Iatrogenocide - Mass Murder By Medicine Of all issues concerning Americans, more than the middle eastern wars, more

than 911, The "muslim threat" or the alien agenda; illegal or from outer space, this is the number one pressing problem for Americans, right now. The collective death rate from all of medicine combined is approx. anywheres from 800,000 - 1,000,000 a year. Thats approx. 2200 - 2700 plus A DAY. And this is from reported medical mistakes, many go unreported, for fear of reprisal or lawsuit. The death rate in my mind is so high, its incomprehensible, when you start to put it in perspective with other yearly/daily death rates of varying causes. I first heard of this inordinarily high death rate first from Dr Joel Wallach who cited JAMA 2000 July issue that stated, "225000 deaths every year in hospitals alone." So I started scouring the net and book stores for books on the subject, as of 3 years ago, the 3 main sources for research were, JAMA July 2000 article, "License to Kill" by Andrew Robbins and the Death by Medicine article signed By Gary Null, Ph.D., PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD And to be clear these deaths are not from the disease they first signed into the hospital for, they are deaths irrelevant from whatever ailment they had at time. Staph infections, hospital mistakes, botched operations etc. Drs dirty hands alone cause 250 deaths A DAY. That alone is far higher than the collective deaths, per day in the middle east, where there is a war and they are actually trying to kill each other. Medicine is supposed to heal, correct ? Death statistics. I started using the internet to compile "death statistics" ; what caused the most deaths. Was it alcohol? Cigarettes? Car accidents? Guns? Heart disease? Cancer? War? Or the treatments for various illnesses? I figured the fastest way to put something in perspective was "How dangerous is it ? Its likelyhood to cause death" So I started with guns, since they have been painted in a bad light with all the accidents and crimes that are reported . Half of all gun related deaths are suicide.

Cause Deaths Per Year Guns 30,708 Suicides by firearm 18.000

000 Total accidental deaths per year (all causes) 96.000 .831.ama- .1. Or if it was the disease alone.Murders by firearm 14.000 In hospital alone 225.000 . This is a wide gray area.000.000 Alcohol 75.000 Motor vehicle accidental deaths per year 43.000 Estimated 10-Year Death Rates from Medical Intervention 7.360 * Its not indicated whether or not medical intervention caused the death or not.272 Cancer* 559.888 Breast Cancer* 41.000 Cigarettes/Smoking 440.000 Total Combined Medical System 800. that needs more investigation.100.000 . Statisics and citations Is US Health Really the Best in the World? http://jama.100 Vietnam War (over ten years) 58.841.000 Heart Disease* 500.

htm "Older people's gun deaths are most likely to be suicides.424 (57%) were suicides.. for 1998 are as follows: "In 1998.org/cgi/content/extract/284/4/483 and http://silver.com/english/resources/research_guide/2e/resources/ca se_study.” gun-death statistics in the U.12. 866 (3%) were accidents.5% of all gun deaths according to the Bureau Of Justice Statistics.102 (39%) of those were murdered.org/wiki/Gun_violence_in_the_United_States . 30.12. MD.651 Americans were killed in the Korean War and 58.” http://www. drugs and suicides account for more than 2 out of every 3 gun deaths in the US" http://college. and in 316 (1%) the intent was unknown.. and Dorothy Smith.html "According to “Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.D.edu/~lakes/iatrogenic.708 people in the United States died from firearm-related deaths . Martin Feldman. Debora Rasio. Ph. In fact.S.amazon. 17. PhD http://www.tincher.whale.pdf "License To Kill" by Andrew G Robbins http://www. 866 (3%) were accidents.." http://www.wikipedia. Suicides typically make up 56. ND.to/a/null9. MD. Carolyn Dean MD.424 (57%) were suicides.102 (39%) of those were murdered.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias %3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=%22License+To+Kill %22+Andrew+Robbins&x=14&y=14 Death by Medicine By Gary Null.193 Americans were killed in the Vietnam War.bradycampaign. 30.wisc.org/facts/factsheets/?page=firefacts http://en. and in 316 (1%) the intent was unknown [. PhD.neep.cengage. 17.] In comparison.bradycampaign.708 people in the United States died from firearm-related deaths .html http://www. 33.to/deaths.org/facts/factsheets/?page=firefacts "In 1998.assn.

