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How to Set up a D-Link Wireless Router
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Set Up a D-Link Wireless Router
1. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the DSL modem. 2. Then plug the other end into the "WAN" port on the back of the D-Link wireless router. 3. Connect wired computers to any of the other Ethernet ports on the router using another Ethernet cable.

Access the D-Link Configuration Screen
4. Open your web interface and type "" into the address bar, then hit "Enter" or "Return." 5. Use "Admin" as the username and leave the password blank when the login screen appears. 6. Click "OK." You should now see the D-Link configuration screen.

Set Up General Security

7. Change your administrative password by clicking on the "Tools" tab and choosing the "Admin" button. Enter a new heading. Confirm it, and click "Apply."

8. Disable the wireless Local Area Network (#) (LAN) if you don't need to use the wireless access and you want to ma your network. 9. Under the "Home" tab, choose "Wireless" and select the "Off" option.

Enable Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP)
10. Locate the "Home" tab in the D-Link Configuration screen, and click on the "Wireless" button.


20. Select the "Enabled" button next to "WEP." 12. Change the SSID to make it more difficult for others to locate and use your network by clicking on the "Home" tab 17. Change the default SSID to one of your choosing. Enter the name and MAC address of the computers allowed to access the 11/21/2010 .com Page 2 of 3 11." and set the encryption key to "128 bit. Enroll Today. click on "Performance" and check off the "Disabled" box. A Filter MAC Addresses 19. www. but it's difficult to Who Can Help • Find Cable. Click the "Advanced" tab in the D-Link "Configuration" screen and select the "Filters" button.LifeLock. then click "Apply." 18. 14. Choose the "MAC Filters" and click on "Only Allow Computers (#) with MAC Address Listed Below to Connect to 21. Use the "Open System" button beside "Authentication. Electrical and Telephone Services Here." 13. Set the "Key Type" to "ASCII" and choose a 13-digit password for the "Key 1" field. Free Service & No Obliga http://www. Disable SSID broadcasting." Change the SSID 16. Compare Up to 4 Quotes.How to Set up a D-Link Wireless Router | eHow. Free Service & No Obligation • #1 in ID Theft Protection. Under the "Advanced" tab.ehow. • Find Computer. Compare Up to 4 Quotes. Networking & Telephone Services Here. Write down the password in a secure location. LifeLock is the leader in identity theft protection. Click "Apply. beginning with the Tips & Warnings • Allowing access to the computers you choose based on the MAC address is good security.

. Note: You need to have your network wep.html 11/21/2010 . Any suggestion? It rikiche said on 4/1/2010 I set it up the internet is working (obviously) on my desktop. However. But the laptop can find the int Something to do with changing the password maybe? Page 3 of 3 Comments rogerg said on 11/19/2010 I installed a D-Link two years ago. Go into the settings of the cam tezgah said on 4/10/2010 i have the same problem like sruedeman. it's http://192. passwords handy. Help please. I am unable to locate where I placed the informatio must access the Net to instal my new Iphone. 2.e. wpa etc. Do I have to remove access and reinstal the unit.. Connect cam to router with an ethernet cable.i can't past step 2. Find the address automatically assigned to the cam by the router (mine was 192. vagabondo said on 10/19/2010 If you just want to use it as a baby monitor: 1. Immediately I put in a password. Access your router ( i. I live in an apartment.. Bookm 3..168.. so three days after instalation i tried using Admin as the username and left the password blank but i still have username/password.or go help this retired person rogerG Dianne Kaye Mendoza said on 10/31/2010 Hey there! I have D-Link DR-600.. Disconnect the cam from the router and set it up within range of the router.How to Set up a D-Link Wireless Router | eHow.ehow. for D-link router.