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November 2019

Guests may purchase chances
Duck Dinner to win a frozen turkey — or
three — and drop them ac-
Pumpkin ravioli tossed with a
brown butter sage cream sauce
Thursday, November 7th cordingly.
Dessert (choose 1)
Past Club President Nate Malo- Banana pudding
ney and his beautiful wife Katie Chocolate lava cakes
will do us the honor once again Apple spice cake
as serving as our M.C.s for the Pumpkin cheesecake

The cost is $50 per person and

On Thursday, November 7, The includes wine with dinner.
University Club will welcome
guests to one of its longest- We will kick off the evening
standing traditions: the Annual with a raw bar and cocktails in
Duck Dinner. the Grille Room at 6:00 p.m.
and dinner will follow in the
111 years ago a group of main dining room at 7:00 p.m.
University Club members got
together and came up with the R.S.V.P by Tuesday, November
idea of holding an Annual Duck 6 to mfahy@ universityclubalba- or call the club @ 518-
Dinner. The Albany Evening Jour-
nal once reported that there 463-1151.
This year, we are participating
was something doing “from sun- in Toys for Tots, a wonderful
set and evening star till the last Menu
program run by the United
schooner slipped over the bar.” · States Marine Corps that dis-
First Course tributes holiday gifts to under-
Prior to 1935, wild duck was Field Green salad with privileged children. Help us
provided by University Club House Dressing make a child’s holiday a little
member Dr. Martin Van Loan,
brighter as we celebrate our
but these days, diners have their Main Course (choose 1) annual tradition.
choice of delicious entrées pre-
pared for you by Executive Chef Filet topped with lump crab Please bring unwrapped pre-
Maxie Rodriguez. with a Bearnaise sauce sents or monetary donations —
we’ll do the rest!
Duck Dinner traditions have Spice rubbed duck with a black
evolved over the years, but cherry rosemary sauce News Flash: Pool Table in the
you’re still certain to see people
Grille Room!
in “fowl” attire and hear the Parmesan encrusted halibut in
sound of turkey calls echoing an herb butter beurre blanc Check out the pool table Mimi
down the Club’s historic corri-
relocated downstairs to the
Grille Room!
The University Club of
Albany Foundation
Unlocking the Secrets of the
Universe — Physics at the
Large Hadron Collider
Dr. Vivek Jain
Thursday, November 14 Movie Night: The Business of
5:30 – 7:00pm Fancydancing
Tuesday, November 19 at
Vivek Jain, Associate Professor of 6:00 p.m.
Physics at UAlbany, will talk about The Violent/Fraudulent:
the physics of the sub-atomic
Movie night returns with a
Geography of Hell,
world, and what we have learned the Afterlife
in the last 100 years. He is a mem- screening of the critically ac-
ber of the ATLAS experiment at claimed film The Business of Fan- Dante’s Inferno
the CERN laboratory in Switzer- cydancing. Giacomo Calabria
land. He will discuss results from Thursday, November 21
experiments at the Large Hadron Join us on Tuesday evening, Cash bar/light fare reception at
Collider including the discovery of November 19 at 6:00 p.m. in the 5:30 p.m. Talk at 6:00 p.m.
the Higgs boson, and the need for Grille Room.
new physics, e.g., dark matter,
extra dimensions. The University Club of Albany
Sherman Alexie’s directorial de-
Foundation, with the support of
but is a complex drama about
Humanities New York, is pleased
several Spokane Indians unhap-
to present the third in our series
pily reunited at a peer's funeral.
of talks on Dante’s Inferno with
author and historian Giacomo
This month’s Movie Night selec-
Calabria on Thursday, Novem-
tion was made by member
ber 21.
Catherine Dickert.
The last talk will be December
There will be a featured menu 5: “The Fraudulent: The
Cash bar/light fare reception at and of course a themed cocktail!
5:30 p.m. * Conversation at 6:00 p.m. Malebolge, Traitors, Satan.”
Sign up at www.universityclubalbany
or email or call the Club What film would you like to Sign up for one or both sessions
share with the Club? on the UClub website or email
The Society of New Weekday Menu
Architectural Historians Specials Starting
presents: Tuesday, November 5!
Historic Troy Factory
Conversions and Their Im-
pact on Downtown
Tuesday, December 3
Cash bar/light fare reception at
5:30 p.m. * Talk at 6:00 p.m.
Troy's River Street is changing

Albany Roundtable
Chicken or Eggplant
Presents Parm Tuesdays
Doug Myers of the
Tuesday nights will bring a
Albany International taste of Italy to the Club, featur-
Airport ing your choice of Chicken or
Wednesday, November 13 Eggplant Parmesan.
Noon to 1:00 fast due to several significant
textile factory conversions. Most Entrées include soup or salad
Join the Albany Roundtable are being turned into apart- and pasta and our homemade
when it welcomes Albany Inter- ments, often with a sprinkling of bread. Just $10.99!
national Airport spokesperson stores, museums and office
Doug Myers, who will discuss space on the lower floors.
new airlines and the airport’s
$90 million makeover. Historian Dan Palmer will give a
Mr. Meyers, who has served for talk on the textile factories of
20 years, will share key infor- Troy on December 3.
mation about the improvements
being made at and around the Mr. Palmer's talk will cover the
airport history of Troy's textile industry,
the stories of the companies that
This buffet lunch is open to the built and occupied these massive
public as well as Roundtable and Thursday is Prime
buildings, as well as the design
University Club members. and engineering of the extant Rib Night!
Come and bring a friend. textile factories located in Troy,
concluding with a look at the re- Bring your appetite for Prime Rib
cent surge of industrial to resi- night, Thursdays starting at 4:00
Sign up at
dential conversions. p.m. For only $19.99, you will
www.albanyroundtable com.
get a 14oz Prime Rib Dinner.
Slow roasted in our special ov-
Please RSVP by emailing mfa- ens to perfection, it’s served or with choice of soup or salad, po-
call 518-463-1151 tato, and a vegetable, and in-
cludes our homemade bread.
Get it while it lasts!
Save the dates!
University Club Board of Directors DIRECTORS
Rob Crudden
Bob Sheehan: President Dave Hochfelder
Jim Davies: Vice President Geoffrey Hoderath
Teresa Casey: Secretary Nate Maloney
Jeff Hill: Treasurer Dan Pearson
Amy Hines Kramer: Past President Chuck Seifert
Damon Stewart

November 2019 Club favorites Off the Record will

play the Grille Room on
Saturday, December 14!
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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Lunch/ closed

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closed Dinner/ Dinner/ Dinner Duck Dinner Lunch/ closed

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closed Veterans Dinner/ Dinner/ Dinner/ Lunch/ closed
Day Roundtable Quantum Dinner
Chris Formant will be here in Feb-
17 Club 18 Lunch/ 19 Lunch/ 20 Lunch/ 21 Lunch/ 22 Lunch/ 23 Club ruary to discuss his new book, The
closed Dinner/ Dinner/ Dinner/ Dinner/ Dinner closed Forgotten Story of the Maryland
Movie Dante’s In-
Night ferno
400 and the Battle of Brooklyn .
(Date TBA)
24 Club 25 Lunch/ 26 Lunch/ 27 Lunch/ 28 Closed 29 30 Club
closed Dinner/ Dinner/ Thanksgiv- Lunch/ closed

As a reminder, the Grille Room is routinely open Monday-Friday from 11:30

a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for lunch, dinner, and happy hour. Coming February
21, 22, & 23
The Grille Room may be open at other times for special events. The Clubhouse
is open all day Monday through Friday if you want to come by and work, relax,
or socialize (or even shoot pool or bowl a few frames)!

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