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volume sixty-five, issue 5 november 18,2019 Masthead managing editor-in-chief nn itsang Editor's Address ‘content editor-in-chief ofa champion ‘The Gary declares 20190 ffl be the year of Kean production mana Ita already, ofcourse noficlythe Dest ear on ear forashuntsman mentar foros autistic King of Hollywood. But how else woul 9 ino to celebrate a ot his achievements we id" tel you? treasurer We're tastomakers, trendsetters, but alo humble pls erin olay ‘sho worship at the altar everyone's favourite Toronto mans, Me Rowen arts culture nay organ emma ely ‘ow might inthis ise litle shorter than some in the pas, and we adit ts beeawe lof us are ying with hase en of opinions term deadlines. Bt we Gnd inspiration fom Keats good Joc sna mesa vibes and steady work ete ove sou quay nt quay Herein find highly practical ips on distinguishing between evant garg tite UC gs reves of television shove and game Inde eamogi tp bryant {crostic poem tht would make your mide school English teacher prod, and artistic edon of Kean nd contour polities sie sofia champion the words of our fay Kean character “Ted” Theodore comics Logan be excelent 1 each other grace Kovacs Weare trying our best tobe most excellent to ourselves, to. copy-editor ‘abe maser Sofia Champion & An Li Tsang distributors Edicrs-in-Chiet ffidacerna stall anna Joshua bienstock padraiceotin Kitkeaton Aaniela mahmoudt ‘maya morriswala wvina persad ‘ale sandblom ‘vneet sharma charlie wagner-chazalon alice yang, staff emeritus ‘penelope evans front cover ‘eas huntsman merkar back cover Is hntsman merkar contributors ‘ole glunte To ng About us “The Gargoyle is University College's greasiest student newspaper and publishes every two weeks, ‘We area paper that believes that sometimes yon should be angry, and that sometimes ou should be loud, and if you have not hada vice before, you deserve a voice. We do not give print space to Digs and we donot feign neutrality on issues of social justice. At this moment everything in out ‘office isa simlation ike inthe Maris: Production bi-weekly inthe UC Junior Common Room. ‘ueyargosleegmal.comy/submissions@vegargovleea mx Guess What? It's still pretty normal for politicians to think that autism should disqualify you from participating as a full member of our society. sofia champion 1 dda’ get any submissions this issue, When rm ina rushto produce some kind of eontent, Fesort to wting something personal so that people wll respect tas something meaningful Tefces like a cop-out. I's easy bors there always time between two fsues for me to be ‘onfronted with something fucked up that hits ‘me on personal level In September, around the time of Greta ‘Thonberg’s speech at the UN, [remember a ‘erin kind of erties sed on the politcal Fight ‘On Sept 2, Maxime Bernier ofthe People's Party ‘of Canada said on Twitter that Thunberg is “clearly mentally unstable. Not only tis but ebsesie-compulsive eating disorder depression and ethangy and shelves in a constant state of fear” (huthors note: Autistic ils are under great presse to mask' external syinptoms ke yperactivity and epention They might instead develop internalized symptoms hike depression forenting disorders) Dat People like Bernier say that autism makes you ferational, and that i follows that the politcal expressions of autistic people should not be taken seriously It would have sfced for Bernier to eall Thunberga “crazy person”, but, Jikea seventh grader writing an essay, he extended the word count ite ‘Other pundits, like Laura Ingraham and Michael Knowles, have lamented the exploitation’ of “Thunberg. "mental il child” One common head oll hese statements is that Greta Thunberg cannot partcpate pola because she is autistic Aristotle distinguished human beings from other reatures as poitial an rational animals Leal, acces to politcal patspation seems to fine fl personhood” in or socey, When fgovernments we don't like deny peopl the right {o poitial participation, we ell a deni of ua rights In September, we aw that some peopl tl feel confident arguing that a person should be excluded from poltal participation for being itistie They do not see autistie people ae title to the fl site of human rights, hiss nothing new. For mach ofthe 20th century, several Tost