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ANY WAY YOU WANT ME By Marjorie Salvaterra (based on the novel: “Another Song About the King” by Kathryn Stern) INT. PAGE LIVING ROOM - 1967 - MICHIGAN SIMONE PAGE, 27, beautiful, but overly done up for this modest life she appears to be living. She is dressed in a very stylish pair of culottes with a lovely red blouse -- a large spit up stain down the front. With her baby, THEO, 1, in her arms, she stands in the middle of her meager living room, practicing swing dancing to Elvis’ JAIL HOUSE ROCK. SILVIE, 7, sits underneath her mother’s sewing machine, drawing a portrait of her glamorous mother. Simone misses a step. SIMONE Silvie... Silvie! Silvie looks up. Simone shoos her over to the record player.

SIMONE (CONT’D) The music messed me up. Silvie pulls herself up and wanders to the record player. When she sets the needles down, it skips. Her mother flashes her a quick, annoyed glance. Silvie re-sets the needle, then heads back to her drawing. SIMONE (CONT’D) What are you doing? Come here and make yourself useful. Come dance with your mama. She pulls Silvie over to dance. SIMONE (CONT’D) And 1-2 3&4 5-6-(off Silvie’s attempt) For god’s sakes, Silvie. How many times do I have to show you? You’ve got to feel it. Silvie tries to “feel” it. and joins in the dance. She mimics Simone’s phony smile

SIMONE (CONT’D) And dig step, dig step, rock-a-back And kicks and skips--


With all the eagerness of a little girl, Silvie kicks then begins to skip around the room. Simone freezes, shooting Silvie a piercing glare. SIMONE What the hell are you doing? Silvie stops and looks back, nervously. SILVIE You said to skip. SIMONE I said skips. Not skip. Christ, Silvie. (calls out) DAN-- DAN! Jesus

DAN, Simone’s husband, stops in the doorway with his suitcase and coat, caught. DAN I gotta go, Simone. here any minute. My taxi’ll be

SIMONE Just one dance. Make me happy. DAN I’m going to earn a living. should make you happy. That

He looks out the front door for his taxi. SIMONE It’s not fair. You always get to go. You stay this time. You stay. I’ll go. A biting chuckle, as Dan takes a step onto the front porch to get a better look down the street. The screen door slams shut. Theo starts to cry. DAN You’ve never worked a day in your life, Simone. SIMONE (calls out) What do you call this?


Silvie backs away. When her mother looks away, Silvie adds tears to her mother’s portrait.

(off Silvie’s confused look) It’s backwards. (nothing) (MORE) She goes It . No. She stares at it. she SLAMS the door in his face.. perplexed. 18 with Elvis Presley. Silvie looks up. It’s an anagram. You don’t feel things. Silvie.3. Just as Dan turns back to kiss his wife goodbye. (off Silvie’s intrigued look) I named you after him. (off Silvie’s reaction) That’s right. I named you after Elvis. Simone throws open her locket in front of Silvie’s face. That man you love so much. Silvie? Something even your father doesn’t know. SIMONE Oh god. SILVIE My real name’s Elvis? SIMONE Jesus. You gotta feel things honey. SIMONE (CONT’D) You want to know a secret.. Gathering herself. The taxi pulls up. I’m afraid for you. But it was me who named you after a king. SIMONE (CONT’D) See this? I wasn’t always a suburban nobody. The point is I had the potential for “great love”. I don’t remember. is an old photo of a Simone. She’s seen it many times before. Elisabeth. Sivle? SILVIE SIMONE Or scrambled. back to her drawing. Your father wanted to name you Elisabeth. Silvie scribbles Elvis backwards on the bottom of her drawing. she closes her eyes and takes a moment to listen to the romantic Elvis ballad now playing.

. Simone begins to gasp for air. Her suitcase waits beside her. I used to think you had the potential for great love. Mommy? No response. grabs a chair. shaken and horrified. You thought I might be dead and you hardly cried. SIMONE (cont'd) I’m telling you this for your own good. Silvie stares back. INT. She watches as her mother staggers backwards.. Simone's eyes flash open. Like your mama. Please don’t-Suddenly. PAGE HALLWAY . Silvie jumps up panicked. Sivlie-. You know. She refocuses on her artwork. then collapses to the ground.. You can’t hold things in all the time or you’ll. SIMONE (CONT’D) My God. furiously drawing -. SILVIE (CONT’D) Mommy. SILVIE Silvie tries to shake her.1978 Silvie.AFTERNOON . She springs up. you’ll just . 18.. CUT TO: INSERT: 11 YEARS LATER. bedroom door. wake up. Silvie crawls back under the sewing machine.Silvie. I guess I was wrong.4. stands outside her mother’s. SILVIE You’ll what? Simone grabs her chest. SIMONE I knew it. She flies to her mother’s side and drops down beside her.. you’ll. closed. Her eyes well.blocking out the world...

she gives on last glance to the front door. She leans back against the rock and waits.CONT’D Silvie drags her suitcase down the driveway and sets it beside a large. Mimi. Silvie signals the Asian DRIVER into the driveway. No response. Simone merely walks behind the taxi and lies down. SILVIE She never dies. I can’t.CONT’D The terrified driver stares at Simone’s body in his side view mirror. Without a word. EXT.5. The driver fearfully navigates a 47 point turn out of the driveway. avoiding Simone. . TAXI . She turns back to the street and waits. Though she thinks her mother is coming to say goodbye. old rock. Not everything’s a mother-daughter activity. I don’t want to miss my plane. Simone doesn’t move. Just before she climbs in. Silvie waits another moment. Trust me. I’m going to college. Simone heads out. SILVIE You’ve gotta be kidding me. SILVIE (CONT’D) Aren’t you even gonna say goodbye? Nothing. INT. TAXI DRIVER I kill her. DRIVEWAY . SILVIE Just go please. then grabs her suitcase and drags it down the hall. Silvie doesn’t even turn around. The taxi approaches. SILVIE It’s not abandonment. Only once does she allow herself to look back at the front door. She grabs her bags and drags them to the taxi. Mimi. Silvie gives up and climbs in.

25 -. far off look in Liberty’s eyes matches those of Silvie’s. INT. I think there’s more to you than meets the eye. Drowning out the conversation is Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is”. EXT.1985 A big. You’re dangerous.6. Okay. The blank. She jumps up from her chair and hurries to the bathroom. YUPPIE Martine should’ve warned me about you. A single tear streams FADE OUT.MANHATTAN . . As they pull away. BATHROOM .CONT’D Silvie dumps the contents of a waste basket into the toilet.who sits across the table from a young. It makes me want to get to know you. then sets it upside down below a small.CONT’D Simone lies still in the driveway. the beautifully lit Statue of Liberty. Silvie takes a deep breath. loud restaurant/bar that looks out on the Hudson River. She steps on to it and reaches up toward the window. I like you. Silvie. handsome YUPPIE. DRIVEWAY . down her cheek. In the distance. high window. RESTAURANT . SILVIE YUPPIE That’s all you’re gonna say? She shakes her head. torn -fighting from looking back. FADE IN: INT.EVENING . SILVIE I gotta pee.

He laughs at her “joke”. A relationship. at a front table.. Okay. She eats a handful of peanuts. Not wanting to have to eat them. then gets very serious. she feels her lips begins to swell. blocks any chance of a clean getaway. She doesn’t react.CONT’D Silvie takes a seat back at the table. She swallows -.. This is more than just a 24 hour thing. Knowing it will never work. as Silvie continues trying to lift her body toward the too small. in comparison. Her date. She opens her purse and pulls out an airplane pack of peanuts. YUPPIE You think I’m crazy? just met. YUPPIE You know who I was thinking about you when you were gone? You. INT. her feet dangling inches over the basket. We . He stares at her and smiles. she peeks out the bathroom door and looks for one last chance at an escape. The woman gestures to the single stall. RESTAURANT . As she works to pull her body even a few inches higher. The women heads into the stall. This feels really real. SILVIE It’s all yours.7. (MORE) I know. Silvie looks back. Suddenly. too high window.letting her hand be held but not gripping back. SILVIE YUPPIE No. The yuppie reaches out for Silvie’s hand. This could be-I’m gonna say it. she finally gives up. an OLDER WOMAN enters the bathroom. YUPPIE Everything come out okay? SILVIE Not everything.

TAXI .CONT’D Silvie runs out of the restaurant.. She points to the door. NURSE You can’t go until you see the doctor.What the fuck is your last name? His lips continue moving. Silvie grabs her purse and jumps off the table. NEW YORK CITY STREET . he does look at her somewhat questionably.CONT’D Silvie. Though the guy doesn’t stop talking. SILVIE It usually does the trick. The Nurse blocks her.Pai-. I’m sitting here and all I can think about is when we finally make love..8. YUPPIE (cont'd) There’s just something about you. Swelling quickly. I’m sorry. SILVIE I gotta. HOSPITAL . climbs into the taxi. she starts to panic a bit. Silvie P-. gashed knee. then jumps up and runs out. She sits as long as she can. SILVIE Lennox Hill Hospital. blotchy. INT. Silvie heads toward the door. I’ll be fine. please. she TRIPS over a broken grate in the sidewalk and stumbles to the ground. NURSE The Benedryl should start to work soon. It’s like she can’t get away fast enough. puffy. . EXT. breathing heavily. Yeah. swollen.NIGHT CLOSE UP: A shot of Benedryl in her arm. with a bloody. but Silvie’s world goes silent. SILVIE Oh. please. INT. As she runs after a cab.

He shines a flashlight in either eye. Her tongue is not swollen. She recoils from the pain. SCOTTIE Why would you eat something that you knew you were allergic to? SILVIE This guy-. He sets the pen flashlight back in his pocket but doesn’t remove his glance from hers. never killed me yet. SILVIE I just need a Band-aid. Just as he eyes her drawing. He carries her chart under his arm. 26. handsome doctor.” . She recoils from his touch. she scoots a few inches to the left and covers it. SCOTTIE PEARLMEN. Scottie takes her hand and moves it away. enters. She throws her hand over her mouth. It’s never really been deadly. He nods. He gently pries open her mouth. SCOTTIE Relationships? SILVIE (pointing to her lips) (re: to her peanut allergy) It’s usually just a hive or two. trying to cover her embarrassment and her lips. Silvie backs up to the table and takes her seat. table cover -. NURSE It’s the law. she begins to doodle on the paper. It’s SILVIE (CONT’D) You forgot to say “This won’t hurt a bit. She is taken off-guard when a young. As she waits.9.A cartoon of herself with an exaggerated swollen mouth. then grabs a gauze pad and antiseptic to wipe her knee. he wipes her wound. Realizing the Nurse isn’t gonna let her out.He was talking about relationships and I don’t know. Ignoring her.

He smiles. sympathetic -. then goes back to what he was doing -. him. He grabs a suture and begins to stitch her knee. jumps up from the sofa. her glance. It hurts. She pauses momentarily when she spots Scottie. a chain saw The caption reads across his face. HOSPITAL HALLWAY . then continues on by. “This won’t hurt a bit. It is a sketch of hand. Before he exits. Her roommate. glancing into various rooms. he stops and turns back. Silvie is gone.His rhythm is off now. Silvie limps down the hall. Silvie stares back. looking like hell. . SCOTTIE Why didn’t you just say no? She can’t answer. bites her lip. She is taken-aback by the looks of Silvie. SCOTTIE This won’t hurt a bit.HALF AN HOUR LATER The swelling has gone down a bit.” A smile washes When he looks back. You okay? She shakes her head. Blood is gushing everywhere. Scottie looks at her a second.and a moment too long. MARTINE LARUE. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) That’s why I don’t usually say it. she sets her torn-off. cartoon drawing on the chart he’s holding. holding Silvie’s severed leg in one in the other. SILVIE’S APARTMENT .10. she looks back down at her drawing. He waits to meet SCOTTIE (CONT’D) Silvie INT. As she passes him.LATE NIGHT Silvie enters. INT. Catching herself.

SILVIE I never started. I don’t want interesting. . As she speaks. SILVIE Please. I don’t want to have to act like I give a shit to make him like me. MARTINE Sweetheart. SILVIE I don’t want normal. Woman. I’d rather leave knowing nothing about him and have him leave knowing even less about me. is my perfect date. my friend. MARTINE Speaking of true love. I know other normal guys. Silvie heads to the bathroom.11. You’re gonna have to start calling her back yourself now. she exits a moment later with a large bottle of aspirin. SILVIE What did she want? MARTINE I don’t know. MARTINE He’s not the only guy I know. Chances are I won’t like him anyway. except for the fact that I’m a great lay. your mother called. Seemingly perfect dates. I’ll pay you a hundred dollars. you already owe me over three thousand dollars since college. MARTINE You’ve got issues. You’ll have to call her. MARTINE Was it that good? (off Silvie’s piercing look) You can’t give up on true love. That. She turns and takes off to her room. Interesting guys.

The name plaque reads Delores Jones. eating leftover. over-weight WOMAN with various family members fill the desk. Some clothed. BOSS Who are you? Nobody. INT. Robin Byrd says goodbye to her guests by licking each of their genitals. SILVIE You know she’ll fuck me up.. She looks up He looks at Silvie. Call her the fuck back! . he turns and heads back into his office. Your mother called again. As she passes the TV.. Martine sits on the couch. She appears as ever. typing. desk.DAY Photos of an older. Accepting. Silvie continues to her room. at him. Some not. She stares She is sitting at her “temp” neck. Chinese take-out and watching The Robin Byrd show. I’m afraid that ship has sailed. with a noose around her if it’s the most normal thing The BOSS exits his office. Three times. closes. Silvie looks so bored. SILVIE almost comatose. then pushes the bedroom door closed behind her. Silvie sighs. SILVIE AND MARTINE’S LIVING ROOM . she is down at a doodle of herself. MARTINE Oh. ACCOUNTING OFFICE . SILVIE At least someone takes pride in their work. she gives a quick glance. Just before her bedroom door MARTINE Silvie Page.LATE AFTERNOON Still in her pajamas.12. Sweetie. Silvie enters. INT.

