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31st of July 2006 Publisher: Joint Coordinating Group (JCG) No. 31

Content Let the Communists of Imperialists Countries Unite

Principles of the their Forces for the Rebirth of Communist Movement!
International Conference....................... 2 Preparatory Committee for a (new) CPI Italy ...............32

30 Years after A Torrent of Liberation is Opening its Way through

The Fascist Coup D`Etat and Unity is an Imperative for the Victory!
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Let’s Strengthen Balkanian Movement of Struggle
Mao’s Legacy in China’s Current Partija Rada Serbia-Montenegro...................................43
Pao Yu Ching, China .............................. 9 Fight to Hasten the Ouster of Arroyo Regime and
Strengthen the Revolutionary Movement
What the Elections in 2006 are Communist Party of Philippines (CPP)4.......................44
All About
Shambuyi Kalala CPL, Congo.............. 13 Solidarity with the Struggle for Liberation in the
Philippines- Resolution .................................................48
The Government on the Defensive:
Workers’ Offensive against Precarious Conference of Communist and Workers’ Parties
Existence of the Balkans –
OCML Voie prolétarienne, France....... 17 Announcement from 26th of July 2005 ..........................49

The Significance of Building up an Joint Declaration

International United Front for Saving the 5th Meeting of Revolutionary and Anti-imperialist
Environment from the Greed for Profit Parties, Movements and Organizations
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Tabare and Hernandarias II
The Publication of Cartoons on Partito Comunista Revolucionary del Uruguay ............54
Prophet Mohammed
The 8th Congress of the Bolshevik Party
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(Northern Kurdistan -Turkey):
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Revolutionary Greetings to Heroic
People Making Anti-Bush Protest
The Iraqi National Liberation Movement
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International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

The International Conference is a forum of Marxist-Leninist parties and

Participation in the International Conference is based on the following main

• Adherence to Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought and their creative

application in the conduct of the class struggle in each country.
• Struggle against modern revisionism, and a positive attitude towards Stalin and
• Acceptance of the Rules of the Conference.

The 4th Conference adopted the following principles on which the cooperation of
the participating Marxist-Leninist organizations is based, which were amended and
again adopted at the 8th Conference:

• Independence and equality, mutual respect, mutual support and cooperation.

• Non-interference in internal affairs as well as in the bilateral or regional
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Every organization is sovereign in its conclusions.
• Consensus and unanimity in decision-making.
• Achieve gradual unity step by step; principled debate and cooperation among
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• Obligation of all participating organizations to prepare and conduct the 9th
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• Financial independence and self-financing of the common work according to the

International Newsletter No. 31 31st of July 2006

30 Years After The Fascist Coup D´ Etat

Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR) of Argentina
Out of “Theory and Practice”, theoretical organ of PCRA
Thirty years have passed by since the harmful d´etat in Resistencia City jail. “ There were fellows
fascist coup d´etat on march 24th, 1976. This is the Montoneros, or from the ERP, or other political
reason why the debate on its causes, political forces. On December 1975, Yankees sector
contents, resistance and withdrawal of attempted a coup d´etat. Many fellows prisoners
dictatorship has been intensified. This controversy cheered and applauded this attempt, they said that
joins the discussions about the problems that the a dictatorship with “progressive” militaries was
popular field is facing today. coming. We always told them that there are not
So it is very important to clarify main facts, that good or bad dictatorships, that they are always
are hidden or distorted by the media that are under established to repress people. They also cheered
the control of oligarchic and imperialist interests and applauded in march 24th, 1976 when the coup
that made part of the dictatorial front. d´etat. In March 25th, at night, several cells were
Misinformation and confusion were and are fed by opened in the jail and fellows that were fighters of
those that claiming themselves as leftists have the popular field, were taken out to be executed
spread the idea that we had to associate to the and I remember one of those guys shouting: ¡
Soviets in order to get rid of the Yankees and so Lanusse, traitor son of a bitch!.
they worked for the coup d´etat and sew illusions Now, thirty years after, those who pushed that
on Videla-Viola. political line try to make us believe that the
We invite our readers to look up Otto dictatorship was a magnified version of Isabel
Vargas´speech about the struggle against the coup Peron´s government. Peronist government did not
d´etat and the dictatorship in the RCP meeting in control the key power points of the State. They
March 16th (Hoy 1108); the contribution Ten years remained in the hands of the oligarchy and
in Argentine politics (1973-1983) in P&T nº 1; in imperialism. It was a national bourgeoisie
the RCP Program ; in the book that Editorial government,. It was weak and heterogeneous.
Agora has just published about the 70´s: The plot Ruling classes estimulated as well the lack of
of an antagonic Argentina- since the Cordobazo provision of food for the people as the inflation.
till the end of the dictatorship, Most important participant of the coup d´etat as
Hereunder we shall approach this controversial Videla (Chief of the Army), Viola (Chief of Army
issues. Staff), Harguindeguy (Chief of the Federal Police),
Calabró (Buenos Aires Province governnor) made
What did the coup d´etat come to use of their power positions in order to promote the
Ruling classes spokesmen uphold the idea that the isolation of Isabel Peron and prepared the coup
coup d´etat came to fulfill “a vacant power” that d´etat. They covered the whole country with anti-
was generated by Isabel Peron´s inability to rule subversion operations and combed the areas
and the influence of López Rega on her, while the keeping the military device ready for the coup.
so called “subversion” widespread and economic Government had right wing sectors as the one led
crisis exploded. by López Rega , that along with the activities of a
On other hand, the leadership or the Communist big part of trade unions and political leaders on
Party (CP) stated that “ main responsibility lies behalf the coup d´etat made easier the isolation and
over Maria Estela Martinez de Peron”, as Orestes division of the worker and popular movements.
Ghioldi emphasized in his report on76/06/08. And Isabel Peron´s government, by nature, adopted
he added: “ This movement (¡) in march 24th has measures in favor of national interests as the
some features that make it different from the nationalization of the ITT and of the gas stations
previous... the United States had to admit- against owned by Shell and Esso. She did not agree with
their common practice- this the IMF and did not ratify agreements signed by
different type of coup d´etat because the Gelbard with the Soviet Union in Moscow that
“pinochetazo” was not ready yet”. were heading to an “economic complement” with
This political line badly damaged working class that former superpower. Also she made
and people movements. Roque Romero who was concessions to the workers as the Law of Labour
Deputy Secretary at the SMATA (Córdoba) led by Agreement, collective agreements. She granted
Rene Salamanca recently remembered that he had special credit lines for median and poor peasants.
to make the debate on the struggle against the coup On the other hand, she relied on reactionary sectors

International Newsletter No. 31 31st of July 2006

taking repressive measure (estimulated by those strengthening of delegates councils among urban
who were plotting) against the working class and and rural workers grew . A very important day for
the people and that contributed to her isolation and the class-consciousness movement was January 12,
discredit. 1976 when a workers assembly was made at the
Juan Perón has led the government during last Renault factory, in Santa Isabel (Cordoba), with
months of his life ( he died on July 1st, 1974) and the presence of Cordoba’s Minister of Domestic
he was fought by the pro- socialimperialist forces Affairs. Workers criticized the 3rd Army Corp
that used to be his allies – in a complex process of because they have not assisted to a meeting in the
unity and struggle – when he wanted to return to plant as it was required to explain the arrest of the
the country. Pro- socialimperialist sectors became SMATA Córdoba leaders and the arrest warrant
hegemonic during Lanusse´s dictatorship in 1971. for Rene Salamanca and other fellow workers.
Among the 30.000 missing- imprisoned cowardly
Argentine working class has made very important murdered by the dictatorship there are thousands
advances since 1969 up to March 1976. They and thousands of worker representatives, delegates,
wanted to advance more but with Peron´s peasants, barrio and students leaders, also artists,
leadership. They thought this was the way to save journalist, intellectuals and others. Many other
themselves from suffering and bloodshed. thousands were savagely tortured and suffered long
Working class had illusions on Peron, but most of years of imprisonment as hostages of the
all they were clutched to Peron and peronism- that dictatorship.
kept being the main electoral, trade unionist and Magnitude and depth of the fascist terror is useful
political force in the country- in order to avoid a in order to measure the extend and profundity of
violent path. “ If Peron does not work for this the revolutionary movement that has developed
country, nobody will do it” many workers used to between 1969 and 1976. In an editorial article on
think. They wanted to go further than Peron did, the 30th Anniversary of the coup d´etat, La
especially since the great combat in 1969, but they Nacion re-estates that “ we can not forget the
did not dare to advance without him yet. “anarchy” and “vacant power” that the country was
After his dead and with Isabel Peron as president suffering”. They call “vacant power” and
pro-soviet sectors tried to surround and to imprison “anarchy” the danger that the revolutionary peak of
her attacking Lopez Rega, that was the person that masses and the development of worker delegates
Peron has used to make the dirty works.(1). Isabel councils represented to the oligarchy and
and a part of Peronism resisted and the plans for a imperialism.
“bordaberrizacion” (2) and the institutional ( Working class and people paid with their blood
placing Luder (3) as president) coup d´etat failed their lack of unity and mainly their lack of a
so they started to prepare the open coup d´etat powerful revolutionary party that could had
where in a wide Front pro-sovietic, pro-yankis, stopped fascist coup. The RCP was young and
pro-european and domestic fascist sectors weak. Socialist mask of the soviet social-
converged. Pro-sovietic oligarchic forces were imperialism brought confusion to many fighters
hegemonic in this dictatorial front in a very tough and to the masses. There were left wing sectors
dispute with their rivals. Despite their policy of that worked for the coup d´etat. “ But this is only
dividing the dictatorial front in “toughs” and one aspect of the problem. The other one is that
“softs”, pro-sovietics headed the bloody repression ruling classes could not keep ruling with their old
against the sectors that had been used for the coup. methods and they have to turn to an open fascist
In different moments of the battle within the terror in order to restrain the masses.”
dictatorial front, the hegemonic sector was hardly What the dictatorship accomplished in social-
hit as in the case of the Griver scandal by the end economic grounds clearly shows what was the real
of 1976, beginning of 1977 and with Viola´s purpose of the coup d´etat.
removal 1981 due to the economic crisis. Between 1976 and 1983 our foreign debt grew
Ruling classes overthrew Isabel Peron´s seven times. But the GDP (Gross Domestic
constitutional government because it was an Product) became stagnant: based in1970 constant
obstacle for their projects. figures, in 1976 reached 26.741 millions dollars
The coup d´etat had as objective to set in blood and and in 1982 was of 26.738 millions dollars. The
fire the process of the revolutionary peak of the GDP per inhabitant decreased 10%: always based
masses that was opened in 1969 with the on 1970 constant figures, in 1976 was of 1.028
Cordobazo where working class was in the core. dollars and 1982 diminished to 923 dollars per
During t previous months, newspapers as La capita. Just before her overthrowing, Isabel Peron
Prensa and others warned on the “danger” of the warned that the coup intended to “destroy the
“soviets” in the factories. Their fear for the factories and will try to go back to the Argentine of

International Newsletter No. 31 31st of July 2006

cattle”. In fact, during dictatorship industrial or those that were influenced by them, because
production retreated 17,9%. The sector of the they spread the idea that in order to liberate our
assalariates in the distribution of national income country from Yankee imperialism we had to lean
suffered a brutal diminishing from 50% before the on the Russians. These sectors called themselves
coup to 30% in 1982-1983. Country’s main Marxists and brought all kind of revisionist
production were cereals and Russia became formulations as “ liberation in transit towards
oligarchy’s main associate. When social- socialism”, “non capitalist road of development”,
imperialism invaded Afghanistan our country that contained an essential theoretic contraband:
became main food supplier of the occupying army. they did not formulate the need of revolutionary
Moscow’s governors underlined that “ Argentina is destruction of the imperialist-oligarchy state.
the most important associate of the Soviet Union Today, in different regional and national
among the emergent countries”. (6) In 1981, with conditions, this issue is still the core of a
Viola and Cavallo, the process of converting controversy.
private foreign debt into state foreign debt started Since the Cordobazo class-consciousness forces
and brought huge benefits for big monopolist were strongly developed but they were divided by
groups of Russians front men. Meanwhile, interest the contradiction between those pro-coup d´etat
payments were twelve times higher, from 468 and the anti coup d etat.
million dollars in 1976 to 5.419 million dollars in In his letter to the Fellow Workers, in August,
1983. Dictatorship deepened financial and 1975, René Salamanca asserted what he has posed
technological dependency from the United States in his letter known in December, 1974. “ As in all
and Western Europe but most of all it drove back decisive moments- he wrote – (as in 1930, 1945,
our country to depend more and more on its 1944, 1966 and 1969) we have two choices. Either
agricultural exports and these begun to depend on dependence from imperialism, from the power of
the Soviet Union. the monopolies and landlords and deepening of
It is very obvious that dictatorships horrible mass popular overexploitation or liberation,
crimes and savage repression against working class revolutionary march of the people headed by the
and popular movement were the necessary workers deepens. The first road is the road of the
conditions for imposing a social-economic policy coup d´etat against the Peronist government of the
that produced such a big disaster and that was only President, coup d´etat that could be pro-Yankee or
in the benefit of a handful of imperialists and pro-Russian because both superpowers are plotting
oligarchs. and trying to dominate us. The second way is the
way of the anti- coup d´etat struggle in order to
Why the coup d´etat succeeded smash both conspiracies and to advance in the
Imperialists, landlords and compradora bourgeoisie patriotic unity and liberation tasks” And he
are main perpetrators of the coup d´etat and of the asserted that “ true class-consciousness imposes
fascist dictatorship imposed. that the workers should lead the struggle for a
Now that we have clarified this basic issue, we national and democratic revolution in its way
have to think over and debate within the popular towards socialism... Real class-consciousness
field about what has happened. Peronism accepted places in the lead the anti- coup d´etat, anti-
a conditioned government. Its program that imperialist and patriotic policy and beats without
pretended to re-build the country and then to truce the headquarters of the economist and trade
liberate it, failed. It tried only to restrict unionist revisionism”. In order the proletariat place
imperialism and landlord through reforms. The itself in the core of the anti- coup d´etat struggle
impotence of this policy for accomplishing the for the defense and further advance of its rights ,
alliance with the median peasantry and urban petit- our party made an intense work.
bourgeoisie was demonstrated . So an important The RCP struggled for the unity of all patriotic and
part of these popular sectors was gained in ideas or democratic forces against the coup. It promoted the
neutralized by coup perpetrators. It was shown fight for democratic rights and other working and
again that without breaking the yoke and popular masses’ social and political claims Our
dominance from imperialism and oligarchy it is party proposed a government of a united anti-coup
impossible to re-build the country on behalf the front with an emergency program. The claim of
people and the nation. At the same time, a part of arming the people in order to fight and defeat the
the Radical Party supported the coup and coup de´etat was posed. We denounced the
collaborated with the dictatorship, speculating with imperialist and oligarchic plans for the coup and
the weakening of their electoral opponent. fought against them. Particularly we denounced the
But the real responsibility for the coup d´etat in the real nature of the Soviet social-imperialism and its
popular ground belongs to the pro-soviet sectors, role in our country and this fact cost the life of

International Newsletter No. 31 31st of July 2006

heroic militants of our party. Bonds of blood were “ We make part – said the general Secretary of the
tied between Peronist and revolutionary CP- of the social force that has been, with no
communists during this big anti-imperialist doubt, the soul of the qualitative changes that has
combat. been produced...Some negative facts (sic) of the
The coup succeeded because the enemies based on Videla group should not disorientate us if we have
the Armed and Security Forces, stroke together well assimilated our political line”.
while the people was divided and unarmed. Their next General Secretary and one of their main
Working class movement was isolated and many leaders today, Athos Fava, congratulated himself in
confused popular sectors supported the coup d´etat. 1980 because “ the appointment of General Viola
as future President of the Nation was a contrast for
The dictatorship and the “cold war” the reactionary sectors of the Armed Forces”. Two
years before he had traveled to the United States
It is said, and it is true, that “cold war” took part in with Fernando Nadra where they defended Videla
the repression against popular sectors and in Latin in order to avoid “ a cut (sic) in the military and
American coups d´etat of the 60´s and 70´s. economic aid to our country” They attacked
Yankees superpower, in name of “democracy” and Carter’s campaign because it was “led to support
“free world”, under the pretext of “restraining” the anti-videlist groups under the pretext of human
Soviet activities, inspired and manipulated military rights.”
coups and all kind of repressive measures and
atrocities against our peoples. But when many The resistance
politician analyzes certain countries, as ours, “cold Working class and popular resistance to the
war”, or the dispute between the two superpowers dictatorship is well hidden. They try to make
is let aside and they speak only of the imperialist people believe that excepting the heroic Mothers of
activity of only one superpower, the United States. the Plaza de Mayo, “ we are all responsible” of
But Gorbachov himself, when he visited our what happened. They praise those who left the
country on December, 1992, had to publically country and go to the exile but they say nothing of
admit that the Soviet Union had supported the those who worked in secrecy and among the
dictatorship. “ What happened in Argentina in the masses in order to organize and untie the anti-
70´s is an example... of the cold war... The USA dictatorial struggle.
supported some dictatorial regimes and this was
enough for the Soviet Union in order to support When the coup triumphed, working class had to
others. It was a blocs policy” (8). While denounced retreat. A protracted period of ebb tide was opened
the crimes of Pinochet in Chile, Moscow vetoed in mass movement.
any project that condemned Videla in Argentina. But gradually, the beginnings of resistance started
This is widely known by mass media and political to develop. Partial struggles were emerging “ that
leaders but with very few exceptions is still hidden, allowed to accumulate experience in the combat
including the presence of the pro-Russians in the against a ferocious and unknown enemy” (14). On
coup and in the dictatorship and of course their October-November 1976 the struggle of the Luz y
hegemony. And it still been not mentioned that Fuerza workers took place and it lasted several
since 1974, the revolutionary communists have weeks despite the kidnapping of their General
been denouncing pro-yankis and pro-Russians Secretary- Smith- and several delegates and despite
coup plans, that we fought against them and since the dismissals and threatens of the militaries. In
the first day we promoted the anti-dictatorial Santa Isabel, Cordoba, despite the kidnapping and
resistance and due to this fact we have many disappearance of Rene Salamanca, the same March
martyrs. 24th and although their leadership was either
The pro- coup and pro-dictatorship political line of imprisoned or persecuted a struggle headed by a
the CP (Communist Party) was not due to a “ committee of 18 workers for salary increase was
reformist deviation” as they stated in their XVI fought and won. In Peugeot there was a
Congress, it was due to their subordination to the demonstration of 4000 workers within the plant.
social-imperialism. Social-imperialism used the The police arrested six workers and all the rest of
services of Lanusse, Videla, Viola and company, the workers left that plant and surrounded the
the force of their powerful monopolic group of police. When they threatened the workers, they sit
front men and intermediaries and the association in the place and generated big confusion among the
with big landlords in order to advance and police and military forces. When the order to shoot
consolidate their positions in South America as a the workers was given only few soldiers shoot
part of their strategic device in the dispute with aiming the air. Some other put their guns down.
Yankee imperialism for the control of the world. Some workers harangued the soldiers. Afterwards

International Newsletter No. 31 31st of July 2006

a helicopter of the 7th Regiment landed and they Interamerican Committee of Human Rights, that
talked with the workers. Finally those arrested was used by the resistance in order to unfold a
were liberated and later on they got the increase in wide campaign denouncing the crimes of
the salaries. Many struggles were waged in other dictatorship at national and international level.
big companies as Ford, General Motors (Barracas), After the national strike more struggles were
Mercedes Benz, Standard Electric, La Cantabrica. developed. It was very important the long strike of
30 days waged by the workers of the Swift meat
On April 30th, 1977 Madres de Plaza de Mayo´s
cold storing plant against the dictatorship and
movement started. It begun with a handful of
despite repression and betrayal of the
mothers that walked around the Pyramid one day a
collaborationist leaders. Peasants movement also
week, and it grew until they were hundreds.
was in action with big demonstrations in the Valle
Dictatorship was brutal with them and kidnapped
de Uco (Mendoza), Santa Fe y Córdoba..
several mothers but could not stopped them. The
Mothers became the core of the denouncement of Advances of the resistance and sharpening of the
the fascist terror and reach great prestige by the inter-imperialist and inter-oligarchic clash in the
end of 1977. List of arrested-disappeared were middle of an intense economic crisis weakened
made. These lists became true acts of national and Videla - Viola´s sector of the dictatorship and they
international accusation of the crimes. The were replaced by Galtieri as president and there
movement spread to the Great Buenos Aires and to were other changes in the command of the Navy
different cities in the country. and Army.
In October, 1977 was held the great National A big mass demonstration called by the CGT
Railroad strike that was a milestone of a new (Worker’s Federation) was held in Plaza de Mayo
moment in the resistance. on March 30th, 1982. It was strongly repressed.
This was not obstacle for those masses to
Since the end of 1977 and during 1978 the
demonstrate in the same Plaza on April 2nd,
dictatorship developed an intense prop campaing
supporting the recovering of the Malvina Islands
and made big warmonger preparations for a
that had been usurped by English colonialist
fratricide war with Chile around the conflict of the
imperialism. This fact produced a big patriotic and
Beagle Channel. Dictatorship used World Football
anti-imperialist shock.
Championship that was held in our country in
1978 in order to accelerate its warmonger path. For Above the tyranic government and their intend of
1978 Christmas holidays we were on the verge of a using a national war for “whitening” 30 thousands
war with Chile. detained-kidnapped peoples in order to perpetuate
themselves in power, working class and the people
But repudiation to this war started openly to be
knew that the barbarian English aggression
expressed during August and September 1978,
supported by the United States has imposed us a
specially among the most exploited sectors of the
national war and that the main contradiction was to
proletariat. During the last months of that year
defeat English enemy.
huge demonstrations for peace with Chile were
held. They were called by the Catholic Church The government did the opposite of what is
with very important participation of youth and required in a national war. The population was not
women. These facts strongly conditioned videlist mobilized, militarily speaking. From Bahia Blanca
dictatorship and were very important factors for up to the north of the country, people had follow
the frustration of their warmonger plans. A new the war through the radio or TV. They not only
advance of the resistance started. tried to make people believe in their false
“triunphalism” but also instigated them “to mind
This new phase was openly demonstrated in the
their own business”. They did not use the Foreign
general strike of April 27, 1979 that was preceded
Debt, specially what we owed to England, and they
by the railroad workers of April 5 and 6 that was
did not even talked of expropriating the huge
organized and called by the National Movement of
longstate land properties and monopolies in hands
Railroad Workers. Working class made its first
of Englishmen. They had some illusions on getting
general strike to the dictatorship despite the terror,
some help from Russians and “blackmailing” the
their collaborationist leaders and the activities of
Yankees with that alleged “help”. They did not
the fifth columnists. The dictatorship stated that
look for the “real” help from Latin American and
60% of the workers of the Buenos Aires industrial
Third World countries. They did not organized
area went on strike and 30% in the whole country.
thousands and thousands of volunteers with
During September 1979, Argentina was shocked military experience in combat. On one hand, this
by the presence of a delegation of the was due to their line of treason were the pro-

