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The Path to Abundance

This program will help you to master the art of being abun-
dant. We will examine your beliefs and attitude about money,
find out what is holding you back, remove these obstacles, set
bold and daring goals. This program will give you the free-
dom and joy of being abundant which you deserve!
The Happiness Handbook
Dreams Come True
This program is all about making your dreams come true. We
will explore your true “values,” engage in conscious goal set-
ting and provide you with a set of power tools which will re-
move obstacles along the path and make your dreams come
Personal Foundation Program
Personal Foundation is an intensive 10 week program which
will strengthen your “infrastructures” (i.e. you body, mind and
spirit). To grow big, we must be anchored on bedrock, not
quicksand. We have to go and look very deep “inside” our
“foundations”. Your Personal Foundation is the best invest-
ment (like a degree) that you can make which pays off forever. you can choose happiness
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You can choose happiness ! Step 2: Develop an “I am Wonderful” Attitude

Success and happiness are created by deliberate ways of thinking and Much time and energy are wasted in seeking approval and love from
acting. With a set of power tools, you will be able to develop a more others. We could choose to redirect this time and effort for better
conscious way of living and develop new attitudes and habits that use. Start making small changes to accept ourselves and feel good
will change your life forever. about who we are.
There is only one success — to be able 1. Discover and appreciate your positive
to live your life in your own way. qualities.
~ Christopher Morley 2. Accept and embrace our negative traits.
Not identify that as who we are.
A Five Steps to Happiness: 3. Love and accept yourself as a whole person.
1. Self Discovery: Know thyself Instead of acting as if we can dispose
2. Develop an “I am Wonderful” Attitude parts of ourselves, we should
3. Develop the “Present Perfect” Attitude learn the art of acceptance.
4. Develop “Feel-Good” Habits
5. Sustain New Attitudes and Habits ~ Thich Naht Hanh

Small changes can make a huge difference.

My Positive Traits My “Negative” Traits
Step 1: Self Discovery: Know thyself
Self image touches many areas of our lives, but it doesn't always
have much to do with reality. Instead, it is how we feel about our-
selves based on physicality, personal experiences and internalizing
the (often inaccurate) judgments of others.
We act in consistent with our self-image. We affect
how others feel about us. And we seek experiences
that reinforce our beliefs of who we believe we are.
Self-image have a powerful impact on our pre-
sent and future. Most people spend a lifetime in
vain pursuit of success to cover up poorly per-
ceived self image and feeling of inadequacy.
The good news is you have the power to change
how you feel about yourself and hence the course
of your life.

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Step 3: Develop the “Present Perfect” Attitude New Perspectives !
Do not think that everything you know, eve-
The Present IS already Perfect.
rything you belief is the absolute truth. Be
So are YOU! courageous and ready to challenge your
Did you know that the present is perfect? And did you know that views. See things with new eyes, play with
happiness is right here and right now? The question is whether you different perspectives.
are in touch with it.
Choice Happiness !
Count Your Blessings ! You have the power to choose happiness. It is a conscious choice.
Most of us have perfect eye sight, perfect hearing, perfect health … You can be happy despite the external circumstances. Happiness
we have a place to live, food to eat, computers, cell phones, friends, comes form within. It is a state of mind. It’s not a result. You could
families ... we have everything. be your own master by making conscious and deliberate choices.

Take time to appreciate what you have in life. Happiness is a choice.

Look around your environment, be mindful and You could choose happiness.
aware. Notice the little things.
Being grateful is a great way to start your day Exercise Your Brain: Think of How the Present is Perfect
and a beautiful way to end it.
Everything that’s happening in your life right now is already
Focus on NOW ! perfect as it is (even though it may seem the opposite). The pre-
The past is gone. The future is not here. Life can sent is perfect.
only be lived and enjoyed in the present Write down the 5 things that are clearly not perfect about your
moment. life. Think about each one and write down how it is already per-
Stop mourning for the past or worrying about the fect.
future. You could of course make peace with the
past and plan for the future, but only with your Items that isn’t perfect: How it is perfect?
feet firmly grounded at this moment. _________________________ _________________________
_________________________ _________________________
Value your present moments. Using them up in any _________________________ _________________________
self-defeating ways means you've lost them forever. _________________________ _________________________
~ Wayne Dyer _________________________ _________________________
See Things as They Are ! _________________________ _________________________
See things as they are, not as you want them to be. Stop judging.
Stop labeling. And Stop making stories in your mind and believe The present is already perfect, so are YOU !
that they are true.

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Step 4: Develop “Feel-Good” Habits Step 5: Sustain New Attitudes and Habits
With new attitudes for life, now it’s time to To sustain these new habits and attitudes, you could:
develop a set of “Feel-Good” habits to fur-
◇ Put your new ideas, new attitude and list of habits on the
ther enhance your well being.
wall, next to your bed, in your wallet, or wherever place that
“Feel-Good” habits are daily routines which works best for you
will keep you fresh, focused and motivated. ◇ Setting up a reward system
They are habits that make you feel good ! ◇ Build a community: meet with folks from the group regularly
and exchange ideas
How to choose “Feel-Good” habits ?
◇ Create your own support structure. Be creative ...
◇ choose 5~10 habits: whatever suits you
◇ choose only what makes you feel good and gives you Remember the 3Ps: be patient, persistent and playful !
To provide you with continuous support, Power One will:
◇ don’t choose anything which you feel you could do, should
do or ought to do ◇ Give you access to the old student website at:
◇ keep your list short and simple, but when you engage in
these activities, fully immerse and enjoy yourself ◇ Send follow-up emails for 4 consecutive weeks to give you
◇ have fun with your list and modify as you wish useful reminders and tips
◇ Some ideas: stop eating after 7pm, 15 minutes of yoga, less ◇ Quotas to re-sit the course: inspire others & be inspired
TV, drink a glass of warm water in the morning, maybe Make a commitment to choose happiness.
some weekly habits: hiking, swimming … Every breath we take, every step we walk,
Start thinking about these ideas and putting them into action sets your can be filled with happiness.
mind into a different mood and changes you from the inside out ~ Thich Naht Hanh

Now create your own list: Congratulations! You have just moved steps forward on the path of
happiness. We hope you’ve enjoyed the course. Just a reminder ...
… KNOW that you have the power to choose happiness
… KNOW that you are wonderful and deserve to be loved
… KNOW that the present is perfect and so are you
Keep up with your new attitudes and new habits. Be
patient, persistent, and playful. And most importantly,
be super loving to yourself, your beautiful self …

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