generations of aise adults spent thee ives commited to pyehiatsc institutions. Mandell et a. (2o%a) assesed 141 : Oe FS PS PL mPOLITiCs< <= men, average age 52 yeas, in a Pennsyhania pychiatric hospital. Ten pereent of these mien had undiagnosed autism. One subject ofthe study had ben deseribed as autistic asa 10- year-old, in 1955 Hisprychiatist, Lo Kane, ‘wo ltrally defined ‘utstic disorder: recommended him tothe excellent state hospital’ where he would spend 56 0 of his 66 years fife Inthe 1970s, he woud be described as having schizophrenia aid mental fetardation although he had no apparent hallucinations o delisions. Ths was common fate the autistic people studied, 1 continues today. 1 remember seeing YouTube documentary about institonalizd children in Bulgaria inthe mi-20008, and one ofthem wasa 19-year-old autistic it wast that she needed instttional suppor io get yin bert she was smart. She got duped tere because hee mother couldn handle he 1 ilentfed ao with her. She as fun and ‘energetic. She tried to make frends and developed a erush on one of her fellow inmates, By the end she was ging cattoni: She had then denied stimulation for to long. Her mother had stopped taking her alle She would bethere indent, ‘When I think bout these things, all can think '8 0h my God. Oh iy God. Ths could be me. Ta “another time or another place so cose to mine, I would not be a person Inthe 90s, people were willing to accept that autiatie people could at least serve some ofthe functions ofa human being They accepted that swe ean be productive doing "ner shit shouldbe evident from what Ihave described, however, that many people donot yet acept that we éan do “human sit thal iy as Aristotle would sat, pteipate a full members ‘of our society. We never get past the stats of “minor Some people see tas permanent shildren tobe ‘Seen and not heard” an it is only a recent development that they have lel us he seen, eather than instittionalaed ‘When I saw the things they sad about Greta ‘Thunbery lt the wa'T did reading thos: studies. spaced out ait bit I yas thinking (Oh my God. 1am barely a person to these people now; inthe year 2040, a8 @ 22-year-old ‘Thededine of insitutionalzation didnot ‘hang the ideas many people hold about autism, Clinicians who made ats people wards of the state helped define the clinical Sefinition of our condition, People who grew up while this all asthe norm deminate our Political nstitations “These people should know better they have lived through decades of research and autistic selfadvocacy. The problem is that they don't ‘want to~= why would hey want to listen to us as ifwe are people? They wil treat ts sess than Peoples longa society wil et them. [authors note: Kean Reeves i sutistie.) His IS 7 NOT g LUCAS © “GRANGER Pr isis EvERV WATE GAY 6M THE LIT MERGED! A Concise Chart to : Understand the Complex Class Politics Underscoring the Five White Gays on the UCLit Council iam p. bryant ‘Our constituents: we hear you. We know that you have no clue who the white ‘gays are on council. There are so many’of them, We don't know how they get here. They don't even known themselves. Pease, forthe love of god, use this chart to ait your concerns... n Canada’s oldest demoeratcally-clected student government “= £ COUNCIL GA TH a i peo 2 Wath fy SLAs. cen COFFEE Tyler Riches Th + Can't ~ Works for Diabolo |S tact the Lit A 2 Dont be fold isa ck Joshua Bienstock | + ey. + Cangrow Obnoxious + Classtnaitor . Worked for 18M and won't shut up | Noah Petrie about it + Old gay | + Looks like “Has the worst + Doesn't own a jean jacket # Shops at Old Navy Liam P. Bryant ‘© “ean parallel park Kyle Glunty — : eet | ist sistake onthe ls ad Thomas Pender | nd braland boy # Won't accept ‘a amas’ asa thing #_Mhomas isa thine + NONE OF US ARE LUCAS GreANGER Lucas Granger EVEN on THE LIT lok ke Tomes om = é S ‘The sz ofthe font corcespondsto the gays height o asst in picking them out na TY crowd Please be careful when approaching these gays... they are not Lucas Granger Keanu Reeves Should Be My Dad Well, if they made my life into a movie, anyway anti tsang So, cinematic at ht every ine Ken Recveshastrenina nove where charcter thas parents, they've allways een white. This is ther idcuous Hollywood fantasy Suspending my disbelit Just ke I mst believe