International Newsletter No. 31 31st of July 2006

imperialist sectors (pro-English, pro-yankis and demonstrations was called by the collective
pro-Russians) that predominated in the “Memory, truth and justice.”
dictatorship and, on the other hand, the hesitating
line of the nationalist sector that supported the Today’s impunity is represented by hundred of
recovering of our islands but did not dare – due to dictatorial torturers and murderess that are still
its class nature- to wage a national and popular free and enjoying wages paid by the State, that
war. means by the people. Perpetrators of 34
murdered during the glorious journeys of the
Was opened then, and is still unfolding a great Argentinaz have not yet being taken to trial or
debate on the war. The political line of the pro- convicted (December 2001). Political instigators
imperialist sectors that have been dominants in of the bloody repression against the
the State and in the governments that followed unemployees on June, 2002, where Kosteki and
the dictatorship since 1983 on, is what we call Santillan were murdered, are still without a trial
“desmalvinizacion”, that is not to think or or conviction. The same for the political
support any thing about recovering the Malvina instigators of the assassination of Cuellar and
Islands. They intend to make us believe that is Ibañez in Libertador General San Martin(jujuy).
“irrational” for a “peripheral” country as ours to “Easy treagger” police are still shooting youths
act without the permission of the superpowers ( and causing sorrow and death everywhere.
the so called “international community “). National government sends hundreds of
The outcome of war produced a big division Gendarmes that brutally repressed oil workers in
within the Armed Forces. Pro-soviet oligarchic Las Heras (Santa Cruz province). Oligarchic-
sectors took advantages of the defeat in order to imperialist State repressive apparatus remains
recover positions in the top of the dictatorship untouched. In some previous articles we
with Bignone. But they could not take away analyzed governments” double speech”. As Otto
from people the freedom reached with the vast Vargas said in his speech on March 16, that
patriotic mobilization developed between April Kirchner´s policy could be defined with the
2nd and June 14th, 1982. famous sentence of the Gatopardo, the Prince of
Lampedussa:”let something change in order to
But although the dictatorship was harassed by keep everything the same.”
popular struggle and undermined by its own
contradictions, it could imposed the conditions It is a very complex political situation. But
for its retreat and negotiated it with the two main favorable conditions are rising, specially in Latin
bourgeoisie parties. America. Kirchner´s government has not been
able to withdraw popular fighters from the street
Thirty years after the coup d´etat and roads. He could not overcome the disbelief
On March 24th, this year, gigantic mass of the big popular masses on bourgeoisie
demonstrations against the coup d´etat and the institutions and politicians of this oppressive
genocide dictatorship, were held throughout the State. Government has failed in its attempts to
country, demanding the end of pass and present make ashes of live coals of the Argentinazo as
impunity and repression. In most of the the struggles for Cromañon massacre, road
demonstrations government’s policy was blockades in Entre Rios, oil workers, uprisings
strongly criticized. in Misiones, and Buenos Aires province,
teachers in Neuquen, and are still alive practices
Their plan to use the demonstration in Plaza de
as non delegation and direct mass democracy.
Mayo in support of Kirchner´s government and
Are still alive hard methods of struggle, that
his re-election failed. Government intended to
sweep off traitors leaders in trade unions. In one
compensate this failure using a handful of
word: live coals of the Argentinazo are still
instigators and spokesmen led from the
burning although reality is not the same than in
Government in order to split the demonstrators
and spread confusion through the media. But
It is necessary to regroup popular forces based
they did not get their objective, they could not
on pushing social and political struggle, deepen
blur the huge popular demonstration or discredit
the road opened by the Argentinazo in order to
the unitary statement signed by 342
overcome governments policies of hunger and
organizations and the slogans agreed by all the
surrendering of the national wealth, as
organizers. As several years before, this
precondition for the advance towards revolution.

International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

Mao’s Legacy in China’s

Current Development
Pao Yu Ching, published in
Asia Weekly (Vol. 18, no.20, May 16, 2004).

A Chinese worker said, ”This is not socialism us an overview on the West’s (mostly the US)
with Chinese characteristics as Deng Xiaoping current debates on China’s Reform. These
told us. Instead, what we have here is debates are timely, because workers, peasants,
capitalism with Chinese characteristics.” and intellectuals in China have themselves
A Chinese peasant said, ”When Chairman been actively engaging in similar debates.
Mao warned us about the restoration of However, I do not agree with Hart-
capitalism, we really did not understand what Landsberg and Burkett on their view expressed
he was talking about. Now we do.” in the ”Historical Context for Post-Mao
In China & Socialism -- Market Reforms and Economic Reform” (27-30); this view is
Class Strugglei, Martin Hart-Landsberg and inaccurate and is inconsistent with the rest of
Paul Burkett argued successfully why the so- their analysis. The reasons Hart-Landsberg and
called ”market socialism” in China is in fact Burkett state in the ”historical context” for the
the restoration of capitalism, and that China’s post-Mao Reform, are the very same excuses
economic Reform of the past twenty-five years that Deng and his supporters used to embark
can not serve as a socialist model of on their capitalist restoration. If we were to
development for other less developed agree with Hart-Landsberg and Burkett’s
countries. Hart-Landsberg and Burkett’s negative evaluation of the socialist period
research on this topic in current literature (in (1949-1979), why would it even matter to
English) [Martin Hart-Landsberg and Paul those on the Left, whether the current
Burkett, China & Socialism -- Market Reforms development in China is socialist or capitalist?
and Class Struggle, Monthly Review Press, And more importantly, why would workers
2005, first published in Monthly Review, July- and peasants in China fight so heroically in the
August 2004] is very thorough and includes last twenty-five years against the Reform that
perspectives from the Left liberals and some is designed to deconstruct socialism?
progressives, who had mistaken China’s Capitalism, as it has developed in
economic development since the Reform as China in the two and half decades, has its
socialist. Hart-Landsberg and Burkett also give distinguished characteristics and is a product
a detailed and accurate account of the Reform of China’s past: – the long feudal history, over
itself from 1979 to the present. a century of foreign domination that
Hart-Landsberg and Burkett give condemned China to a semi-feudal and semi-
credible reports on how the capitalist colonial status - and the 1949 revolution. The
restoration in China has dismantled the social radical changes in post-revolution society and
welfare system and other protections the the legacy of Mao stand out as the most
working population enjoyed before the important factors affecting China’s current
Reform, and thus resulting their tremendous development. It was the suffering endured and
hardships and sufferings. They also report how struggle engaged by the Chinese people from
workers and peasants in China have resisted 1840 on that made the revolution of 1949 a
the Reform, and the different ways by which reality. It is the legacy of those years between
they have fought back. 1949 and 1979 that has played a determinate
Hart-Landsberg and Burkett’s book role in shaping China’s current development.
and other studies listed in their references give Without an understanding of this time period
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

and the legacy it has left, it would be difficult, Labor Reform, the opening up of the economy
if not impossible, to understand the current to foreign investment, and many others--all
class struggle taking place in China. China’s have their origins long before 1979. Deng and
socialist past and Mao’s legacy makes its his predecessor and mentor, Liu Shaoqi, tried
current situation different from other less repeatedly to institute these programs since the
developed countries, and I believe it will 1950’s. Therefore, contrary to what Deng
continue to have a dominant influence on its openly said, the Reform that began in 1979 not
future development. While Hart-Landsberg only had a clear direction but also a well-
and Burkett contribute much to our planned road map. One example of this plan is
understanding of China’s development in the the history of the post 1979 Labor Reform that
past two and half decades, I believe they are Hart-Landsberg and Burkett documented.
mistaken in their evaluation of China’s past. In Contract Labor instituted in 1986 was part of
response, this essay will discuss the following: the overall Labor Reform that abolished the
I) the origin of Deng’s Reform-using labor permanent employment system in State-owned
reform as an example, II) Mao’s legacy, and enterprises, and it has its origin in the 1950’s.
III) the relevance of China from the Left My co-author and I wrote the following in
perspective. ”Labor Reform - Mao vs. Liu – Deng” in
I) The Origin of Deng’s Reform –
the Case of Labor Reform … The Labor Contract System, implemented
Deng Xiaoping seized power after since the beginning of the Reform, did not
Mao’s death and formally began his Reform originate with the current reformers. As early as
after the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh the 1950's Liu Shaoqi began advocating the
Congress of the Chinese Communist Party in advantages of the Contract Labor System. An
essay from the recently published Labor
December of 1978. When Hart-Landsberg and
Contract System Handbook revealed the history
Burkett explain how Deng began the Reform
of Liu's attempts to institute temporary contract
and how the capitalist restoration has workers in state owned factories” 1)
continued for the past twenty-five years, they The essay stated that in 1956, Liu sent a team to
searched for reasons beyond personal greed the Soviet Union to study their labor system.
and explained that the capitalist restoration, Upon its return, the team proposed the adoption
once started, generated ”structural of the Contract Labor System modeled after what
contradictions” that have kept it going. We, of the Soviet Union had adopted. However, when
course, have to look for reasons other than the changes were about to take place, the Great
personal greed to explain the political, Leap Forward started, thus interrupting its
economic, and social development in China or implementation. The essay continued in stating
in any other countries; however, Hart- that in the early 1960's Liu again attempted to
Landsberg and Burkett seemed to imply that change the permanent employment status by
the Reformers did not have a clear idea about adopting a "two-track system," enterprises were
their Reform programs and that they indeed to employ more temporary and fewer permanent
have been ”crossing the river by touching the workers, and the mines were to employ peasants
stones” – a famous saying of Deng Xiaoping as temporary workers. Then, in 1965, the State
and – and once the Reform got started it Council announced a new regulation on the
seemed to generate enough contradictions to employment of temporary woers, indicating that,
keep it going. instead of permanent workers, more temporary
workers should be hired. The regulation also
However, if we look into the history of gave individual enterprises the authority to use
allocated wage funds to replace permanent
struggle in China, we would reach a very
workers with temporary workers. Again,
different conclusion. Deng’s Reform
according to the author of this essay, the
programs--the dismantling of the Commune, Cultural Revolution interrupted Liu's effort to
the privatizing of state-owned enterprises, the
- 10 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

reform the labor system, and, in 1971, large many other contributions before 1966. As the
numbers of temporary workers were given Reform gathered steam in the 1980s, Deng and
permanent status. Although Liu could not fully his supporters began attacking the Great Leap
implement his labor reform, he had Forward, the formation of Communes, as well
"experimental projects" going on here and there, as the 1956 transfer of ownership of the means
and before the Cultural Revolution began, large of production in industries to the State. Their
numbers of temporary workers had been hired. attacks also included the permanent
[ D. Y. Hsu and P. Y. Ching, ”Labor Reform : Mao
employment system in State-owned
vs. Liu-Deng,” in Mao Zedong Thought Lives, Vol. I,
Center for Social Studies & New Road Publications, enterprises. For awhile, the attack, though not
1995, pp. 189-190/ The Thoughts of Mao Tsetung openly, went as far back as the Land Reform
Lives, Essen 1996 Verlag Neuer Weg, p. 256 ff]. (1949-1953); therefore, limiting Mao’s
The author of Labor Contract System contribution solely to his role in winning the
Handbook expressed his regrets that these Chinese Revolution in 1949. [Some pro Reform
earlier efforts to institute labor reform failed, scholars in the West quickly supported this unofficial
and he stated that if there had not been the view held by the Reformers One good example is:
Chinese Village, Socialist State,(Yale University
Great Leap Forward and the Cultural
Press, 1991) written by Edward Friedman, Paul
Revolution, it would have been possible to Pickowicz, Mark Seldon and Kay Johnson]
carry out these Labor Reform long before the What has been most interesting, however, is
current time. that while denouncing all the major
achievements during the socialist period, and
In fact, Liu-Deng and their allies had a eagerly demonstrating how they had hurt
plan to develop capitalism in China since the China’s economic development, to this day,
1950’s. The afore-mentioned Labor Reform the Reformer have never been able to publicly
was only one of the many projects they denounce Mao. The reason is that those who
prepared to carry out. Their plan to develop have hold power in China since the Reform
capitalism in China before 1979 consisted of fully realize the prestige and admiration Mao
projects to be implemented in every economic, has among the broad masses, so they put him
political, social, and cultural sphere. This short up on a pedestal while denounce everything he
essay only allows a brief discussion of one of represents. Mao’s portrait still hangs in the
many projects. The purpose of this discussion most prominent place in Tiananmen Square, in
is to show the current class struggle in China all public offices, factories and schools. On the
so carefully documented by Hart-Landsberg other hand, workers and peasants have shown
and Burkett has its origin. From what to be their genuine love and respect for Mao by
discussed below, it is not difficult to hanging Mao’s portrait in their homes.
understand from this one example of Labor Recently, more and more people, including
Reform how Deng’s Reform was diametrically some lower level government officials, are
opposed to that of Mao’s. That was and is the wearing Mao’s button to show their allegiance
precise reason for the past and current class to Mao. [Taxi drivers have for a long time
struggles in China. have displayed Mao’s photo on their rear view
mirrors as good luck charms. The more recent
II. Mao’s Legacy wearing Mao’s button seems to be more
As Deng and his supporters began political indicating that people want to show
their 1979 Reform, they denounced China’s that they are taking a pro Mao stand. In
mass movements in general and the Cultural addition, revolutionary songs and films
Revolution in particular. The Reformers including the ones from the period of the
attributed, though not openly, what they called Cultural Revolution have also become
the ”calamity” of the Cultural Revolution to popular.]
Mao’s declining years, implying that the aging So what exactly is Mao’s legacy, and
Mao could no longer think clearly. At that why has Mao become more popular today
time, they were not yet questioning Mao’s

- 11 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

after two and half decades of Reform? Why labor. [ D. Y. Hsu and P.Y. Ching, ”Labor Reform:
have the Reformers been so eager to denounce Mao vs. Liu-Deng,” in Mao Zedong Thought Lives,
all mass movements, particularly the Cultural Vol. I, Center for Social Studies & New Road
Revolution? Publications, 1995, p. 190 .]
These questions can be answered by In the essay, we went on to say that
going back to examine how class struggles before the Cultural Revolution began, factories
played out in China before 1979. In the only paid lip service to the Anshan
example shown above, Liu’s Labor Reform Constitution. Management in State-owned
was blocked more than once by the mass factories did not see any need to change and
movements. In addition to mass movements, workers were rather passive; they were content
there were also other positive steps taken to with their State endowed privileges and
resist Liu’s effort to institute changes in benefits and assumed that the conditions of
employment policies of State enterprises. their employment were there to stay. In
Positive steps taken to reform the labor system addition, we stated that the political struggle
in State enterprises aimed at phasing out wage within the Chinese Communist Party during
labor as the long-term goal when eventually this period over the direction of the transition
labor power would cease to be a commodity. was reflected in the factory by changes in
Here again, in ”Labor Reform - Mao vs. Liu – wage and employment policies: At times,
Deng”: policies issued from above pushed the
As opposed to Liu's attempts to institute contract implementation of the piece wage rate and
labor, the Anshan Constitution was the most expanded the employment of temporary
serious attempt made to change the organization workers. Then, often during mass movements,
of work and the labor process in the work place. these policies were criticized and reversed.
The workers of the Anshan Metallurgical Before the Cultural Revolution, however,
Combine took the initiative to lay out new rules workers did not comprehend the reasons
to change the existing operation of their work behind these reversals of policies. They were
place. On March 22, 1960, Mao proclaimed that not aware that Liu had made numerous
these new rules should be used as guidelines for attempts to abolish permanent employment
the operation of state enterprises, and named status. Without the Great Leap Forward and
them the Anshan Constitution. The Anshan the Cultural Revolution, Liu and his supporters
Constitution contains the most fundamental might have succeeded in their attempts to
elements as well as concrete steps in repeal the laws that protected the state
revolutionizing work organization and the labor employees. If that had been the case,
process of state owned enterprises. There are permanent employment status and other
five principles in the Anshan Constitution:
benefits endowed to state employees might
(1) put politics in command, have become history decades ago. When
(2) strengthen the party leadership, workers participated in the mass movements in
the 1950's and 60's, their class consciousness
(3) launch vigorous mass movement, was gradually raised; but workers did not
(4) systematically promote the participation of realize, until the Cultural Revolution, that class
cadres in productive labor and of workers struggle continued after the judicial transfer of
in management, and (5) reform any the ownership of the means of production to
unreasonable rules, assure close the state. It was during the Cultural Revolution
cooperation among workers, cadres, and -- a period of intensive political struggle in the
technicians, and energetically promote factory and in society at large - that many
technical revolution.ii crucial issues were raised. [Ibid., p.191].
The principles in the Anshan Constitution End of part 1
represent a spirit, which lead toward the
direction of eventually phasing out the wage

- 12 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

What the Elections in 2006 are All About

Shambuyi Kalala Kabwa Kanranda
CPL, Congo
Now that, following several futile heated election campaign that can be
transitional phases, the political celebration expected?
of the general elections in the Congo is
nearing, Nyota ya Afrika had a talk with SK: I think we have to remain positive. It
57-year-old Shambuyi KALALA KABWA really must be avoided that the election
KANRANDA. Among those active in the campaign gives the opportunity to further split
revolutionary and democratic struggles in our people or to claim the lives of our fellow
the DR of the Congo, he is very well known. countrymen. In the face of the low degree of
35 years of active participation in the maturity of many of our personalities or
liberation struggle of the Congolese people political constructs, it is foreseeable that the
lend him a special ability to judge the facts level of the campaign will be too low. The
of the current situation, which many find danger seriously exists that the people will not
confusing or complicated. This interview is learn anything about their basic problems and
very important, because the majority of the about possible alternatives. Now the
Congolese people are looking for something responsibility lies in the hands of the
to hold on to in these times when aspirations progressive and democratic forces to improve
are high. the level of the campaign and to make it easier
to build up a democratic movement in the
Nyota ya Afrika (NyA): Would you please Congo. If something positive is to follow from
tell us in a few words since when you have the elections, the existence of such a
been political engaged? movement would be decisive, in my opinion,
and not counting on the elected leaders.
Shambuyi Kalala (SK): I have been active in
the struggle since the end of high school in NyK: Before we come to the question of what
1967. At that time, I began as an activist at the contents a responsible election campaign
grassroots of UGEC, the General Students could have - are you satisfied with the results
Association in the Congo. In the 1960s, the of this transitional phase?
Congolese youth, like the movements in
Africa and in the entire world, was influenced SK: The results of the transitional phase
by the liberation movement. After that I remain varied. There are positive aspects,
became a union activist in the tire factory mainly the stop of the military clashes, which
”Goodyear- Zaire”, before I became a cadre in has already been lasting for a longer time. In
revolutionary organizations which were reality this transitional phase is the
leading a merciless struggle against the prolongation of the ceasefire of Lusaka. At
neocolonial dictatorship. This is why we least we can observe that the Congo no longer
belonged to those who led the negotiations of has to serve as a battlefield for about 10
the agreements of Lusaka and Sun City. I think regular armies and 20 armed groups. Thus the
the struggle must continue until the Congolese transitional phase gave the Congolese a
people are able to live in dignity on the earth tentative new beginning on a national level;
of its ancestors. they can travel through the entire country, and
they have a single center of power in
NyT: The elections of 2006 are finally Kinshasa. However, there are many obstacles
becoming reality. What do you think about the to be overcome before state life will be

- 13 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

restored. The negative aspects should also not which, in particular, the administration does
be underestimated, the most important of not work; and the huge dimensions of the
which is the lack of inner dynamics, which country seem to be ignored. The concept of
could have put the Congolese people in a how to organize the elections remained totally
position to make the entire peace and bureaucratic. In the organization of the
democratization process to their own affair at elections, the people with all their possibilities
the end of the transitional phase. It must be and abilities have been ignored. Everything is
said that under the transitional government, a reduced to the investors together with a
lot of things actually came into effect under handful of experts. The consequence is that
the pressure of international opinion, with the many of the Congolese people have the feeling
consequence that the international powers will that they are being excluded from the process
continue to be dominating our country for a of the elections. The registration of the voters
long time. In spite of some progress has not been carried out properly everywhere.
concerning violence having been made, the The discussion within the institutions is a
Congolese people are still not clear of trouble. botch. Thus, hair-rising mistakes concerning
Do I have to remind you that a dependant laws and the schedule occur. Instead of a
society always remains to be in a state of constructive debate about the constitution and
crisis? The other negative aspect is that the the electoral law with which one could think
transitional government is not clearly over the Congolese society, a cult of
conscious of the catastrophe which is getting formalism is being practiced, which results in
spreading more and more and increasing the a whole string of intrigues and in biased self-
poverty and hardship of the great majority of interest.
the people. Of course, this is the consequence
of the great political weakness of the groups, NyA: Why has it gone this far?
of state power, of the ”components” or
”corporations” or whatever they are being S.K.: In this situation of dependence, the
called respectively. They have been unable to question of finances is often raised. You only
mobilize the entire nation to tackle the need to follow the figures to understand the
problematic nature of the catastrophe. influences. Those powers giving the most
money are influencing the drafting and passing
NyA: Do you believe that the elections are of the laws through pressure and threats. The
being conducted according to expectations? independent election commission has only
been an intensifier of the investors; its
SK: The organization of the elections is personnel was beyond the control of the
almost a crying shame. Facing the political Congolese people. It would have been very
issues and problems which are linked to the interesting, if the Congolese people had been
disastrous conditions of the country, we can the main organizers of the elections. They
realize at once that the duration of the would have made many important experiences.
transition has been underestimated. This And they really would have learned from their
underestimation can be seen, for example, mistakes and would be able to correct them in
when the country’s leading figures have not the future. I am convinced that they will fall
been appointed efficiently. Above all, it has back to the international mechanisms for the
even been refused to put oneself in a position next elections again, and the same procedure
to recognize and employ them. The will start once more.
organizational scheme being applied in the
Congo did not really take the deteriorated state NyA: Which objectives do the progressive
of the basic infrastructure and the public forces and the democrats have for these
services into account. They acted as if they elections?
were in a country which is merely
experiencing a political crisis; i.e. a country in

- 14 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

SK: In my opinion, the progressive forces and S.K.: Listen, you can predict that the
democrats are people who care about the campaign will be led miserably, because
problems concerning the improvement of certain individuals only think of themselves.
quality of people’s lives, as well as about their The progressive forces must join together and
being jeopardized. This means the progressive help to formulate clear demands and to find
forces and democrats have to be newly out their representatives. It is an immediate
evaluated, depending on the era and the issues task to help the people to get well organized,
to be dealt with. So, somebody who fought in order to prevent the poisoning and division
against the colonial power could have changed of the people. Raising the level of the election
sides during the struggle against the campaign means to enable the appearance of
dictatorship. Consequently, today you have to demanding social movements to improve the
define the criteria to evaluate the progressive quality of life for the masses of people. With
forces and democrats more exactly. In my that I mean that every time public money is
opinion, the progressive forces and democrats embezzled, corruption or nepotism is
have to be distinguished according to the practiced, there must be enough power to bring
positions they are taking in the present election the scandal into public. Today this is not the
campaign; these are serving as the points of case.
reference after the overthrow of the
neocolonial dictatorship. NyA: Does the election law make it possible
for every citizen to make use of his
At the moment, the progressive forces and the constitutional right to stand for election?
democrats recognize the collapse of the state
that had been established according to the S.K.: The participation in the elections should
colonial model, and they are spreading the idea not be the privilege of those people who have
of building up a modern democratic state, i.e. filled their pockets with money by
a state under the control of the social dishonorable means. We belong to those who
movements. The progressive forces also have do not agree with the law concerning the
to fight for the government of the republic political parties and with the election law.
declaring the Congo to be a destroyed These laws erected so many obstacles that
country. Not recognizing the destruction is making policy is only left up to a few
doing enormous injustice to the Congolese individuals. To register as a party in a
people, because they are not able to stand up destroyed country requires at least 8,000
vigorously, united and in solidarity against the dollars, which is more than for establishing a
opposition to overcome the general crisis. This firm. Thus the workers and peasants are
catastrophe did not come with one single blow. excluded from making policy. This makes no
It is developing like a dangerous illness which sense. They forbid the union of non-party
is hidden and resists an appropriate treatment. organizations which want to canvass for their
It is like a Tsunami which does not say what it demands, but meanwhile they accept the non-
is. We think we need a concept clearly organized independents.
differentiated from the wishy-washy picture
which is being elaborately composed, In the Congo, democracy is synonymous with
making rich people out of those who are money, to the extent that one replaces the
actually the victims of a catastrophe. We necessary signatures for the eligibility to stand
have to put an end to points of view which for elections with a financial deposit and, in
feed the reflexes of dependence and promote this way, one pays for the agreement to the
the already legendary individualism of the candidature by the election commission.
Congolese politicians.
Once again - we are against all regulations
NyA: How do you want to raise the level of which hinder the Congolese to organize
this election campaign? themselves and to express their demands.

