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-2- Location and Links, Welker and Wilson, Blackwell, The Oxford Geography Project, Rolfe, Granyer, Kent end Dearden, OUP. Reformed Geograshy, Dinkele, Thorn and Cotterell, Harrap. Introdueing Transport Networks) Introducing Towne gnd Cities ) Briggs, ULP. Introducing Urban Structures ) Two helpful books to stimulate ideas aze: Situatione in Human Geoarephy, Cole, Blackwell. Spatial Oraenisation, Abler, Adams & Gould, Prentice Hall. Immediately applicable teaching ideas may be found in: Teaching Geography and Geography The Clessroom Geographer : Profile Notes and Queries The Jourheal of Geagrephy Especislly useful for visual materials are: The Geographical Magazine and The National Geographic More esoteric and learned journals should be regularly consulted since they provide stimuli for thought and action. Electronic Calculators and Computers: Three national projects ere concerned with ways in which computers may help the teaching of Geography: G.A.P.E. : CALUSG: and the Schools Council Computers in the Curriculum VINCENT TIDSWELL UNIVERSITY OF HULL wvt/nH duly 1979