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Northern Lights Broadcasting, LLC - Minneapolis, MN KQGO FM / KZGO FM EEO Public File Report December 1, 2018-November 30, 2019 Il, Recruitment initiatives Job Fairs Type of Recruliment ‘Brief Description of Aciviy [Summit Acsdom [ob Far 707i atNineapors Location [Minnsapars Career Fa Eimbassy Suis Bloominglon S270 IMA Twins Caresr Far 365 Fair 0O71079 Targa Fa [ianneapals Career Far lb Far TOreTT9 Embany Sates Outreach Initiatives ‘The intemship primary consists of earning and working inthe program, rocuctons and ‘promotions departments. The objects to allow studen's o Work at 2 Major Market Rado ian. Through this experince the students abl to evaluate i this fhe career path they ‘would want to take. Studens are excepted ino this program tm several schools inthe Minneapotst Paul Met area 2 Touts Shadow ‘We welcome schools, scouting and daycare groups infor tours and jab shadowing, We lt them see each depariment and give tem a sample what itis ike tobe ona and werk nthe production ‘epartment