- 15 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

NyA: What do you predict will be the movement, then the first and the biggest step
outcome of this whole process, both in the will have been taken. We have a lot of
short term and on a medium term basis? potential, so we can turn the course of
history within the framework of our
S.K.: There is cause for concern. We think possibilities. The progressive forces have to
that we need a positive approach and we are go to the women, to the youth and to the
promoting that people become involved in workers, who have to become a sword
the correct direction. We have to achieve within the democratic movement of the DR
that the interventions from outside are Congo.
limited and that we take care of ourselves. In
any case, if we build up a big democratic The interview was conducted by M.A.


Nyota ya Africa
No. 6

The Star of Afrika Translated

Newspaper of the Democratic Republic of Congo German

Nyota ya Afrika
Responsible for the edition: Editions NYOTA. 2,00 Euro
Editor: Pierre KABUIKA,
Address: 5ème rue 213 Limete/Kinshasa,
No. 0817350664 -0998211395

- 16 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

The Government on the Defensive:

Workers’ Offensive against Precarious Existence
OCML Voie prolétarienne, France

A new great struggle is just beginning! It is a ”courageous” prime minister Villepin, but it
real popular movement that - starting from demands a global reform. For the MEDEF
the students – has set itself in motion and has ”the employment contract, the calling into
shaken the government. At the moment, the question of the unemployment insurance and
movement is winning new workers, despite the public services for employment
repression. The working class has to constitute only a part of a whole.”
strengthen these struggles on a massive scale
so that it can make a new leap forward. Further threats are being made against us …
The residence permits for foreigners are also
Let us remember that we are experiencing being restricted more and more. The next
the 4th largest social crisis within one single law, CESEDA (”law for the entry and
year since the majority vote of NO to the residence of foreigners and asylum
European constitution: The strike of the seekers”), is an instrument for creating
seamen of SNCM, the rebellion of the youth illegal persons and for rendering all
in the working class suburbs and the pupils’ immigrants more vulnerable and their
movement against the Fillon law. existence more precarious. It also calls into
question the 10-year residence card.
Precarious existence – this is not only the
CPE (First Employment Contract) Why the government is not giving in

The present movement is bringing a burning All this makes clear why the government is
problem to light that marks the entire trying to remain tough:
society: the growingly precarious existence
of the workers. The CPE is part of the ”law • to directly support the demands of the
for equal opportunities”. This law, that had capitalists and create precarious
been passed after the revolts of the youth in conditions as required by the
the suburbs, attacks the youth for whom it international economic war
provides uncertain working conditions from • in order not to encourage further social
the age of 14 or dismissals without giving struggles, which would surely experience
reasons during the first two years. After the an upswing in case of a defeat of the
CNE, which applies to older employees in government
small enterprises, and the CPE, the
government – on the instruction of the What does the left, which seemingly
employers – aims at a ”single contract” with follows the anti-CPE movement,
a trial period of two years for everybody. suggest? It merely offers the elections in
2007 as the only way out. However,
The employers’ association MEDEF what did it do differently when it was in
supports the law in order to go even further. power than further driving forward
flexibilization, precarious conditions and
In view of the struggles up to now, the only repression!
employers association MEDEF supports the

- 17 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

Let us go on the offensive!

As we can see the workers have all the They are only administrators of a system that
trump cards to go on the offensive! directly stands in the way of our interests,
In order to strike back effectively we suggest that is incapable of providing a future for the
that the workers massively participate in all youth or guaranteeing the improvement of
struggles against precarious conditions. This our living conditions.
would be a hard strike just where it hurts - in Let us take matters in our own hands and
the enterprises and against profits! fight for another society, for a genuine
The youth demand the presence, power and alternative to capitalism. This struggle
help of the workers! requires a communist organization. We call
They turn to the enterprises, wait for the on you to build it up together with us.
trade unions and the working class. Let us
build a militant opposition against the anti- Down with CPE, CNE and the entire
social policy. “law for equal opportunities”!
A struggle against the evils of capitalism can Down with the CESEDA law!
only be victorious, if it aims at a societal Down with the Villepin-Sarkozy
alternative. The various governments have government!
proven their incapability to solve the social General strike!
problems. Workers of all countries, unite!

Advertisement of the
OCML VP, France

Just to the 6th Congress of the Trade

Union CGT in April 2006 we published
three resolutions:
• Manifest of the resistance and of the
counter offensive
• The anti-imperialist struggle and the
national question nowadays
• The struggle for the transformation
of the relations between man and
women is part of the struggle for

The three Resolutions are published in the

form of a brochure each resolution.
Price: 1,50 Euro for each brochure
To order one brochure please write to our
Boîte Postale 48
93802 Epinay/Seine, France
or per email to:

- 18 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st of July 2006

The Significance of Building up an

International United Front for Saving the
Environment from the Greed for Profit
The transition to a global environmental crisis has already
begun and is a challenge for the struggle of the masses
Marxist-Leninist Party Germany (MLPD)

According to the Report on Worldwide political struggle of the masses and to make it a
Catastrophes, a great increase in extreme part of the preparation of the international
occurrences took place from 1994 to 2003. The proletarian revolution. The challenge to the
largest part of the total of 5,677 catastrophes international Marxist-Leninist and working-class
were due to drastic changes in climate. 673,070 movement has never been as great as it is today:
people died, 2.58 billion suffered losses and to take over the responsibility for the struggle for
approximately 691 billion US dollars in material preserving and protecting the natural foundations
damages show that a considerable part of the of life.
world’s population is already directly affected 1. Under the dictatorship of the
by the results of massive environmental international monopolies the
destruction and changes in climate. In the reorganization of international
year 2005, damages caused by the developing production leads to a transition to a
climate catastrophe reached a record high of
global environmental crisis.
more than 200 billion US dollars. The change
into a global environmental catastrophe has „We refer to a global environmental catastrophe
accelerated and is already affecting the when the destruction of the natural metabolism
essential foundations of the human life in existing between soil, water, air, flora and fauna
agriculture, the use of the oceans, the forests, the has reached such dimensions that human
gradual poisoning through chemicals and soot, existence and production are destroyed. Today
as well as the increasing masses of waste. The we must emphasize that the signs of a beginning
most important factor for the environmental change into this environmental catastrophe have
catastrophe are the beginning drastic changes increased since the beginning of the 1990s."
in climate resulting from the increasing (Klaus Arnecke/Stefan Engel, „Neocolonialism
emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon and the Changes in the National Liberation
dioxide, nitrogen oxide and methane. Within the Struggle", pp. 219-220)
next few years, an irreversible development of As a whole, with the internationalization of
the global environmental catastrophe is production, capitalist overexploitation of the
threatening which could irretrievably destroy the natural environment has taken on global
foundations of human life. US imperialism as dimensions and been systematized to an extent
the world’s greatest environmental criminal is that is unprecedented. The destruction of the
already preparing for the implementation of natural environment has taken on worldwide
“mini nukes” against the expected gigantic dimensions. In the course of their battle of
waves of “ecological refugees”. This situation is mutual annihilation, the international oil, energy
a challenge to the masses worldwide to develop and chemical monopolies merged with finance
active resistance against the imperialist capital, destroyed huge areas of land and sea and
environmental crimes and for building up an the world climate for the sake of their maximum
international militant environmental profits. They dominated and manipulated
movement as a mass movement spanning international treaties, organizations and
countries and continents. This is a challenge for governments and systematically suppressed all
the Marxist-Leninists worldwide to lead the environmentally compatible technological
environmental struggle in connection with the alternatives which endangered their extortionate
economic and profits. They have subjugated every corner of the

- 19 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st of July 2006

earth, including the oceans and the polar regions, Not much has happened to protect the tropical
to their greedy exploitation of the natural rain forests since the conference in Rio. Today
environment and its resources. an international agreement on the protection of
The global environmental crisis has four main the global forests is still lacking. On the
features: contrary: The overexploitation of the tropical
rain forests could continue almost unabated
1. The unnatural greenhouse effect,
in the 1990s. According to estimates of the FAO
2. The “ozone hole“, (Food and Agricultural Organization of the
3. The destruction of the tropical rain United Nations), almost 15 million hectares of
forests and rainforest are being destroyed every year in the
4. regional environmental catastrophes entire world (more than the combined area of
The unnatural (anthropogenic) greenhouse Austria and Switzerland) – that amounts to about
effect: one percent of the total tropical forest area. The
largest losses of tropical rain forest were in
In the past century the average yearly Brazil and Indonesia (Aktuell 2000, p. 484.).
temperature rose by 0.6 degrees Celsius. The Nearly half of the forests that used to cover the
1990s were the warmest decade of the past globe have already disappeared.
century and various models for the climate of the
present century calculate a rise in temperature of
up to 11 degrees, based on the doubling of the Regional environmental catastrophes:
carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere from The number of major natural catastrophes
what was originally 280 ppm. In the meantime, increased sharply in the last decades. Careful
these values have already reached 390ppm estimates for the year 2050 foresee damages
which is an historically singular value for the amounting to 2 trillion dollars, which is about 10
entire globe. The deceit of the Kyoto Treaty can percent of today’s worldwide social product, a
be seen, for example, in the fact that instead of figure which still underestimates the real extent
the ridiculous goal of saving 5.2% of all carbon of the damages. Millions of deaths and economic
dioxide emissions from 1990 to 2005, an losses hit the poorest countries hardest which are
increase of 11 percent has actually taken place. completely dependent on and oppressed by
When the presently remaining CO-2 buffer imperialism. In the 1990s, a number of new
systems break down (emission of CO-2 dangers appeared which must be attributed to
contained in the masses of ice, the oceans and the global environmental crisis. For one thing,
the perma-frost as a result of the warming/over- genetically manipulated organisms can
acidity of the oceans) a rapid and erratic process endanger humans and habitats. In addition,
will begin, the results of which no one can epidemics of old, as well as new epidemics and
oversee today. The USA alone are responsible diseases in the world like AIDS, Ebola,
for a quarter of the worldwide greenhouse gas tuberculosis, BSE or foot-and-mouth disease.
emissions. Together, the leading imperialist This manifestation partly has a close connection
states produce almost two thirds of all CO-2 to the reorganization of international production
emissions, compared to only the 2 percent and climate warming.
produced by the poorest fifth of the world’s
population (facts from the German edition of
Fischer World Almanac 2002, column 1259). 2. The global environmental crisis is an
The „ozone hole“: accompanying manifestation of
Despite the „Montreal Protocol“ (international
treaty for ozone protection), the destruction of Overexploitation of nature did not first begin
ozone has slowed down to only a small extent in with capitalism. It was first with the transition to
the 1990s. The increased hard ultraviolet the capitalist mode of production and the
radiation due to the ozone hole damages grain application of the rapidly-growing knowledge of
and harvests and leads to serious ailments among the laws of nature to large-scale machine
human beings like the black skin cancer production that the relationship of man and
(malignant melanoma) and to an increase in the nature underwent a fundamental change. With
levels of toxic irritant gas near the ground. the development of the capitalist mode of
production, the exchange of matter between man
The destruction of the tropical rain forests:
and nature assumed, for the first time, a form

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International Newsletter No. 31 31st of July 2006

which carries with it the possibility of the (Revolutionärer Weg Nr. 23, „Crises and Class
destruction of the unity of man and nature. Karl Struggle“, pp. 155- 166).
Marx refers to this in Volume One of “Capital”: 3. International finance capital develops
“…Capitalist production, therefore, only imperialist environmentalism and
develops the techniques and the degree of prevents effective measures against
combination of the social process of production environmental destruction
by simultaneously undermining the original
sources of all wealth – the soil and the worker.” „An international environmental movement
(Karl Marx, “Capital”, Pelican Books, London had developed in the 1970s and 1980s against
1976, Vol.1, p.637/638) the worldwide destruction of the natural
foundations of life. Despite its mainly petty-
bourgeois mold, to a large extent it was
„However, before the contradiction between sincerely determined to actively resist the
man and nature could assume the nature of an progressing destruction of the environment.
open antagonism, i.e., of an environmental However, under the influence of imperialist
crisis, profit as a motive force first had to drive environmentalism, this petty-bourgeois
capital all around the world to plunder raw movement was almost completely corroded and
materials, create a world market, flood it with won over to the side of international monopoly
products, and completely penetrate all countries capital. A book by the former US Vice President,
with the capitalist mode of production. The Al Gore, “Earth in the Balance – Ecology and
transition of capitalism of free competition into the Human Spirit”, became the international
monopoly capitalism an imperialism initiated manifesto of imperialist environmentalism. Gore
this process... The pillaging and destruction of called for coordinated activities of the
nature began to assume a world-wide imperialist states to save the ecological global
character.... system.
However, state monopoly capitalism has not … The whole attention of activists of the
only altered the environment and brought on the environmental movement was oriented towards
threat of an environmental catastrophe. UN environmental conferences, starting with the
Simultaneously, with the development of the ‘UN conference on Environment and
productive forces to a high level, and the Development’ that took place in 1992 in Rio de
achievements of science and technology, it has Janeiro. Their main purpose was, and still is, to
created all the material conditions for re- divert attention away from the monopolies’
establishing the unity of man and nature…To striving for profit as the principal cause of the
achieve this, the productive forces must be global environmental problems. To achieve this,
freed from the fetters of the capitalist mode of the impression was to be given that the
production and become fully developed under governments would take care of this problem of
socialism. Only the socialist society will be able mankind in the interest of the survival of the
to utilize nature responsibly, and care for it as human race. The petty-bourgeois environmental
the foundation of life for the present and movement actually did recede internationally as
following generations…Imperialism, as the a result. (Stefan Engel, ‚Twilight of the Gods -
highest stage of capitalism, is dying Götterdämmerung over the >New World
capitalism…Is it not a sign of the decay of this Order<’, pp.244-246)
capitalist system when, out of the greed for
profit, nothing effective is undertaken to halt the The height of favor-currying by the petty-
rapid spreading destruction of the environment? bourgeois environmental movement with
The environmental crisis is an accompanying those responsible for the environmental
manifestation of the general crisis of catastrophe up to now took place in 2002 in
capitalism. It does not operate according to Johannesburg with the largest UN-summit of all
economic laws of capitalism and can be time. Organizations like Greenpeace or WWF
eradicated by actively fighting monopoly propagated „joint round tables with industry"
politics as long as there is still a chance of and worked out joint declarations with the
rescuing nature. The threat of nuclear death „World Business Council for Sustainable
and the continued destruction of the environment Development" (WBCSD) of which 160
must be prevented through active resistance by international monopolies are members, among
the masses. them some of the biggest environmental

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International Newsletter No. 31 31st of July 2006

criminals. This was continued until the latest organizations and further 100 individuals have
worldwide environmental conference in signed the call. It signifies an important step for
Montreal which has even been celebrated by developing a worldwide militant front for saving
bourgeois and petty-bourgeois environmental the global climate and against the imperialist
organizations as a “success” because it adhered road to the environmental catastrophe brought
to the lie of Kyoto. These organizations maintain about by finance capital.
that even the cynical trade with shares for
“pollution certificates” is a contribution to
Militant actions and also mass struggles have
climate protection. In their contempt for the
taken and are taking place in a new
masses and poisoned by modern anti-
environmental movement in many countries.
communism, they cannot imagine anything else
Whether against the expulsion of millions of
than to begging the monopolies to save us from
people and the flooding of their land through
the environmental catastrophe. In the 1980s, in
destructive dam projects in India and China,
numerous imperialist countries petty-bourgeois
whether in the struggle against the privatisation
“Green parties” came onto the parliamentary
of drinking water, as in Bolivia or in the struggle
stage of deceit, some even with government
against the massive clearing of the tropical rain
participation. They became monopoly parties
forests by wood barons lacking any conscience,
and betrayed the interests of the environmental
as in Brazil or in the Philippines, these mass
struggle. The old environmental movement
struggles, which even include regional armed
has subjugated or adapted itself in one way or
uprisings, are developing. Through the massive
another to imperialist environmentalism.
privatisation of drinking water, electricity,
Many of its activists have given up in the
waste disposal and municipal services in the
meantime or retreated to local projects,
hands of the leading international monopolies,
developing the slogan “Think globally, act
these struggles are being led more and more by
locally”. They, as well as many new
the masses directly against the international
environmental activists, must be helped to come
monopolies. The so-called “Renaissance of
to grips with the betrayal of the Greens and
nuclear energy”, an international nuclear
the petty-bourgeois mode of thinking also
program of the monopolies and imperialist
existing in the environmental struggle, to
governments, is a challenge to the masses in the
develop an uncompromising struggle against the
entire world to combine the struggle against
monopolies, their imperialist environmentalism
atomic death with the struggle to maintain world
and their governments and to develop it into
peace. However there is a great discrepancy in
massive international active resistance.
the world between the necessary international
4. A new transnational environmental mass movement, its coordination, network-
movement is arising which must be building and its strong support in the working
developed into an international united class and the Marxist-Leninist parties and the
front for saving the environment from actual state. Within the MLPD and among the
the greed for profit. masses, a conscious struggle must be led
against overlying the environmental issue with
In connection with the apparent failure of
the pressing social and day-to-day issues. The
imperialist climate policy, a new environmental
tendency to displace and underestimate the
movement is arising which is spanning the globe
environmental issue is an important topic for the
and closely combining forces with other
international Marxist-Leninist and working-class
movements. In October 2004, representatives of
movement. This affords dealing critically with
about 20 environmental and popular movements
the idea that establishing socialism is identical
and individuals met in Durban, South Africa.
with solving the environmental crisis. This point
Under the motto “Climate Justice– Now! A Call
of view not only negates the conscious efforts
for Mass Action against Climate Change” they
necessary to prevent a global environmental
call for building a grass-roots movement against
crisis in a mass struggle against the greed for
climate change which spans the globe. The
profit of the monopolies, even within capitalism,
declaration opposes the privatisation of the air
but also fails to recognize the complicated and
and demands a drastic reduction of worldwide
long-lasting damages which have already been
investments in fossil energy. They call upon the
done, the extent of the uneven development in
masses of people to take the climate issue into
the world and the fact that the environmental
their own hands. In the meantime, more than 100

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International Newsletter No. 31 31st of July 2006

issue will also be the subject of an intensive small in number and although many people have
class struggle in socialism. In socialist China never heard of it because of the censorship of the
the ideological struggle that - from the bourgeois mass media, it meets with great
proletarian point of view- there is no such thing popular support there where it is made known
as waste, there are only raw materials, played an resolutely. The MLPD supports and promotes
important role, as well as the practical debate an ueberparteilich (non-party affiliated)
that a comprehensive all-out cycle economy movement for all-out cycle economy. It is an
based on the initiative of the masses must be important task to combine the struggle against
built up against the pragmatic direction “tons are imperialist plundering with the struggle for a
the main thing”. worldwide all-out cycle economy. In this way,
In connection with the struggle against the the international environmental movement will
highly poisonous waste incineration, as well as also be a school of the international revolution
against the plundering, poisoning and nuclear for the masses.
endangering of people caused by the A stabile unity of mankind and nature can first
international energy monopolies, not only a be re-established and the conservation of
number of regional movements have emerged in resources first be achieved in socialism. That
Germany, but also a nationwide popular also includes the production of long-lasting
movement for all-out cycle economy and products and the general implementation of
Kryo recycling, a technically revolutionary sustainable methods of production which are
method for completely sorting and regaining compatible with the environment. This is
plastics, tires and electronic wastes which, in absolutely contrary to the capitalist mentality
combination with biological-mechanical plants with its rapacious greed for profit. It is very
and all-out cycle economy, makes waste important to push through the interests of
incineration completely superfluous. mankind against the interests of the
This popular movement undertakes important monopolies.
steps to coordinate various forces in a new
environmental movement beyond national But this is not possible without a
borders. Its activities are supported by numerous revolutionary change in society as a whole.
alternative municipal electoral alliances and are The Marxist-Leninists must increase their efforts
developing increasing influence among to establish the universal connections among
scientists, engineers, doctors, petty-bourgeois science, research and class struggle in order to
parties, as well as individual representatives of avoid mistakes. An important source of
bourgeois parties. All of them have increasing environmental crime is the division and
contradictions to the suppression of scientific- separation of science in its individual segments
technical progress because of the monopolies’ and the failure to take note of other aspects.
greed for profit. The popular movement was
The struggle to save the environment from
initiated by the miners’ movement “Miners for
the greed for profit and the building of an
AUF” and has close ties to the working-class
international environmental movement is an
and trade union movement. In connection with
indispensable part of the strategy and tactics
the rapid spreading of regenerative energy
of the Marxist-Leninists for preparing the
sources which is closely tied to the concept of
international socialist revolution. #
all-out cycle economy, the reduction of CO2 by
80 percent within the next 15 years, which is
necessary to prevent a global environmental
catastrophe, can be achieved by means of mass
struggle. Although this movement is young and

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International Newsletter No. 31 31st of July 2006

Brand new: Spanish Edition of the book of Stefan Engel, "The struggle Over the Mode
of Thinking in the Working- Class Movement“ -Stefan Engel: La lucha por el modo de
pensar en el movimiendo obrero
The laws of the struggle over the mode of thinking in the working-class movement are
uncovered! The MLPD has gained the understanding that without uncovering and deep-
reaching knowledge of the laws of the struggle over the mode of thinking none of the
fundamental new questions raised by the history and by the altered social conditions ca be
answered for the working-class. The teaching of the mode of thinking currently constitutes
the key to approach and to solve all theoretical and practical problems of the class struggle in
a foresighted, unerring and creative way. Available as well in French and Turkish for 14,50
Euro each.