It’s Simone.CONT’D The entire room is beige. soaps.MORNING Silvie rolls over. And RINGS. you. SILVIE SIMONE It’s so.13. then stops -. We’ll have to fix that.Mini jams.. Yeah. and cut pushing the dresser.. SILVIE’S BEDROOM . ketchups.. There is nothing remarkable or Silvie stares at the blinking light on her answering machine. FADE IN: The doorbell RINGS. She pulls various hotel remnants from her purse shampoos. INT. Pie. moisturizer samples. but I didn’t hear back. her bedroom door opens.turning away and leaving the machine blinking.. INT. Mimi? SIMONE I’ve never even seen your apartment. SILVIE What are you doing here. then throws her pillow over her head. Henry and I were in Atlantic City and I couldn’t be this close without seeing my only daughter. She starts to push the button. SILVIE’S BEDROOM . A moment later. out perfume samples from the hotel magazines -Silvie’s belongings aside and arranging them on -. Silvie slams her door. anything that stands out. Silvie flies up to sitting position. .. SIMONE I tried to call you. FADE OUT..

Holding the drawings like hostages in her arms. Silvie tries to put her stuff back in place. But how the hell would I know cause I obviously fucked up instead of traded up. Now go bother your husband. chauffeuring her mother out. among the fancy. A young. Silvie and Martine quietly scan the specials. When Simone tries to open a drawer filled with Silvie’s beautiful and very artistic drawings. then starts to arrange them around the room. SIMONE Can I at least take you to lunch before I go? SILVIE I’ve already eaten lunch. impressed. SILVIE Thanks for everything. the glamour. INT. (a beat) That’s the problem. She studies them. as fast as Simone puts them out. Simone glances at her watch. Silvie stands at the door. THE PLAZA RESTAURANT . handsome. Silvie jumps up and slams the drawer shut. SILVIE Wha’d Henry do now? SIMONE He didn’t do anything.14. Realizing she’ll never win. I married Henry. then pulls the drawer open and grabs the drawings. Mimi. she sits back down on the edge of her bed. wanna-be-moviestar WAITER hands the women their menus. I get stuck with Henry. the glitter. We’re in the middle of Atlantic City -the glitz. Simone and Martine sit at a small table in the grand dining room. Silvie picks them up. .EARLY LUNCH Silvie. NY ladies who lunch. Ignoring. Simone pushes Silvie aside. the goddamn retiree. It’s 9:45am. the holistic dentist and leave it to me.

And Escargot. (to Martine) He’s my 2nd husband. before Simone interrupts -. You need to start using it on your not-so-fine lines. Green bean almondine with vinaigrette. I’ve met him. I knew it would only be a matter of time before she started getting those horrible little lines around her mouth. do you see they have Nicoise? SILVIE I see exactly what you’re seeing. . This is good stuff. You don’t ever have to settle. he catches her glance. very nice. She stops on the waiter. MARTINE Yeah. (to Martine) She spent half of the first grade crying. It’s a different time now days.15. SIMONE (reading her menu out loud) Shrimp cocktail. He seemed SIMONE He’s a fucking bore. Silvie sighs. dear. (she shudders) Silvie. On his way to the kitchen. you girls are so lucky. SILVIE You married him 2 years ago. Henry owes me. They share a brief look. as he helps another group of ladies. bored. SIMONE (CONT’D) You girls order anything you want. Silvie glances around the room. SIMONE (pointing to Silvie’s lips) Here. Mimi. as she covertly doodles on a napkin on her lap. You don’t have to worry.handing Silvie a sample tube of moisturizer from her purse. Oh. A real tube cost over two hundred dollars. Mimi. She watches him.

SIMONE I didn’t have the opportunities you girls have. Wow. then leaves it there. that way if I ever started to feel good about my work. hard.16. You know what she needs? A boyfriend. SILVIE It feels like I never left home. Martine playfully knocks Silvie. Simone eyes the drawing of her cartoon nemesis “Super Mimi” on Silvie’s napkin. SIMONE You can’t get good till you learn to open yourself up. SIMONE (re: to the cut of the leg on the superhero costume) You should never put a brief cut on a real woman. even less flattering. Silvie elbows back. . Without raising her head. Simone talks right over Silvie to Martine. Without acknowledgement. (to Martine) I begged her to stay home and take an art class with me. SIMONE (CONT’D) She needs to fall madly in love. she’d be there to bring me back down to earth. (re: to the cartoon) That’s why it kills me to see you wasting any of it. (to Martine) She definitely needs a class for that. Silvie bangs her forehead down on the table. You don’t have to be housewives. SILVIE (to Martine) Yeah. Pie. realize she’s married the wrong man and experience enough heartbreak to really give her something to draw about. and adds a few millimeters to her thighs. Silvie lowers the brief cut on Mimi’s superhero costume. she looks back at Silvie.

Simone turns to Martine. this has nothing to do with you. SILVIE (through her kisses) Just so you know. SILVIE What stopped you? Simone looks directly and matter-of-factly right at her. Silvie hears an all-too-familiar voice. then walks off.S. SUPPLY ROOM .17. SIMONE I used to be an excellent artist. turns and follows her through the “restroom” doorway. Simone continues talking. Silvie lifts her head. As she passes the handsome waiter. opening up the supply room. Martine. SIMONE I had her when I was only 20. I just never got the opportunity. Silvie? Silvie stops. he pushes her into the room. CUT TO: INT. SIMONE Silvie pushes her way out of the booth. we see her lock eyes with the guy. Flirtatiously. kissing her. SILVIE She should know. SIMONE (O.CONT’D The waiter reaches his arm around Silvie.) Silvie? . You. listening. He does a double take. Just as the kissing grows hot and passionate.

trying to catch her breath.18. she stops and leans in closer to the mirror -. fighting her welling eyes. before exiting. She notices her smeared lipstick. I SIMONE Is your stomach bad? That’s because you haven’t been eating well since the divorce. Even for me. I tried. (searching for an excuse) I gotta pee. then rummages back through her bag. She pulls out the moisturizer sample and rubs a little around her mouth before applying the lipstick. the door burst open and in walks Simone. INT. Simone focuses in on her own reflection and gives herself a once over. BATHROOM . SILVIE I eat fine. SILVIE I didn’t fit. .studying her mouth.CONT’D Silvie stands in front of the bathroom mirror. Just as she reaches up to smooth it. SIMONE You have your period? Jesus! SILVIE Silvie catches a glimpse of her mussed hair (from her escapades) in the mirror. Staring back at herself. She releases a sigh. SILVIE (CONT’D) This is too weird. She peeks out. Just as she pulls herself together. Just before she’s about to put it on. thought you might’ve fallen in. SIMONE I didn’t know what happened to you. She grabs a lipstick from her bag. Simone reaches over and fluffs it back up. she quickly takes a deep breath. staring at her reflection -.

SIMONE Maybe it was one of the calls you didn’t return. SILVIE I’m working next month. Silvie tries to cover her relief. not even knowing what to look for. Next time I’ll say “It’s your mother with the cancer. Supposedly. gathering her belongings and throwing them back in her bag. It might even be worth a trip home next month. SILVIE You had cancer and you didn’t tell me? SIMONE I suppose I didn’t want to bother you.. She stares. SIMONE (CONT’D) It was just the boring kind. SILVIE So.19. shaking her head. . She starts to head out. then down into her purse.. Oh. but what the hell.” Silvie looks back into the mirror. SILVIE You had cancer? SIMONE Please. I really don’t look that bad for someone who had cancer. SIMONE (CONT’D) Oh. I didn’t even get the kind they make movies about. Silvie flashes her a stunned and equally distraught look. She looks back up at her mother. Bother me? SILVIE Oh my God. relax. they got it all out. Go ahead and worry if you’d like. what? Are you gonna be okay? SIMONE (CONT’D) Whadda’ I know? They tell me I’m gonna be fine. SIMONE You know.

holding a card. there appears a sense of dissatisfaction. Silvie. Silvie eyes her mother.LATER THAT NIGHT Bloomingdale’s boxes are strewn around the room. Silvie grabs her bag and heads out. Silvie. as she calls out for Silvie. gathers the girls and pushes them to the car. Under all her pretense. MICHIGAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL . drawing attention to herself. which she tries to cover with make-up.CONT’D Mrs. dramatically. we’re here. Beth. Silvie doesn’t move. she leans in closer for a better look. SIMONE You’re a temp. BIRD Okay. Overwhelmed. PERFECT BRICK HOUSE . 11. waving her arms in the air. Beth. who stands. a normal looking mother. Silvie stares up at the house. with her new brightly colored. It is the epitome of quaint. Pie. . Silvie glances back to her mother. is huddled together with a group of giggling. floral-sheets with matching comforter and curtains. filled with longing.20. then turns back to the mirror. chatty girls.. red cape. overly-dressed in a fancy. SILVIE He loves you more. MRS.1971 The parking lot fills with parents coming to pick up their children after school. BIRD. Simone watches her leave. Bird stops in front of a brick house with while pillars and a large chimney. Alone.. He’s coming to see me. INT. SILVIE’S BEDROOM . then allows herself to be wrangled into the car among the other girls. CUT TO: EXT. Your brother’s a rock star. EXT. lie in bed. She stares off. Though she sees her mother from a distance. she consciously turns back to her friends. MRS.

didn’t even look. She Simone glares up at Mrs. should’ve spoken up. Bird jumps out of the car. Silvie stares at Simone. SIMONE Is that a bird on your collar? Mrs. Bird’s hand flutters up to her pin as she gives a small. You’re my whole world. SCHOOL PARKING LOT . BIRD She didn’t even say anything. Bird. Simone grabs her by the arm. BIRD I thought she was Beth Cady. Charming. SIMONE (CONT’D) Mrs. trepidatiously. Simone’s fury turns to despair. I didn’t know what I’d do if I lost you. Mrs. Bird looks back. SIMONE I Mrs. Bird runs up to Simone. Obviously.Her cape billowing out behind her. SIMONE (CONT’D) (breaking down) Oh god. she rushes over. Bird pulls the back door open. She holds her too tight. Mrs. realizing Silvie’s not Beth. as if for dear life. who stands panicked on the front steps of the school -. EXT. with a young Theo in tow. Bird turns away and heads back to her car. When she spots Silvie. spitting gravel and speeds back to school. MRS. SIMONE What were you thinking? I thought something happened to you. tight lipped nod.CONT’D Mrs. nearly collapsing on her daughter.21. . Silvie. taking in the pink bird pin on the collar of her coat. She guns the gas. MRS. Silvie steps out.

snapping back into her present day reality. NEW YORK CITY STREET .CONT’D Low grumblings of thunder that are drown out by heavy music that rings out from Silvie’s Walkman. She heads down the street. jumps out of bed. SIMONE Now get in the goddamn car! Silvie stands. EXT. CUT BACK: INT.too tight. BAR . She does a quick about face and heads back to the front door. Silvie heads in. hard. enveloped by her weeping mother.9PM .22. She grabs her boots and heads out.CONT’D When she steps in. patting her ass on the way in. she stares back blankly at a card that reads “Just wanted to brighten your day. INT. then throws it into the trash can. place is packed. SILVIE’S BEDROOM . lost in her own thoughts. Bitch. The only empty seat happens to be between 2 guys. STOCKBROKER SILVIE (under her breath) You have no idea. Overwhelmed by florals. Silvie spots Martine at a table with a group of people.HALF AN HOUR LATER Silvie pushes through the post happy hour crowd toward the front door of the bar. The She takes a deep breath and begins to push her way through. EXT. Silvie appears suddenly hesitant.1985 Silvie swallows.” She crumbles up the card. Mom. . A tipsy Stockbroker holds the door. TAPAS AND MARTINI BAR . She covertly elbows him. She holds her for dear life -.

steps up to the curb just a few feet in front of her and raises his arm in the air. SILVIE I was. An artist? MAN.23. Martine. . As the rain pours down behind her. realizing what he’s done. She ducks under an art gallery awning. realizing. he looks back at Silvie. takes off after her.. back into the rain. MARTINE Silvie. A MAN. Getting drenched.. She hurries off. But then I realized I was a much better temp. After you.. Silvie heads out. ART GALLERY . she stares in at the paintings with a longing in her eyes. cutting off any feelings of longing or regret. realizing there’s a party going on inside. MAN 91st and West End? 83rd. 30’s. HEY! SILVIE Just as the Man opens the taxi door. Silvie! Without looking back. holds the door open for her. she tries to hail a cab. A taxi pulls right up to him. SILVIE MAN.CONT’D As she heads down the street. entering the party. EXT. SILVIE Riverside. it begins to rain.. I’m not. A man.

SILVIE (surprised) HEY! Hey. Just visiting. Scottie Pearlman. . SCOTTIE You live here too? SILVIE No. from the hospital. She flips around. Sort of. (off Silvie’s look) It’s not very reliable. on guard. The elevator door opens. she feels the person take a step closer. Close enough. Finally. peacefully wearing them. SILVIE (annoyed) SCOTTIE (smiling) Hey. She takes a step closer to the elevator and pushes the button again. stands smiling at her. Scottie throws his arm out over her. I. INT. No. She can feel the person trying to lean around her to get a better look. She climbs in beside him. she pulls back the covers. she backs away. stopping it. dressed in his scrubs. MAN’S APARTMENT HALLWAY . Silvie flips around and sticks her arm out. a friend. INT.. Disgusted. Just The elevator door starts to close. She looks around for her missing panties. someone steps up behind her. trying not to wake the stranger beside her. His laminated ID dangles around his neck. MAN’S STUDIO APARTMENT . As she starts to step in.CONT’D She pushes the elevator button and waits. SCOTTIE I wouldn’t take that if I were you. Silvie quietly re-dresses. A moment later.5:30AM Hungover.24.. Dr. only to find the man from the taxi.

When he fails to hear the clanking of her shoes. wish me luck.his regular routine. Suddenly. Silvie throws out her foot. The door closes quick and heavily behind her. SCOTTIE SILVIE SILVIE (referring to the elevator) We’ve got a lot in common. unsure of what to do. stopping the door.25.CONT’D Scottie bounds down the stairs -. . SILVIE Well. SCOTTIE She steps in the elevator. INT. looking at her. SCOTTIE You’re up and down? That too. Scottie takes a step toward the stairs. he looks back and starts to head up to help her. SILVIE He holds the elevator door and reaches in his hand. he pulls it back. SILVIE (leaning out) How not very reliable? SCOTTIE It gets stuck. The BELL begins to RING. Hey. They round bend after bend. He stands with his arm still holding the door. Silvie pauses to catch her breath. works to keep up. The doors start to close. Realizing. making her almost jump. She gestures up to his hand. Silvie. She awkwardly takes his hand and steps out. STAIRWELL . She stands. How ‘bout you? Same. still in heels and a skirt from the night before. Who is? I am. Good luck.