org/showthread.http://www.[7][9] while other research indicates no such association between firearm ownership and gun suicide rates. http://www. there was a strong upward trend in adolescent suicides with a gun.htm .000 Gun Deaths" per year number? Since the recent Virginia Tech shootings.org/lrs/statinfo/odds.237 accidental non-fatal gunshot injuries in the United States during 2000.[13]" *( it is my opinion that using just percentages tend to confuse than clarify to siginificance to the the problem..[12] In the United States.dentsfull.thehighroad.[11] as well as a sharp overall increase in a suicides among those age 75 and over.[5] with firearms used in 16. I've seen or read of 30.soyouwanna.S.."The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated 52. firearms remain the most common method of suicide.nsc. pro guncontrol talking heads.php? s=047debcfce2d370883d858d1bd067d80&t=272090 " What's with the "30. Where do they come up with this number? I did a quick google search and can't seem to match that number: These list accidental firearms deaths. accounting for 50.[6]" "Some research shows an association between household firearm ownership and gun suicide rates.907 suicides in the United States during 2004.) From blog post .7% of all suicides committed during 2006.html http://www.447 deliberate and 23.[10] During the 1980s and early 1990s.. trotted out by the anti-gun.com/site/topte.000 firearms related deaths per year in the U.[4] The majority of gun-related deaths in the United States are suicides.

.htm This one: http://gunsafe.com/accdeath.000 Motor vehicle accidental deaths per year.0....17 Fatal firearms accidents age 5-14. population is at an all-time high.htm states: Accidental...100 (The firearms accidents figure is an all-time low...1.org/position%20statem..121 Fatal firearms accidents age 15-24..S. suicide. and homicide deaths by firearm Total accidental deaths per year (all causes)....401 Fraction of all Emergency Room visits that involve firearms accidents. U.43.2% [Centers for Disease Control.S.96.. all figures] . and gun ownership is at an all-time high.anesi...http://www.) Fatal firearms accidents age 0-5..000 Fatal firearms accidents per year. even though the U.nd%20crime.

# 40% of all deaths due to accidental falls are attributed to alcohol.msn.000 Americans each year and shortens the lives of these people by an average of 30 years.S.Accidents of all kinds (not just firearms) constitute the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. # 30% of all accidental drownings are attributed to alcohol. # 60% of all homicides are attributed to alcohol. government study suggested Thursday.to/FAS/alcdeath..000 [Centers for Disease Control.come-over.htm How can alcohol be blamed for 100.com/id/6089353/ Alcohol abuse kills some 75. Accidents constitute a relatively small but easily prevented cause of death. per year.msnbc.wrongdiagnosis. # 30% of all deaths from accidents caused by fire and flames are attributed to alcohol.. # 15% of all deaths from diseases of the respiratory system are attributed to alcohol.com/s/smoking/deaths. per year. both figures] Alcohol Deaths http://www. a U.18.14. http://www. Suicides by firearm.. # 30% of all suicides are attributed to alcohol. http://www.000 deaths each year? # 5% of all deaths from diseases of the circulatory system are attributed to alcohol.htm . # 45% of all deaths in automobile accidents are attributed to alcohol.000 Murders by firearm. but the other four leading causes combined account for 16 times as many deaths as accidents..