Engel, Stefan, Twilight of Gods – Götterdämmerung over the `New

World-Order` (Revolutionärer Weg 29-31),
(as well in Spanish an brand new: in French) Euro 27,00
For the title of this book, author Stefan Engel employs an allegory from German
mythology: in the “Götterdämmerung”, the ”twilight of the gods”, the end of the world
engulfs the worn-out gods of an antiquated age, and out of the world conflagration grows
an admirable new world of peace and full, joyous life. The parallel with the decline of the
present ruling stratum of world society and the preparation of a new future well worth
living is intended! The book wrests this vision from the realm of mythology and places it
on a reliable scientific foundation. It conveys a perspective to all those for whom the
“Götterdämmerung” of ruling world finance capital does not signify the end of history but
the starting point of a new epoch of the social development of humanity – without hunger,
exploitation and war.

Terms of Delivery: We deliver by invoice. Add postage and packing expense. As credit
transfers to Germany are very expensive and the fee for cashing foreign checks is at least
12 Euro, we request customers to pay invoices by sending banknotes in the European
currency “Euro”.
Note: participants of the ICMLPO will get 50% for the order of more copies to
spread and resale them.
VNW- Verlag Neuer Weg
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International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

The Publication of Cartoons on

Prophet Mohammed
Communist Party of India (Marxist – Leninist)
Central Committee, 19th February 2006

The publication of cartoons on Prophet this context the racists are promoted and neo-
Mohammed by the Danish paper Jylland fascist parties are gaining strength in these
Posten, its republication in dozens of countries. The question of the Danish
publications in Europe and even an Italian cartoons should be seen in this background.
minister appearing in a TV programme with a
T-shirt sporting one of these cartoons are not It is ridiculous to argue that what has
accidental. These are conscious provocative happened through publication of these
actions by the imperialist camp and its cartoons is only ”freedom of the press” or
propagandists including the monopoly media ”freedom of expression”. It is reported that
to hurt the religious sentiments of the Islamic the same paper had turned down cartoons of
people in order to divert them from anti- Christ three years ago on the grounds that
imperialist actions. they could be offensive to readers. Cartoons
and hurting sentiments are not the methods
Denmark was known for a liberal democrat for creating radical thinking. Religious
approach for long. But as in France, Germany chauvinism or fanaticism or fundamentalism
and so many other European countries, in can be fought only on a long term basis
Denmark also religious chauvinism has come putting forward democratic secular positions
to the foreground and the ultra right-wing and scientific temper. Instead if, as the
Danish People’s Party is gaining strength day defenders of the Danish cartoons propagate,
by day with its racist slogans. As is well the religious sentiments of any section is hurt,
known, in all the imperialist countries in it will only strengthen the very same religious
Europe and North America even after fanaticism or fundamentalism. This is proved
introducing neo-liberal policies after the repeatedly in history. The Danish editor who
1970s in order to overcome the crisis published the cartoons cannot be considered
expressed through formulations like as ignorant of these basic facts.
”stagflation” the economic situation is
degenerating continuously. Once, that is after What he has done is a deliberate provocation.
the second World War, the cheap labour from For the cultural editor claims to have invited
West Asia and North Africa were welcomed the cartoons ostensibly to test whether
for speeding up the economic boom of those Muslim fundamentalists had begun affecting
decades. But even after neo-liberal policies, the freedom of expression in Denmark. This
when the stagnation is becoming rampant is a racist and provocative test. Further the
with spiralling unemployment as a result of Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh
policies of jobless growth, this very same Rasmussen has stated, ”freedom of speech
cheap labour with Muslims constituting a should be used to provoke and criticise
major section is considered a burden. These political or religious authoritarians.” A
imperialist Governments and the chauvinist Member of the European Parliament,
propagandists there are trying to depict the Morgens Camre dared to declare, ”It is 2005
migrants especially the Muslims as the and there is no reason whatsoever to respect
reasons for the economic ills affecting them. foolish superstition in any form.” One would
Thus new scapegoats are found to save the like to ask these imperialist spokespersons
imperialist system and its barbarous policies whether they will apply the same yardstick to
which are responsible for these ills. It is in fight superstitions linked to Christianity. The

- 25 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

matter is very clear. It is nothing but the prohibits disturbing public order by publicly
bogus theory of ”the clash of civilisations” ridiculing or insulting the dogmas of worship
being put into practice for provoking a new of any lawfully existing religious community
crusade to advance the neo-colonial designs in Denmark. Section 266b criminalizes insult,
of the imperialist camp. In this way as in the threat or degradation of natural persons, by
1930s, according to the present situation the publicly and with ill intent attacking their
neo-fascist forces like the Danish Peoples’ race, colour of skin, national or ethnical roots,
Party are promoted in a naked form. It is not belief or sexual orientation. It may be true that
surprising to read that the Peoples’ Party such laws have been seldom used in the past
received almost 17 times more applications but it is also true that a 2004 report by the
for membership after the publications of these European Network Against Racism concluded
cartoons and the debate which is being that a disproportionate amount of editorial
whipped up around it. space is devoted to negative reporting on
ethnic minorities. The current controversy
The imperialist forces are working according must also be seen in the context of the recent
to a definite game plan. They were sure that unrest in France. It is clear that globalisation
once such a provocation is made, the Muslim and neo-liberalism is creating a more insular
fundamentalists will respond and slowly it and racist society in the Western world with
will take a violent turn deviating the Muslim the increasing burdens of the economic crisis
toiling masses from the anti-imperialist being thrust upon the poor, the ethnic
movement. It will divide the anti-imperialist minorities and the marginalized in society.
movement also on a religious basis. At a time
when US imperialism and its European allies The CPI (ML) condemns the publication of
are getting increasingly hated all over the the cartoons as a deliberate provocative act on
world, and when in spite of it Bush and the part of the imperialists as a part of an
company are conspiring to expand the ongoing campaign against the Muslims and
aggression to Iran, Syria, Palestine and other minorities. We also strongly condemn the
countries; when the atrocities in Guantanamo, conscious move of the imperialist forces to
Abu Ghraib, etc. are being condemned by spread such spurious and reactionary
world public opinion, such a ”divide and ideologies like the ”clash of civilisations.” We
dominate” policy is necessary for the appeal to the working class and all oppressed
imperialist designs. It is the very same policy masses in Europe and elsewhere to recognise
being practised in occupied Iraq and the imperialist designs and not to get swayed
Afghanistan where the people are already by the propaganda of the imperialist masters
divided on racist and communal lines to of their countries. We also appeal to the
perpetuate the US domination. Similarly, Muslim masses to fight such imperialist
when the Palestine people have powerfully campaigns and not to get provoked by them
rebuffed the US-Israel axis by electing Hamas so as to build a powerful broad-based anti-
overwhelmingly in a UN supervised election, imperialist movement of the working class
and when anti-imperialist sentiments and and all oppressed masses around the world in
actions are spreading in the Arab countries as order to overthrow the imperialist system led
well as in North African countries, the by US imperialism. #
publication of the cartoons and its provocative
repetition is a very conscious move to divert
the Muslim toiling masses from the path of
anti-imperialist movement.
The Danish Government has steadfastly the new email address
refused to take action against the Jylland
of CPI(ML) India:
Posten. This is clearly not in keeping with the
sections 140 and 266B of the Danish Criminal Email:
Code. Section 140 of the Criminal Code
- 26 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

Revolutionary Greetings to Heroic People

Making Anti-Bush Protest Action
A Great Success
Press Statement
General Secretary of CPI (ML), 2nd March 2006

The progressive, democratic people all over India have fully expressed their strong anti-
imperialist patriotic feelings against the international terrorist Bush and his Indian agents by
positively responding to the Bharat Bandh call of CPI (ML) from 1st March midnight to 2nd
March 6 PM and organizing massive demonstrations and effigy burning at thousands of places.
There are reports about arrests of hundreds of comrades in many areas. The Central Committee of
CPI (ML) salute the heroic people how are making the Bharat Bandh and all other anti-Bush
protest actions a massive success.

While there is a total Bandh in Kerala and Karnataka and Bandh in many parts of Andhra
Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand and
elsewhere, anti-Bush demonstrations and effigy burning are still continuing in all states. In
continuation to the massive rally at Delhi and numerous demonstrations on 1st March itself, from
the midnight the Bharat Bandh started with the slogan: Imperialist Warmonger Bush Go Back,
with massive people’s participation. All Communist Revolutionary, left, democratic, patriotic,
minority forces in their own way are contributing to make the anti-Bush campaign historic. The
rallies in all states with the participation of millions of people, like the ones still continuing at
Azad Maidan, Mumbai and elsewhere reflect the extent of people’s anger against Bush and his
evil kingdom.

It is a shame when vast majority of people hate and oppose Bush and are in the streets to
express their feelings, the UPA Government is prostrating before this international criminal at
people’s expense. Similarly it is a great treachery that while the CPI (M)-led parties continue to
prop up this government of treason, they organize anti-Bush demonstration to hoodwink the
masses. The still continuing mighty anti-Bush protest action are a great rebuff to these imperialist
agents and their lackeys. The patriotic people shall not pardon these traitors for surrendering the
country’s sovereignty and people’s interests to the imperialist chieftain Bush.

Once again we congratulate all patriotic forces who are continuing the anti-Bush agitation and
appeal to them to continue the anti-imperialist movement more vigorously. #

- 27 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

On International Working Women’s Day

Ideological Moorings of Women’s

Liberation Movement
CPI(ML) New Democracy

8th March is always an appropriate time to patriarchal values and society are appropriated
discuss what are the ideological moorings but they name the feudal mode of production
necessary for any women’s organization as a ‘patriarchal mode’ of production! For
working for women’s liberation. There are these reasons some preoccupation is there
strong reasons for discussing and debating this among new activists coming to women’s
repeatedly. The forces of status quo in our movements especially from educated sections,
society, as all over the world, used to seek to of whether they should be socialist feminists
and continue to seek to disarm the or Marxist feminists or whether all women
revolutionary leaders of such organizations who fight for women’s rights have to be
with doubts about the capacity of feminists and to be only Marxist-Leninist is to
revolutionary Marxism to provide answers to be somewhat inadequate, outdated, old
”issues of the women’s movement.” They schoolish and irrelevant. Much of this
raise the doubt whether the revolutions led by confusion springs also from conveniently
working class parties are necessary and changing definitions of ‘feminism’, of course
provide the sole substratum needed on which a always presented as an ‘evolution’ of concept.
society truly equal in gender outlook will be Many issues raised by the all the debates on
built. Questions of dictatorships of classes led ‘isms’ may be correct, may be raising new
by parties being actually dictatorships of men, issues, providing new insights into old
of Marxism being ‘outdated’ to answer production relations and their gender biases
questions being thrown up by modern etc. The heart of the matter may be better
movements, of why women of previously reached and a lot of needless heartburning
socialist countries did not fight back to avoided if we can decide what is the position
preserve their gains if they really had gained of any organization or activist on the central
anything, and many other such questions are question- is it necessary for a social
raised. They are engaged even today in transformation, a revolution led by the
proving that the question of women’s working class, to establish the basis of a
liberation has nothing to do with class society where women will be genuinely
divisions and class struggle. Rather women’s liberated? Is it impossible for at least 70% of
main struggle must be directed at their status women of India (or the vast majority of
becoming equal to or better than the men in women world over) to even imagine liberation
society, and to draw attention to the class without this pre-requisite? How we name
differences between women is unnecessary. ourselves or how such activists do, can be
This has been the feminist understanding. But decided later.
today other methods are also in use. The imperialist offensive against working
Appropriating the phrases of Marxism, ‘gender class ideology and socialism gained stridency
phraseology’ is introduced in them to make it and shrillness from Gorbachov’s Perestroika
‘woman oriented’ i.e. revolutionary Marxism and has only just petered out to an extent in the
is not woman oriented in its content. What this face of the harsh realities of the world of
actually achieves is to rob it of its class exploiters. The collapse of Soviet social
content. For example, struggles against imperialism and the aid from Deng's China of

- 28 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

restored gender inequities has been Even anti-govt. struggles are sabotaged in the
accompanied by rising attacks of post- name of fighting patriarchy, self-action,
modernists. Post modernists hold that community relying on its own strength and so
modernism (i.e. capitalism and the ideologies on.
of its time) is over and today is the era of the
It is interesting to note in passing how status
market. They hold that status quo alone will
quoist ideologies have always tried to remove
continue and some reforms alone can be tried
women from the work force, where she finds
for in this. They hold that different issues, for
her strength in organized working class
example women's issues, issues of tribals etc.
movements. The First International under
are independent and separate questions
Marx and Engels defended women’s right to
(deconstruction ideologies). They are not
work against demands to ban women labour;
issues linked to class struggle and these
Gorbachov, postmodernists, all want to lure
exploitation have no links with class
her back into the home and out of public
exploitation. For women, post-modernists
glorify domesticity, talk about the rights she is
entitled to within four walls. If the premise of Naturally there would have been inadequacies
all this is true, Lenin must move over, "If we in advancing the consciousness of women or
do not draw women into public activity, into in the rights achieved in the socialist societies.
the militia, into political life; if we do not tear The question also needs to be addressed with
women away from the deadening atmosphere equal aggressiveness that after being around
of household and kitchen, then it is impossible for over a century, what social model those
to secure real freedom, it is impossible to build who propose to remodel gender relations
democracy, let alone socialism." (Letters from without revolutionary change have made?
Afar, III rd Letter) Whilst several reforms can and should be
The ideological attack of imperialism on the fought for in the present framework by all
ideology of the working class and on socialism women’s organizations and groups and
was strengthened by Gorbachov's Perestroika. activists, the harsh reality remains that most
On one side it depicted the down fall of social come into effect only to the extent of depth of
imperialism as "the fall of socialism", on the struggle and consciousness of those leading it.
other hand, it talked about the degeneration of The Science of Marxism
society in USSR, fall in moral values of youth
and linked these with the absence of women The modern women’s movements, whether
from the home. It glorified the homemaker bourgeois movements or those led by
status of woman and stressed the need to revolutionaries, began in Europe rooted in the
return her there. And Germaine Greer, the establishment of capitalism. The strong
militant feminist of the 1960s, in the new note assertions for women’s equality from women
of post-modernism, wrote about the joys of came from within great mass movements and
domesticity and motherhood but never struggles of which women were a part. The
admitted that the earlier precepts of the French Revolution of 1789 where women and
feminist movement were wrong. No one even men fought shoulder to shoulder for Liberty,
stops to say that it is Marxism alone that Equality and Fraternity also resulted in the
strives to lighten the burdens associated with Declaration of the Rights of Women and the
motherhood but does not denigrate or deny Citizeness, where fighting women raised the
that status to women, while it seeks to make issue of equality in family, society and state.
the individual domestic burdens into services ”When a woman has the right to mount the
of society. This allows women to continue guillotine, she must equally have the right to
their activities outside the home. Fuelled by mount the speaker’s platform,” stated Olympe
post-modernism NGO activists work in grass de Gouges, authoress of the Declaration. Mary
root organizations eroding movements for and Wollenstonecraft of England in 1792 made an
ideologies of revolutionary transformation. impassioned case for women to be reckoned as

- 29 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

equals and as human beings, and drew on class could set women really free. The First
domination to drive home the point, ”The International led by Marx and Engels rejected
many have always been enthralled by the few the demand for ban on women’s employment,
and monsters, who scarcely have shown any and upheld collective class struggle. The
discernment of human excellence, have General Council included a woman member;
tyrannized over thousands of their fellow several trade unions of women were affiliated
creatures …. For is it not universally to it. In 1871 the Paris Commune had its share
acknowledged that kings, viewed collectively, of women defenders and martyrs and upheld
have ever been inferior to abilities and virtues the rule of the working class and equality of all
to the same number of men from the common working people.
mass of mankind- yet have they not and are
With the coming to the fore of working class
they still not treated with a degree of reverence
movement, and capitalism form its energetic,
which is an insult to reason. … Brutal force
developing phase towards imperialism, the
has hitherto governed the world …. as sound
bourgeois women's movement demarcated its
politics diffuse liberty, mankind, including
class positions retreated to them. From the mid
women will become more wise and virtuous.”
nineteenth and early twentieth century sprung
(Vindication of Rights of Woman)
up bourgeois women’s organizations (mostly
The eighteenth century marked entry of early 1900s) calling for the women’s vote- but
women into social sphere of production on a restricting it to propertied women- propertied
big scale- into the factories, the mines. They white women in the case of America. In
like men faced long hours of work, contrast, the Second International saw Clara
exploitation, poor wages and turned towards Zetkin defend women’s equality at its
trade union formations in defense. Women Founding Congress in 1889; in 1893 its
were part and parcel of working class Congress at Zurich took a stand against partial
movements to regulate working hours; several franchise for women. The First Congress of
all women trade unions were organized as the Third International (March 1919) adopted
well. As female labour held an edge in textile an unanimous resolution, acknowledged the
industries- women unionized slowly, had total equality of women and recognized their
lighter fingers, etc.- there arose in the 1800s a significance as an indispensable force of the
demand to ban female labour. revolution.
Capitalist society brought with it Parliaments In 1907, communist women organized the
and the issue of right to vote. It also put on First Women’s Socialist International attended
agenda women’s rights in family and society- by 59 women from 15 countries which upheld
in marriage, property rights. Demands to women’s equality and universal suffrage. Here
extend right to vote in England brought the differences were there on the attitude to be
1832 laws into existence and fuelled the adopted for universal suffrage with women
Chartist movement. Though women from England, France, etc. stating it was more
participated in it significantly, the demand for practical to fight for limited suffrage. However
universal franchise was actually a demand for Marxist views won the day. A resolution of
franchise for all men irrespective of property this Conference also noted that ”socialist
holding. parties of all countries have a duty to struggle
energetically for the introduction of universal
The Communist Manifesto released in 1848
suffrage for women.” March 1908, New York
exposed the way bourgeois society viewed
women as a possession and gave her no social saw the demonstration which the 2nd
rights. Marxism clearly elucidated how the Women’s Socialist International immortalized
secondary position of women in society was as working women’s day- a march organized
linked to the advent of private property and by socialist women for suffrage for all women
how the abolishing of private property alone as opposed to the movement of feminists for
voting rights for white, propertied women.
- 30 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

Today the universal celebration of 8th March and Stalin years of creches and nurseries etc.
as ‘women’s day’ obliterates this history and inadvertently while describing their current
its lessons by appropriating the day but state, and are an interesting source of proof of
robbing it of its content. how much was done by the proletarian state
(for which Khruschev onwards no love was
The proletarian revolution of 1917 drove all there). The process continued in the building
bourgeois movements into a flurry. For at one of socialism under Stalin. Women became
stroke, the Soviet government announced tractor drivers, labour heroines, shock brigade
universal suffrage for all men and women, managers, scientists – entered all walks of life.
only denying the exploiters. Women had Through the Soviets in all areas they
unequivocal right for divorce, the right of participated in the political process of ruling
maintenance and there was to be no difference the country. All discussions on five-year plans,
between children born out of wedlock or on work figures were taken down below to the
within it. The last had the status of a decree of Soviets for opinion before being finalized.
the Soviet state. Side by side Lenin was Women were leaders of Soviets, leaders of
forthright – it was ”not a matter of law alone” Party Committees – and not in the way they
(1918) but the situation would have to be lead panchayats in our country i.e., as
actually changed in the countryside. The substitutes of their husbands.
Soviet state gave the framework for gender
equality in which this exploitation would be Similar and even more earthshaking were the
fought out. ”We say the emancipation of experiences of women in China under Mao
workers must be brought about by the workers because of the strong feudal oppression they
themselves. And similarly, the emancipation fought and overthrew before coming forward
of women workers must be brought about by to build a new society. Mao insisted that in
the women workers themselves” (1919) Lenin liberated areas, first women must be organized
stated while discussing the women’s question to demand ban on concubinage before it was
with Clara Zetkin. Right to vote to all women prohibited, recognizing the need for women to
was given in all other countries only after the be developed to fight their own exploitation.
proletarian state did so. The fledgling state Equality was not mechanically implemented.
also set out to implement all other Marxist Work point allocations were different for
convictions. Convinced that ”petty menial pregnant and lactating women, for same
housework chains and debilitates her”, benefits as others. Women nursing children
community kitchens, laundries, canteens and worked less hours for the same wage (Socialist
creches were set up to free women from Upsurge in China’s countryside). Post Mao,
household labour, as she came forward to one of the early faces of capitalist China was
participate in the building of the new society. the photograph of a woman standing at dawn
There were struggles, there were setbacks. outside the gate of Peking, holding her
There are several documentation’s of even newborn baby in her arms – thrown out for
western writers including that of Anna Louis bearing a baby girl in Deng’s China where the
Strong who wrote about how the manager of a ‘great iron pot’ was broken, families could
state factory employing women explained how own private land, getting rich was glorious and
his establishment helped the women – in an a one child policy spelt nemesis for the baby
area where it was socially compulsory for girl and her hapless mother.
women to be veiled, unveiling became the rule
as the factory forbade the veil. It was not only Those cynics, those genuinely concerned
the facilities extended by the state, side by side women, those bourgeois propagandists who
was the continual propaganda for women to ask why did it all finish if it was all so glorious
cast aside their chains and to participate. Year should be answered with confidence. They
Books of the Soviet Union of the years of scarcely seem to realize the size of the
Khruschev and after quote the figures of Lenin transformation – lives transformed for millions

- 31 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

of ordinary women. When the working class is the reactionary governments as foes which
ideologically disarmed and also rendered need to be crushed because they are embryos
leaderless, then movements and sections of another society. We see this in our own
whose lives changed dependent on it, also country, as also in other countries. Marxism is
reverse. It is further proof of how long and a science and we should remain convinced that
arduous are the periods of social it will help us tackle the challenges before
transformations, and how desperate the tussle movements led by revolutionary women in our
between the old and the new, and how country. No other class has a blue print for
consciously the new has to be defended. Mao equality for the vast masses of women. All
explained the restoration. forces of status quo – whether they are post-
modernists, or feminists or anyone, end up
In a nutshell, the important question which
standing for the current imperialist dominated
these societies clarified and also raised was
modern world which is based on exploitation
whether the new society itself will do away
of the labour of the vast majority of the
with all gender exploitation. They clearly
world’s women, and a culture which
showed up how class slavery propagates and
commercializes and degrades women. As
aggravates gender slavery. They clearly
Clara Zetkin placed before her Party’s
brought out the Marxist percept that such a
Congress in Gotha in 1896 ”The woman of the
centuries old exploitation will need
working class has achieved her economic
thoroughgoing revolutions in social attitudes
independence but neither as a person nor as a
and values which have to be fought out in the
woman or wife does she have the possibility of
new society. The new society gives a
living a full life as an individual. For her work
framework of equality and stands by the
as wife and mother she gets only the crumbs
women in their struggle. But it is equally true
that are dropped from the table by capitalist
that the complete liberation of women would
production. Consequently, the liberation
only be possible under Communism, when all
struggle of the working class women cannot be
private property is done away with.
– as it is for the bourgeois woman, a struggle
World over movements breaking out under the against the men of her class …”.#
leadership of revolutionary communists,
however small, are seen by imperialists and