SILVIE He forgot to warn me about the pain. SCOTTIE I forgot you’ve got a bad knee. Out of breath. She raises her hand. he leans down and studies her knees. SILVIE SCOTTIE He says it won’t hurt a bit. No. SCOTTIE You’re right. Just as they meet. She holds it down and waves him off. It’s healing. . From two stories below. goodbye and uses the other hand to hold her dress down. He raises his hand back.26. He stops and waits. she shakes her head. She heads out into the windy New York morning. He nods. accepting. SILVIE My knee’s fine. No.. Sorry. It’s okay. Well. SCOTTIE He’s willing to make it up to you. SILVIE I’m fine. Must’ve been a very good doctor. as she trudges down the stairs.. she realizes he can see up her dress. SCOTTIE SILVIE He holds open the front door for her. SCOTTIE I’ll help you. Saturday night? I can’t.

NEW YORK WOMAN SILVIE He was talking to me. He is already a few paces down in the opposite direction. SCOTTIE Patient! (off her look back) I thought you couldn’t say no. Hey. I promise. Nothing meaningful.27. for Gahd’ sakes. He nods. She quickly grabs it and turns away. Doc. passes by. He heads toward her. EXT. SCOTTIE’S APARTMENT BUILDING . He looks back. holding it tightly to her body as she rigidly walks away. SILVIE (calls out) Hey. Didn’t . SCOTTIE So say yes.CONT’D Silvie takes a few steps down the street. a gust of wind blows her skirt into the air. Silvie. She turns back. then stops. It’s just dinner. As she watches him. An old NEW YORK WOMAN. NEW YORK WOMAN He’s a doctor. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) Come on. 70. your mother teach you anything? SILVIE That’s debatable. I’ll go. It’s my only night off for a very long time. She can’t help but grin. SILVIE (CONT’D) Thanks for the warning. SCOTTIE Come on.

She stares up at the floral curtains. Let’s go. The phone RINGS and RINGS. overwhelmed by all the blinding florals. Silvie doesn’t move. The machine finally picks up. SILVIE Why would I want to go on a date with someone’s who’s gonna leave? MARTINE I’m not saying he’s going to leave-SILVIE Then I can be late. SILVIE (CONT’D) Maybe he’s canceling. SILVIE It’s not a real date. . MARTINE You’re gonna be late. They leave sometimes if you’re late. MARTINE Then use them as your motivation to get your skinny ass out of bed. SILVIE (stalling) She’s got these things cursed.28. She’s not moving. they’ll come back to bite me in the ass. As Martine enters. INT. SCOTTIE Just a real dinner. The second I take them down. Silvie gives a slight nod -. SILVIE’S BEDROOM . she literally shudders.nothing else to lose. ya know.SATURDAY EVENING Silvie lies in bed with the covers pulled up to her neck.

Is there anything you want me to tell her? Silvie pokes her head back in and shoots Martine a piercing look.29. Okay. halfdressed in a bra. too. SILVIE (O. Martine puts the receiver to her ear. Martine watches to make sure Silvie’s serious. That way you don’t say anything stupid. MARTINE (into the phone) You know what? She’s just about to leave for a big date. too. ANSWERING MACHINE (Simone’s voice) Silvie-MARTINE Tough luck. MARTINE Hi. Silvie pleadingly mimes to Martine.es. Yes. How are you? Let me check. She points to what would be her watch.) What’d she say? MARTINE She said “let him do all the talking. Uhhuh. then puts the phone back to her ear. MARTINE (CONT’D) No. Silvie jumps up.. Martine picks up the phone. SILVIE (whispers) I can’t.. I’m gonna be late.. Simone. Martine hangs up. Good talking to you.. We have high hopes here. Hold on. (MORE) .S. begging her to take the call. Martine holds out the phone to her. I’ll give her the message . Uh-huh. I’m serious.. tights and doc martins. Martine shoos her away. Uh-huh.. Silvie heads to the bathroom.

red dress. somewhat stunned. and mother-of-the-bride. It’s too strong a color for you. minus one little Chinese Man.” Silvie enters. 55. Is this a sign? At the very moment she’s about to turn away. MARTINE (cont'd) Don’t forget to smile. all dressed up. EXT. The little man looks at Silvie. She stops in the doorway. she is bombarded by a hoard of celebrating Chinese people. And for god’s sakes. He grabs the door and holds it open for her to enter. CHINESE RESTAURANT . then reaches for the handle. the OWNER/MAITRE’D.though he’s small enough that most of it hits her in the face. The crowd. She. back at him. MAITRE’D The good doctor. tossing rice into the air at the arriving. Scottie steps up.now wearing a black dress. Just before her hand grabs it.30. dressed in a lovely CUT TO: EXT.CONT’D The entire restaurant is in wedding party mode. MING. don’t wear red.CONT’D Silvie pauses outside the ornate door. She takes a deep breath. He heads back inside. He glances down to his leftover handful of rice. grabs two menus. STREET . then decidedly throws it into the air over her head -. He looks at her quizzically. whatever you do. CHINESE RESTAURANT . Silvie stands.NIGHT Silvie runs down the street -. taking in the decorative rice in her hair. . INT. follows the bride and groom into the restaurant. Silvie and Scottie look completely out of place. very small GROOM and his more fullfigured BRIDE. She holds the door open as they barrel out.

“unreliable”. As they head through. It’s just-He looks at Silvie for help. SCOTTIE I like parties. it. We’ open. I love MAITRE’D (to Silvie) Why he not stay? SILVIE Maybe he doesn’t like parties. Oh Ming. SILVIE Dinner. gesturing for the Maitre’D to lead them to their table. baited. SCOTTIE The food’s fine. MAITRE’D You don’t like the food? No. then holds out his arm. SCOTTIE We don’t want to interrupt.beside a very old Chinese couple. Silvie turns to follow. .31. MAITRE’D Very nice people. The Maitre’d sits them beside the OLD COUPLE. Come on. Doc. There are only two empty seats -. they realize all the tables are set and decorated for four. Yeah? SILVIE SCOTTIE (to Ming) We’ll come back another time. No. MAITRE’D You stay. Scottie stops her. Be a little He nods. SCOTTIE They’re in the middle of a party.

The old woman begins to pass tiles around the table. The old man turns to his wife and rolls his eyes. I’m Silvie. They. Nothing meaningful but it was his only night off and I can’t say no. He nods again. When the nodding finally ceases. Sorry. Scottie looks at Silvie. As the game begins. SCOTTIE SILVIE (to the husband) We can’t take him anywhere. SCOTTIE SILVIE Backgammon kind of guy. We’re not close to either the bride or groom. OLD CHINESE WOMAN (CONT’D) (annoyed!) You the north wind. taking him completely off-guard. This is my doctor. We’re just here for dinner. Very good doctor..32. Mahjong! OLD CHINESE WOMAN Scottie begins to pass his tiles along. The couple looks up at Scottie. Dr. Pearlman. They nod back. Scottie takes a seat. back. I’m a huge Mahjong fan but my doctor here is more a.. seat. She shrugs “why not”. Dungeons and Dragons-Poker. complete confounded.. Silvie smiles at him. SILVIE Ya know. Would you mind reviewing the rules for him real quick? . He nods politely. then takes a SILVIE Hi.. You no pass.

The woman takes a tile. humbly. In your eyes.) Stupid. the guests boogie down to the Mandarin version of Prince’s KISS. I am complete.. SILVIE (to the old couple) It’s our song. He watches her.33. When Silvie looks back to Scottie. The GROOM begins a rendition of “IN YOUR EYES” in Mandarin. The game proceeds. Very emotional. who introduces the newlyweds. A match? SCOTTIE (CONT’D) OLD CHINESE WOMAN (angry) That flower! That bird! OLD CHINESE MAN (something in Chinese that sounds like. enchanted -. What? SILVIE . then holds up a similar tile. Silvie and Scottie nod yet again. singing in Mandarin -. She nods back. Scottie nods. playfully grateful to Silvie. Suddenly. he is staring directly into her eyes... Scottie shakes his head. trying desperately not to make one another laugh. She pulls her hand away. trying to follow the groom’s Chinese. Silvie cracks up. As the song ends. singing to Scottie. Scottie takes it. Silvie and Scottie bite their lips. On the dance floor. Silvie joins in. then passes it on. endearingly.sort of) In your eyes. the game is interrupted by a very hip Asian DJ. the heat. She reaches over and rub/pats his back. It’s just the two of them alone at the tables. who speaks like Wolfman Jack (though in Chinese).as she painfully sings along. (back to Scottie. The light. He smiles at her. Silvie realizes that she and Scottie are the only ones not dancing. Thankfully. reviews what she has. The old man and woman nod back..

Silvie stands in the middle of the room. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) I just wanted to spend more time with you.. mildly humored. I should’ve just asked you out but you scare the crap out of me. . INT. sees him watching her. She relaxes. SCOTTIE I lied to you. I couldn’t stop thinking about you and there you were. Her smiles fades. She jumps up. SILVIE I gotta pee. then decidedly takes off the other way. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) Say something. CHINESE RESTAURANT BATHROOM . She looks around the room. She nods. The song ends. She shakes her head. It works fine. There are no windows. turning in circles. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) I’m sorry.. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) I take it everyday.CONT’D A single bathroom. A beat. She tenses. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) Just about the elevator. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) After I met you. glances at the front door. She appears almost in panic mode.34. She grabs her head and tries to figure out what to do. looking for a way out. Silvie doesn’t speak. The old couple heads back to the table. uncomfortable.

Some guests are leaving. INT. waiting for the emergency to end. he knows what’s happened. She peeks open the door and scans the restaurant. they begin to scurry around. A COOK pulls Silvie out of the way and yells something at her in Chinese. then runs out and heads straight into the kitchen. She contemplates only a moment. the way you were looking at me. Crashing to the floor. eyeing a bag of peanuts. RESTAURANT . The Maitre D’ is trying to calm everyone down. Silvie runs out after him. I didn’t know what you were thinking-- .CONT’D As she sneaks back into the restaurant dining room. the alarm continues to sound. Silvie freezes when Scottie spots her stepping out the kitchen.. He walks out. She steps back. RESTAURANT KITCHEN . By the look on his face.. SILVIE I’m sorry. SILVIE Scottie. It’s just..35. Scottie tries to push through the crowd. She looks in her purse.. an alarm begins to BLARE. Scottie! He stops. Everyone is screaming and chasing the lobsters. Just as she pushes the door open. EXT. SCOTTIE Let me make this easier for you. She waits for Scottie to look away (back to his mahjong lesson). Silvie does her best to creep away without stepping on any of them. It’s like a bad habit with me. apologetically.CONT’D A handful of wedding guests scurry outside the front doors.CONT’D Silvie pushes past the bustling line of cooks and scoots toward the emergency exit. INT. RESTAURANT . and accidentally knocks into a man carrying a pot of lobsters.

Okay. She stares into his eyes. SILVIE Do you plan everything? He tilts his head from side to side. NEW YORK CITY STREET . staring into each other’s eyes.. She pauses.CONT’D They amble down the city streets. EXT. Only one? SILVIE He holds up his hand. Wait. SCOTTIE Pretty much. SCOTTIE I was just thinking you had a really nice knee. SCOTTIE You’re welcome..36. not knowing what to say. Sort of. My life’s been sort of pre-determined up till now. SILVIE You don’t-. SCOTTIE I’ll walk you home. SILVIE Thank you for tonight. SILVIE (CONT’D) She reaches up and kisses him. they stand face to face. When the kiss finally ends. thrown. It wasn’t exactly what I planned. They start down the street. . It grows perfectly gentle and passionate. Silvie shudders at the thought. An awkward beat. goodbye.

till tonight. As he pulls out a ten dollar bill. Scottie starts to walk. I’m starving. cookies and even a size 4x girdle.. Silvie pushes the walk button. She looks at Scottie for his order. SILVIE (CONT’D) (to the vender) I’ll have one all beef with just ketchup. She rummages through her bag for a wad of dollar bills. she pulls him across. They stop at the corner. Silvie doesn’t move. eating their hotdogs. They head up to the hotdog cart. SILVIE (CONT’D) (pointing around the corner) And there’s a hotdog cart right there. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) From the time I was in pre-school. SILVIE (to the vender) We’ll have two all-beef with ketchup only. He stops her and pulls out his wallet. He stops.37. (MORE) . SCOTTIE I’ve been sent chocolates. They head continue down the street. (off Scottie’s look) We’re shaking it up. Silvie’s folded up cartoon starts to fall out. He looks at her.. The walk light turns on. When the light turns red. There. caught. I guess you could say my life’s been pre-ordained. it was pre-set that I would go premed. heads back and looks at her quizzically. SCOTTIE One all-beef with mustard and relish. pleasantly taken off guard. He smirks. SILVIE We just changed your destiny.

Yes. eating their hotdogs. After the fourth ring. INT. I’m late for She throws down the receiver. SCOTTIE And what does it get you? SILVIE A nice spot in a doctor’s wallet. Is that what you do? You’re a cartoonist? SILVIE No. SCOTTIE (biting into his hotdog) Oh god.MORNING Silvie is peacefully asleep. SCOTTIE (cont'd) But this was the first piece of art I ever got. Pie? SIMONE SILVIE I can’t talk. Silvie grabs the phone. Mimi. them rummages around the room for her clothes. The phone RINGS. then pulls a wrinkled blazers from the closet floor. .38. FADE IN: EXT. FADE OUT. I think it’s great. She throws on her dress from the night before. work. They continue quietly down the street. Silvie’s eyes peek open. That’s just what I do so I don’t have to do what I came out here to do. NEW YORK CITY . SILVIE Very fine art. I hate ketchup. She cracks up. SCOTTIE It is.DAWN A perfect. fall morning. 8:52am. She flies out of bed when she sees the clock. SILVIE’S BEDROOM .

But you know. SCOTTIE (O. While throwing on her sneakers. I switched with someone who needed a Sunday. I can’t. but I’d be willing to go back for Chinese. I sat there like a damn mute with the most feminine smile on my face. Can I call you back? I’m late for work. Silvie’s eyes fall shut. mortified. so here goes. SILVIE Oh god. the phone RINGS again. The food wasn’t half bad. SILVIE My brother’s coming in town. I thought-. Oh.. . had me there on the table and now I’m probably gonna have to get an abortion. SCOTTIE I just wanted to know if you were gonna be around this Friday. SILVIE I mean. that he threw me down. SILVIE (CONT’D) (into the phone) You’re not gonna stop calling until you know everything. Per your wonderful advice. SILVIE SCOTTIE Actually. then traded one of the shifts for a Saturday-No.39. Exasperated. I did.I’m just. I think it was worth it.) I was gonna invite you for Italian next time. making him feel so wildly manly. SCOTTIE An uncomfortable silence.. No.S. took his Thursday double. she picks up. Mimi.