Richard Besser. said the number of unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually for viral infections was 20 million. shows that medical errors may be the third leading cause of death in the United States.272 lives in 2006 (final mortality) (34.000 Americans killed by CVD in 2006 were under age 65.5 million.113. 20. HIV (AIDS) 12. July 26th 2000 article written by Dr Barbara Starfield.000 deaths per year in . 80.these total up to 225.org/medical_errors. 106." Medical system is leading cause of death and injury in UShttp://www.888.000 deaths/year from infections in hospitals. in 1995. Dr. No 4.000 annual deaths each year are smokingassociated (CDC) http://drugwarfacts.000 deaths/year from other errors in hospitals.jhtml?identifier=4478 "# Claimed 831. The 2001 heart disease annual death rate is 699.org/presenter.000 deaths/year from non-error.2 million.9 million. MD. adverse drug reactions (ADR) to prescribed medicine is 2. The report apparently shows there are 2. of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health.htm .Deaths from Smoking: 440." "Medical Errors . in 2003.cancure.org/sepp/2003/10/29/medical_system_is_leadin g_cause_of_death_and_injury_in_us. of the CDC.599.americanheart. The number of people exposed to unnecessary hospitalization annually is 8. 553. The number of people having in-hospital.697.000 deaths/year from unnecessary surgery.936. Besser.org/cms/?q=node/30 Annual Causes of Death in the United States Cardiovascular Disease Statistics http://www.htmThe JOURNAL of the AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (JAMA) Vol 284. MPH. accidents 121. and government health statistics shows that American medicine frequently causes more harm than good."A definitive review and close reading of medical peer-review journals. # Over 151. Dr. # Other final 2006 mortality: total cancer 559. adverse effects of medications .251. The total number of iatrogenic deaths shown in the following table is 783.3 percent of all deaths or 1 of every 2.newmediaexplorer.A Leading Cause of Death" http://www. It is evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States. now refers to tens of millions of unnecessary antibiotics. the annual cancer death rate.9 deaths). 7000 deaths/year from medication errors in hospitals. The number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually is 7.

greatestherbsonearth.000 -. " "Why Leape chose to use the much lower figure of 4% injury for his analysis remains in question. Lucian L.infections in hospitals.000 deaths per year are caused by medical errors.other errors in hospitals. (drug reactions are the most common cause).whale. http://www.to/a/null9.html#Table_1:_Estimated_Annual_Mortality_and_ Economic_Cost_of_Medical_Intervention The First Iatrogenic Study http://www.to/a/null9. Iatrogenic is a term used when a patient dies as a direct result of treatments by a physician.whale. whether it is from misdiagnosis of the ailment or from adverse drug reactions used to treat the illness. 20%. In 1981 Steel reported that 36% of hospitalized patients experienced iatrogenesis with a 25% fatality rate.htm The U.S. 106. http://www.S..html#Table_1:_Estimated_Annual_Mortality_and_ Economic_Cost_of_Medical_Intervention http://www. Barbara Starfield of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health. In 1991.com/library/public_health/doctors_cause_death.html#THE_FIRST_IATROGENIC_STUDY "Dr. negative effects of drugs.000 -.576.189. 80.non-error. Bedell reported that 64% of acute heart attacks in one hospital were preventable and were mostly due to adverse drug reactions. following heart disease and cancer.(16) He found that Schimmel reported in 1964 that 20% of hospital patients suffered iatrogenic injury. and 4%) would have produced a 20% medical error rate.000 -. which appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). making this the third-largest cause of death in the U. 20. These total to 250.the US from iatrogenic causes which ranks these deaths as the # 3 killer. and adverse drug reactions were involved in 50% of the injuries.to/a/null9. with a 20% fatality rate.whale. Using instead the average of the rates found in the three studies he cites (36%.htm 7. According to Dr. " WAREHOUSING OUR ELDERS - .naturodoc.000 deaths per year from iatrogenic causes!! http://www. The number of iatrogenic deaths using an average rate of injury and his 14% fatality rate would be 1. health care system may contribute to poor health or death.000 -medication errors in hospitals. Leape opened medicine's Pandora's box in his 1994 paper. 250.com/articles/jama_doctors. Error in Medicine.

