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Resources ae Aids in the Teaching of Geography 9 ~ 16 age range A useful compendium of sourcés and materials is : ‘The Goocrecher's Vademecum by J C Hancatk and P F Whiteley, Published by George Philip and Sons. A summary of up-to-date etatistical information is found in The Geoqrsphical Digest Published annually by George Philip end Sons. 1, [Hardware Médels | ond [Simple Instrumente Practical Geography by Gopsill and Beesley, Mecmillen: Hardware models in Geography, Chapter 17 of Models 4n Geography, ed. Chorley & Haggett, Arnold, Geographical Aesoeietion Occasional Papers Teaching Geography Noew1-5, 7, 21 and 224 2. [Rudio-Visual Film strips and slide collections. Sound broadcasts and tapes. Tepe/Slide sequences. Radiovision. BBC/ITV programmes: Video tapes. O.H.P. Transparencies. Filns: Sectdonalised catalogue from €.F.V.A. 33 Queen Anno Street, London Wi. Aerial Photographs: Aerofilms Limited, 4 Albernarle Street, London Wt. 3 [Resource Packs] and SIMULATIONS Some examples of packs include: Schools Council: Geography for the Young School Leaver Jackdaws: eg, The North Atlentic Beaver Peeks: eg, Deserts Jacaranda Press: ag, Enquiry in Geography through source matoricle: USA Many coumercial eimulations eg, Longman Series but index known as C.1.G.S. (Central Index of Games and Simulations) is compiled by Peter Stopp, Bishop Grosseteste College, Lincoln. Topographical Statistical Topological Some courses which are soundly based on modern philosophy and use contemporary techniques include: Now Ways in Geography, Cole and Beynon, Blackwell. oy