SCOTTIE It’s a plan. You look.BOY TOY. happy. A large BIKER pulls Theo toward the stage. a bit more “normal” looking than the other patrons. along. Silvie. SILVIE It’s the black lights. THEO You are in love.. A purple-haired.. We kind of An awkward silence. I gotta go switch my plan back. SCOTTIE Your brother. in neon letters -. planned it. SILVIE (CONT’D) Maybe some other-A dial tone. INT. pushes her way toward the stage. THEO comes running out. SILVIE Just as he hangs up. Oh my god. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) I should go.NIGHT On stage.. Sure. THEO You look weird. When he sees Silvie. Silvie slowly hangs up and stares at the phone. Yeah. PUNK NIGHT CLUB . Who is he? THEO What does he do? Theo drags Silvie . punk Elvis peeks out from behind the stage.40. SILVIE I had one dinner.. SILVIE I have to see him.

Theo sees the look between them. quite anxious. Just tell her already. you’re just the pipe line back to her. reviewing a chart. St. When Scottie notices Silvie. his whole being brightens. SILVIE I can’t do that. Scottie stands in profile at the nurses desk. THEO So skip me. sitting beside Theo on the gurney. While holding a bloody rag over his chest.NIGHT Silvie is back in the old hospital room. He steps up to the microphone. INT. . Silvie’s face goes pale. THEO I’m your brother. she looks around into the hallway. The crowd goes wild. He bursts out with a Ska rendition of Elvis’ “I Gotta Know”. SILVIE This is a better hospital for nipple replacement. I’m not like you. A SCREAM. Suddenly. Halfway through the song. You still love her and I want to see her wildly unhappy. THEO You better hope it’s not too late to replace my nipple. HOSPITAL ROOM . Vincent’s was two blocks away. Theo takes the stage with his band. SILVIE I’m not telling you. realizing. SILVIE To me.41. Theo head dives into the audience. As he is passed around the mosh pit. his nipple ring catches on a woman’s mesh top. perkier. Silvie smiles back. Maybe you can get something a little cuter.

THEO You have no idea-She pinches harder.Scottie.. Scottie replaces the chart he’s looking at with Theo’s. . Trying not to over-react to Silvie’s pinch. That’s why you wanted to drive all the way up town and were willing to let me bleed to death.. SILVIE I was willing to take the chance. but leaves her hand on the back of Theo’s arm. Theo tensely smiles and nods. meet you.42. Theo. OW! THEO (CONT’D) Nice to Scottie examine’s Theo’s nipple. Pearlman. SCOTTIE SILVIE My brother. SILVIE Take it back! THEO She’s gonna fuckin’ love you! Shut up! SILVIE Shut up! Shut up! When she realizes Scottie’s there.. Silvie throws her hand over his mouth. A giant smile washes across Scottie’s face. THEO Oh my god. You’re gonna be the center of her universe. SCOTTIE Doc-. THEO A doctor.. ready to pinch! Hi. she quickly sits up.

Scottie playfully pulls her around it. SCOTTIE So is everyone in the family accident prone? Theo and Silvie look at one another. THEO Not everyone. As they pass a honey-roasted peanut cart. As they approach the corner of 42nd and Broadway. TIMES’ SQUARE .THREE MONTHS LATER Snow flurries flutter through the air. a fat ELVIS IMPERSONATOR. She holds out her arms with nothing to hide. Elvis looks around him and sings directly to Silvie. FADE IN: EXT. charmed. EXT.CONT’D As Silvie and Theo head out. They burst out laughing. SILVIE! SCOTTIE SILVIE PAGE! She stops and looks back. Scottie sticks his head out of a patient's window.43. Scottie heads up to see him. . in a release of tension! Silvie tries to pull herself back together. The woman pats him on the back. sings “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”. approving. FADE OUT. but she can’t. laughing and happy.NIGHT . Scottie and Silvie head down the street. surrounded by a small crowd. HOSPITAL . Scottie points her out to an OLD WOMAN PATIENT. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) You really do have a brother. THEO Our mom got cancer. SILVIE Our mom had cancer. Scottie peeks over. Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town” rings out through Times’ Square.

SILVIE Not that I’ve slept with the whole city. SILVIE It’s-She They stop at a light. They continue walking. The light changes. She quickly turns away. Sort of. Although I’m not sure it took me 37 dates to get to 2nd base even back then. She points to the GREEN LIGHT. quietly. She shrugs. SCOTTIE That’s good to know. SILVIE (CONT’D) They head across. ready to cross the street. hurt. He nods. He heads over to her and reaches for her hand. SILVIE I didn’t say you were. I feel like I’m 16 when I’m with you. SILVIE (CONT’D) I just never really wanted to wait with anyone else.44. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) I’m not pushing you. SCOTTIE My god. . Scottie looks back for her. SILVIE It’s green. SCOTTIE So what is it? Is it one of those “I just don’t see you in that way” kinds of things. No. SCOTTIE (facetious) That makes me feel better. somewhat apologetic. momentarily recoils before taking it.

then realize it after it’s far too late. A flood of realization falls across his face. He takes her by the shoulders. SILVIE I don’t know. I might never recover. SCOTTIE We’ll use a condom.? SCOTTIE It won’t hurt a bit. SILVIE Not those things. Things that I want.. to think of her “things”. SILVIE I’ve got things.. Please. SILVIE Oh god. And I don’t want to fall for someone who doesn’t want the same things. SCOTTIE I’m okay with a lot of them. She nods. I promise. those feelings. Silvie tries. SCOTTIE Why don’t you tell me what your things are? Maybe we want the same things. If I let myself do this. SILVIE So I guess it’s just you. What do you think we’ve been working toward these last 3 months? I can’t. to no avail. SCOTTIE Have them.. I could have. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) Does this mean we can finally. .45.. Things in my life. But I know I’ve got a lot of them. (off his look) I’m afraid if we do it.


She bites back her grin. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) Merry Christmas to me! He grabs her hand and takes off running down the streets of New York, like a teenage boy. INT. SILVIE’S APARTMENT - CONT’D Scottie slowly lowers her to the bed. hit the sheets. SCOTTIE I love you, Silvie. SILVIE (re: to the sheets) I didn’t pick these out. With his eyes locked on hers, he slowly begins to make love to her. For the first time ever, this is real to Silvie. She flips back and forth between letting herself enjoy it and over-thinking it. Scottie is gentle and passionate. Silvie fights “falling” -- Yet, just as she’s about to give in... The phone RINGS. Silvie’s eyes flash to the phone. Scottie shakes his head, telling her to let it go. She watches it RING and RING, finally picked up by the machine. SIMONE (O.S.) (via answering machine) Are you there? It’s me. Simone. Or that other ridiculous super name you decided to call me. SILVIE It not ridiculous. It’s the perfect name for the perfect narcissist. Me-me. Get it? Ssh. SCOTTIE She stops just as they

She looks at him, apologetic and continues to make love. SIMONE (O.S.) I thought it would be nice if you came home for Christmas this year. You can even bring your... (with a heavy french accent) ... beau de médecin.


SILVIE She comes with her own vernacular. Shit, the woman comes with her own solar system. SIMONE (O.S.) I wish you would stop what you’re doing and pick up the phone a minute. I know you’re there. SILVIE And she obviously comes with her own set of boundaries. Scottie tries to get her to focus. Sil. Sorry. SCOTTIE SILVIE

SCOTTIE Why’re you talking to your mother so much while we’re making love? SILVIE She wouldn’t have it any other way. Call want Oh. with SIMONE (O.S.) me the second you get this. I to start planning right away. By the way. It’s your mother the cancer. They both release a light

The machine finally clicks off. laugh. Please.

SCOTTIE Turn that off now.

SILVIE Don’t worry. She won’t call back for at least a half hour. They dive back in, focused and making love. The phone RINGS again. Scottie GROANS. to turn down the volume. Silvie reaches over


HENRY (O.S.) (quietly) Silvie. It’s Henry Reisman. mother’s husband. She turns up the volume.


HENRY (O.S.) Maybe you really should think about coming home for Christmas. She’s not doing well. The thought shoots through Silvie, knocking the wind out of her. As the phone disconnects, Silvie rolls off Scottie. She stares past the floral curtain into the dark night. Scottie scoots up behind her, spooning her. She doesn’t look back. FADE OUT. FADE IN: INT. PAGE LIVING ROOM - 1970 A celebration. “Camelot” is playing on the turntable. The table is set for a real feast -- complete with Shake n’ Bake chicken and green beans & sour cream. Silvie, 10, Theo and Dan are seated around the dining room table. The phone sits in the middle. They stare at it, as if willing it to ring. Simone enters. She is dressed in red, crushed-velvet jumpsuit with a matching jacket thrown over her shoulder. SIMONE A wonderful option for a winter look. A jumpsuit. Silvie and Theo gasp. The three of them, including Dan, applaud. Simone does a few “Vogue” turns, then continues around the table. DAN It’s lovely. SIMONE You really like it? DAN Tell us, Miss...

The room goes silent. Transform the housewife. DAN (singing) July and August cannot be too hot. He holds up a pretend microphone. I knew I didn’t want to be ordinary. Oh. Theo and Silvie applaud. Someone like myself. for the past decade... SIMONE Simone Page. THEO You’re definitely gonna SIMONE You do think so. who. They all freeze.49. win. DAN What was your inspiration for this eye-catching design? SIMONE Well. And there’s a legal limit to the snow here. Like a dream.. adoringly. Mom. don’t you? The phone RINGS. They do. As they dance.. we’re interesting. too. Dan twirls Simone toward the phone. Simone picks up the phone.. America. here we come!” She gives her kids a look like ‘now you can applaud’. (with a wink to Dan) And then it came to me. . Page. Simone gives them a look like ‘I’m SIMONE (CONT’D) My designs are a signal for housewives to say “Hey. stood on the outside looking in. not finished’. She shoos him to cut off the music. In Camelot. Dan pulls her in to an embrace and spins her around...

She gives her family an anticipatory wink. Silvie and Theo watch from the doorway. I bet Damn Diane Dover didn’t have a whole political theory behind her design! DAN You’re probably right. They wait with She sets down the phone.. This is thee Simone Page. SIMONE A day dress. Yes. That’s all. SIMONE Of course. as her expression fades.CONT’D Simone dumps the chicken into the sink. baited breath. SIMONE They why the hell didn’t they give her 2nd place? She looks at Dan. She begins to clear the table. means I lost! INT. Oh yes. grabbing up the food before anyone’s had a chance to eat. it means something.. She nods. I got second. It doesn’t mean anything. Dan tries to save the beans.50. DAN It means you’re just ahead of your time. Any contest is. DAN It’s a crapshoot. A goddamn wool coatdress and a jersey day dress. That’s what the public wants. SIMONE (CONT’D) Page residence. teary. SIMONE (almost in shock) Diane Dover won. It . Simone. KITCHEN .

DAN Simone! Stop it! It’s still second place. There is a first prize ribbon attached to the corner. waiting for an answer. SIMONE (CONT’D) I’m crushed. SIMONE (CONT’D) I don’t know what makes this a first place drawing. Maybe she could tell me. mother. Dan tries to pull the drawing from Simone’s hands without ripping it. SIMONE And you would know this how? Because you won one little contest in a newspaper. DAN SIMONE I’m just saying. sympathetically. for god’s sakes! SIMONE I’M SICK OF BEING SECOND! She throws down the drawing and grabs the sour cream. Simone. She’s the winner in this family. as if to dump it in the sink. . She grabs Silvie’s “peace” drawing off the refrigerator. Tell me what I did wrong? Simone stares at Silvie.51. She looks up at her SILVIE Mrs. It’s not terribly original. Silvie takes a step into the room. really hard. SILVIE I don’t know. Patilla told us that second place means a person tried really. I’m just crushed. Simone flips around with a piercing glare. I’ve seen hundreds of pictures just like this in magazines.

under the covers. DAN You act like a child sometimes. SILVIE (CONT’D) All my friends think you look like a movie star.. Nothing. Simone bursts out crying and storms out.CONT’D Simone lie on the bed. SILVIE (CONT’D) I’m sorry I won.. Tell me! SIMONE SILVIE I don’t know. Mimi. Simone. Mimi. SILVIE I’m sorry. SIMONE’S BEDROOM . Nothing. SILVIE (CONT’D) Your designs were way better than the Vogues. SILVIE (CONT’D) You should’ve won.. Dan flashes Simone a condemning look. INT.Silvie stands with splatters of sour cream dripping down her face and dress. Not even a glance. No response. Simone flips around and dumps the sour cream on Silvie’s head -.52. She stares off. A goddamn child. Silvie waits for some kind of response. .. A heavy cloud of depression fills the room. Silvie peeks in. defeated. Maybe you shouldn’t have copied yours from the pattern book.

Suddenly.a plane crash.53. then lay her face against the window and stares out at the empty sky. Genetics. INT. AIRPLANE . Directly into Mimi’s house. Simone scoots over to make room for Silvie.AFTERNOON The taxi pulls up outside Silvie’s old house. CUT TO: INT. Simone looks up. taking in her rage.PRESENT DAY Silvie sits by the window. Environment? You can’t make yourself crazy. Silvie hesitantly lies down. She and her mother lie face to face. The taxi driver opens the door but Silvie doesn’t move. . Sil. He gently takes her hand. drawing -. SIMONE (CONT’D) You do think I’m the best. don’t you? Silvie nods. calming. Simone reaches out and lays her hand on Silvie’s face. A gentle relief falls across Silvie’s face. She sets down her pencil. Nobody really knows. They do? SIMONE Her face is stained with tears. SILVIE But what do you think? SCOTTIE Maybe stress. TAXI . SILVIE You think people get cancer on purpose? SCOTTIE I don’t know. Scottie peeks over. There’s all sorts of reasons people get cancer. She nods.

she’ll be okay. He signals her to knock. SCOTTIE We’ll be fine. he told me she had already had 3 chemo treatments. (trying to think up something) My step-father whispers. He takes her hand. SILVIE I’m not the one who made He signals her out of the car. And I keep trying to figure out how she conned the doctors into giving her chemo. SILVIE Wait. Silvie! SCOTTIE . She’d never go without taking me down first. SCOTTIE They’ve got great treatments now.54. Trust me. EXT. (off his look) I’m serious. The odds are good that she’s gonna be okay. me crazy. THE OLD PAGE HOME FRONT PORCH . You might think there’s something wrong with your ears but it’s more likely that he’s been castrated by my mother. SILVIE Want to hear something funny? I’m not even sure I believe her.CONT’D Silvie stops at the front door. SILVIE Of course. It’s important. When Theo was in New York. I forgot to tell you something.