hicwa time tavelling teenager ora sret hustler ‘sith a nacolepic boyfriend, 'm also Just. Supposed to accep that this Chinese Hawaiian halfwhite man was ereated by two pasty people about as interesting leached Nour. My tmixed-race ss calls bullshit Keany Sleeves All Tattoos Should be of Keanu Reeves charlie wagnerehazalon 1 wos et Baba Yaga Keanu Reeves curb stomp Ime with his chicken leg house think the only way the universe can rally ‘tome fr this sto do the inverse = specially ne who has white dad, Its reparations, ly though, if were ever to sgn over my Fights and maintain casting power over the mi adaptation, [would want Keanu Reeves tobe mv dad, No offense to my actual ‘dd, but Rod understands wy ths should be the niely always be game to support me ‘hem fhe doesnt understand my contain Song adalt problems. Hed be the kind of movie Father who has fee words to express his fmtions bt undertakes heartwarming ations torcommunicate his love, nonetheless enough to warrant a biopic imaybeit’ ike my Ladybird or Eig resolve alm adolescent trauma become a indie darling coming of Greta Gerigs high key boring and people fawn over her all the time.» wh not porte teomplex fl fleshed ut mixed race characters, Hollywood? Tt take es diselie suspension than most mode Bet rade and Also, equally important is the casting choice for iny thom, who of coutse ail be played by Ly te {wl ot take questions about this at this time, Thank you. ove for his dog intensifies” ‘Tattoos are intresting but a the same time ‘they are also a mask -you are exhibiting your past life on your body.” - Kean Reeves ‘We were all Keanu Reeves ina past life * * KEK + +h RIS. eee ** * MoSTLY SPoILER- FREE x ¥« C **X # REVIEW, OF DEATH STRANDING! penelope evans ant to disse ~ right here and now = hat n't kor how lng his game sad als Tan frtorusty bad at paving ideo rams despite Frings game developer myself (Pou actualy How he to have int of game-plying-Wpe ‘Pins to make games). Tim not olng to spoil seithing major, or, which you could nol trap rom the fis fw eutscenes {Fhe est thing Tdi in Norman Reeds. PSs Shnulanor zor vos get completely confused by the UL and drop Sam (Me Renda character cee emt poschy Dying steric Det Sending eae ou have 10 re 12 Jur tndcorte rpc aed gta Sam oat Led cmelines the bay ces you He tat ptr The bby il ae moon youn cer Scouts bu spay ee The reps are tue: Des Standing is majors once vith fig ot tow cary 41 Sina fad and holding your breathy an seventy clebing up the rosie of « fama nek ah A keto and behing hat Sy ‘Rone of the puries an al of the forcing Sour Mov upa shes cifeideon il And UNLIKE In Stari, Fea te my adopted child {ove the, More or less highly recommend keeping he default notion eontrls to sothe Bt, becuse there's Something ery tate and pleacantsxt teaching te fete Blow here-bubbles at you as Sou gently rock the contre “To some extent think Death Sranding is what Josie ie The. plot is preordained amd Bhalcrng but there's aot of time 10 Peeters whocver the fick Sam might be crewing throug the unde ver career cog fast ad alo slow atthe same Tier that BB doesnt get stressed es pot silentpragonit, but hes prt Sa de Aide fom vague incinations (0 fot sisterske figures, his motvations are ees TSS at pouring th you Tove ‘hed the energy to trek the same pat forthe Pan ume. the care needed to pick up and TaN iat mailonot fost hfesaving medi out ts and inkets, antiques Ferlom ll that as to come from you A Call-OUT ¥o Keanu! Hoty Superstar Kean Reeves has da Habeas career over the mary donk mest hse He has been revered not ea any ley Bua fo hs aa nal Kindness With such along neon srae tnt one woul comet eaie thy and malice ges you nowhere, bt ‘eepstn he hey to fal ie Stes one ould hope 0 {Uren to priate our ueent ‘environment Pr veancel culture” but these ce gine who consequences 10 om eins ben several emus ince wena age Recently an ently ae accra. snot unable at (ier se mays ut sie has m0 Pepin ate! Py Alot of Death Strang functions beter onthe een than it dows om paper. Yes. every tine Sore pugs the fetus ino, hs su you ge Fashiaek of BB's memorses of Mads Mikkelson fh, considering Sam's surrogate felatlonship with BBs essentially aby dad) ropronintey five oar ener ks, ad tutsde of loning orale slugs and eveatualy eer, this is the ony substance