‘Alongside the modular units under construction, three prisons also have: capacity projects currently in progress, as outlined inthe folowing table. Prion Bede Wiakeria Prion 200 Tak Eden CorecioneFaciy | 245 ‘Arohala Prison a Itis important to note that these beds do not all represent ‘expansions’ to the prison network, Rather, we are concentrating efforts into creating a more resilient and effective prison system that supports prisoner rehabilitation by adding new, modem capacity tothe prison estate, Adding more modem capacity to the network enables us to consider options to progressively isestablish older capacity, Funding totaling $760 milion has been approved for the new accommodation at Waikeria Prison, Beds under construction include a 100 bed dedicated facity {or the Waikeria Mental Health and Addiction Service, as announced in June 2018. Corrections is continuing to work with mana witenua, the Waikato Distict Health Board, and the Ministry of Health to develop a tkanga Maori model of care forthe service, which willbe the frst of its kind in New Zealand. The service is expected to become operational, along with the rest of the Waikeria Prison development, in 2022. For Mt Eden Corrections Facilly, Cabinet approved $141 4 millon. The beds under construction include 246 base and 73 supplementary beds. Supplementary beds consist ofa second bunk or retroited double bunking of ‘existing single cells, which may be removed from operational capacity when ‘capacity resiience is restored For Arohala Prison, Ministerial approval was granted for the new accommodation unit project totaling $24.92 milion, | trust the information provided is of assistance. Should you have any concerns with this response, I would encourage you to raise these with Corrections Altematively you are advised of your right to also raise any concems with the ‘Office ofthe Ombudsman. Contact details are: Office of the Ombudsman, PO Box 10152, Wellington 6143, Yours sincerely Deputy Chief Executive Finance Property & Technology