SHEILA You must be Silvie. followed by Scottie and Simone. She smiles at two strangers. Simone takes Scottie by the arm and leads him in. SILVIE (CONT’D) Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Maybe he’s always whispered. SIMONE AND HENRY’S LIVING ROOM . SIMONE He’s here! Silvie is taken-aback by what she sees. SHEILA and ROBERT PEARLMAN. wool sweater. Feeling her daughter’s stare. OH. Silvie enters. INT. Scottie finally knocks himself. SILVIE SIMONE Then take that look off your face. Simone pulls away and looks over.CONT’D It is Silvie's old house. a bit less circa 1970. She embraces Scottie. do I? No. Maybe it was his mother or his first wife. SILVIE I don’t know.55. SILVIE (to Simone) Do we know these people? . only somewhat hidden by make-up. Yes. He is quickly pushed out of the way. Her skin is a pale green. SIMONE I don’t look that bad. The door opens. Simone’s frail-ish body is covered by a heavy. HENRY (whispers) Thank you for coming. sitting on the sofa.

some more genuine than others. should’ve known better. I thought it was only fair if both the parents were here. Everyone smiles -. SHEILA It’s so nice to be here. Scottie gives his mother a warm hug. here we are gathered around the table like one big. For.? SCOTTIE What ROBERT We have no idea. happy family.. She . until Simone enters -.? Knowing better.pulling herself together. I knew it must be something special. INT. She fumbles with her chair. are you doing here? SHEILA Simone invited us. SCOTTIE (surprised) I do. SIMONE When I heard you were bringing your doctor. They’re my parents. Simone is almost gleeful. except Simone. They sit around making small talk. before Scottie reaches over and helps her down. SIMONE Well. Everyone stares at her to make sure she’s okay.. SCOTTIE (over Sheila’s shoulder.EVENING Everyone is gathered around the table. Silvie turns to her mother.56. DINING ROOM . to Silvie) Did you know... Silvie shakes her head.

ER. Here you are in our home for this very wonderful occasion and Silvie hasn’t even told us what kind of doctor you are. She is caught by LETTY. Silvie rolls her eyes. I like to shake it up. (MORE) . as if sharing a secret. Ask Silvie. who carries in the beautiful turkey. Henry. Silvie cracks up. SIMONE Just keep your hands to yourself till we’re ready.57. It sounded like you said I’ll do the farting. Good. SIMONE So. SIMONE It’s nice to shake it up. Letty gives her a commanding look. Scottie. SCOTTIE SHEILA His father started in the ER. the housekeeper. HENRY (whispers) I’ll do the carving. ROBERT Same hospital. SCOTTIE Different floor. It’s a specialty of this house for sure. HENRY (softly) Carving. SIMONE Will you? She nudges Sheila. SIMONE Speak up. SCOTTIE I’ll fit right in.

Simone grabs Sheila’s hand and squeezes. Scottie? He takes his que. YES! SIMONE SILVIE Oh. Jesus. SILVIE Sheila and Robert’s faces drop.58. Silvie looks at him. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone. stop. I know I told you about Silvie the first night she came into the ER. . SCOTTIE (CONT’D) Mom and Dad. SCOTTIE Don’t worry. Stop! SCOTTIE It’s okay. SCOTTIE She was having-(off Silvie’s commanding look) A bad knee. Mimi! SIMONE (CONT’D) (to Sheila) Don’t you just love surprises? SHEILA Not so much. humored. Silvie looks at him. I want to make an announcement. Scottie lifts his glass. curiously. suddenly nervous. SIMONE (cont'd) Someone might want to say something before we start eating. SIMONE (to Silvie) Why were you in the ER? Drug OD. SILVIE (through her gritted teeth) Mimi.

(off Scottie’s parent’s looks) Sorry. I wanted tonight to be perfect. I just wanted to say I’m so grateful to be here tonight with the woman I love and to be surrounded by both our families.59. It’s a really special night. Simone. That’s it? SIMONE SILVIE Don’t worry. Simone. SIMONE Speak up. SIMONE Forgive me. Dan. Thank you. SCOTTIE Okay. then sets it back down. Here it is. for including all of us. I saw that knee. SCOTTIE (CONT’D) From the moment. Everyone. Everything’s perfect. laughs -. He raises his glass. . Silence. Nobody ever gets it right with her. takes a sip. The turkey can’t wait forever. SILVIE Imagine if I showed him my tits. I was just hoping for something better. I can’t hear you. but Silvie. SIMONE Just hurry up and get to the point. HENRY (whispers to ) Neither can she.mostly trying to break the tension. HENRY (quietly) It’s going to be perfect. it’s all I could think of.

I’m gonna go insane trying to figure out what the hell you’re saying. Silvie drops her fork.. An awkward silence. I should’ve said something like I think our kids are getting married and I have goddamn cancer! HENRY Forgive her. The medicine makes her a little. SHEILA The sweet potato pie is wonderful. SIMONE I said Henry. . Is it a family recipe? SIMONE I don’t know. HENRY (softly) You’re gonna be fine. We had no idea. HENRY You said Dan. confused. FOR GODS SAKES! If the cancer doesn’t kill me. Simone. Simone. I can’t remember anything these days. SIMONE Screw you. ROBERT We understand. HENRY (under his breath) It’s Henry. SIMONE SPEAK UP. SHEILA Oh.. SIMONE Really? Maybe I should’ve mentioned it on my call. Dan. He avoids eye contact. Everyone else looks at Henry.60. Simone.

And for this wonderful dinner with new. please. please. at a loss. young girl that has made our son so happy and her lovely family. Simone tries to ignore it. Fine. SIMONE I’m thankful I fucked Elvis Presley! (a beat of stunned silence) Pass the mashed potatoes. Everyone looks at her.61. I’m thankful to meet this beautiful. Henry. then passes the mash potatoes. SCOTTIE You didn’t tell me your mom dated Elvis? SILVIE I was saving it for Christmas morning. SHEILA In the spirit of the holidays. who fuddles momentarily. It is Simone’s turn. Sheila eyes her husband. Silvie pushes back her chair and walks out. only one bite. focusing on her meal. ROBERT Okay. She looks directly at Sheila. She stands up. SIMONE Screw you. good friends. Silvie? SILVIE Oh. Silvie looks at him like “Whose dinner are you at?” SHEILA I’m also thankful to finally meet Silvie and to see my son that I don’t get to see nearly often enough. Start with someone else. sickened. She takes . Henry stares at the turkey. I’ll go. why don’t we all go around the table and say something we’re thankful for.

I picture myself shooting daggers into my heart like little avengers. SHEILA We’re so sorry about your wife.Probably because I loved too much. HALLWAY . SIMONE Then why the hell am I so horrible for wanting to see my only daughter taken care of before I go? I can’t stand that I’m gonna die and she’ll have no one pushing her to want more for herself. (MORE) . I picture my cancer like a little heart -. HENRY (softly) Second.A FEW MINUTES LATER Scottie wanders from room to room looking for Silvie. Scottie and his parents are left alone at the INT. sympathetically. accidentally walks in on Simone. He leaves. The Pearlman’s turn to Henry. table.CONT’D Simone sits in her reading chair with her eyes closed and her head tilted to the ceiling. Does that sound crazy? SCOTTIE It sounds very sane. INT. I just realized that. SCOTTIE He SIMONE It’s okay. I’m sorry.62. She leaves. I was just doing my visualizing. SIMONE’S BEDROOM . SIMONE I have to go to the little girls room.

It would’ve made the whole decade at least 20 percent happier. SCOTTIE (pointing to the pump) How long have you been on a morphine pump? SIMONE (caught) Oh.revealing her morphine pump. I should know. As a doctor. She throws her hand under her shirt and hits a small button -. (making light) Not long enough. young man? I do. The whole event’s gonna be beige. SIMONE I just want you to know what you’re jumping into. he immediately realizes how bad Simone’s prognosis is. SIMONE She’s a deep lake. you know. I wish I could tell you she was gonna be good at loving you back. He gives a light. SCOTTIE SIMONE Oh god. He stares at the pump. SCOTTIE A threesome? She stares back at him. Had I known I would’ve gotten one of these in the 70’s. She’s like her mother. Simone shudders. . SCOTTIE She’s doing just fine.63. do you. knowing laugh.. SIMONE (cont'd) God help her if I’m not there to pick out her wedding colors.. ignoring his attempt at her game. SIMONE (CONT’D) (stopping him) You love my daughter.

SIMONE Don’t worry. SCOTTIE Are you trying to warn me or scare me. HOUSE . Silvie. SCOTTIE . as Silvie moves toward the kitchen door to peer in. SCOTTIE I can’t find her anyway. Simone? He turns to head out. He see the old swingset. She waits till Scottie heads back inside.CONT’D Silvie steps into a shadow. She is dressed in a holiday mini skirt with tiny bells sewn around the bottom. Please.1970 The clinking of the rusty chains changes to the ringing of Jingle Bells. holds court. She never goes very far.CONT’D Scottie looks out the kitchen window into the backyard. He looks back. dressed in a matching mini.. Simone. CUT TO: INT. She looks at the big rock at the end of the driveway.. then back at the house. EXT. He opens the back door and calls out. then continues down the dark driveway. trying to remain hidden. We hear the clinking of the rusty chain in the wind. She gestures to the pump.64. He nods and heads out. KITCHEN . She stares in at the group of guests gathered around the enormous microwave oven. INT. PAGE KITCHEN . SIMONE Don’t tell her.

As the numbers on the microwave count down. SIMONE (CONT’D) I returned here to the micro mini to really represent this whole new idea of women’s liberation. Simone. Then. (to Silvie) Let’s show ‘em. Pie. the single pop turns to an onslaught of POPPING. revealing their matching outfits. confused. The LADIES all applaud. there is a sudden POP! Silvie accidently lets out a GASP. BEV and LARRY. BEV Is that your winning design? Silvie. She takes a bite. Simone pulls out a bag of microwave popcorn. SIMONE They again applaud coupled with Oohing and Aahing. suddenly. BETTY But I thought women’s lib was about getting us some power. BETTY and JIM. Silvie steps into the doorway. All the guests applaud. . They all glance back. Dan. Silvie ducks out of sight. SIMONE Well. Simone smiles at Dan. Everyone watches with great anticipation. Silvie looks at her dad. First prize. He shakes his head. Shyly. When the microwave stops. TINA You must be very proud of her. and Dan wait with baited breath. SIMONE Silvie. TINA and ROGER.65. BETTY What does it taste like? A pregnant pause. let’s see. Popcorn. She carefully opens it and pulls out a piece.

Pie. SIMONE It’s all for you tonight. She gives Dan a wink.. INT. (MORE) .. SIMONE Who died? (mockingly sings) People. LIVING ROOM . SILVIE Did Daddy not get his raise? SIMONE (off the women’s look) A little je’ ne finesse. Simone appears suddenly taken aback. ROGER I’d say your daddy was a smart man.. Silvie tries Roger heads into the living room toward the mini bar. Simone twirls around letting her mini fly up. Silvie looks back at her mother. ROGER I’m just gettin started. he looks back at Simone. Silvie looks back and forth between her parents. Simone grabs the bowl of popcorn and heads into the living room. unsettled. People who need people. Darlin’. to follow. Dan shakes his head and exits. Roger? My father always taught us that our power was in our ass-sets. I think he’s had a little too much to drink. As Dan heads out. SIMONE What do you think. The other men follow. Barbara Streisand’s PEOPLE plays. Roger takes a good look..CONT’D As she heads in.66. TINA Excuse him.

She steps up to Roger.67. but if we’re gonna be good friends. He relaxes when some of the other guests join in. alone. then pushes him aside and heads to the record player. SIMONE (CONT’D) How about some real music. Simone. Roger’s choice. Darlin’. Feeling the eyes upon her.. Dan. she looks over at Roger and smiles. Still in his embrace. ya know. As the rock n’ roll fades and “Are You Lonesome Tonight” begins to play. in the middle of the floor. .. She holds up the picture in her locket to Roger’s face. Simone! What? DAN SIMONE DAN We said not tonight. she reaches up and opens her locket. Silvie and Dan watch from the kitchen doorway. DAN Leave it alone. I don’t usually talk about this. you should know something about me. SIMONE I just want him to know what kind of people he’s in business with. Silvie watches in awe. She turns the volume way up and begins to jitterbug. They begin to slow dance. Boys? She pulls off the Steisand album and replaces it with Elvis. It’s SIMONE (covertly to Dan) Roger’s obviously drunk. She hands him the bowl of popcorn. SIMONE (cont'd) Are the most unfortunate people in the world. Simone sways back and forth. SIMONE Now.

That’s me and Elvis. you such a good date? What made SIMONE Well. I can’t believe you never told me-- . BEV My cousin once met Englebert Humperdink. I don’t want to say too much. I know the kind of man he is. accidentally catching Silvie’s glance. That’s what makes him a good boss. Roger. but I will tell you that he took me out to eat at the cutest little cafe back in Mississippi for pie and a glass of milk. BETTY Simone. I don’t think anyone’s interested. ROGER Well. I dated the king. SIMONE It’s okay. He needs proof. She closes the kitchen door. playfully. Simone? SIMONE He didn’t have to. senses her father’s disappointment. Dan looks away. ROGER Nice sideburns. She slaps his arm. peeking in from the kitchen. Tina.68. DAN Simone. ROGER Did he put a little chocolate in that milk. you dated Elvis? What a kawinky-dink? I dated Marilyn Monroe. Silly. Roger. tell us Simone. Tina stops him. Hey. Dan. Silvie. Yes. SIMONE That’s not Dan. ROGER Simone.

ROGER Hey. Silvie inches the door back open -. I wonder? SIMONE You’d be lucky to have some discriminating taste in your boardroom. ROGER She’s really something. or was it naturally black? Tina pulls him away. it’s late. The door closes again. Will you be bringing that discriminating taste to the board room. Simone. then settled for a regular guy like Dan? From blue suede shoes to hush puppies. We should go.. .69. His hands were. He’s salt of the earth and I think you might be a little jealous. Oh.just enough to watch.. My husband is twice the man you’ll ever be. too. Simone follows after them. TINA Roger. SIMONE There was nothing half-baked about the way he touched me. SIMONE (pulling Dan in proudly) Dan’s no regular guy. I still got questions about old fat boy? He dye his hair. As the guests barrel to the door. ROGER So you’re telling us that you schtupped Elvis. ROGER Maybe she thought it sounded a little half-baked. BEV We should go. She sighs. Tina grabs her purse and then Roger. Dan.