have they engaged in theft? Have they acted within the moral and ethical . It is evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States.5 Expose Corrupt Courts .The arrests of rabbis who trafficked body parts uncover more complicated issues. http://www.ricoforsheriff. a fundamental question is this? When a judge.foreignpolicy.4 The total number of iatrogenic deaths shown in the following table is 783.com/_rLq0RJl9IsQ/S2HAFcPZP8I/AAAAAAAADFs/YXJo3vV_B eo/S248/Picture+1.936.blogspot. represent the pinnacle of social isolation and medical abuse.http://www.blogspot.9 million.whale.bp.to/a/null9.youtube. 553.697.html#WAREHOUSING_OUR_ELDERS_One "way to measure the moral and ethical fiber of a society is by how it treats its weakest and most vulnerable members. Is this protection being afforded to our Citizens who find themselves in a Mortgage Foreclosure Lawsuit? Right now in our current judicial system. let’s come forward to our so-called Modern Times.whale. http://2. where millions of our elders go to live out their final days.slate.to/a/null9.com/ Its my opinion that courts and legal system to systematically stealing property thru the courts. Dead people cannot testify. Court corruption hearings with senator Sampson. Judges and Lawyers stealing homes! http://www. conspire and succeed in stealing a home from a family without a trial by jury on the property matter.com/clipmark/4AE3CF9D-8BE3-47B1-B55E-EA7D0942266C/ Excellent article by sheriff. Mortgage Foreclosure Lawsuits are being tried solely by Judges.com/id/2223559/ ( How much you wanna bet this isnt a one time thing ?) http://www. and a lawyer representing a bank or mortgage company.html#Table_1:_Estimated_Annual_Mortality_and_ Economic_Cost_of_Medical_Intervention The number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually is 7. American nursing homes.com/further-reading/judges-and-lawyers-stealinghomes "Now.http://exposecorruptcourts.com/posts/2009/07/24/a_rabbi_a_mayor_and_a_s econd_hand_body_parts_salesman_walk_into_a_bar http://clipmarks. The 2001 heart disease annual death rate is 699.5 million. elderly people lives out their lives in extended family settings that enable them to continue participating in family and community affairs." "So again.Harvesting Body Parts .png Body Parts For Sale .251.3 The number of people exposed to unnecessary hospitalization annually is 8." http://www. the annual cancer death rate.com/watch?v=sBlROow_TAw http://rothkopf. Currently it is impossible to receive a Trial by Jury in a matter dealing with Mortgage Foreclosure Lawsuits. In some cultures.

33. or procure to be sued. I will delay no person for lucre or malice. we would have an annual iatrogenic death toll much higher than 783. Leape said his figure of 180.constraints of their Oath of Office?" Attorney’s Oath of Office. willingly or knowingly promote. that I will do no falsehood.25.24.html Underreporting of Iatrogenic Events http://www.whale. protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. or some one of them.936. In 1994.000 medical mistakes resulting in death annually was equivalent to three jumbo-jet crashes every two days.to/a/mullinsbk_m.whale. (16. or consent that any be done in court and if I know of any I will give knowledge thereof of the judges of the court. so help me God.34) This implies that if medical errors were completely and accurately reported.html#ONLY_A_FRACTION_OF_MEDICAL_ERRORS_ ARE_REPORTED_ Murder By Injection by Eustace Mullins http://www. sue.(16) Our considerably higher figure is equivalent to six jumbo jets are falling out of the sky each day. with all good fidelity as well to the court as to my client.“I do solemnly swear that I will support. I will not wittingly.to/a/null9. any false or unlawful suit.” ONLY A FRACTION OF MEDICAL ERRORS ARE REPORTED http://www. that it may be reformed.html#ABSTRACT "As few as 5% and no more than 20% of iatrogenic acts are ever reported. but will act in the office of attorney according to my best learning and discretion.to/a/null9.whale. " . or give aid or consent to the same.