You can consume fame, mechanic, Yes there is a loving. shot Eimbing, Norman Reedus' naked body about tery thd time you shower. The fis ew times Tooke pss forgot to anequlp any dick, and i ot of other places. Tals didnt pe forthe Firstten ors Issn because kept forgetting tote it at Upportupe moments and my pss meter wien ‘aly di it was toner oom 1 night evr tls in Death Stranding's ravaged America, Tee get to. see The sunving fopulation tives In grey concrete-based ites Gnu anderground bunkers Contact ith rain ‘alld smal” rapiy accelerates an objet through ‘ne Tots through your boots and containers ‘dns mat it touches and blooms and wits Hanis undertook Tes also where the monsters Greizo fe couples the need for haste with Sttiden demand oe teal Butts warping f bor and decay doesn just Mit the world around you, tafets Sam as wee peveant de, or eater, when he dies he ‘mes ek He avoids monsters by hoking is breath and plying. dead He carries a fetus ‘Mie in development is blood and excrement seen just a weon they are the only weapon Aad perdi he get calls fom a characte, Dean, played bs Gallermo Del Toro, who tec hi the coletve knowledge of Ameria is trap for answers about these phenomena Se Sam hist. Bet stranding is a8 bleak as Ontario winter, Strong ide of one of Sky's rou. 1 eRe Aad game ve Bought im at least 0 Peet bought i while densdrated ear the ean of untngin the Yange-Dundas EB Games [ther Toronto fageip, Rave been cepeatdy told) and have no egrets abou any of hat. Vo accel {te lan coum Wi they ok ite imch,they ok ret pie ibe work, Ieparieftheyoungst ember ofthe lm stoninsther See tai hie Wingon the hay bed se shared wth he yonier blige Credenza heard inc sgund rom te cop, She raced oa 0 2c th effet a Shenste sve him ErShat hn hardabout angel, bot she ba Mitts of ethereal espe eet outa Soom Moate bathing” she opened er moth to answer but she seit tn tule unre nr arm Sat nena, es fone chicken bucking “Sinan tempt ooo hese eens wrt stag onan to save her best ‘Seal bei the mam wes tater stepping back foatarningon hs hel and leaping one the wanes plein te drt he oly ‘ihe ing ho ay understood het WITURE Dickinson is probably a very good show bao ling Apple hasbeen datamning me fr the past 60 ‘ME. During this time, they've learned ) 1 Ponca vers fig and very gy crush on Hale Stenfld by tals have very ay literary ers Sumy Dickinson, and.) Tam ver 9. They {oak tis information, spn ial together and ‘Gimited out Diekinon, a show starring Stenfeld +o pet hermit Eni Dikinson as she falls {oe with Sue Gilbert, encounters Death Aadevcter brought to ie by Wir Khalifa, and {Tar mot sure what else, because Lonly watched {he Bes two epsodes, Granted, I woul ve {eatched more, but dont have Apple TV and the Tit to epaodes were the omy ones you could See without a membership. ve they wete able to create a how ta om pal wc as see tm satya here ar os ap Chere actualy ite a oto fe for ths oe. have prophet dears ces ble cuncidences have 10 aad net and) rma preditable durbass treaty ae custene is eapable of DNB San eed by bask markt research. This samme moat bentening bt lo the See Maye am simp the poste aa ate English mals ner as hi ft be watching more of Pinson wa en dad gets msl are is Chess a tos =a Phones Apple fee ral on is acount — 4 Ye gotover the oss, cursing the ret ever sing the am everynight. making heron chide promis fo avenge fens, wh in tur made theirchidre ake these oh and shen chen se ‘were the odds that he could be found, . — ‘be roaming the world after all these statngbie none pre cae tard the bone ty Rees ropong i gsc ie ha saw what Credenza di in ffluena, opera ‘ere dante wt Soc et each new generation of Keaton coins tn esti ie B emrose-gold “They’re all angels.” — Keanu Reeves when asked what type of girls fil he likes x @ theocseason4 Thank u lesbian | Pe (Se Avant Garg) “Lettres from Immortal Keanu” \\ | | | | | | ee 1 Pa i} Thumbsucker | || \| The Last | | Time I | Committed ze Suicide VER i\\ ( The featity || of Creation | \ \ | j | | i a meen BARTLET FMA BLIOATI| Hee (}y |] Pett | | i 1] | <2 HEE TTT ME va s0 \\ | a 15 HLA tersome — |||) \| eS m3: ims eh \ | Sopp ||||||| fra “ie Jt 1th aS \| \ the Toscan Su) 1 ct 1} | comes Keankc dy 2. Omir Kexpvics ANY * ‘ 1 Ke . er psd) ae } , MA \ ay mL ( g shan Wick im Feit, TOM TEX