SIMONE If you must know.. DAN! Dan slams down the turntable cover. FOYER . (off Bev’s look as she passes) You believe me. The kitchen door remains open for Silvie to see.SAME Dan pulls the record off the turn table and stuffs it back into it’s jacket. Simone catches Silvie’s glance in the kitchen doorway. Ignoring her. don’t you? Bev gives her a pacifying pat of the arm. He didn’t raise me to become a nobody like them. INT. When the guests leave. it was naturally sandy brown. then heads over to the mini bar. Silvie steps out of her way. Simone pushes the kitchen door open and dumps the plates onto the counter. Silvie looks back. INT. LIVING ROOM . Dan walks away. after Roger. Daddy warned us about people like this. Simone heads back into the living room. SIMONE Those people were animals. watching his guests leave.CONT’D Dan stands back. She grabs a few plates off the table.. Dan shoves the album back onto the shelf. sympathetic.70. WHAT? DAN Simone calls out SIMONE Why didn’t you stick up for me? . Simone follows him into the room. SIMONE (CONT’D) Can you believe the way he talked to me? Why didn’t you tell him to go to hell.

DAN By what? Telling that stupid story! Why? What’s it supposed to prove? SIMONE It proves I had options. You’re better than all of them. hidden. DAN Good. watches. DAN BECAUSE IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT YOU TONIGHT! Can you get that through your head? We threw this party for my career. SIMONE I didn’t marry Elvis. DAN You’re damn right! And I was your ticket out of that mess of a family of yours. a goddamn cliff. That was the whole point. Dan tries to continue SIMONE And I wasn’t gonna let anyone trample you. hating the person he’s become -. Then go give old Elvis a call. I’m the best goddamn thing that ever happened to you! He pulls his hand away. Mine! Silvie. Silvie stands frozen. Tears hover in her eyes. You just need a little push. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you. up the stairs. Right off SIMONE I was trying to impress everyone. getting in her face. He grabs hold of her yellow top. His Simone SCREAMS from the bottom of the stairs. now threatening.71. . I married you. frightened. Dan. DAN Oh. cleaning up the bar. you pushed me alright. listening in. once gentle nature. For you.Then storms off.

(off Dan’s lack of response) NOTHING! Silvie runs out the back door. Do you hear me? I HAVE NOTHING. SCOTTIE He bends down in front of her. SILVIE And I finally succeeded. SCOTTIE (stopping her) Silvie. Not yet. Silvie senses him approaching. SILVIE Hurry. Just somewhere along the line it turns to shit.CONT’D With her arms wrapped around her tucked up knees. SIMONE I’M A NOBODY HERE.72. We start out with really good intentions. EXT. 10 year-old Silvie sits on a large rock at the end of the driveway. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. It takes a moment before she realizes he is bending down on only one knee. PAGE DRIVEWAY . OLD PAGE HOME DRIVEWAY .NIGHT . You don’t want to sleep here. He spots Silvie and heads down to her. SILVIE It’s not her fault.1985 With her arms wrapped around her tucked up knees. . 25 year-old Silvie sits on the same rock at the end of the driveway. SCOTTIE You’ve been trying to talk me out of being in love with you since the first time I met you. We’re contagious. We’ll leave tonight. Get your stuff. Scottie looks out the front door.

SCOTTIE I’m serious. . SILVIE You’re gonna have to come up with a better reason then that. Silvie.73. SILVIE I’m not in the mood. SILVIE (CONT’D) Or thin lips. SCOTTIE I love everything about you. Silvie Page. SCOTTIE Say yes. SILVIE Are you some kind of masochist? Don’t you get it? Love’s a recessive gene in this family. SILVIE Or inverted nipples. SCOTTIE Marry me. SCOTTIE I’m asking you to marry me. SILVIE What are you doing? Get up. It doesn’t get passed down very easily like blue eyes-He takes her hand in his. SILVIE Why’re you doing this to me now? SCOTTIE Because I love you. Marry me. SILVIE (giving in) You’re making a terrible mistake. Stop it. I want to spend my life with you.

realizing what she’s done. Silvie snaps back into reality and tries to wipe the mess away. INT. (off Silvie’s look) Get out of here and leave me alone! . HALLWAY . As she wipes the ice cream off her mother’s lap. with a carton of ice cream dripping onto her old. just long enough to realize how happy she’s made her. It takes her a moment to orient herself. EXT. catching Simone.74. SIMONE (embarrassed) Please. taken-aback. Silvie freezes. She stops outside Simone’s door. peeks the door open and pokes in her head.MORNING Silvie heads down the hall.CONT’D Simone is passed out on her bed. get out. she just can’t hide her overabundance of joy. Simone stirs. INT. INT. SIMONE’S BEDROOM . prized. dressed and ready to go. SIMONE’S BEDROOM . Her wig is hanging askew to the side of her head. She looks pale. SILVIE I was just coming to say goodbye-Silvie freezes. As hard as she tries to cover it. HOUSE . wedding album. Simone looks down. Silvie and Scottie shake their heads and smile. watching the exchange. grey and wiry. SILVIE I’ll get something to clean it up.CONT’D Silvie looks up.SAME Simone stares out her window. Simone quickly pulls down the curtains and hides.

SCOTTIE I want you to go. Maybe you should stay. SCOTTIE So let her be. You can stay. . SILVIE You don’t understand. But I understand if you feel like you need to be here. SILVIE I’ll go. That’s not how it works in this family.75. SCOTTIE (covert) Did she say something? SILVIE (sensing) Say what? SCOTTIE Nothing. SCOTTIE I’ve gotta get back to work. INT. then takes the suitcase. Scottie is packing their suitcase.I’m sure you’re right. SILVIE’S OLD BEDROOM The only windows in this room are the hand-painted ones on the wall. Silvie enters. I just-. dazed. SILVIE You don’t want me to go with you? No. She wants to be alone. SILVIE (CONT’D) I’m serious. He gives a light smile. She’s never wanted to be alone a day in her life. SILVIE I can’t go. Silvie backs out. Good.

SILVIE I don’t feel anything. Simone. SILVIE Try not to forget that. making notes on the giant production board. FADE IN: INT. follows him out. He smiles. SILVIE What big wedding? We haven’t even picked a date yet. SILVIE What the hell’s going on? LETTY You’re mama’s making plans for the big wedding. dressed and fully made up. The taxi is gone.NEXT MORNING Silvie enters. alone. still in her pj’s. He kisses her and turns to go. then heads out. She takes a deep breath and . you’re really leaving me here with her? SCOTTIE I love you. LETTY Oh. in the doorway. KITCHEN . FADE OUT.CONT’D Silvie stands. Silvie doesn’t move. Baby Girl. SILVIE (half kidding) Wait.76. You already done pick a date. only to find the wedding production in full gear. EXT. HOUSE . watching Scottie’s taxi drive away. is on the phone. Letty is cleaning up from breakfast.

To the top.AFTERNOON Simone and the WEDDING PLANNER stand at the bottom of the “TARA” like staircase. I don’t have the energy. SIMONE (O. So let’s have Silvie enter down the grand stairway. she turns and SIMONE No. furiously making plans. no. disinterested. Silvie! When she reaches .) Silvie. Go to the top of the stairs and walk down for us. COUNTRY CLUB . she see the word “WEDDING” written on Tuesday. Silvie. SIMONE I always wanted to make a grand entrance when I got married. SILVIE A Tuesday?!! SIMONE (whispers to Silvie: away from the phone) It was the first day the club had available. she keeps walking. Silvie turns and continues up. Silvie pushes Simone of the way of the production board. In magic marker. Now turn. Don’t make me beg. Silvie shoots her a “you’ve got to be kidding me” look.77. The club? SILVIE INT. SIMONE (CONT’D) For god’s sakes. Silvie trudges up. heads down. the top.S. Silvie stands aside. Halfway up. into the ballroom and then down the aisle. Exasperated. no. January 17th. Reluctantly. (to Silvie) Silvie.

not wanting to say it. (off Silvie’s look) Well. BETTY (CONT’D) How is she doing? I’m so sorry to hear about the. heads in... How did you think of that? SILVIE Cause you have cancer of the vagina. I would know you anywhere. SIMONE Oh god. Simone is in heaven. When Silvie turns away. her dad's old colleague’s wife.almost connecting for the first time -But interrupted by two TEENAGE BOYS honking and hollering trying to get their attention. bursting with pride. she sees Simone standing in the doorway. SILVIE Cancer of the vagina? (off Betty’s stunned look) I’ll give it your regards. Silvie gives a subtle snarl. . Did you see her face? Cancer of the vagina... Silvie still walking.CONT’D Silvie drives. Right. They both crack up -. BETTY Silvie Page? Is that you? Betty O’Reilly.. CAR . You look just like your mother. She is spotted immediately by Betty. What is it they say? The apple never falls far from the tree.. COUNTRY CLUB BRIDGE ROOM . SIMONE Oh.78.. INT. from the dinner party. Jim and I used to be friends with your parents before they. Betty recoils. INT.CONT’D A bunch of fancy ladies sit around playing bridge.

INT. You ready for this one? I hope you’re not busy Tuesday. You want to move your walker out of the way. Yes. SILVIE Oh my god. One chronic hypertension and two hypochondriacs. SILVIE Is everything okay? SCOTTIE Yeah. The second the light turns GREEN.EVENING Silvie looks like a teenager calling a boyfriend in secret though she is a woman calling her fiancé at work. The women continue driving in SILENCE. January 17th. It’s great. In shock. SILVIE (CONT’D) Are you there? Yeah. I finally got you.S. Ladies. Her smile begins to fade. The boys guns the engine. the boys take a minute to get their footing. Her look shocks both herself and Silvie back into reality. she catches a glimpse of her own reflection. Silvie floors it. The ladies fly down the street. Silvie and Simone share a look. No response. a Tuesday. We’ve got one acute cholecystitis. Silvie can hear a lot of commotion behind him. challenging them. January 17th.79. . Winning.) I’m here. (off his distraction) Sorry. Simone pulls off her wig and shoots the boys a frightening smile. Simone’s very busy planning the wedding she’s always wanted. TEENAGE BOY Hey. One pelvic inflammatory disease. SCOTTIE (O. SILVIE’S OLD BEDROOM . When Simone looks back in the side mirror to see if the guys are nearing. Perfect.

SCOT-TIE! NURSE (O. (to Silvie) Sil. SILVIE Sure.S. (to one of the nurses) I’m coming.S.DAY The glaring florescent lights. he sets more than a handful of prescription bottles on the counter. Yeah. SCOTTIE Silvie. GROCERY STORE . stands alone in line at the pharmacy counter. Please. blankly. She stops on the painted windows Simone drew on her walls. PHARMACIST We’re still waiting to hear from the insurance on the Darvecet.) SCOTTIE (O. SILVIE I’m picking up for Simone Pa-Reisman. When he finally steps back up. We’re in this together. SILVIE SCOTTIE I’ll call you later. She sits on the edge of her twin bed and looks around her old room. tired. The PHARMACIST heads back to the bins. Yeah. She stares at them. growing impatient. INT. It is always sunny. Silvie.) And not enough hands. Silvie waits and waits. let me call you when I get off. You’ll have to come back for that one. She hangs up. We’ll get through this.80. SILVIE It’s just a refill. . feeling alone.

then decidedly grabs a pill and takes it. she scoops the nine other prescription into her arms. Her cart is filled with Sustical. Ma’am. The fourth bottle reads VALIUM. icy day. she notices the line of people staring at her. PAYPHONE . despondent. the skies are covered in heavy grey clouds.CONT’D Silvie stands in the rain with the payphone to her ear. Silvie steps out into the freezing cold. Addiction would be the least of her problems. Each time. She peeks back at the couple. then over to the pay phone outside the market. she grabs a second. EXT. Silvie watches the couple. In a trance. in love COUPLE runs past her -. When she turns around. Just before she pulls away. filthy ice. It’s highly addictive. It is reminiscent of Scottie pulling Silvie through the streets of New York on their way to make love.CONT’D Silvie jumps into the car and dumps the pile of pill bottles onto the passenger seat. She fights to push it to her car. Trying to hurry to her car. she circles again. the wheels on the shopping cart slide across the black. still high from the Valium. PHARMACIST It’s a refill on a narcotic. GROCERY STORE . CAR . A young. it seems like she will finally exit. By the fourth lap around. INT. She grabs the various prescriptions and scans them one by one. her heavy eyelids begin to droop. She begins to circle the parking lot. she stares at the payphone. She pauses momentarily and stares down at them. SILVIE Trust me. She finally pulls into a handicapped spot and lays her head down on the wheel. EXT. kissing.CONT’D Though it is early afternoon. Off his unrelenting look.81. She . She glances up at the in love couple in their car. wavers. Her eyes glass over.the MAN pulling his laughing GIRLFRIEND along the icy pavement.

. as she watches how painful it is for Simone to swallow. cold phone. SILVIE I’ll get you some water. I wouldn’t want to talk to me. Simone A wearied.82. She hands her mother the Sustical.. The only light comes from the TV. LIVING ROOM . hungover Silvie carries in a container of Sustical and a pill box. She softens a bit. Schnnnnnnn-uucks. then close.. as she waits for someone to pick up. I’m here.. She remains half-comotosed/halfasleep against the pay phone. SILVIE You’re not there?...NIGHT The room is dim. sits watching an old Elvis movie. SIMONE Add some vodka and maybe we’ll talk. Scottie’s not here. She lays her tired head against the wet. Silvie reaches up and awkwardly rubs her larynx. INT. A BEEP. Isn’t that exciting? Remember that time that naked guy on TV with the little penis interviewed that woman about non-attachment loving? Do you think his penis was really that little or was it just cause he was fat? What if I’m stuck here? What if she never gets better. When Simone begins to choke on one of the pills. It’s not helping. ANSWERING MACHINE (Martine’s voice) You know what to do. Simone pushes her hand away. I’m at this shithole Schnnnuuucks. Her eyes open. exasperated. It takes her 3 tries before she gets the correct change into the phone. Are you there?. Silvie sighs. She opens the pill box and begins to feed her mother an onslaught of pills. I’m still here and waiting for him to call me back when he can actually talk to me. . (reading the market sign) Schnucks.