Let the Communists of Imperialists

Countries Unite their Forces for the Rebirth
of Communist Movement!
Resolution approved by the fourth reunion of
Preparatory Commission (CP), Italy
(from La Voce n. 12, November 2002)

Proletarian of all the world, unite! No more against the imperialist bourgeoisie. Exactly
than 150 years ago the founders of the 100 years ago Lenin, the leader of the first
communist movement as a conscious and victorious proletarian revolution, showed in
organized movement launched this appeal with his work What must we do? the general
the Communist party’s Manifesto. In spite of characteristics of the communist parties that
all the changes since then till now, it remains the working class needed to begin the socialist
entirely valid and it shows the condition for era. Founding on these precedents the
working class and popular masses’ victory Preparatory Commission (CP) of the

- 32 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

foundation congress of the (new) Italian establishment of socialism and the march
Communist Party addresses the communist towards communism.
parties, the communist organizations, the not
yet organized communists and the Crisis of capitalism and popular masses’
organizations that struggle for setting up resistance
socialism (that is all the Subjective Forces of Day after day in oppressed countries and
the Socialist Revolution) of the imperialist also in imperialist countries the contradictions
countries. The CP addresses all these forces so between imperialist bourgeoisie and popular
that they mobilize and unite their own forces masses are increasing. The contradictions of
so as working class and popular masses could imperialist groups and their States among
have soon a communist party which fully can themselves are contemporaneously increasing.
make use of the experience of the first wave of The contradiction between the collective
proletarian revolution, a party which can be up character reached by men’s material and
to the communists’ tasks during the second spiritual productive forces, on one side, and on
general crisis of capitalism and the consequent the other side the surviving of capitalist
revolutionary situation in development. relation of production is becoming more and
The CP exposes and summarily justifies its more antagonist. All this is shown on more
conceptions and its purposes in order to this and more large levels (the devastation of
internationalist task. The CP is born in order to habitat and the risk for the existence of the
convoke the congress of the (new) Italian human race itself are examples) and in a more
Communist Party’s foundation. This is the and more stronger way.
work that we want to conclude. The work to The surviving of capitalist relations of
realize this aim shows more and more clearly production takes an increasingly heavy tall of
step by step that the rebirth of the communist victims among the popular masses also in
movement in our country is closely linked to imperialist countries and moreover it causes
the rebirth of the communist movement in the the popular masses of oppressed countries and
rest of the world, particularly to the rebirth in of ex socialist countries to collapse in a chasm
the imperialist countries and especially in without bottom.
those European imperialist countries which At the beginning of the Seventies the period
our country is strictly tied to. We think that it of recovery of the capital accumulation and of
is a wrong nationalist conception to believe development of economic activity followed to
that the rebirth of the communist movement the Second World War came to its end, and the
can advance unlimitedly only in a single second general crisis of capitalism began. The
country if it does not advance in some crisis of communist movement driven by
proportion also in other countries. We does not modern revisionism prevailing led to the
address the communists of the other countries collapse of socialist field, to the liquidation of
for presumptuousness or for lack of regard or most of the parties created within the first
esteem of their experience and of their present Communist International and to the
work. On the contrary we want to present to disappearance of most of the institutions
the communists of other countries our (States, parties, mass organizations) created by
conceptions and our purposes for establishing the first wave of world proletary revolution.
with them connections founded on criticism The decay of old communist movement
and self-criticism so that everybody could permitted to capitalism to unfold once again
better and faster realize its aims. Everyone’s freely in every field and in every side of the
advancing is conditioned by others’ advancing. world in conformity with its true nature. This
This shapes and defines a field of common decay has returned on the front level the
work, and this confirms the international reactionary, anti popular and destructive
feature of the transformation to which we character of capitalism in its imperialist phase.
work: the victory of proletarian revolution, the The result is that since the beginning of the
Nineties the general crisis of capitalism goes

- 33 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

on faster, on a large scale and on a world level, spontaneous way and open order. The single
in confirmation that capitalism is historically proletarians and popular masses’ persons
out of date. ”struggle against bourgeoisie one by one”.
This induces imperialist bourgeoisie to Their resistance flows and scatters in
increase the extermination war that it actually individualist rebellism, in individual
carries out against the popular masses of brutalization, in attempts to individually save
imperialist countries and of oppressed themselves and to open some way out, in
countries in order to create conditions of generically antisocial behaviors of individuals
exploitation adequate to the increase in value or little groups, in attacks and vandalism with
of the accumulated capital mass. no class distinction, in generic anarchic and
At the same time imperialist groups and individualist criminality copying the
States are driven to a new imperialist war by capitalists’ behavior, in subversive activities of
the need of valorization of capital. Particularly individuals or little groups untied among them.
the European imperialist groups can strengthen The workers ”of a particular category in a
their economic and political positions against particular place struggle against that single
the robbery and arrogance of US imperialist capitalist who directly exploits them”, their
groups only setting up themselves as political resistance remains confined to trade-unionist
and military powers opposing to USA. The and vindicating struggles, and remains steeped
imperialist groups must settle their accounts in reformist illusions and deviations to
among themselves as a more and more urgent spontaneous and adventurist activism. In many
matter of life or death. In capitalism there is cases the resistance develops under direction
not other way to assert oneself. European of organizations submitted to imperialist
Union can survive and develop only walking bourgeoisie, of regime trade unions or of
on this way. This is the unavoidably and residual mass organizations of the old
spontaneously way followed by imperialist communist movement now dominated by
bourgeoisie and therefore it must lead the bourgeoisie or even by it manipulated. In other
popular masses and even the working class to cases the workers, instead of struggling against
march close to itself, with good or bad the bourgeois relations of production and
manners. against the class which by force imposes their
The development of socialist revolution in maintenance, struggle against other workers.
imperialist countries consists in transforming As a matter of fact it happens that imperialist
the extermination war today suffered by bourgeoisie transforms the contradiction
popular masses in a war fought by them in a between itself and the popular masses in a
organized manner, taking the initiative in their thousand contradictions among parts of
hands with strategy and tactics adequate to popular masses. Then the popular masses’
lead it to victory. Only the development of resistance to the advancement of the crisis
socialist revolution in imperialist countries can develops under control of openly reactionaries,
prevent a new imperialist war or transform it fascist and racist forces. All these things are
in revolutionary war. Therefore the rebirth of not new: the founders of the communist
the communist movement is a necessity. movement already described them in
The resistance opposed by popular masses to Communist Party’s Manifesto of 1848
the advancement of general crisis of capitalism (Chapter 1), because they are typical of
since many years has developed not only in periods when communist movement as
oppressed countries and in ex socialist conscious and organized movement is weak.
countries, but also in imperialist countries. But But today they present theirs elves on a higher
till now and most of all in imperialist countries level and with new guises, so a lot of us do not
that resistance acts only marginally as recognize them. Revolutionary mobilization
communism school, because it is not guided and reactionary mobilization get mixed up and
by the working class through its communists the imperialist bourgeoisie prevails in the
parties. On the contrary it has developed in muddle because it has power, experience,

- 34 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

organization and tested practices and every country. Experience also shows that on a
institutions of preventive counterrevolution. It world level the communist movement does not
is right and necessary that us communists, develops beyond some limits without a strong
particularly us communists of imperialists communist movement in the imperialist
countries, ask ourselves why in imperialist countries, and then without strong communist
countries the rebirth of the communist parties in the imperialist countries,. Neither the
movement, that we think it is already free from Cultural Proletarian Revolution launched in
the tumor of modern revisionism, goes on so 1966 by Chinese Communist Party under the
slowly. We must ask ourselves why the direction of Mao Tse – tung succeeded in
communist movement has yet such a limited reversing the communist movement’s decay.
influence on working class and on popular Neither the great victories of proletary
masses, even if the popular masses’ resistance revolution yet in the Seventies conquered in
to the advancement of the crisis develops on a some oppressed countries (Vietnam, Laos,
great scale. In many imperialist countries Cambodia, South Yemen, Nicaragua, Angola,
communist parties yet do not even exist. Even Mozambique, Ethiopia) succeeded in it. In the
in those countries where since years parties oppressed countries where the popular masses’
self calling Marxist – Leninist, or even Marxist resistance to imperialism is more diffuse and
– Leninist – Maoist are existing, there are stronger, it is more and more often led by
scarce or no advances in accumulation of reactionary forces. This reproposes the strange
revolutionary forces. Some comrades, most of contrast between the heroism shown by the
all in parties of the oppressed countries but fighting popular masses and the reactionary
also in parties of the imperialist countries, go character of the political forces which lead
as far as to assert that today the accumulation them. This is a fact already shown in the past
of revolutionary forces is impossible in where the influence of the world communist
imperialist countries, that proletary revolution movement as a conscious and organized
must before develop in a great scale on movement was weaker. The communist
oppressed countries, that the communists of movement’s weakness restrains and limits also
imperialist countries cannot do anything but the communist movement’s development in
resist as little groups waiting for more the countries oppressed by imperialism. This
favorable situations, that sooner or later will be has its reasons inside the imperialist countries’
created by the development of the revolution communist movement and it will not be
in the oppressed countries and by the automatically healed neither by the increasing
increasing of contradictions of the imperialist of contradictions nor by a possible greater
groups and States among themselves and communist movement’s development in the
between them and the popular masses. But this oppressed countries. Surely this development
is a wrong conception. It means to delegate is giving an important contribution to the
responsibility to the popular masses’ communist movement’s rebirth in the
movement led by the events, to overestimate imperialist countries (we have only to think at
the role of their spontaneous movement (after the role performed by Peruvian Communist
all it is a mistake of spontaneism), to justify Party in the near past), but this is not the
the imperialist countries communist decisive force. It is up to us communists to
movement’s backwardness of which these remove the causes that stop ourselves from
comrades do not recognize the causes, and to leading the resistance opposed by the popular
resign themselves to it. masses o the development of the capitalism
Experience not only shows that socialism crisis in imperialist countries.
can consolidate on a world level only if Where do the difficulties in the revolutionary
socialist revolution wins also in the more forces’ accumulation met by us communists of
important imperialist countries, although in the the imperialist countries come from?
context of a revolutionary situation on a world
level the socialist revolution can begin in

- 35 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

Mistakes of dialectics we can remove opportunism only in the course

Somebody answers that these difficulties of revolution’s development. We cannot do it
come from economical, political and cultural as a premise for revolution. In fact
bourgeoisie’s strength, and from the fierceness opportunism is mainly fed by two sources.
and the lack of scruples of the preventive One source is the influence (ideological
counterrevolution systems by bourgeoisie influence, blackmail and corruption) exercised
worked out and improved before, during and by imperialist bourgeoisie among revolutiona-
after the first wave of proletarian revolution ries’ lines: it is an influence that we can not
(1900 – 1950). But it is clear that all these eliminate until we will have eliminate the
elements exist and will continue to exist until bourgeoisie itself. The other source is the
the revolutionary forces will prevail. They influence that bourgeoisie structurally has, as
aren’t the obstacle to the revolutionary forces’ old dominating class, upon the popular masses
development, but the target that those forces yet not mobilized or only weakly mobilized
must pull down. When and where did the towards the revolutionary struggle. The more
communists succeeds in revolutionary forces’ the communist movement involves the popular
accumulation because the dominant class masses the more we can remove this influence.
easily yielded them the field? Which would be Then it is clear that the diffusion of opportu-
the communists’ task if dominant class nism is not the source of our difficulties, but it
wouldn’t oppose the most ruthless, cynical and is a manifestation, an aspect of them.
fierce resistance to the socialism The main obstacle to the rebirth of the
advancement? On the contrary the founder of communist movement in the imperialist
communist movement taught us that countries is inside that movement and then its
revolution open its road making arise a removal is entirely in the hands of us
powerful counterrevolution, and the party communists of imperialist countries. The main
gains the true revolutionary party’s maturity obstacle is the dogmatism of those who
only fighting against it (K. Marx, Class declare themselves communists and sincerely
struggles in France since 1848 to 1850). Some try to act as communists. This obstacle is the
decades later Stalin indicated us that scant dialectical conception which leads them
experience confirmed Marx’s teachment: the and the scant dialectical method with which
more the proletary revolution goes on the more they know the world and with which they try
class struggle becomes acute. The strength, the to change it.
cynicism and the fierceness of Dogmatism hinders both the construction of
counterrevolution are only a signal that communist parties and their strengthening. We
imperialist bourgeoisie has increasing communist do not sufficiently adhere to the
difficulties in making survive its power and peculiar laws of practical movement that
therefore they are a signal and a confirmation changes the present state of things, that is to
of the great potentialities of development and say to the laws of communism as it was
success for the communist movement. formerly defined by Marx and Engels in The
Somebody else answers that the of German ideology (1846). Therefore we cannot
communist movement’s present difficulties in lead it. Some people even denies that a
the imperialist countries come from the practical movement changing the present state
diffusion of opportunism. Opportunism is the of things is existing and they reduce it to what
resignation to bourgeoisie’s domination, the they produce, they reduce the practical
agreement with bourgeoisie and the subjection movement to the conscious and organized
to it for it could satisfy the immediate needs of movement. It is a idealistic position according
individual, little groups or some categories. to which the conscious and organized
Opportunism is to find with bourgeoisie movement creates the practical movement.
arrangements preserving its power, to nurture Coherently developed this bring to the
illusions about bourgeoisie, to hesitate or to conclusion that for being communists there is
stagger in the struggle against bourgeoisie. But not anything more to know and this supports

- 36 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

the indifference for enquiry and for experience consciously, the contradictions between itself
elaboration which actually permeates so many and the popular masses in contradictions
communists. As a matter of fact a practical between parts of the popular masses and so
movement changing the state of things exists: prolongs its existence, makes the popular
the communists’ task is to understand its laws masses’ state miserable and morally and
and direct him. Perhaps is it passivity to follow intellectually brutalizes them. So the popular
the peculiar laws of the practical movement masses’ mobilization against the advancement
that changes the world? No, it is not! Passivity of the capitalism’s general crisis does not
is to follow the masses yet influenced by become revolutionary mobilization, but
bourgeoisie, that is to say indirectly to undergo becomes reactionary mobilization, a
the bourgeoisie’s influence. The practical mobilization led by imperialist bourgeoisie.
movement transforms the present society and The main obstacle to the rebirth of
it drives it towards communism. We as communist movement consists in this: the
communists must understand the laws of this communists sincerely dedicated to the cause of
transformation, we must become conscious of revolution have a conception of the world and
the necessity inherent in things and active a method of work which not sufficiently
promoters of the transformation. The considers the bourgeois society’s
transformation of the capitalist society in transformations nor the experience of the first
communist society by its nature is a passage wave of proletarian revolution. According to
from a movement that men undergo out of the programs of the main part of the
necessity and that they do without being imperialist countries’ communist parties and
conscious, to a conscious and planned groups they analyze the economic, political
movement. and cultural movement of the present society
Already in the Communist Party’s Manifesto as if the first wave of proletarian revolution,
of 1848 Marx and Engels taught us that which shook the world from top to bottom,
communists’ role towards the remaining would have passed without leaving any mark,
workers’ mass consists in knowing the and this only because the States, the parties
conditions, the course and the general results and the mass organizations by it created are
of the proletary movement, and in being the fallen. Really communism is dead and deleted
most resolved part of the proletariat, that one from history, also in these programs! This is
that ever drives forward (chapter 2). The still bourgeoisie’s ideological influence, these
transformation of the capitalist society in are bourgeoisie’s illusions and exorcisms.
communist society is an objective and Reality is quite different.
necessary movement that can complete only To break with dogmatism which makes
becoming also a subjective and conscious sterile our efforts, to elaborate a revolutionary
movement. Without conscience and direction theory reflecting the reality of transformation
it loses itself in thousand ways, stagnates and towards communism, the transformation that
sometimes and for some time it even changes founding on it we must direct and give
to his contrary. Without revolutionary theory revolutionary solutions to the proletary
the revolutionary movement can not develop revolution tasks: all this is summarized in the
beyond an elementary and spontaneous level, thesis that new communist parties must be
and it is in many forms exposed to the founded on Marxism – Leninism – Maoism.
manipulations of the experienced dominant
class that influences, permeates, deviates and We explain into details this our thesis in the
withdraws it from its course, envelops it with following seven points.
inextricable contradictions, exhausts it, breaks
it up, disperses it and opposes one part of the 1. The imperialist social-economic
practical movement to another. Particularly formations
imperialist bourgeoisie systematically Today many honest communists have a
transforms, even spontaneously as well as conception about the economic and political

- 37 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

movement of imperialist societies that is a on the world level, the public housing
combination 1) of some marxism – Leninism’s facilities, the politics for habitat and
formulas repeated without the enrichment and infrastructures, all the other institutes
the specification requested by the summarized in the expression ”welfare State”
developments of reality and therefore reduced and intended to promote or to maintain the
to empty formulas, and 2) of the analysis ”social cohesion” and to avoid the paralysis
settled by the Soviet revisionists who, and the chaos which the ”free market and the
subordinated to the imperialist bourgeoisie in unrestrained search of profit”, that is to say the
the fields of politics, of direction of society capitalist way of production, would quickly
and of culture, for a long time have left survive conduct to. In short they are all the institutes,
a mummified sector of ideology repeating and the procedures and the institutions with which
adapting marxism - leninism in an bourgeoisie tries to govern the economic
opportunistic way, and therefore very well this movement of society and all the social life
served them as a covering: the most elder even though maintaining the capitalist
people well remember Suslov and his empty relations of production. Surely the bourgeoisie
speechs. The truth of this statement is with the AFSU do not get to govern the
demonstrated studying the present programs of economic movement and to address him
the communist parties of imperialist countries, according to a plan and towards determinate
or studying the conception of the world goals. The relations of capitalist groups among
implied in their political analysis. themselves and the relations between
The imperialist societies show important bourgeoisie and working class remain
features formed owing to 1) the advancing of essentially antagonistic and exclude the
productive forces’ collective character, 2) the government of society’s economic movement.
formation by the imperialist bourgeoisie itself As it does not govern the economic movement,
of a series of Antithetical Forces of Social the imperialist bourgeoisie does not govern
Unity (AFSU), 3) the first wave of the either the political and cultural society’s
proletarian revolution (where the socialist movement, and ”things slip from their
revolutions and the new democracy fingers”. But we can not understand the
revolutions combine themselves) with the present forms of economic, political and
constitution of the first socialist countries and cultural movement’s development without
the formation all over the world of a strong considering those transformations above-
communist movement as a conscious and mentioned.
organized movement. The substance of capitalist way of production
In the bourgeois society a series of AFSU have showed by Marx persists along all the
formed: institutes, procedures and institutions capitalist era, but it never exists in a pure state.
with which bourgeoisie tries to face up to the It has existed only in concrete economic –
collective character assumed by the productive social formations which have deeply changed
forces but staying within the productive and in the course of capitalist era, just because the
social bourgeois relations that denies it. The capitalist society must flow into the
AFSU are the fiduciary money which since communist society. This one does not springs
more than 50 years has served the economic out suddenly, but forms through capitalist
movement on a world level, and has society decomposition. The capitalist society is
materialized the great part of the ”social restrained till it breaks in revolutions or in
power” of each individual, the economical world wars. The capitalism’s substance
public politics, the collective negotiation of the expresses itself in differents forms according
conditions of wage and of labour on the level to the capitalization degree of society, to the
of category, of country and of world, the level reached by the formal and by the real
welfare institutes and the public services, the consumption in capitalism of human activities,
demographic politics and the politics of job to the survival in each concrete country of
training, the communication networks unified forms and institutions of precapitalist society

- 38 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

with which the capitalist way of production made reference as examples mainly to goods,
has combined transforming them, to the forms according to characteristics of his time society,
and institutions of the communist movement in 150 years ago. But dogmatics stay behind at
every country, to the AFSU concretely historical examples already updated and close
realized by the ruling class. their eyes in front of the fact yet clear that
The economic – social formations of the today the majority of the commodities
capitalist era, and particularly those of the produced by capitalists, whose production is
imperialist era after the first wave of the the medium and the support of the process of
proletary revolution, have specific capital exploitation, especially in the
characteristics and we must consider them in imperialist societies, is constituted by services,
order to lead their transformation. and so it will be more and more from now on.
The capitalism has taken possession and has They ignore a great part of the real working
subsumed new activities. They are activities class of our countries. And it is exactly what
that always have been done by every person or the soviet revisionists taught: yet at the end of
group as their own ”natural” activities. The the Eighties they recorded as production only
capitalism has transformed all those the ”material production”.
spontaneous and widespread activities in We shall succeed in opening the road towards
commercial activities: the cooking, the socialist revolution only sufficiently studying
tailoring and the upkeep of clothes, the body and understanding the mechanisms of
and mind cure, the sexual relations, the imperialist economic – social formations as
procreation, the children’s education and they presently are.
custody, the education, the sickness treatment, It has been realized a combination between
the old men’s aid, the dead men’s burial, the economic and political movement of society.
recreative activities, etc.. The capitalism has On one side this combination is, as Lenin said,
taken possession of these and other activities, the socialism antechamber, but on the other
has thought them in a new way and has side it impresses in economy, in politics and in
restructured them for its own nature. The each other field of the society movement
capitalism has broken out the old activities in characteristics that the communists must
differents commercial activities setting up carefully and necessarily consider if they want
each of them in new productive sectors. It has to accumulate revolutionary forces, to
deeply distinguished knowledge, planning, mobilize the working class to take the
organization and direction from execution, it direction of society eliminating the imperialist
has done everyone of these activities a bourgeoisie’s direction and so leading the
separate one (a separate sector of economic society to march most consciously and steadily
activity), and deeply changed and enriched towards communism.
them. The development of urbanization, of If we consider the programmatic writings of
social relations and civilization has required the greater part of imperialist countries
new activities. The working of capitalism communists parties and groups we see that
itself, with its financial, commercial, insurance they swing from 1) marxism caricatures which
and advertising activities has generated pretend to make derive every political and
separate commercial activities and productive cultural enterprise from the immediate
sectors. All this has made arise a quantitatively economic interest of its promoters, and to 2)
enormous working class, but with the factual abandonment of marxism,
characteristics differents from those liked by expressing itself in a stereotyped and therefore
dogmatics, whose class analysis are remained unreal description of the economic movement
behind at the old times memories. Marx and in a description of the political and
clearly taught us since the first pages of The cultural movement mainly due to the influence
capital that commodities can be goods or of bourgeois culture fashionable categories.
services, that their material nature is End of part 1#
secondary, although Marx in his exposition

- 39 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

A Torrent of Liberation
is Opening its Way Through and
Unity is an Imperative for the Victory!
Partido Comunista del Perú (Marxista Leninista)
Comisión Política, Sebastián Liviapoma, Secretario General,
Lima, Enero del 2006

