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4th Wall City


4th Wall: The invisible wall through which the audience views
the characters of stage and screen.

City: a large or important town.

Firstly, consider this:

• What if hip hop was more about telling poignant stories

rather than simply representing your neighbourhood?

• What if the music featured no melodies, bass lines or drum

patterns used previously by other artists and was created
with the sole purpose to tell those stories?

• What if the MCs telling those stories inhabited different

characters as an actor would, rather than just sprouting
opinion after opinion?

If you hear anything like this, you would have just stepped
into 4th Wall City.

The duo formed in 2004 in the hope of creating something unique in hip hop. Nick Miller (Sizknac) had a
background in both hip hop and metal (playing lead guitar in Aussie metal band “Discontent”), but felt a
need to push his skills to a new place. Justin Grainger (Tuscan) had a background in writing rhymes and
had sometimes MC’d at drum and bass parties organized by 4th and West (who eventually became Foreign
Dub); however, he felt that the content of his lyrics would be better contemplated through the medium of
hip hop.

Their music is best described as Hip Hop/Electronica. The lyrics tell stories not unlike artists such as Nick
Cave, Tom Waits and Saul Williams, pertaining to the daily battle of the individual. The beats and
melodies have the punchiness of the Kottonmouth Kings, the craziness of (hed)PE and the aggression of
Primer 55, wrapped into a hip hop aesthetic.

In 2009, their track ‘Ode to the Villain’ was featured in the Australian film ‘The Combination’ which had a
national cinema release and received critical acclaim. The film was credited as having a strong soundtrack
in the majority of reviews both written and screened.

4th Wall City has performed in venues in Sydney such as Bar Broadway, La Campana and The Oxford Art
Factory. Their energy on stage is dynamic and echoes the forceful nature of the music.
In early 2010, 4th Wall City will release their debut offering ‘Flight of the Raven’.
14 tracks of brutal madness in a concept album that, whilst featuring cultural references from our
everyday lives, tells the stories of people from the imaginary city of 4th Wall. Sizknac and Tuscan
currently inhabit characters from this city (located somewhere in Australia), which although imaginary,
has struggles far too familiar to us all.

4th Wall City - Resume

4th Wall City is:

• Justin Grainger (Tuscan) - Vocals

(shown seated right in photo)

• Nick Miller (Sizknac) - Music & Vocals

(shown seated left in photo)

4th Wall City’s music - produced, recorded and

engineered by Sizknac at 4th Wall City Studios, Sydney.

Live Performances
13.2.10 Live at the Wall (Supporting A Broken Silence). The Bald Faced Stag, Liechhardt

21.3.09 WGS 09. Cecil Hills Community Centre

3.9.08 Club Consolador De dos Caras. La Campana, Sydney

28.8.08 Exquisite Corpse. Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst

7.6.08 World’s Greatest Shave Leukaemia Benefit, Cecil Hills Community Centre.

9.2.08 Jack Daniel’s Band Comp finalists. Vineyard Hotel, Vineyard

26.10.07 Get Serv’d. Eastern Suburbs Tennis Club, Coogee

4.10.07 Clandestien ‘Chasms of the Citadel’ Album Launch. Bar Broadway, Sydney

13.4.07 Regrowth 07, Phase Three Festival. Goulburn

17.3.07 Drum n Bass Barbeque (DNBBQ). Abercrombie Hotel, Sydney


Coming 2010 Flight of the Raven - Full length 14 track feature album.

2009 The Combination. An Australian feature length film directed by David Field and released
in cinemas 26 February. Features the track ‘Ode to the Villain’.

2009 The Combination. The Soundtrack of the film. Features the tracks ‘Ode to the Villain’ and
‘Culture’(also featuring Mute MC)
2008 Black Box. A CD Rom featuring literature, artwork and music inspired by horror.
Track 6 – ‘The Bunyip Rhyme’, Track 7 – ‘Ode to the Villain’.

2004 Wordjammin, A collection of Spoken Word recordings. Published by Wordjammin Inc. for
2ser Radio (107.3fm). Track 12 - ‘Star Spangled Vulture’.


“..we think your music adds something incredible and powerful to the film. The ability for the song to
really affect the audience is something to be proud of.”
David Field (Director of the feature film ‘The Combination’ in reference to the song ‘Ode to the Villain’)

“ did such a strong performance which proved to the usual crowd that this night doesn’t owe to any
genre or sound... we really appreciate the stronger daring acts like you, and it will be continuing
performances like yours that see this project through”.
James Shirlaw (Coordinator of Exquisite Corpse at Oxford Art Factory)

“You are like a cross between aussie hip hop and Rage Against the Machine”.
Rust (Nick Platers) from The Vangarde- Best Unsigned Dance/Electronica in Australia 2007, Best Video
2008 at the prestigious Music Oz awards




Phone: Justin Grainger (Tuscan) mob: 0402 303 962

Nick Miller (Sizknac) mob: 0405 323 677