HALLWAY .NIGHT Silvie peers out the back door and glances around. swinging back and forth. SIMONE Then he’s probably not doing anything.. SILVIE Let’s go. You’re gonna freeze to death. SILVIE Mimi. The TV is still on.83.A FEW MINUTES LATER Returning with the water. Simone doesn’t budge. she looks into each room. Mimi. but Simone is gone. SILVIE (CONT’D) What are you doing out here? Let’s go. It’s snowing. EXT. Silvie tries to help her mother off the swingset but she won’t budge. in the snowy cold. SILVIE It’s almost 1 o’clock in the morning. She stops when she hears the creaking of the rusty swings. SILVIE (looking into the house) Where the hell’s Henry? SIMONE Playing golf. Mimi. . where are you? As she heads down the hall.. INT. Mimi. Mimi-SILVIE She spots Simone. Silvie glances into the living room. BACKYARD .

Dan was off on business like he always was.84. You and Theo were up in Theo’s room watching one of your shows. He can’t hear you. he’d never have let this happen to me. SIMONE Oh. Silvie tries again to lift her mother off the swing. wouldn’t that be so much more interesting than dying of cancer. she winces in pain. SILVIE You’re not dying. if your father was still here. SILVIE That’s why you left him? Dad because of a swing? You left SIMONE Because everytime I looked out that window. cooking your dinner one night. She gives up. then reaches down and gives herself a shot of morphine via the pump. my world seemed so damn small. You know. . Get up. Simone continues swinging with her eyes closed. And I just stared out that window at the brown grass under the dirty snow. SILVIE I can’t do this alone. And this swing set with the broken swing that hung down low on one side. It’s so goddamn ordinary. Suddenly. SILVIE If he was so great. He never fixed it and I hated him for that. why the hell’d you dump him? SIMONE Why? You know why? Because I was standing in the kitchen. (Calling) Henry! SIMONE Forget it.

SILVIE SIMONE I thought for sure Scottie would’ve told you. That’s too SIMONE Unfortunately. I guess he’s a better man than I took him for. then turns and stares straight ahead at the house. SILVIE What are you doing? much. only hearing the thoughts inside her head.seeing the MORPHINE PUMP for the first time. Silvie is STUNNED . SILVIE Why were you hiding it? SIMONE It didn’t accessorize well with my outfit. He’s a Silvie shuts down. SILVIE What is that? SIMONE They say this shit’s supposed to ease the pain. Stop it.85. doctor. Simone sees her shock. Pie. he knew. SILVIE Scottie knew? SIMONE Of course. I guess it depends on whose. . they’ve got these things regulated or I’d probably be far less resentful. SILVIE Why didn’t you tell me how bad it was? Simone covertly tries to take another hit of Morphine.

) (half-asleep) Is everything okay? SILVIE No. She stares at the clock.S. . Maybe he felt sorry for me. SCOTTIE (O. My mom’s got a morphine pump hooked into her body.MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT Silvie sits on the edge of her bed with her head in her hands. On an urge. SCOTTIE SILVIE You’re sorry for her or you’re sorry you didn’t tell me? Both. she grabs the phone and dials. SILVIE Stop lying! SCOTTIE It’s 4:30 in the morning here. INT. SIMONE (CONT’D) I know. It's almost as if this is exactly what Silvie's been waiting to hear. I wondered myself if that’s why he went and proposed that night. SCOTTIE SILVIE Why did you ask me to marry you that night? SCOTTIE Because I love you. I’ve been working 36 hours straight. 3:30am. SILVIE’S BEDROOM .86. I’m sorry. Maybe that’s the reason. Can we talk about this after I’ve had some sleep? SILVIE NO! You waited till you knew how bad she was and then you asked me.

If it’s what you want.. Silence. you say it. SCOTTIE I’m not gonna do that. It’s just the way I learned it. Fine. SILVIE It wasn’t a real date. She stares at the silent phone. please. I’m sorry. NOTHING. It’s not what I want. SCOTTIE Oh. Silvie. I wanted to marry you as soon as I saw your knee. I may never know. . know anymore. I. But if you don’t know how I feel about you at this point-SILVIE See? That’s just it. So what’s this really about? SILVIE It’s about who you did this for. as if waiting for it to ring. then hangs up. SILVIE Say it’s over.. You’ve been looking for a way out of this since our first date. Me or her? SCOTTIE I don’t know. SCOTTIE Tell me what else to do.87. I-SCOTTIE Have to pee? Jesus. Maybe both. SILVIE I don’t She lingers only a moment. Silvie.

unable. Hon. on her way to the kitchen. SIMONE (CONT’D) Look at me. Simone. Instead of a train. . she stops -. SIMONE “A bow fell from the Empire waistline with a panel ending at the hemline--” (looking up) That’s what I had. listening in. go get dressed.MORNING Simone is all dolled up and on a mission. INT. It seems like an effort even for her to turn the page.88. HENRY Let her be. Henry peeks out his room. Her finger scans an old news paper clipping. I was so young. She pours over her old wedding album. SIMONE Listen to this. She summons Silvie in. (reading) “The bride was radiant in a waltzlength gown of Chantilly lace. Simone reaches for the door knob. Just before she enters to comfort Silvie. SIMONE Oh. Simone takes a deep breath. which is laid out across the dining room table. Pie. Don’t deny me the pleasure of picking out a wedding dress for my only daughter. She heads back to her room. trying to keep up her energy. Henry goes back into his room. He sees Simone standing outside Silvie’s door. HALLWAY . looking like she hasn’t slept a wink.” Silvie watches Simone’s face transform with wonderment as she reads. As soon as he’s gone. A panel. Silvie stops in the doorway. INT. DINING ROOM . pasted into her wedding album.SAME Hearing the commotion.

) Look at it.O. Oh god. SILVIE (whispers to herself) Try black.. SIMONE You’re fine. I can’t. via the mirror. SILVIE This dress could be the foundation for a whole city. pushes her hands down to her sides. A whole lifetime. SILVIE I don’t think so. Now go get dressed.. Silvie shuffles out.89.DAY Silvie stands on a pedestal in front of the three way mirrors. SIMONE What do you mean you don’t think so? We have to get this done. SIMONE (V. . WEDDING DRESS SHOP DRESSING ROOM . It’s the foundation for a whole marriage. SIMONE This is it. SILVIE I. Hurry up so the mother-of-the-bride can figure out what she’s gonna wear. she can’t find the words. Pie. This dress is the perfect foundation for the whole wedding. Though she wants to tell her. It’s perfect. Simone looks her in the eyes. SILVIE You don’t seem up to it. She is reluctantly dress in a gown right out of “Gone With the Wind”. INT. Simone Silvie fiddles with the zipper. Please. SIMONE I feel good today. trying to get it off. Too tired to fight.

SILVIE I’m serious. listen to me. Trust me. please. We broke up. You don’t just throw a good thing away. SIMONE Then what’s your problem? SILVIE I don’t know.90. SIMONE Then let’s just hurry up and do this. Silvie pulls her hand away. It’s perfect. You won’t always find something better. Please. gonna be a wedding. SILVIE It’s not the dress. . I know. SIMONE We don’t have time. SIMONE (CONT’D) Listen to me. SIMONE There’s nothing to think about. Don’t you get it? There’s not SIMONE Oh. I’m not getting married. SILVIE (cracking) Mimi. SILVIE I-.I just need more time. It’s over. Do you know how many married couples called off their weddings before the big day? I must’ve divorced your father a thousand times before I actually left him. Fine. Darlin’. She reaches back for the zipper. SILVIE I’ll think about it.

SIMONE You don’t know what you’re talking about. Let me help you. SALESWOMAN Ma’am. . A few other BRIDES stand aside. Ma’am. I want to know you’re gonna be okay. SIMONE Well.91. SILVIE No shit. Bullshit! SILVIE SIMONE I do. trying to get it to budge. INT. I’m done! (tearing at the dress) Oh god. SILVIE I’m not getting married! SIMONE Well then. WEDDING DRESS DRESSING ROOM ATRIUM . then it’s a stupid mistake.CONT’D Silvie stops in the fitting area. please. Someone get me out of this thing! She finally gives up fighting with the dress. Pie. For you. You have no idea what you want. you’re making a big mistake. I even said yes to a marriage I wasn’t ready for. I’m twenty five years old and I have no idea what I want because everything I always did was for you. I just want you to be happy. trying to pull the dress off her body in every direction. grabs her bag and storms out of the dressing room. SILVIE But it’s my mistake. Fine. She yanks at the zipper. SIMONE Silvie.

A group of SALES CLERKS AND PATRONS rush to her aid.92. watches. GET BACK HERE WITH THAT DRESS! Silvie keeps walking. she sees Simone gasping for air. I’m sorry. DRESS SHOP LOBBY . dropping down at her side. Silvie .CONT’D Silvie takes off toward the front doors. SALESWOMAN MA’AM. Mimi. with the dress halfunzipped. FADE IN: Please. SILVIE Good.. Cancer’s the best fucking thing that’s ever happened to you! INT. I’m gonna call the police! Silvie stops! Fine.. Simone collapses to the ground. SALESWOMAN (CONT’D) If you walk out that door. You’re gonna drag this on as long as possible. SILVIE Mimi.. Silvie runs to her mother. wake up. SIMONE How can you say that when you know I’m dying? SILVIE Quit threatening that you’re gonna die! I know you. BLACK.. Then stay the hell out of my life from now on. frozen. SILVIE Take your fucking ugly dress! When she flips around to let the woman unzip the dress.

filled with all the guilt Simone’s ever dreamed of. CUT TO: EXT.93. then tries to pull herself to her feet. Simone ignores her and drags herself to the edge of the bed.CONT’D The BEEPing of the heart monitor continues.) MOTHERFUCKER! She heads toward her mother’s voice. Elvis’ “IF I COULD DREAM” plays. Mimi! SILVIE (CONT’D) You can’t just walk out! She pulls herself to her weak. She stops and tries to catch her breath. SILVIE What are you doing? SIMONE Whadda you care? SILVIE Mimi. lay down. SILVIE (CONT’D) (calls out) CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE! . HOSPITAL HALLWAY . As the music ends. INT. in Simone's car. only to find her mother. wobbly Simone tries again. the last note of the song morphs into a constant BEEP. sitting up in bed.S. ripping off the heart monitor patches from her chest. EXT.CONT’D Silvie enters. SIMONE (O. searching for her mother. Silvie hurries down the hallway. Immediately she collapses back down to sitting.CONT’D Silvie follows behind the paramedics. feet. SIMONE’S HOSPITAL ROOM . STREET .

toward the door. INT. Reisman. Mrs. SIMONE I am NOT staying in that godforsaken. HOSPITAL HALLWAY . Reisman-- . Do you know who I am? NURSE Mrs. Reisman. SILVIE Can you please tell this woman she can’t leave? NURSE Reisman. I will get someone in as quickly as I can to see you. NURSE Please. double of a room.94. She holds up her middle finger. The Nurse grabs Simone by the arm. a NURSE heads over. Mrs. Go back to your bed. Silvie tries to block her. Simone grabs onto anything she can. piece of shit. to catch her breath. Hearing the commotion. Simone’s too weak to push her out of the way. SIMONE Tell him I looked like this. before she falls. then pushes past Silvie. moving inch by inch. SILVIE Get back in there! NOW! SIMONE I am not staying here under these conditions. She pulls away from the Nurse.CONT’D Simone pauses in the doorway. The doctor hasn’t even seen you yet.

MIDNIGHT An OLD WOMAN. She too. as if seeing her own life flashing before her eyes. INT. Ma’am.95. Silvie stares at the oblivious woman. the mus-aque-version of IN YOUR EYES plays. besides Silvie. Silvie’s eyes well.CONT’D As she waits for the elevator. SIMONE I dated Elvis. then shoves it in the nurse’s face. it’s not you. A few other nurses inch over to see. like Silvie.. is sitting alone. This woman knew Elvis. look at the way he’s looking at her. HOSPITAL CAFETERIA . Over the loud speakers. Silvie doesn’t move. Coco. She flips it open. she stares at the pay-phone. Do you know what he would do if he ever found out you were treating me like this? A few of the other Nurses chuckle. The elevator door opens. SIMONE Do you know him? Do you?! Then I wouldn’t be passing judgement. sits mouthing the red gelatin. this late at night. Simone feels around her neck for her locket. INT.. come look. sans a full set of teeth. . NURSE I believe Elvis is dead. AN OLDER NURSE Is that really you? SIMONE Well. OLDER NURSE Oh. HOSPITAL HALLWAY . Simone glares at one of the mocking nurses. An OLDER NURSE takes her other arm. As they lead her back. She is the only other patron in the cafeteria. ANOTHER NURSE You were so beautiful. for gods’ sakes.

. A woman signals to her to get in..CONT’D A much nicer room. The room is empty. GIFT SHOP . She turns it over and re-reads her words. INT. The sheets have been Just as she starts to panic. She chooses the most benign of the cards with a photo of hospital on the front. watching cable. Simone is sitting up in bed. ORDERLY You lookin’ for Mrs. MY PRIDE. WITHOUT The Mandarin version of IN YOUR EYES begins to play. She picks up the phone and dials in a long series of numbers.CONT’D Silvie stands in front of the mail slot on the wall. SIMONE’S HOSPITAL ROOM . Silvie just shakes her head. It’s everything she’s ever wanted. Carpet.CONT’D Silvie scans the limited choices of postcards. pulled from the bed. Silvie turns and heads to the pay-phone instead. resigned and takes a seat. A corner room. She gives Silvie a brief. SILVIE”. as Silvie hesitantly tosses the postcard into the mail slot. WITHOUT A NOISE.96. Elvis? in 425 east now. GIFT SHOP . I GET SO “ROST” SOMETIMES. then goes back to flipping through her 50 channels. Silvie peeks in.CONT’D Silvie enters. She stares down at the picture of the hospital on the front of the card.. Bigger. INT. all-knowing shrug. She’s INT. “ROVE. SIMONE’S NEW HOSPITAL ROOM . A single. EXT. an ORDERLY leans in. then hangs up.

. The other’s wait with baited NURSE It would’ve been great. in full make-up. breath.97. ANOTHER PATIENT It would’ve been perfect.. if I played my cards right. It could’ve been. She pauses to maximize the effect and catch her breath.NEXT DAY A party. A handful of NURSES. Silvie. Theo stands beside his mother’s bed with his suitcase beside him. lie in bed arduously signing autographs. Henry is almost invisible.. SIMONE (CONT’D) You know. a VOLUNTEER.. OLDER NURSE Thank you. SIMONE Well. And his hands... Theo and Henry are all there. lord! Simone stares off. . staring up at the muted picture. Silvie stands near the window. past her admirers. too tired to go on. I’m not someone who kisses and tells. looking out. SIMONE (CONT’D) His hands were soft as rain. (Silvie mouths along the all-too-familiar story) Always folded up in that squint. She stops. Silvie and Theo share a look. and a few other PATIENTS fill Simone's room to meet the woman who made love to Elvis. Simone. INT. standing under the TV. SIMONE (CONT’D) But I will say he had the most beautiful eyes. who knows what might’ve happened. SIMONE’S NEW HOSPITAL ROOM . like he didn’t trust anybody.