1. An anti-imperialist hurricane is met Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales, the

sweeping up the soil of our subcontinent reactionary forces of the Church and the
and in his core has the rejection to neo- conservative forces : big economically
liberal policies applied by different cipayo powerful groups of the Confiep, the pathetic
governments; it pursues to end with Toledo government and the different small
poverty, starvation and over-exploitation political groups that represent them, started
and to let peoples enjoy welfare, liberty from different media groups a furious anti-
and progress to which they have real right, Communist campaign of political and
although the untruthful statistics of economic terrorism that was led to spread
imperialist bourgeoisie, even the CEPAL confusion and panic and to ”tear to pieces
itself recognizes the worsening of life Ollanta Humala´s candidacy.”
conditions of peoples in Latin America. In
its report Social Situation in Latina 3. Consequencies could not have been more
America 2004 it states: ”...poors have the opposite. Ollanta Humala, more than for
increased in population, from 205 to 216 his virtues, mainly due to the awkwardness
millions of people. Although, inequality in and stupidity of the reactionary bourgeoisie,
distribution of the national income has has grown in the polls heading them. But the
been aggravated... the Gini rate in the most important lesson taught by this political
area is 52, while in industrialized circus is that workers and the people of Peru
countries of the OCDE is 33.2 ; Asian are not willing to be deceived or terrified by
countries are 40 and the Gini for Africa is the great fuss that the reaction and imperialism
48. Please note that the rate for inequality make.
is different from the rate of poverty. Africa
is poorer than A. Latina but less 4. Ollanta Humala´s appeal to unity of the left
unequal.”. This peak in the anti-imperialist wing, trade unions and popular organizations,
struggle picks up the aspirations of peoples to the small, micro and median entrepreneurs
for shaking neo-colonial domination off to fight together, although it was a little late , it
from their backs and for recuperating their was a positive one. But this appeal and his
sovereignty, natural resources, identity and ”nationalist” assertion are not enough. You
dignity as peoples and nations that are can not be a consequent nationalist if you do
being smashed today by monopolies and not denounce in a firm and accurate way the
transnationals. This hurricane terrifies the neocolonial domination. If you do not state the
oligarchies of our countries that for decision to invalidate the agreements signed
decades have been riding on the backs of by the past dictatorship with the imperialist
millions of workers and peasants. monopolies and transnational companies and
2. Peru can not be let aside, out of this turning kept by Toledo´s government, that surrendered
point of history. Just because Ollanta Humala our national wealth to them. Also, if you do

- 40 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

not anulate the shameful and corrupt tax reform based on direct taxes so those who
auctioning of government enterprises; if you owns more will pay more. It is not enough to
do not plainly declare the resolution of proclaim oneself as a democratic candidate if
requesting the condonation of the foreign debt a deep state reform is not intended. A reform
that has been increased by the government in that allows people to have a direct
more than 7 thousand millions of dollars. You participation in government and power . If you
have to plainly declare your rejection of the do not proclaim the elimination of
FTT signed by the treacherous regime and to discrimination and the enforcement of equal
be ready for working for the pursuing of the rights for the ethnias, nationalities, women,
political and economic integration of Latin minorities. If you do not drastically eliminate
America; corruption and establish severe punishment for
Is not enough to declare himself as anti- corrupters. If you do not plainly respect human
neoliberal if you do not attempt to apply an and democratic rights, punishment for
international policy that is strange to the torturers, genocides and declare Not to
dictates of the imperialism, monopolies and impunity; immediate freedom for political
their puppet governments ; if you do not try to prisoners unjustly accused of terrorism and for
have plain solidarity with nations and peoples social fighters. All these points should be
as Cuba and Venezuela that defend their written in a new, patriotic, democratic, popular
sovereignty and the right of their people to and decentralized Constitution approved in a
freely decide about their present and future. If Constituent Assembly and supported by
you do not openly proclaim your decision of people in a popular referendum. Ollanta
applying an economic program that in its core Humala and his movement, now has to take
has to rely on our own resources, in the the stand.
strengthening of domestic market, to increase
the purchasing power of the people, protection 5. History of Peruvian people is full of
and real support to agriculture and peasants, to frustrations to its willingness of liberty and
national industry, little and median. To accept social justice. Political chiefs, as Sanchez
and make good use of foreign investments Cerro in the past, and Fujimori and Toledo
when they are not opposed to an independent now, who made thousands of promises to
development, to people welfare or to the laws people and enjoyed popular support for a
of the nation. To make of the State not only a while, have ended deceiving them and
mere regulating agent or arbiter on behalf of becoming murderers, tyrants and oppressors
monopolies and big capitalist’s profits as it is and followers of the imperialism and its
now, but also a powerful planning and partners, great capitalists and landlords. The
economic agent, specially having strategic people and workers should not believe in lies
enterprises in its hands (as energy, again . It is very important that Ollanta
communications, finances, etc) in order to Humala makes clear, in a transparent way, the
assure progress, independent development of relationship of some of his collaborators and
the country and security and people’s welfare. allies with some opportunists, adventurers and
The decision of ending with the Servis and the politicians that has been prosecuted and that
reestablishment of total rights for workers are offering to the masses all sort of things and
(labour stability, decent work and salary) try to get on the buss of the elections. He has
should be clearly stated ; National Budget to clean his movement of all that sort of
should be reoriented and restructured, its main persons. An old popular saying states: tell me
orientation should be towards health, whom you walk with and I shall tell who you
education, work and enough financial are.
resources for the local and regional
governments and in this way to assure a real 6. Ollanta Humala´s appeal on behalf the unity
decentralization with economic, political and of the left forces has been answered by
administrative autonomy. To make a thorough revisionists and neo-revisionist ”old saurian”

- 41 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

that pull the strings and lead different left show off with their wealth. This polarization
sectors. They have answered, as usual, with has only one way to transform itself in
their political clumsiness and parliamentary independence, democracy, welfare, prosperity,
cretinism. With their sectarism and need of equality for millions of human beings
starring. Particularly pathetic was the conduct excluded, relegated and oppressed since the
of Alberto Moreno Rojas and his well known Colonial era: the radical and deep change of
claque: they rejected the Ollanta´s appeal and social-economic structures and of the political
the possibility of unity saying that it was too system that is the cause of oppression, poverty
late, that they have no places in the lists, and humiliation of people. A social revolution,
forgetting that Ollanta was their candidate a revolution of New Democracy whose
(because they have very few leaders who can scenarios and performers are beyond
make it) and many times they broke the rules bourgeoisie democracy and its elections.
of the United Front trying to impose him to the
Wide Front in all the events and as they 8. Unity of left forces is essential in order to
usually do, they tried to manipulate and use advance and accomplish the triumph.
him. But Ollanta did not let them to do so and Regrettably, different sectors and trends of left
sent them to hell. Finally, plainly showing wing have not been able to overcome their
what was the real problem they denounced that identity crisis and the dispersion in which they
Ollanta offered them very few places in the list sunk after the catastrophic defeat in the 90´s.
of candidates to parliament. But they did not Leaderships and bureaucracies not only has
say one word about Ollanta´s program or not been able to make a critic and self-critic
about people’s claim for unity or on recent review in order to find the real causes of those
bitter experiences of divisionism and defeats and failures but also they have not
fragmentation’s.. They did not say one word been able to point out responsibilities for those
about seeking unit in other fields of the failures. Without this outcome it is not
struggle that are beyond the elections. possible to come out from the crisis in a
Elections were for them the main point as the correct and long-lasting way. Specially those
eagerness of enjoying again the delicacies and who proclaimed themselves as Marxists and
pleasures of the system .Those who have been have dedicated time to flatter ruling classes
incapable of taking only one step for their own and the dictatorship in order to get a diploma
unity, it is ridiculous that now they want to of ”good guys” and they shamelessly have
clean themselves blaming Ollanta of abjured of principles, doctrine and programs
divisionism (and he has an amount of guilt on sinking themselves in the stinking pond of
it). Helplessly, now they see how their files revisionism and opportunism. Being set in
and ranks are thinner everyday and they only enjoying the delicacies of the system they
can sing the son of the Devil of The clutch themselves to their jobs as government
Andes:”Oh, these hairs mom, they are officials, deny and obstruct the promotion of
blowing in the air, one by one”. new young cadres and leaders. This left wing
has not only became a part of the system but
7. Polarization takes the stand in the country. also is a very important support of it. Workers
Today it is obvious in the elections but this is and people see and feel them in this way and
only the ” top of the iceberg” of a deeper so they are rejected. Today, this left wing,
economic and social polarization. It is the one moaning and complaining, hypocritically
that confronts those who own little or nothing, ”weeps its disgrace”. So the Marxist
who have suffered humiliations for decades, revolutionaries, young and pure sectors of
that suffered hanger and poverty and that thise left wing have to assume the need of
represents the huge majority of the country, rebuilding the Peruvian left, its unity and to
against a selfish, rich, luxurious minority that re-establish ties and bond with workers an
owns every-thing as a result of plundering, people.
abuse, robbery and crime and that makes a

- 42 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

9. The Communist Party of Peru (Marxist- the democratic, progressive, anti-imperialist

Leninist) is a detachment that works for re- and revolutionary forces.. to unite in order to
building the Marxist-Leninist Party of Peru, struggle together , in all grounds, including
and re-states its political stand that was the electoral political struggle...and in this
expressed in the December Pronouncement: way black dictates of imperialism and its
associates and accomplices (reactionary
” Under these difficult and complicated bourgeoisie and Alejandro Toledo´s
circumstances where the future of Peru as an treacherous government) will fail...
independent nation with prosperity and Communist Party of Peru (ML) is willing to
welfare for its people has been challenged, support in a resolute and honest way.. an
there is an ethic and political responsibility for effort for unity of such nature”.

Let´s Strengthen
Balkanian Movement of Struggle
Against NATO Ocupation!
PARTIJA RADA , Serbien-Montenegro
July 2005

Roads over the Serbia are this days even officially given to the NATO troops. Few days earlier,
on June 16th, on the Day of the Army of SCG, it was hold military drill »Partnership for the
Peace – antiterrorist struggle«. Population already know that there are preparations within Army
of SCG for sending of their units in Afghanistan, or other locations which will be decided by
dictate and necessity of NATO. Position of Partija Rada are is that these mercenaries are
legitimate target of guerilla movements whose are fightening for freedom of their countries from
Imperialist occupation.

With the intervention of NATO on locations in former Yugoslavia it was stopped war and
crushed power of militant nationalism. But it is fully clear, that motives of Imperialists neither in
one moment was by humanitarian nature, and that their actions was motivated by interests of
capital. The presence of NATO on territory of former Yugoslavie represents act of occupation.
Balkanian peoples need to build strong anti-imperialist movement. Struggle for withdraw of
NATO from Balkans must to be a priority of that movement.

PARTIJA RADA, Serbien-Montenegro

Tel: 063/7389-773
E-mail: prada@beotel.yu

- 43 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

Fight to Hasten the Ouster of Arroyo Regime

and Strengthen the Revolutionary Movement!
Excerpts from the Message of the Central Committee of the Communist
Party of the Philippines (CPP) to the Party Cadres, Red Commanders and
Fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA) on the
37th Anniversary of the NPA, 29 March 2006
order to realize the democratic content of the
The CPP Central Committee starts with revolution and mobilize the peasant masses as
congratulating the Party cadres, Red the closest allies of the working class. It
commanders and fighters for the victories in encourages and supports the organs of political
pursuing the Filipino people’s democratic power and the mass organizations of workers,
revolution through protracted people’s war. It peasants, women, youth, children and cultural
pays the highest tribute to the revolutionary activists. This organized mass base is the
martyrs for their heroism, hard work and reliable source of Red commanders and
self-sacrifice. fighters.
The message then elaborates on the
rottenness and isolation of the crisis-stricken The NPA has grown as the main organization
regime. Then it speaks of the accumulated of the Party. In turn, the Party has grown as the
victories and basis for advance. It ends with core of political leadership within the NPA.
the guidelines for accelerating the offensives. The Party cadres, Red commanders and
These excerpts present the portion on fighters are constantly within definite units and
”Accumulated Victories and Basis for under definite commands. Thus, they can
Advance”. The whole statement can be maintain Party life on a daily basis and can
accessed at the website: easily recruit and train new Party members. The Party cadres, the Red commanders and
fighters cooperate in organizing the masses
ACCUMULATED VICTORIES AND BASIS and the Party in the localities.
The NPA is operating in more than 120
Under the absolute leadership of the Party, the
guerrilla fronts, which cover 800
New People's Army has accumulated victories
municipalities in 70 out of 79 Philippine
in the last 37 years and has won brilliant
provinces. Each guerrilla front has an optimal
victories in the past year. It has put
total strength of a company with highpowered
revolutionary politics in command of all its
rifles, divisible into one platoon as the center
actions. It has learned well from the Second
of gravity or as the main guerrilla unit and two
Great Rectification Movement and has
other platoons as secondary guerilla units,
performed with conscious iron discipline the
further divisible into squads and teams for
political, military, productive, organizational,
mass work on a wider scale.
cultural and other tasks set forth by the Party.
The NPA is capable of concentrating platoons,
The NPA carries out the revolutionary armed
oversized platoons and full companies for
struggle, land reform and mass base-building
tactical offensives and law enforcement
as integral components of the democratic
according to the varied levels of development
revolution. It wages armed struggle to build
of the guerrilla fronts and the ability of the
itself as a fighting organization and destroy the
command at the level of the guerrilla front,
enemy forces. It undertakes land reform in
province or region. The NPA is still in the

- 44 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

phase of multiplying platoons for combat by Since September 11, 2001, the Arroyo regime
way of approaching and developing the middle has been under US diktat to escalate military
phase of the strategic defensive and also by campaigns of suppression against the NPA and
way of carrying out extensive and intensive the people in accordance with the US policy of
guerrilla warfare on a nationwide scale. "war on terror" and making the Philippines the
"second front" of such war. In 2002, the
The nationwide strength of the NPA full-time regime formally launched Bantay Laya
fighters is in the thousands. It is augmented by (Guarding Freedom), patterned after Lambat
the people's militia as the police force in the Bitag, to concentrate enemy military forces on
localities and the self-defense units based in selected areas or guerrilla fronts for a strategic
the mass organizations. The people's militia war of quick decision and deployment of
and self-defense units are auxiliaries and platoon-size special operations teams (SOT)
reserves of the NPA. They are far more for the purpose of gradual constriction against
numerous than the full-time fighters in the the NPA through combat, psywar and
NPA. They are sources of recruits for the NPA intelligence within said areas.
as soon as arms and the concomitant politico-
military training are provided. The NPA can The concentrated military and police forces
readily expand upon the seizure of arms from and death squads can inflict serious harm to
the enemy troops through ambushes, raids and the people wherever they focus and sustain
arrest operations. their operations. But they simply do not have
enough strength to cover all the barrios of the
Defense officials and military officers of the country. The reactionary armed forces have
enemy keep on guessing that the total rifle only 120,000 troops and the national police
strength of the NPA is anywhere between have 130,000 members to cover a population
7,000 to 12,000. At the same time, they boast of 85 million within an area of 300,000 square
that through Lambat Bitag (Net for kilometers. The enemy force structure is top-
Entrapment) I, II and III they succeeded in heavy and can deploy only 25 percent of
bringing down the armed strength of the NPA personnel for field maneuvers at every given
from the level of 25,000 to 6,000 from the late time. The police force structure is also top-
part of the 1980s to the early 1990s. This is not heavy and the personnel on the ground are
true. In 1986, the NPA had only 6,100 high- divisible into three 8-hour work shifts.
powered rifles, without any strict accounting
of those that were lost in the Kampanyang The total deployable forces of the enemy
Ahos in 1985 and 1986. Furthermore, the armed forces can cover only a few hundreds of
development of the militia and self-defense barrios nationwide at every given time. Oplan
units was neglected. Bantay Laya aims to concentrate enemy armed
forces in six regions and in a total of 600
The tactics of concentration and gradual barrios or a general average of 100 barrios per
constriction of Lambat Bitag became region for sustained military operations until
successful in destroying a large part of the the destruction of the armed revolutionary
revolutionary mass base only because those movement. But actually the enemy armed
who carried out the wrong line of premature forces can deploy troops only on less than 300
large formations and premature regularization barrios at every given time. They leave free
played into the hands of the enemy by thousands upon thousands of barrios where the
engaging in self-constriction, Great NPA can operate and grow in strength.
Rectification Movement has corrected the
error by requiring a widening and deepening The enemy armed forces have their own way
mass base for extensive and intensive guerrilla of augmenting their strength by coordinating
warfare. with the police and private security agencies,
organizing paramilitary units like the civilian

- 45 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

auxiliary forces geographical unit (CAFGU), to 15 guerrilla fronts at every given time and
civilian volunteers organization (CVO), the move on to destroy a similar number has
barangay intelligence network (BIN) and utterly failed.
pseudoreligious fanatical cults and hiring
renegades who fled from their criminal Oplan Lambat Bitag appeared to have
liabilities in the revolutionary movement. But succeeded in destroying large chunks of the
these entities are spread out thinly and are revolutionary mass base and stopping the
vulnerable to the political and military growth of the people's army from the late
offensives of the NPA. 1980s to the early 1990s. But in fact the "Left"
opportunists played into the hands of the
The insoluble problem for the enemy is that enemy, with such erroneous lines as the
the current regime and the entire ruling system "strategic counteroffensive" and the "RAWA
are rotten and crisis-stricken and are hated by strategy". The NPA today has learned lessons
the people. The officers and personnel of the and benefited from the Second Great
reactionary armed forces and police are Rectification Movement and has won
themselves discontented with their low salaries resounding success in frustrating and defeating
and inadequate supplies for their personal Bantay Laya.
needs and, worse, the corruption and other
criminal activities of many of their highest The expansion of the revolutionary mass base
officers. The violent and bitter contradictions has allowed us to undertake major steps to
among reactionary political factions competing seize the initiative in fighting the enemy. We
for wealth and power have already resulted in have been able to direct the commands at the
splits and rifts within the armed forces and levels of the guerrilla front, province and
police. region to undertake politico-military work
seriously, shake off conservatism and the
In heeding the wishes of the people, the NPA roving rebel tendency or mentality and deliver
has created so many guerrilla fronts and is lethal blows to the enemy forces. We have
expanding, consolidating and increasing them. been able to prove that our revolutionary
Available to the NPA are flexible guerrilla strategy and tactics and the unity of the NPA
tactics of concentration to attack so many with the people through the organized mass
weak points of the enemy forces, dispersal to base can defeat the enemy military and police
do mass work and shifting to avoid being forces despite their far larger size, more
cornered by a superior enemy force. At the resources, more training and latest gadgetry
tactical level, the NPA has been able to from the imperialists.
concentrate force and use the element of
surprise on weak points of the enemy forces. Since the middle of September last year, the
The enemy forces are strategically superior in NPA has launched nationally coordinated
military strength but lack mass support and are tactical offensives under general guidelines in
thus rendered blind and deaf. order to seize the initiative from the enemy
forces, to accelerate the seizure of arms and
In the years 2002 to 2004, the people and the thus the expansion of the NPA and to hasten
revolutionary forces went through difficulties the downfall of the Arroyo regime. On the
in guerrilla fronts where the enemy forces basis of experience and strength gained so far,
concentrated under Oplan Bantay Laya. But the nationwide tactical offensives can continue
even in these guerrilla fronts, they started to vigorously and move up to a new and higher
counter the attacks of the enemy. From the level.
latter part of 2004 to 2005, the number of
guerrilla fronts stabilized above the level of The intensified contradictions among the
120. Since then, these have increased. The reactionaries help the NPA to intensify its
objective of Bantay Laya to destroy some 10 nationwide tactical offensives. The Arroyo
regime is drawing military and police forces to

- 46 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

the national capital region in order to preempt between the Government of the Republic of
and counter the prospect of being overthrown the Philippines and the National Democratic
by a people's uprising cum withdrawal of Front of the Philippines. These can no longer
military and police support, impeachment and be resumed unless a new government in
trial by the legislature or by a coup d'etat. Manila arises to propose resumption to the
Some military and police officers have
expressed their desire for truce, alliance and Under the increasing conditions of repression,
cooperation with the revolutionary movement the broad masses of the people are eager to
against the regime. And the NPA has join and support the armed revolution. The
welcomed their good intention. The Party has united front for armed struggle is developing
assigned cadres to do clandestine rapidly. Leaders and activists of the mass
revolutionary work within the reactionary movement are being forced by the Arroyo
armed forces and police. A special bureau is in regime to go underground and join the armed
charge of the work. The Crispin Tagamolila revolutionary movement. Allies are offering
Movement has been revived to encourage their cooperation with the NPA so that it can
enemy officers and personnel to shift to the deliver more effective blows on the enemy.
side of the people. It is also expected that The Arroyo regime is panicking about the
among the military and police personnel they prospect of a majority of military and police
can undertake their own open democratic officers being opposed to it and ready to
movement to defend and promote their rights withdraw support from it as soon as a big mass
and legitimate interests against the rotten uprising occurs either at Edsa or around the
ruling system. presidential palace. It is conducting a
witchhunt within the armed forces and police
The broad united front of anti-Arroyo forces and trumping up charges of coup plotting
and the mass movement have developed against officers suspected of being
rapidly through peaceful and militant mass sympathetic to the opposition. These officers
actions to oust the Arroyo regime. But the are being subjected to arbitrary arrest,
regime has reacted by usurping martial law restriction to quarters, floating status,
powers under the guise of Proclamation 1017 demotion or dismissal.
declaring a state of national emergency and
has used brute force to disperse mass actions, We are aware that the anti-Arroyo currents
arrest progressive leaders without judicial within the armed forces and police are
warrant, raid newspaper offices and threaten to becoming stronger than ever. But these
take over enterprises owned by anti-Arroyo currents are being pent up and anti-Arroyo
businessmen. groups are considering how to fight back.
Most groups continue to bide their time and
The Arroyo regime has justified Proclamation wait for the occasion to withdraw support from
1017 and the continuing policy of state the regime. Other groups are considering
terrorism by inventing the story of a military strikes to demonstrate the inability of
communist-military coup conspiracy that it the regime to rule or to capture the usurper of
claims to have foiled on February 24. It is presidential authority through electoral fraud
whipping up anticommunist hysteria in order or stage a coup against it.
to justify repressive measures for keeping
itself in power. It has converted into an arrest Aside from the anti-Arroyo groups in the
list the list of NDFP negotiators, consultants, military and police, there are fringe armed
staffers and other duly authorized personnel groups in Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon that
under the GRP-NDFP Joint Agreement on similarly wish to undertake sabotage actions
Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) and against the installations and facilities of the
has completely ended the peace negotiations Arroyo regime and their foreign and local

- 47 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

corporate supporters. We admonish all armed undertake military actions that harm solely or
groups opposed to the Arroyo regime not to mainly the civilian population or the
environment. Otherwise, they cannot be way possible, to protect and promote the
regarded as acting in the interest of the people. national and democratic rights and interests of
the people and to accumulate political,
As far as it is concerned, the NPA follows the military, socioeconomic and cultural victories
constant policy and line of the Party to deal for the forward march and ultimate victory of
lethal blows on the enemy in the most precise the people's democratic revolution.
Solidarity with the Struggle for
Liberation in the Philippines!
The participants at the event of the MLPD “Solidarity with the struggle for liberation of the
people of the Philippines” with Luis Jalandoni, chairperson of the negotiating panel of the
National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), Coni Ledesma (NDFP) and Stefan Engel,
Chairman of the MLPD, which took place in Gelsenkirchen on March 29, 2006, unanimously
passed the following solidarity and protest resolution:

We strongly protest against the persecution, threats and murders of revolutionaries, trade unionists,
progressive parliamentarians, student representatives and other progressive forces in the Philippines.
The lifting of the state of emergency by President Arroyo, after massive protests taking place within
the country and internationally, is supposed to conceal the fact that the state apparatus and death
squadrons are continuing their oppression in the most brutal manner.
Crispin Beltran, for many years Chairman of the trade union umbrella organization KMU and
representative in parliament, is being illegally detained in spite of severe illness and contrary to a
court decision.
Marxists-Leninists like Jose Maria Sisón, Founding Chairman of the CPP, are being searched with
”wanted” posters and their lives are directly threatened.
This expresses the fear of the ruling powers that the revolutionary liberation struggle under the
leadership of the working class could not only overthrow the hated government, but also that it could
liberate the country from neocolonial exploitation and oppression through the international
monopolies and imperialist powers, especially the USA.
The German government and the bourgeois press remain silent about the state terror of the Arroyo
Regime. Persecuted Filipinos, especially those with a Marxist-Leninist background, are refused
political asylum. The EU places revolutionary forces of the liberation struggle, like the NPA and J.M.
Sisón, on the so-called anti-terror list, so intending to also criminalize international solidarity.
We will not allow that to happen!
We demand:
Put an end to the presecution and threats of murder against Marxist-Leninists, trade unionists,
progressive parliamentarians, student representatives and other progressive forces!
Free Crispin Beltran!
Unrestricted right of political asylum for José Maria Sisón, José Luneta and other persecuted
revolutionaries and democrats!

