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I. History of Mobifone
Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company - VMS, a state-owned
company under Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Corporation,
was founded in April 16th 1993, VMS has become the first GMS
900/1800 mobile telephony services provider in the brand name
Mobifone, marking the beginning momentum of the mobile telephony
industry in Vietnam. Mobifone specializes in building, developing
network and providing mobile telephony.

1993: Foundation of Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company


1994: Foundation of the Mobile Telecom Services Center I & II

1995: Committed a Business Cooperation Contract (BCC) with

Kinnevik/Comvik (Sweden)
Foundation of the Mobile Telecom Services Center III

2005: VMS liquidated the BBC with Kinnevik/Comvik (Sweden) The

State of Vietnam and Ministry of Posts and Telematics (now is
Ministry of Information and Communications) officially decided to
equitize VMS.
Mr. Le Ngoc Minh has become Director of VMS since retirement of
Mr. Dinh Van Phuoc.

2006: Foundation of the Mobile Telecom Services Center IV

2008: Foundation of the Mobile Telecom Services Center V.

Commemorating 15 year-establishment anniversary of Mobifone. The
Value Added Services Center was founded.

Until April 2008, Mobifone rank as the first position in the Vietnam’s
mobile telephone market share.

Image 1 Growing of the telephone subscriber from 1993 to 2010

Image 2 Dividing of market share chart (till to first quarter of 2009)

Now, with 3.000 Mobifone employees, it ready to effectively meet

every demand of customers. Mobifone is the first and exclusive
mobile telephony services provider in Vietnam which is selected as of
the best mobile operator in three consecutive years (from 2005-2008)
in the Vietnam Mobile Awards Ceremony organized by E-chip
Mobile Magazine, Especially in 2009, Mobifone was honored to
receive the Excellent Operator 2008 granted by Vietnam Ministry of
Information and Communications

II. Corporation exhibiting social responsibility

A great company is not only performing great in business but should
also practice corporate social responsibility; Mobifone has done
various activities to show the company’s concern towards local people
and society. Besides creating jobs for thousands of local people,
Mobifone has also contributed considerably to social protection and
welfare in Vietnam, especially Vietnamese Youth. The grateful
activities society usually talks those are: The Mobifone Scholarship
and Mobifone Rock Storm.

Firstly, I would mention about The Mobifone Scholarship. This was

part of the annual program, co-organized by our Vietnamese mobile
network-Mobifone and the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.
This program was started last year and now it’s already active in this
year. The program was carried out in 30 cities and provinces across
the country. According to the VOV News Online, in 2009, more than
1,000 scholarships, each worth 1 million VND were offered to
students and pupils who had recorded an outstanding performance in
their studies. Concretely, 377 scholarships were presented to high
school pupils and 664 to university and college students from
November 2009 – March 2010. In this year, with the same expenses
as 2009 (1 billion VND), from November 2010 to March 2011, the
program will presented 500 scholarships to the good students and
pupils. Specifically, The Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh
Communist Youth Union in co-ordination with Mobifone will give
200 scholarships each worth 500,000 VND for highschool pupils and
300 scholarships each worth 3,000,000 VND for university and
college students nationwide in which the student scholarship is
increased to 3,000,000 VND, triple of the value of last year
(1,000,000 VND), this adjusting is to have a more reasonable
scholarship for each student. These scholarships not only honored the
students and pupils so much but also encouraged them to study well
and contribute to the country’s development.
In a conversation, Mr. Dinh Viet Hung, the representative of
Mobifone shares that they want this scholarship to support and
mobilize our Vietnamese students who will be the talent owners’ of
Vietnam in the future.

Secondly, the Rock show, which are the music festival series called
Rock Storm is a program of Mobifone for Vietnamese youth to
entertain the millions of local young people with its music show. Rock
Storm is also known as the biggest rock festivals in our country with
more than 30 programs held across the country and 500,000 people
have participated directly in 2007 held by Mobifone. This activity
holds annually in 10 provinces and cities including Ha Noi, Hai
Phong, Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Can Tho, Dong Nai and
Ho Chi Minh City where the students are the most. This program
attracts more and more the listeners, at the first time, its audience was
a over 25,000 excited people with most are the rock-fans and last year
the audience was more over 500,000 people included rock-fans and
many others, they came to listen, to relax, to devote themselves to the
rock wave and this year, the audience is predicted to fulfill a
1,000,000 seat stadium. For each show of these series, MobiFone
invested more than 6 billion vnd without any advertising or marketing
appearances because via these music festival series, the MobiFone
leaders want to send a message to the Vietnamese Youth “Let our
passion guide us!” as an explanation for this, the MobiFone
presentative talked MobiFone wanted to continue support the
Vietnamese Youth’s passion in the future ( his words as a metaphor
for supporting MobiFone in the future).
Besides two programmes, MobiFone’s already carried out some other
social activities, for example financing USD50,000 of surgery of
children in September last year.

In sum, Mobifone scholarship has two meanings: It improves that the

talented is care and it encourages students study sense. Besides, two
activities bring to two advantages: effect of Mobifone to society and it
will be received some preferences policies of Government.