As soon as he starts. Shit. Theo begins to sing LOVE ME TENDER. the “fans” applaud. Though the commotion continues around Simone. THEO SIMONE Please. Sing to me. He looks at her. Not that. Simone stares directly at him with tears in her eyes. Dan. Silvie spots her father.98. Forget they’re all here. INT. He takes a deep breath and begins to sing “IF EVER I WOULD LEAVE YOU”. heading off the elevator.CONT’D As she exits the room. focusing in only on Theo. Trust me. (MORE) . as if holding on for dear life. Oh baby. You don’t have to worry about her anymore. she turns to Theo and grabs his hand. That’s part of the payoff. She spots a MAN climbing out of an old Oldsmobile and hurries out of the room. Nobody notices her leaving. DAN Your brother said she’s not doing well. HOSPITAL HALLWAY . SIMONE (CONT’D) Something else. Simone ignores them. SIMONE (CONT’D) Something from Camelot. Just to me. SILVIE She dumped you. quizzically. He wracks his brain trying to come up with something. SIMONE (CONT’D) Hurry. carrying flowers. Mom. Silvie does a double take back to the window. Dad. SILVIE You’re either a saint or a glutton.

DAN Your mother just always had bigger fish to fry. She keeps it. DAN What can I say? There’re some things that just don’t die. A note from Martine is attached: “FAT WITH A SMALL PENIS. Saint. SILVIE He looks back at Silvie. At the back of the pile is a padded envelope. Darling. Her father sits down. Dan peeks into the room. surprised. her IV.” Silvie leans over her mother. She quietly sticks the video in the VCR. DAN I’ll wait a few minutes till things settle down in there. SIMONE’S HOSPITAL ROOM . uncommitted nod. SILVIE Isn’t it funny? She finally got everything she always wanted. She stops on a brochure from Parson’s school of Design. Static. Silvie gives a gentle. She stares up at The two sit quietly Silvie flips through a pile of mail. .DUSK Simone lie in bed with her back to Silvie. tossing the junk. MARTINE. She sits down at waits. listening the rest of Theo’s Camelot. LOVE. SILVIE Have you met Henry? DAN Oh. She pats the empty chair next to her. She quietly tears the package open and pulls out a video tape. SILVIE (cont'd) I’d pay a million dollars in alimony not to have to care. I think we all disappointed her. Silvie takes a seat on a metal folding chair against the wall. watching each drip fall. who is fast asleep. INT.99.

You’ve got a nice figure. Simone rolls over and glances up at the screen. SIMONE What are you doing back here? thought you had a show. She begins to flip through. then to the ladies. in the midst of animalistic gay sex. SIMONE (referring to the man’s chaps) Pleather was always a lousy invention. THEO Okay. appear on the screen. Silvie looks over at her mother. THEO I . SIMONE You could probably get away with a A-line mini in it. They stare up at the video. SILVIE I’ve never really worn it. SIMONE (CONT’D) No matter how thin you are. rather expressionless -. surprised. SILVIE After a brief connection. As various classes begin to spark her interest. Silvie reaches over for the Parson’s School of Design brochure. Silvie quickly closes the brochure and sets it aside. two MEN. Simone looks over to him. She looks back at Silvie. A moment later. Silvie quickly hits MUTE. Heavy groans.passing the time together. Yeah. Theo enters. She flips to the application and fills in her name. He looks up at the TV. the two women turn back to the TV. As the minutes pass.100. it shows every lump and line. It’s fine. Thanks. she circles them.

electric doors. you’ll stop expecting her to be different. SIMONE Don’t you dare waste any more time in this shit hole. He smiles. She looks at his lavender hair.101. saying goodbye. HOSPITAL . EXT. SILVIE Why didn’t I end up more like you? THEO The penis or the purple hair? SILVIE Just less like her. INT. THEO I’m sorry. HOSPITAL LOBBY . glass. The multiple piercings. SILVIE Our mom’s up there dying and I still want to kill her. Forcing her to stop and THEO So maybe.EVENING Silvie and Theo head toward the front doors. at some point. Silvie sighs and raises the volume on the video. look at him. I’ll try to get back here after the Cleveland show. You’ve got things to do and I’ve got Silvie. Accept that she’s just a mixture of shit like the rest of us. SILVIE (CONT’D) It’s not funny.CONT’D Theo and Silvie stand just outside the front. Theo leans around her and stops. .

MIDNIGHT Silvie is crunched up in a chair. Pie-face. SILVIE . That’s only cause she’s older. who’s that man who was sitting by my bed? Henry. Mimi. he holds his fingers in a peace sign against the window. I know. SIMONE’S HOSPITAL ROOM . THEO Oh. INT. Simone looks over. SIMONE Why the hell would he do that? SILVIE Uh. trying to get comfortable enough to sleep. She finally gives up and grabs her belongings to go. SIMONE Where is he? SILVIE He left a while ago. then heads out. you divorced him eight years ago. SIMONE That’s no excuse.102. SILVIE You know the only difference between us? Her list of regrets is just a little longer. as he pulls away. Through the taxi window. SILVIE He gives her a last kiss on the cheek. (continuing) Well. SIMONE Where’s Dan? SILVIE He’s not here.


SIMONE I don’t want Henry. Silvie heads to the door.

I want Dan.

SILVIE Is there anything you want from home? SIMONE Your father. SILVIE Anything else? SIMONE Diane Dover dead. SILVIE I’ll be back in a little while. Wait. What? SIMONE SILVIE

SIMONE I don’t want you to go yet. SILVIE I’m just going home to get a few hours sleep. Please. SIMONE

Silvie senses Simone’s fear. SIMONE (CONT’D) I’ll tell you a secret if you stay. SILVIE I know all your secrets, Mimi. SIMONE Oh, please. Call me mom. just call me mom. Silvie points to the door. SILVIE I’ll be back in a few hours. promise. I For once


SIMONE Please, Baby. Lay down with me. I’m just not ready to be alone yet. Unsure if Simone is trying to tell her something, Silvie reluctantly lies down in Simone's hospital bed. She lies completely still, with her back to her mother. Simone reaches back for Silvie's hand. Caught off guard, Silvie lets her take it. They lie in silence. After a few minutes...

SIMONE It was one night. SILVIE (without looking back) What? SIMONE Elvis. It was just that one night and he did nothing but talk the whole damn time. He never asked one thing about me. I could’ve been anyone. I finally pretended to go to the bathroom and I never came back. Silvie’s eyes fill with tears. Simone rolls onto her back. ceiling. She stares straight up at the

SIMONE (CONT’D) I’m sorry to disappoint you. Without looking back, Silvie shakes her head. They lie there in silence. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - MORNING The two women are fast asleep in the twin-sized hospital bed. Simone is on her back. Silvie is unaware that she has rolled over and is facing her mother. She is startled by a heavy tap on her shoulder. Her eyes flash open. She sees Simone, asleep, then sits up and looks around, befuddled.


HEAVY WOMAN (in a loud whisper) Excuse me? Silvie flashes over to a very large WOMAN, 60, in a wheelchair, beside the bed. She is holding out a pad of paper and pen for an autograph. HEAVY WOMAN (CONT’D) Are you Elvis’ daughter? No. SILVIE

Silvie looks at her mother, she is fast asleep. Silvie turns back to the woman, then jumps out of bed and hurries out of the room. INT. CAR - MORNING Silvie, in yesterday’s clothes with yesterday’s breath, speeds down the street, on a mission INT. WEDDING DRESS SHOP - DAY Looking like hell, Silvie enters, a bit hesitant. When the sales people see her, they hurry to get away and help anyone but her. Silvie pulls out a credit card and holds it out for her Saleswoman. SILVIE For the dress. SALESWOMAN I don’t know which dress your talking about. SILVIE The ugly one-- I mean, the big one. The Gone With The Wind one... Please. The Saleswoman reluctantly take Silvie’s credit card, then marches away. As Silvie waits, an overly cheerful bride to be turns to chat her up. BRIDE So when are you getting married?

HOSPITAL HALLWAY . the price tags are still connected.AFTERNOON The elevator is filled.106. From behind. Simone had written either her or Silvie’s name. among the visiting crowd. SILVIE (CONT’D) Mimi.. I’m not. Mom? Silvie’s arms fall to her sides. Mimi. Silvie stops just inside the doorway. SIMONE’S HOSPITAL ROOM . DISSOLVE TO: . She reaches down and opens it. then rolls over and falls back to sleep. grey eyes flicker open. INT. Resigned. She holds out her arms. HOSPITAL . she looks around for something to do.CONT’D Silvie hurries to her mother’s room. dragging the giant dress along. Knock yourself out. She finds an old. as folded paper falls from the back pages of the book. She nearly gasps to find her winning.CONT’D Silvie enters in wedding dress. She quickly fingers through the book only to find her first place ribbon. As she flips through. Silvie.. She begins to flip through.. Simone looks at her. When Simone rustles in bed. Vogue pattern book of her mothers. is now showered and dressed in the giant Gone With the Wind wedding dress. As she waits. A pestering little kid tries to climb under her hoop. SILVIE Here you go. Next to the various designs. then heads out. where we see her foot anxiously tapping. INT. she takes a seat. She kicks the kid away. INT. As she clasps it tightly and stares at her sleeping mother. Silvie throws the ribbon back in the book and puts it away.. SILVIE Silvie grabs the dress from the Saleswoman. Simone’s dark. childhood drawing that her mother obviously kept. her eyes glass over.

I wanted you to know.. SILVIE It’s Silvie. in her big. ORDERLY (CONT’D) Your mama told us all about the big wedding. No response. it is growing dark.EARLY EVENING Behind the shades. SILVIE (CONT’D) (to the orderly) (playing the lie) Thanks. SIMONE (CONT’D) My daughter was gonna get married. He looks at Silvie. well. SILVIE Yeah. No. orderly leaves. SIMONE’S HOSPITAL ROOM . SIMONE Don’t you look beautiful. She looks at Simone for her reaction. A light smile fills her face. Silvie swallows. SIMONE You should’ve seen her. An ORDERLY enters and places what will be an un-eaten tray of food beside Simone’s bed. She looked just like the top of a wedding cake. SILVIE It’s not what you-- Simone’s eyes open. . ORDERLY Congratulations. It’s me. We’re very excited. white gown and nods impressed..107. She shakes her head. I wanted you to at least see-. The Simone’s eyes brighten when she see Silvie.

look at me. SILVIE (her voice. SIMONE . SIMONE (CONT’D) You’ll apologize for me. SIMONE Oh god. A beat. I don’t even have any lipstick on. SIMONE Dad? SILVIE You don’t have to apologize to I’m the one-- SIMONE Just tell her that I’m sorry. Or that other stupid Pie name you call me. SILVIE Let’s just say we did the best we could and let that be enough. overwhelmed. taking it all in. SILVIE A really big cake. Please. overwhelmed. Promise? Silvie’s eyes tear up. me. SIMONE Let her know I won’t always be this way. Look at me! I’m doing it. Silvie stops. won’t you? SILVIE Apologize to who? Silvie. I’m sorry you have to see me like this.108. cracking) Okay. It’s Silvie. SILVIE I don’t care how you look. No. She gently nods. (off Simone’s lack of response) Mimi.

. Silvie’s head begins to shake. Silvie and Henry are cleaning out the room. SIMONE’S HOSPITAL ROOM . the OLD NURSE enters. SIMONE Are you the one on duty all night? I am. then heads out.109. realizing it’s all too late. She doesn’t quite reach. Simone’s eyes fall shut. FADE IN: INT. SILVIE I like you. Theo and Henry carry out a suitcase and Simone's other belongings. alone in the room. Bed is stripped. too. continues collecting her mother's things. I promise. SILVIE Simone reaches for Silvie’s hand.. SILVIE SIMONE I like you. but looking far more wearied. FADE OUT. Theo. peacefully. OLD NURSE Did she really have an affair with Elvis? SILVIE No. Silvie is still in the wedding dress. Tears stream from her eyes.EARLY MORNING The curtains are open. But she had a great love. She hands Silvie a pile of her mother’s belongings with the locket on top. Silvie. Just before she goes. Silvie leans forward and takes her mother’s hand.. As she takes one final look around the room. The sun shines in. she looks back. Elvis’ version of “ANY WAY YOU WANT ME” begins to play.

As they stop at a crosswalk. crossing the street. as she waits for the elevator. there is a LITTLE GIRL. He nods. SILVIE (CONT’D) I was hoping maybe we could start again. She stares mesmerized at a line of school kids. The child at the front of the line wears a sign KIDS ON THE MOVE. reminiscent of a young Silvie. pleading to be freed. Just the two of us. EXT. SILVIE It’s just a loaner. A quiet pause. Scottie pulls away a few inches to take in the sight of Silvie in this very large wedding gown. realizing her mother’s gone. There is no more hesitation. . Silvie’s attention is suddenly pulled away. HOSPITAL . she drops the locket into a trash can and continues to the elevators. INT. Without even stopping. all tied together. SILVIE She pauses only a moment. Tears begin to roll down SCOTTIE (CONT’D) Am I too late? No. Just as the doors opens. her cheeks. HOSPITAL HALLWAY . She looks back at Silvie. her expression turns to shock. It is Scottie. He holds her. gentle smile.CONT’D Silvie heads down the hall. A female TEACHER stands in front and one in back. At the very back of the line. He gives her a warm. For my mom. There is subtle peace to Silvie. SCOTTIE I came to change your destiny.CONT’D Scottie and Silvie exit the hospital. before collapsing into his arms.110.

The crosswalk changes from a RED HAND to a WHITE MAN CROSSING. Silvie smiles back. As she snaps back into reality.111. she catches a glimpse of the little Girl just before the line of kids rounds the corner. Scottie takes her hand and gives her a gentle tug. SCOTTIE Are we starting from the beginning beginning or can we kind of pick up where we left off? FADE OUT. The Little Girl smiles at Silvie and gives a little skip. Silvie stands on the edge of the sidewalk with tears in her eyes. then turns to Scottie and follows him across the street. THE END. As Silvie looks back. . The Little Girl pulls her hands free from the ropes and begins to SKIP away. suddenly the Little Girl and the line of children morphs into a cartoon.

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