Long live international solidarity!

Workers of all countries, unite !
Gelsenkirchen, March 29, 2006

- 48 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

Conference of Communist and Workers’

Parties of the Balkans
Announcement from 26th of July 2005

The ”Conference of Communist and resisting in every corner of the planet.

Workers’ Parties of the Balkans” After the annihilation of the Kurdish
condemns the murderous attack of the army people, the white cells and the death of
of the fascist Turkish regime against the hundreds of militants from hunger strike,
comrades of the Maoist Communist Party under the blessings of the European
of Turkey – N. Kurdistan (MCP) and Union, this mass murder shows with the
condemns the fascist regime of Turkey, most definite way the deeply fascist
towards the working masses and the youth character of the regime of Turkey. The
of the Balkan countries. USA and the EU try to cover up and
encourage this character by covering its
On June 16 the Special Forces and the air crimes, in expense of the people and the
force, with a criminal attack of unbelievable left, while at the same time they brag
monstrosity, cold bloodily murdered 17 about the fake ”liberalization” of the
militants of the MCP in a mountainous area fascist Turkish regime.
of Dercim.
The ”Conference of Communist and
Among them a cadre of MCP who actively Workers’ Parties of the Balkans”, at this
participated in the first meeting of the hard time, expresses its deep sorrow and
Balkan conference of Communist and its complete support towards the
Workers’ parties and organizations, in comrades of the MCP, towards the
Greece on the 23-24 of April. friends and relatives of the dead.
The Turkish state, once more showing its The organizations and the parties that
fascist character, made this massacre a topic participate in the Balkan Conference are
on the Turkish media that congratulated on expressing their solidarity to the
the great ”success”, that is the mass struggling peoples of Turkey and their
annihilation and dismantlement of dozens opposition to imperialist and fascist
of citizens, according to the example of the plans and will do whatever is possible to
annihilation of entire peoples from the army make this crime known to all the people
of the USA and its allies for years now. of the Balkans.
This new murderous attack is a part of the Honor to the militants of the MCP
imperialists ”Anti-terrorist” war. All those who sacrificed themselves for a world
who fight against the imperialist policies – free from oppression and exploitation!
organizations, movements and even entire
peoples – should be annihilated by every Solidarity to the struggles of the
means and beyond all sense of international peoples in Turkey and Kurdistan. The
and internal legitimacy. At the same time struggle goes on!
they show off their crimes, aiming to terrify
the movements, the peoples and whoever is Down with fascism and imperialism!

- 49 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

Joint Declaration
5th Meeting of Revolutionary and Anti-imperialist
Parties, Movements and Organizations
in South America
1) The situation in South America is America to be one of the weakest links in the
distinguished by an upswing of the struggles chain of imperialism. That shows that it is
of the masses of workers, peasants, indigenous possible to defy imperialism and the enemies
people, students, women, youth, professionals, of the people.
artists and intellectuals.
Since the uprising in Caracas in 1989, three 2) In Argentina the Argentinazo was the
people’s uprisings have taken place in South result of an objectively revolutionary situation
America (all of them in Ecuador), which following a long period of upswing of the
overthrew the constitutional governments. The struggles. It brought the experience of popular
indigenous people marched to Quito and assemblies that were attended by various
joined with the workers and student sectors of the people and were an exercise in
movements and with a part of the FFAA. direct democracy. They were initiated by
The March-uprising took place in Paraguay. workers in their factories and in the continuing
In December 2001, the Argentinazo took struggles of the unemployed. The embers of
place. The putsch in Venezuela was put to an the Argentinazo are still glowing, in spite of
end. In Peru the popular uprisings in Puno and the attempts of the ruling class to extinguish it.
Ilavi had special importance. Today the working class also plays the main
The great struggles of the peasants and those role in the most important struggles opposing
of the people of Paraguay continued. For some the government and the treacherous trade
time, Bolivia became the main source of union leaders.
concern for the imperialists and the domestic
ruling class. In Bolivia the workers, peasants, indigenous
After the battle over water in Cochabamba, the people and other parts of the population are in
protests in the public sector took on forms of a struggle against the imperialists and finance
revolt. The working class continues the capital and for the nationalization of fossil
struggle for its rights, for wages and against energy.
the flexibilization of work. The struggle for The victory of the people will lead to the
wages is a fundamental struggle, which defeat of the social democrats and
exposes the plans for redistribution and is opportunists, who are the main support of the
currently mobilizing the working class in current government. One of the first
various countries of the continent. movements of this dimension achieved its first
victory by driving out the government of
Furthermore, the masses are increasingly Sanchez de Lozada and is now shortly before
rejecting the so-called indisputable truths of driving out his successor Carlos Mesa.
so-called neoliberalism: freedom and the
deregulation of the market, the advantages of In Ecuador the workers, the people and the
privatization and of being a partner of the EU youth are protagonists of a great movement for
states, etc. their rights, for freedom, democracy and
These anti-imperialist, anti-oligarchic, sovereignty. They rose up repeatedly in
democratic, revolutionary struggles lead South militant action and were able to overthrow

- 50 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

three governments. They are drawing up a plan invasion of Iraq. The increasing heroic
for liberation which encompasses the working resistance of the Iraqi people has led to the
class, the Indian peoples and other sections of liberation of certain cities, in face of the
the population and takes on the struggle for a unequal means of the imperialists. This
”New Fatherland” (PATRIA NUEVA). resistance has enlivened the anti-imperialist
struggle and the emotions of the people in the
Brazil. Since the victory of the PT of Lula, a entire world and has prevented the aggression
new era has begun in Brazil. They came into from spreading immediately to other countries.
government in order to take over the business
of the former state. Important workers’ and It seemed that the aggressive course of North
popular struggles against the flexibilization of American imperialism, which was unleashed
work and against the reform of the social after the attack of 11 September 2001, and
welfare system are taking place. Especially the which invaded and occupied Afghanistan and
poor landless peasants are stalwart in their then Iraq, could not be defeated. In spite of
struggle against the landlords and for agrarian this, the heroic resistance of the Iraqi people
reform. has let the coalition of aggressors to fail and,
in connection with the struggle of the Palestine
In Paraguay the advance of the peasants’ people, has turned the Near East into a center
struggle will lead to revolutionary political of the storm where the main struggle against
overthrow including the direct confrontation imperialism is developing today.
with the financial rule of the big landlords and
their pro-imperialist government. In spite of all 4) Bush’s policies aimed at war from the very
their attempts to subdue it, the struggle beginning and led to a number of
continues to grow with popular assemblies, a contradictions with the other powers.
form of the direct participation of the people. After his re-election, Bush extended to his list
In this way, the working class is advancing of countries he threatened with preventative
along with other parts of the population and war. He now argues in the name of
will expose the character of the pro-imperialist ”democracy” and ”freedom from the tyrants”,
state government of finance capital and show threatening Cuba, White Russia, Iran, Syria,
that the only way out of these deep political Burma, North Korea, Zimbabwe and also
and social problems is to oppose these policies Venezuela.
with uprisings, occupations of the farms of the
big landlords and to strengthen the means of The Bush administration is trying to solve its
the direct organized participation of the acute economic crisis by means of war. Their
people. most important goal is to take advantage of its
position as the sole superpower in order to
In Uruguay important working-class, student accelerate the redistribution of the spheres of
and popular struggles have developed, influence in the entire world. This will enable
especially on the issue of wages and against them to control the worldwide oil reserves.
privatization. In 2004, attempts to privatize They can so keep Europe and Japan in check
water supply and health care were defeated. and take influence on China within the
In last year’s elections on 31 October, the framework of their possibilities. However,
traditional parties were clearly defeated. their financial situation is extremely bad,
Although the Frente Amplio (Broad Front) something which the other imperialists have
has an opportunist nature, its success expresses also observed and that has alarmed them in the
the desire of the majority of the people for far- past months.
reaching changes.
5) The various crises which are developing in
3) These struggles in South America are being all of South America are spreading more and
inspired by the opposition against the US more. The entire system is being called into

- 51 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

question – the capitalist imperialist system of one in Patagonia. Joint military exercises on
exploitation, plunder and subjugation of the land and sea are being conducted in various
working class, the people and the nations of regions of the continent.
the world. Its victims are millions of people
suffering from hunger and lack of work. And In competition with other imperialist countries,
that does not only characterize the economy of they are attempting to gain control over areas
individual countries. In all South American rich in natural resources, biological diversity
countries the foreign debt, one of the main and freshwater reserves, such as the Amazons,
forms of imperialist exploitation and the Chaparé in Bolivia and the freshwater
oppression, has increased tremendously. The areas of Guarini, under the pretext of
workers are suffering under unemployment, environmental protection. They are also
low wages, and the flexibilization of working conducting manoeuvres to gain control of
time. The ownership of large estates by Patagonia and are trying to transfer
landlords has increased and the situation of the environmentally destructive production such
peasants has deteriorated due to the as that of cellulose to our countries.
extortionate practice of paying low prices for The intervention through the IWF and the
their goods. Thousands were driven from their USA have become more direct and overt. They
land. are imposing their policies of ”adoptive
measures” for debt payments, privatisation, the
6) The policies of US imperialism toward opening of the economy and are demanding
Latin America have military, as well as backward laws, like the restrictions of the
economic aspects. The blockade, threats and Public Banks in Paraguay, Uruguay,
provocations against Cuba, the Columbia Plan, Argentina, etc.
the setting up of military bases in the various In Bolivia, the North American embassy is
countries of the continent, the attempted intervening directly to rescue a government
putsch in Venezuela, joint military which serves its interests.
manoeuvres, the agreements with the Bolivian However, North American imperialism is
military forces are all a part of the military encountering growing problems in South
aspect; whereas ALCA, the TLC (Free-Trade America for implementing its plans; primarily
Agreements) and the foreign debt are the most because of the struggle of the people and
important economic aspects. With the secondly, because of the inter-imperialist
Columbia Plan and the PATRIOTA Plan, they rivalry in this region.
actively intervene in the struggle against
insurgents in Columbia. There have been Cuba has resisted the blockade and continuous
attempts to extend this influence with the call aggression through US imperialism for more
for the Initiative of the Andes Region. This has than 40 years.
the goal of including the other countries of the
region in a possible military intervention in In Venezuela a social and political process
Columbia. The repressive policies in Ecuador, encompassing millions of people is
Peru, Argentina and Bolivia are being developing. The Chávez government is
promoted under the pretext of the struggle attacking the interests of imperialism and
against smuggling by way of sea. Under the finance capital. They are aggravating the
pretext of the struggle against terrorism, they weakening reactionary forces, which are
threaten to intervene in the region where three making use of the media, the demonstrations,
countries meet, an area of strategic lock-outs and the military putsch. They are
importance. The blockade of Cuba, a criminal threatening with mass murder. We extend our
act, is being continued and is promoting solidarity to the people of Venezuela and the
condemnation by the UN. There are attempts Chávez government.
to set up further military bases in different
countries, like those in Alcántara in Brazil and

- 52 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

In competition with the ALCA, treaties enemy” and to so attempt to diminish the
between the Mercosur and Europe were strength of North American imperialism and
concluded. In its more than 10 years of come to agreements with European, Russian
existence, the Mercosur is far from being an and Chinese interests. These are powers which
instrument to integrate the people and develop either ally or struggle with North American
the countries. It has served exclusively the imperialism, according to their own interests
imperialist monopolies and has effected the and not according to those of the oppressed
economies of Uruguay and Paraguay in nations. This line is different from the one of
particular. taking advantage of the contradictions between
these powers.
The South American community of nations The power of imperialist finance capital in our
was founded. This is a project of agreements countries cannot be overcome by peaceful
and efforts with North American imperialism, means. The historical experience has shown us
under the leadership of Brazil, which has the that for the victory of the revolution it is
goal of reaching agreements with South necessary to develop a strong mass movement,
Africa, the Arabian countries and India in the a genuine, real and militant avant-garde of the
future. They are also trying to make deals with proletariat and an instrument capable of
the European, Russian or Chinese monopoly guaranteeing that the masses can exercise
bourgeoisie. revolutionary violence in response to the
violence unleashed by the ruling classes.
7) The question is, therefore, how the working Without this, we cannot succeed in reaching
class will be able to lead these struggles. For our strategic goals.
the anti -imperialist struggle and the struggle The social revolution is the product of the
against finance capital, on the basis of the masses and in this movement, the working
alliance between the workers and the peasants, class fulfills its role as the avant-garde.
for working-class rule based on the proletarian However, this must include other classes and
line and for the independence of the groups of the population and a policy of unity
revolutionary people’s struggle from the must be developed accordingly.
struggle between the imperialists, without In the recent past, the anti-imperialist and
fearing to take advantage of the contradictions revolutionary forces in our countries have been
between them. growing, and in some countries the Marxist-
The economic crisis also creates the objective Leninist forces are gaining respect. In order to
conditions which allow the political parties of strengthen them, lessons must be drawn from
the proletariat and the revolutionaries to set the the great popular struggles. This is decisive for
gigantic mass movements already developing the upswing of struggles being able to march
into motion and to make all attempts to direct down the path to a revolutionary way out, for
and lead them to liberation. the victory of the revolution of liberation,
There are reformist, revisionist and opportunist onward to the victory of socialism.
forces, who maintain that under the present Asunción, May 2005
conditions in South America and the world, as Revolutionary Communist Party of Argentina
it exists today, there are no alternatives for Communist Marxist- Leninist Party
left-wing politics. For this reason, they support of Bolivia
governments like those of Kirchner or Lula, Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the
which conduct new policies aimed at a certain Peoples
industrial development, without abolishing Communist Marxist Leninist Party
hunger, extreme exploitation and ownership of of Ecuador
big estates by landlords. Revolutionary People’s Movement of
Paraguay Pyahura
A further argument in the attempt to curb the Communist Revolutionary Party of Uruguay .
struggles is ”to become conscious of the main

- 53 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

Tabare and Hernandarias II

Partito Comunista Revolucionary del Uruguay

March 2006

Carlos Maggi a well known reactionary towards Cuba. Uruguay is the aggressor in
intellectual recently said that the new role of this case, because the cellulose plants it is
Uruguay in the international division of building will contaminate the environment,
labor imposed by imperialism is the most affect the health of the surrounding
important one since the introduction of cattle population, impact on an important
by Hernandarias four centuries ago. The biologically diverse region, cause the
monoculture of the Eucalyptus tree which economic dislocation of thousands of jobs in
was introduced fifteen years ago as a supply both countries, hand over control of a large
base for cellulose processing plants now part of our country to the Europeans and
covers 700 000 hectares of land. In a short Yankees which seek to reap maximum
span of time it grew by 500 000 hectares to benefits from free trade areas, private ports
supply the processing plants, which were in and give them free rein to superexploit the
the process of being set-up in the towns of agricultural salaried workers. Tabare has the
Botnia and Ence. gall to compare its being blockaded by
In Uruguay, there are various cellulose Argentines and in particular the enterrianos
processing plants in existence, 6 or7 and a in their just struggle against the cellulose
paper processing factory in Durazno and plants to the blockade launched by the
Stora Enso whose supply base of Eucalyptus world's worst enemy towards Cuba.
trees can grow to cover 3 million hectares in Tabare has reached this point because he
the medium term. This in a country with an shamelessly defends the investment of
area of 16 million hectares of arable land thousands of millions of dollars certain
where the predominant rural economy is imperialist countries, the World Bank and
based on cattle raising. Landownership is superprofits that are to be made in the next
basically latifudio based (huge areas of land 30 to 40 years. He opposes land reform and
owned by a few families). The latifundios any confrontation with imperialism.
cover 14 million hectares of arable land. The action that Tabare agreed with Kichner
Tabare and his Frente Amplio government in Chile to suspend the blockades and halt
are being unmasked each day as continuist the construction of the cellulose plants did
pro-imperialist economic implementors not last long as do many things that the
subject of the dictates of the IMF and the government says. The traditional parties of
need to pay the external debt. They seek to the right, the bureaucratized and corrupt
deliver us more and more to the Yankees leadership of the construction and
(who have used their being the biggest metallurgical unions, social democrats, ex-
buyers of our meat products to force the Partido Comunista de Uruguay (PCU)
signing of a Treaty of Investment and are members, the revisionist PCU, renewalists
now negotiating a Free trade agreement). have all join the debate in favor of the
Tabare implies that Uruguay is being cellulose plants and cause confusion among
blockaded by Argentina for its opposition to the backward sectors of labor beset by
the construction of the cellulose plants. And unemployment and misery.
this blockade is like the blockade of the USA
- 54 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

On March 13 they organized a march in favor of the cellulose plants in Fray Bentos
sponsored by business and the municipalities In this struggle the sugar cane workers, the
of Rio Negro and Soriano that are controlled inhabitants of Bella Union and the workers
by the Partido Nacional. The Partido of Copcograf have joined in. The Copcograf
Nacional together with Lacalle are union is one of the most important ones in
committed to the forestation project of the country. The factory was abandoned by
Eucalyptus trees. Thousands participated in its owner with a debt of 5 million dollars.
the march and the municipal council l of Rio The workers took over the factory and have
Negro decreed a suspension of commercial occupied and run it successfully for 5
activities that day. months now and have gained advance
experiences of class struggle at the cost of
The struggle against the plants in Uruguay having 63 of its members charged judicially
has recently began to organize itself. and three of them currently in jail for daring
Politically it counts on the radical, class to confront the Oligarchic and Bourgeoisie
based and consequent left forces that have State and its justice system which has
no parliamentary expression. Since a few criminalized their struggle.
years ago a serious and consequent work has
started in Guayubira and other In these months there have been dozens of
environmental groups and it counts on the worker occupations and struggles with
support of intellectuals and scientists at the regard to wage agreements, lay-offs and the
service of the people. It has also form right to form unions and hardly have these
linkages with some unions and as created the struggles just started when already there are
Coordinadora Contra las Plantas de lessons gained from that experience. With
Celulosa, Por la Soberania y un Pais much effort the female comrades of the
Productivo. The group has conducted Taller por la Liberacion de la Mujer together
propaganda work and barrio level mass with other organizations have been able to
actions even though it has limited resources. advance an 8th of March in Struggle and
have returned to the streets.#

Please notice the Website of
PCR Uruguay, where so often
is placed a lot of information’s
and other materials. ,

Recently the well-known

Polemics about the
International General-Line
is put on our Website in
- 55 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

The 8th Congress of the Bolshevik Party (Northern Kurdistan/Turkey):



Workers, peasants, oppressed and exploited For those who want to see the images of the
people of all nationalities in Northern fifteen.”
Kurdistan and Turkey … This struggle had been continued incessantly
workers and oppressed peoples of the entire under further heavy blows of the bourgeoisie,
world ... with little success, however, despite all that
Our message is for you: We turn to you on a until the early fifties of the 20th century. Some
29 January. At this date, 85 years ago, on 29 inconstant people could not stand up to the
January 1921, the Kemalist Turkish attacks and pressure and changed the front,
bourgeoisie barbarously attacked the and the fighters for socialism and communism
communists. At that time Turkey was engaged also committed quite a few mistakes. In
in a war of liberation against the imperialist parallel with the revisionist degeneration of the
occupation, which strove for the direct Communist Party of the Soviet Union in the
colonialization of Turkey. The communist fifties also the TKP became revisionist. In
pursued the goal of accomplishing the national 1972, together with the founding of our
liberation by the social liberation. 15 leading forerunner organization TKP/ML (Communist
founding members of the newly formed Party of Turkey/ML) under the leadership of
Communist Party of Turkey (TKP – from the comrade IBRAHIM KAYPAKKAYA, the
outset member of the Communist red flag the TKP of Mustafa Suphi and his
International) which was at the beginning of comrades was raised again. As against
its construction had been bloodthirstily comrade Mustafa Suphi the bourgeoisie also
murdered by the Kemalist Turkish opened a witch-hunt of annihilation against
bourgeoisie. The fighters who had espoused comrade Ibo Kaypakkaya. On another 29
the cause of the motto: ”Only the Red January, the 29 January 1973, comrade
Revolution can rescue Turkey! Down with the Igrahim Kaypakkaya was severely wounded
black forces which oppose it”, the fighters who and captured by the blood-hounds of the
had fought for ”the government and for the Kemalist fascist dictatorship. Comrade
republic of the workers’, peasants’, soldiers’ Kaypakkaya was unspeakably tortured for
soviets” in Turkey were mowed down by the three months in the fascist prisons of
”black forces” and lowered in the dark depth Diyarbakir/Amed. The fascist torturers
of the Black Sea on 29 January 1921. Their wanted, as many other revolutionaries they
murderers supposed that they also had buried could capture, to make him speak and break
the fight for socialism and communism at the him. However, with this communist they
sea bottom. The were mistaken. The young, banged their heads against a brick wall. He did
inexperienced organized force of communism not speak even under the most severe torture,
in Turkey was indeed severely hurt and he defended the revolution, socialism and
suffered a defeat. However, the struggle for communism with every word. On 18 May the
socialism and communism could not be torturers brutally assasinated Ibo. In his last
stopped. The successor fighters of comrade record in his notebook Ibrahim had noted,
MUSTAFA SUPHI and his 14 comrades have following a popular song:
carried on their struggle: ”We extract iron and coal, eh,
”We engraved the names of the fifteen We sow wheat and millet, eh,
In a bloody, red marble. We are a bloody sword against fascism, eh,
Our eyes are a mirror of steal, One day we will settle the score, eh.”

- 56 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

His assasins as well hoped that with this according to his/her abilities to the social
murder the struggle for socialism and production/wealth and everybody will take
communism would be stopped. They again from the social wealth according to his/her
were mistaken. With the date of 18 May in needs without any pressure from outside.
their hearts the succeeding comrades-in-arms The 8th congress of our party underlined this
have continued his struggle without goal once more in a militant way.
interruption. In the TKP/ML founded by SOCIALISM IS THE ONLY WAY OUT
comrade Kaypakkaya a two-line-struggle was FOR THE WORKING CLASS AND
going on in the end of the 1970-ies and the FOR THE OPPRESSED PEOPLES !
beginning of the 1980-ies. The communists Our 8th congress confirms:
absolutely wanted to base the party Noble goals about which the bourgeoisie talks
organizationally on the working class and so much like peace, democracy, human rights,
factory units and Bolshevize it. In 1981 they freedom, equality and friendship of the
separated themselves from the Menshevik peoples, the end of the sexist oppression of
wing, the main feature of which was the women, liberty of opinion, the end of the
systematization of the mistakes of the destruction of the natural living conditions, are
TKP/ML, and they formed the Bolshevik in a system that is based on exploitation
party. Since 25 years Marxism-Leninism and doomed to remain only written on paper. In a
the red flag of comrade Mustafa Suphi and system of exploitation all this exists for the
comrade Ibo Kaypakkaya has been held up in great majority of the population, for the
Northern Kurdistan and Turkey by the working people, only as long as the
Bolshevik party. Despite all the attacks of the foundations of the system are not called into
bourgeoisie and despite all the betrayal the question.
cause of socialism and communism is living There will be real freedom, real democracy,
on in the struggle of our Bolshevik party. human rights, liberty of opinion for the
Today, on another 29 January in the year 2006, working people only in a system, in which the
we declare that our 8th party congress has been exploitation of man by man will be ended, in
concluded successfully. At the same time this which the workers and working people
is the proof of the impossibility to prevent the themselves will rule. The system of
cause of communism! exploitation divides the nations into ruling
The bourgeoisie can kill the communists and ones and oppressed ones, it is playing off and
can draw to its side some inconstant elements. stirring up the various nationalities and
It is possible that there are some people who peoples of various nationalities against each
do not have the necessary great staying power other. It is being maintained on the basis of
and who withdraw themselves in view of the bred hostility and division of the peoples. In
difficult tasks, who even offer their service to this system equality and friendship of the
the bourgeoisie; people who propose peoples is a fairy tale.
compromises with the bourgeoisie on behalf of ”Once start talking with your fellow
the defense of communism etc. The Men, you'll soon be of one mind.”
bourgeoisie can achieve temporary victories. Total equality of nationalities and friendship
However, until ”The face of the earth becomes of peoples is only possible on the basis of the
the face of love” the struggle for communism smashing of the system of exploitation.
will be continued incessantly. This is the Also the sexist oppression and discrimination
message of the 8th congress of our party, too. of women is part of the system of exploitation.
Nevertheless: We were, we are and we will be! To cut through these fetters is only possibly in
Until the rule of the exploiters will vanish a system without exploitation.
from the earth, until the exploitation of The economic law of maximum profit prevails
working people by the exploiters will be in the existing capitalist-imperialist system.
ended! Until the communist society will be The main driving force of this society is the
established in which everybody contributes goal to achieve maximum profits within the

- 57 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

shortest period of time. The destruction of the people, and also the imperialist barbarism of
natural living conditions is inherent in the Nazi fascism, which led to the so-called
system. This system irrevocably exploits and Second World War. Mankind saw and
destroys the natural resources, destroys the experienced the barbarism of the system of
balance in nature and produces every year exploitation in the genocide of the Armenians,
greater ”natural” disasters. Capitalism and the holocaust and the innumerable genocides
sustainable production are in antagonistic in Africa.
opposition. In order to guarantee a natural, In Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia as well as in
sustainable production we have to smash many other countries where the peoples took
capitalism. The only way out, the only solution up arms against the imperialists, mankind saw
for the working class and the oppressed and experienced how barbarously the
peoples of the world is the rule of the workers, imperialists take action against the peoples. In
the working people, is socialism! the Chinese revolution mankind saw and
SOCIALISM WILL BE WON BY THE experienced what the rule of the working
BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION ! people is capable of. Mankind saw and
Our 8th congress emphasizes: experienced, and experiences every day, how
Socialism is no unattainable utopia, but the the system of exploitation on the basis of
only real alternative of ”great mankind”, the maximum profits is destroying nature and
working people. The immense revolutionary undermining the natural living conditions.
changes within the short period of the All developments show again and again only
dictatorship of the proletariat in the Soviet one thing: socialism or end in barbarism!
Union under the leadership of Lenin and Stalin These are the only real alternatives which we
have shown what is possible under the can choose. To mention this fact does not
conditions of socialism. The later return of the mean to announce bad news; it is rather a call
former socialist Soviet Union to capitalism can on the workers and working people, an
neither undo the successes and merits of enlightenment about the real conditions and a
socialism nor diminish them. The socialist call for the struggle for socialism! It is our task
Soviet Union and all revolutions of the 20th to prevent imperialist barbarism by
century teach us: For the rule of the workers revolutions. It is our task to build a new world,
and working people the Bolshevik revolutions a world without exploiters and exploitation!
under the leadership of Bolshevik parties are Sooner or later we will accomplish this task!
an indispensable precondition. Bolshevik Workers, working people … join the
revolutions are revolutions in which the Bolshevik ranks!
masses of workers and working people are Our Bolshevik parties, the Bolshevik Party of
taking their matters into their own hands under Northern Kurdistan and the Bolshevik Party of
the leadership of Bolshevik parties. Bolshevik Turkey, are carriers of this truth in our
revolutions are precursors of socialism. countries. Our 8th congress has set the task for
Everywhere in the world it is the primary and our parties to make the greatest efforts so that
urgent task for the working people to unite and our parties firmly organize themselves on the
organize for Bolshevik revolutions under the basis of factory units and thus take deep roots
leadership of Bolshevik parties armed with the in the working class. Our parties will realize
science of Marxism-Leninism. this task in the practice of class struggle.
The Alternative of Mankind also in the 21th Workers, working people,
Century: the Bolshevik party is the most important
Socialism or Decline into Barbarism! instrument, your most important weapon in
Mankind has seen both in the 20th century: your struggle for your rule, in the struggle for
The first great attempt of the construction of socialism. Arm yourself. Play your part in the
socialism in the Soviet Union under the struggle for the Bolshevik revolution!
leadership of Lenin and Stalin and the great Unite in the Bolshevik ranks!
victories achieved with it for the working 29 January 2006 CC of the BP (NK/T) #

- 58 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

The Iraqi National Liberation Movement

and the World Proletarian Revolution
by Ray O. Light, USA
August 2005

”Formerly, the proletarian revolution was regarded exclusively as the result of the internal
development of a given country. Now, this point of view is no longer adequate. Now the
proletarian revolution must be regarded primarily as the result of the development of the
contradictions within the world system of imperialism, as the result of the breaking of the chain
of the world imperialist front in one country or another.” (Stalin, Foundations of Leninism,


The heroic national liberation struggle of the with new opportunities to fight for national
Iraqi people against the US imperialist led democratic and socialist revolution, for state
occupiers of their country is today on the power, against a weakened and preoccupied
frontline of the worldwide struggle of the imperialist superpower; likewise, it has
international proletariat against international emboldened the imperialist and powerful
capital. The Iraqi Resistance has not only bourgeois rival/partners of US imperialism
exposed the bestial, aggressive character of to challenge US hegemony economically,
US imperialism militarily, but it has also politically, socially, and ultimately to also
exposed the economic greed, the drive to challenge militarily.
maintain and extend economic hegemony
and US Empire that motivated the In the context of the growing world capitalist
unprovoked invasion and occupation. economic crisis, Bush-led US imperialism
Furthermore, the Iraqi Resistance has continues to expand its already overextended
revealed the murderous oil politics of US military commitments in the cause of
imperialism that include efforts to create expansion of its global economic empire.
warfare between and among the Sunni and Under the same impetus, its imperialist
Shiite Muslim and the Kurdish populations rival/partners use every sign of weakness of
that make up the overwhelming majority of US imperialism to challenge its hegemony.
the people of Iraq. (For this nefarious
purpose US imperialism even resorts to fake Nowhere are all these phenomena more
”suicide bombers” to incite these peoples to clearly at work than in Latin America. On
fight each other instead of uniting to fight the one hand are the bold initiatives of Hugo
US imperialism.) Finally, this popular Chavez and the masses of people in
resistance movement is daily inflicting Venezuela, anchored by the support of Fidel
mortal blows on the military machine of the Castro and the Cuban people. These
main enemy of humanity, imperialism, economic and political initiatives have
headed by US imperialism. resonated with the peoples throughout the
The heroic Iraqi Resistance has provided the continent. Especially in the Andean Region -
rest of the oppressed nations and peoples of -- from Argentina, to Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador
the world and the international working class and Colombia --- with the increasing

- 59 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

militancy of the Brazilian people, Latin Gary Leupp. And, thanks to the Iraqi
America is standing up to beleaguered US Resistance, US imperialism is in no position
imperialism. This uprising has been to concentrate its military forces there. Its
conditioned by the heroic liberation junior partner and rival, the powerful Indian
movement of the Iraqi people. On the other federal government, is facing armed
hand, US imperialism has kidnapped struggle, in parts of South India including
Aristide in Haiti and toppled his Andhra Pradesh as well as throughout most
government. It is now sending US troops to of the northeast Indian states near Nepal
Paraguay for ”joint military exercises”, (Nagaland, Assam, etc.), inspired by the
trying desperately to maintain its control of successes of the Nepalese comrades; and
this continent, its vast resources and its Indian intervention there could lead to the
people. At the same time, taking advantage national liberation of these states from India.
of this intensification of the contradiction
between US imperialism and the oppressed In Uzbekistan, there is a new effort to oust
Latin American peoples, imperialist US troops from a key military base. And in
Germany, Spain and other European Afghanistan, the people have never accepted
imperialist powers have accelerated their the US-led military occupation that preceded
penetration of Latin America. the invasion of Iraq. The US puppet regime
there is confined to a small perimeter around
In Asia, Philippine President Gloria Kabul. The Afghani people, encouraged by
Macapagal-Arroyo, is on the verge of being the Iraqi Resistance, are waging a national
driven from office amidst all kinds of liberation struggle against US imperialism
corruption charges. No doubt the successes and its NATO allies occupying their country;
of the Iraqi resistance movement and her though not yet on the scale of the revolt in
role as George W. Bush’s most loyal Asian Iraq and evidently not yet coordinated with
supporter on Iraq (which has been exposed it. US military planner Rand Corporation
well by the mass organizations led by the projects that the current eight thousand US
Communist Party of the Philippines) have troops in Afghanistan will have to be
exacerbated the political crisis that she faces. augmented there to eighteen thousand for the
And because of the success of the Iraqi foreseeable future.
Resistance, US imperialism is in a very weak
position to come to her political-military Even in African countries that have
rescue. remained under the domination of French
imperialism, US weakness in Iraq emboldens
China and India, the two most populous French imperialism to take more aggressive
countries on earth, are rapidly asserting positions while the Iraqi example of heroic
themselves economically while US national liberation struggle provides an
imperialism is limited in its ability to counter inspiring example for the revolutionary
the challenge to its hegemony. And the one- movements in these countries.
third of humanity that lives in these two
countries are also rising against their own In Europe, two of George W. Bush’s most
bourgeois rulers. loyal and openly reactionary supporters,
Aznar in Spain and Berlusconi in Italy have
In Nepal, the Peoples Liberation Army of the lost whatever mass appeal they previously
Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), which possessed, under the pressure of the Iraqi
has been waging People’s War since 1996, Resistance. In Italy, there is massive popular
might actually soon seize power, according pressure for Berlusconi to break with Bush
to a February 2005 CounterPunch article by and bring the Italian troops home from Iraq
- 60 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

in the aftermath of the murder of an Italian 2001 black enrollment in ROTC has dropped
intelligence officer by US soldiers in Iraq. In by 36 percent.” (”Uncle Sam Wants You”,
Spain, the Madrid train bombings just before 3-28-05) And this has occurred despite the
the 2004 presidential election not only failed unprecedented use of Black individuals
to rally support for the reactionary Aznar but (Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice) in the
his Social Democratic opponent was elected highest US foreign policy ranks!
on the promise to withdraw Spain from the
US-led coalition occupying Iraq. And the Within the post two weeks, the AFL-CIO
Spanish people held him to his promise. held its National Convention in Chicago.
Both the Italian and Spanish revolutionary Only 8% of private-sector workers are union
working class movements have been members now as compared with three times
strengthened in this process. as many 25 years ago. Moreover, the
strategy of funding and backing bourgeois
In Britain, as in the USA, the principal politicians (mostly Democrats) has helped to
candidate for both major parties, was place the AFL-CIO in this precarious
criminally pro-war. Thus, Blair was position. With its back to the wall, two of the
reinstalled as British Prime Minister, despite largest unions in the AFL-CIO (the SEIU
his criminal collaboration with the criminal and the Teamsters) announced their exit
Bush Regime. Nevertheless, the Downing from the union federation even before the
Street Memo and other scandals around the Convention began and at least two more
Iraq war, brought to light under the pressure large unions were expected to closely
of the successful Iraqi Resistance, have follow. The division of the main
weakened Blair’s position and strengthened organization of workers in the USA into two
the anti-globalization movement that federations in the face of the anti-labor Bush
protested so strongly the G-8 Summit until Regime on the surface appears to weaken the
the ”mysterious” London bombings position of the US working class. However,
occurred. the shake-up of this reliable social prop of
US imperialism has within it the possibility
In the USA itself, under the pressure of the for new opportunities for working class
growing Iraqi popular Resistance, a much- organization of a more militant character to
heralded BET/CBS News poll before the emerge. Indeed, among the exiting
2004 presidential election found that 90% of organizations, especially Stern’s SEIU, some
Afro-Americans answered ”no” when asked small amount of real organizing of the
whether they felt ”the war with Iraq was unorganized has taken place over the past
worth the loss of American life and other decade.
costs of attacking Iraq.” By late March of
2005, a Boston Globe column by Boston Neither the John Sweeney-led AFL-CIO nor
University professor and author, Andrew the Andrew Stern-led Change to Win (CTW)
Bacevich, described how the all-volunteer Coalition made the position on the Iraqi War
US military was unraveling ”under the stress a line of demarcation between them.
of a protracted war.” The key, according to Nevertheless, the fact that Sweeney had led
Bacevich, is that ”African-Americans have the AFL-CIO in giving all-out support to
begun to opt out.” He cited the following: Bush’s ”War on Terror” helped to keep Bush
”Whereas in fiscal year 2000, 23.5 percent in the Presidency and bring this crisis in
of Army first-term enlistees were black, by leadership to a head. Now, in the wake of the
2004 that figure had dropped to 15.6 percent. massive defections by CTW unions, the
Over the first four months of the current AFL-CIO Convention for the first time in its
fiscal year, it stands at 13.9 percent ... Since fifty year history passed a resolution
- 61 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

somewhat opposing a current foreign policy against the main enemy, imperialism, headed
of US imperialism when it resolved that the by US imperialism.
US military should ”rapidly” withdraw from
Iraq.* Given this fact, we drew the following
Because it is the working class and the conclusion in our March 2005 newsletter,
oppressed youth of US society which join ”proletarian revolutionaries, communists,
the US military and fight its wars, the half- socialists, and anti-imperialists of all stripes
hearted resolution by the labor federation and in all countries today have an
(which has previously been referred to internationalist obligation to demonstrate
deservedly as the AFL-CIA) calling for the their solidarity with the Iraqi national
rapid withdrawal of the US military from liberation movement as a priority of their
Iraq has much political significance. This is own struggles. For progressive and
in conformity with the organization of US revolutionary forces in the USA, this anti-
Military Families against the war, the imperialist obligation must be their primary
challenge to Bush by Gold Star parents (who duty.” (”The US Sponsored Election in Iraq
have lost a child in the US military service in and the Iraq National Liberation
Iraq), the difficulties in meeting US military Movement”)
recruitment goals, and the growing numbers
of US military deserters. Yet, we have encountered great opposition
to placing such real emphasis on the Iraqi
It is true that Bush, Cheney et al., with the national liberation movement among many
aid and collaboration of the Democrats in genuine and not so genuine non-Iraqi
Congress who have barely even whispered revolutionaries. First and foremost, this is a
the word ”impeachment”, have weathered all manifestation of bourgeois nationalism and
the scandals that have tarnished this criminal reformism. It is a throwback to the period
regime. Nevertheless, the developments before the emergence of imperialism, before
among the Afro-American people in relation the development of Leninism, when, as
the US military and the increasing Stalin expressed it, ”the proletarian
opposition of the US working class in revolution was regarded exclusively as the
general, and specifically within the AFL- result of the internal development of a given
CIO and within the US military community country.” As Stalin added over eighty years
itself, represent a sharpening political crisis ago, ”now, this point of view if no longer
in the USA that has already aggravated the adequate.”
strategic military overreach of US
imperialism in the world and has great Veteran Bengali Communist, Moni Guha,
potential for the emergence of a serious observed the following:
social revolution in the USA in the long run.
”… the post-Stalin developments took a
There is probably no arena of class struggle different turn. The proletarian movement
in the world that has been untouched by the fragmented badly andcould present no anti-
Iraqi Resistance to US imperialism. All of imperialist front. Anti-imperialist wars were
the above indicates that the international indeed fought and fought valiantly and
communist and workers movement is not covered themselves with glory and triumph.
doing the Iraqis a favor by supporting their But alas there was no single front to oppose
Resistance movement. On the contrary, they imperialism. The link between the world
have been and are doing us the favor --- proletarian revolution and national
being in the front ranks of the global struggle liberation struggles was lost. They were not
seen as reserves, as parts of a whole, part of
- 62 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

a single world front of socialism. The whole applies not only to revisionist-dominated
question was posed abstractly, from the conferences but to our own conference as
point of view of formal democracy, as one of well. Specifically, Resolution No. 5 ”To All
abstract rights. No wonder then that the Workers and Peoples of the World”, our
national liberation movements stopped short declaration on Iraq, that was signed by
in their tracks and did not go over to twenty-three organizations (including us), is
socialism for there was no world front of an example of an approach to the Iraqi
socialism, no effort to build a world national liberation movement from a
dictatorship of the proletariat. Victories ”discrete and local” perspective, from the
turned into defeats and advantages into point of view of abstract rights, instead of a
disadvantages. If today imperialism gloats proletarian internationalist one. The only
over its triumph of being smuggled back into positive revolutionary implications of the
formerly liberated countries it is in no small Iraqi Resistance that Resolution 5 points out
measure due to the failure of the various are for the struggles in Palestine and
communist contingents in their Afghanistan. The rest of us are called on to
internationalist duties.” (”The National increase support for the Iraqi struggle on the
Liberation Movements and the World basis of voluntary good will, out of the
Proletarian Revolution”, Proletarian Path, goodness of our hearts. As this article has
New Series Volume I, Number 5, September demonstrated, this is an undialectical,
1994.) bourgeois nationalist presentation of the
question. It does not even rise to the level of
Elsewhere, in analyzing the ”spate of mutual benefit.
international seminars” occurring in the mid
1990’s, comrade Guha, stated, ”One thought And, as Moni Guha reminds us, ”Our
that the fight of the proletariat was a world- internationalism is not for ‘mutual benefit’
historic one. That is, a fight that wasn’t but the very pre-condition of our movement -
discrete and local. But the seminars do not -- communism is a world-historical goal.”
deal with subjects world-historically. …
Today, we behave like the despicable leaders ON THE PATH TO A COMMUNIST
of the Second International, like Titos; for us FUTURE FOR HUMANITY:
the national communist movements are
supposed to have platonic relations with the • WORKERS OF THE WORLD AND
world socialist revolution. As one surveys OPPRESSED PEOPLES UNITE!
the focus of most seminars … Description of • FOR VICTORY FOR THE IRAQI
discrete movements and pretty resolutions RESISTANCE OVER US LED
are what we are served at the end.” IMPERIALISM!
(”International Marxist-Leninist Seminars”,
Proletarian Path, New Series, Volume II, _______________________________
Number 1, December 1995) FOOTNOTE [*Since the Bush Regime is
now floating the idea of early withdrawal
Ray O. Light Group has repeatedly from Iraq, the AFL-CIO Resolution is not in
expressed our high regard for the direct opposition to Bush and US
International Conference of Marxist-Leninist imperialism. Recent articles in Newsweek
Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO) and for and other bourgeois publications point up
this reason readily agreed to serve on the growing US government recognition that
Joint Coordinating Group (JCG) following they cannot defeat the Iraqi Resistance
the 8th International Conference. Yet we militarily and are therefore looking for other
believe that Comrade Guha’s criticism means to keep their control over Iraq.]
- 63 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

Newly Released Book!!!!!



From 9-11 to the Present

Writings in Opposition to the US Imperialist Led

Global War of Terror and on Our Tasks

A Ray O. Light Publication

(354 pages, illustrated)
Please send copies of ”The Bush Led Global Imperialist War”.
(Donation: $10/copy, 3 or more: $8/copy)

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Address: ________________________________________________

To order book and/or obtain a full Publications List write to:

Boxholder DLD-354, 58 Batterymarch St., Boston, MA 02110, USA

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International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

7th Women's Political Counsel

October 13-15, 2006
Heinrich Heine University,
Düsseldorf / Germany

What is the Women's Political Counsel?

It is
• an international, women's political and cultural platform on which women's projects,
groups, organizations and parties as well as individual women can share their
It is characterized by
• an open exchange of experiences and position with equal rights
• mutual interest and respect for each other
• democratic culture of debate on the basis of openness in terms
of world outlook.
It is
• no fixed organization. It is organized and financed by the participating women
themselves. All those can join who accept the guidelines of the Counsel.
If you are interested:
Frauenpolitischer Ratschlag
Ringstr. 71
45876 Gelsenkirchen
Postfach 100809

5th International
Automotive Workers’ Counsel
To all blue- and white-collar workers and their families in the automotive
industry and its suppliers near and far!
We are looking again forward to discussing with you the many aspects of the
current development and the many new questions arising from it. We therefore
propose that we now prepare and conduct the
5thAutomotive Workers’ Counsel
18-20 May 2007
in Stuttgart, Germany
Phone ##0209/361 64 86, Fax ##0209/361 67 68,
E- Mail,

- 65 -
International Newsletter No. 31 31st July 2006

Call for the Support


The internationalization of production and the globalization of the fundamental problems of

mankind in the entire world lead to the internationalization of the class struggle and therefore
also demand increased and systematic cooperation among Marxist-Leninists.

For this reason we call upon all progressive, democratic and anti-imperialist people in the entire
world to support the cooperation among the Marxist-Leninists for the emancipation of the
international working class and the national and social liberation of the people and to make the
convening of the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE possible.


Treasurer of the International Conference

International Donation Account:

T. SCHELLER, Account No. DE 45 6005 0101 000 76 38 578
Bank code: 6000 501 01, Landesbank Baden-Würtemberg

- 66 -