Subject: very interesting brewing technique I met a local man here named Donald Teeter who wrote a book on his discovery of an amazing and easy way to cultivate Soma mycelium (a. muscaria) in a wooden or ceramic bowl. He just puts a dried bit of muscaria in the bowl with some sterile grape juice and brown rice. The mycelieum then invades the walls of the pot! So now he has a perpetual living Grail that whenever he puts sterile grape juice in it, in 12-24 hours it is transformed into POWERFUL amanita wine! And its much gentler than the dry mushroom, really a distinct experience, as I can now vouch for. His book on it is self published, little known... the 'beaker culture' people were probably doing just this 5,000 years ago.... a. muscaria cannot be cultivated to fruiting body by any known means, but its mycelium is hardy and easy as bread mold to grow.... one of Don's pots has been alive now for 7 years.... Extra notes: lumar: the amanita mycelium has a distinct look and smell lumar: and requires little in the way of sterile technique lumar: the chapters in 'sacred secret' go over this --------m: cool, i'm just making sure.. so there's no risk of dangerous molds? lumar: its so antibiotic that it will keep milk sweet for 48 hours lumar: its pretty hard to mistake mold for mycelium lumar: and mold never stays white lumar: mycelium will stay white unless exposed to sun
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m: how does a completed bowl look like? lumar: then it silvers lumar: it has silvery white fuzz all over it lumar: and smells like apple cider lumar: read the book . its really throuroigh and don has been doing this 20 years lumar: if you clean the pot beforehand with boiling water and boil the grape juice no problms lumar: you have to be really careful to find rice or grain with no anti fungal added lumar: no rye at all either m: ya rye would be bad. lumar: dont seal it off either the bowl needs air - i jjust put clean paper towels over it m: ya that's what Don was mentionning in his book. lumar: the mycelia is visible inside 12 hours --------lumar: it grows really really fast lumar: i used boiled applejuice this time and parakeet pellets lumar: this worked better than grape juice and wheat berries m: oh ya? m: so you think you can carry this over the border? m: and they won't mind? lumar: i dont need too, all i need is powdered dry mushroom to start again lumar: this one is for someone here, a gift lumar: but if i cleaned the bowl out after a few weeks, and the mycelium invaded the coconut shell, it would look clean and empty lumar: until food was added then the m. will come out of the walls and regrow

---------m: will there be a time when you don't need to sterilize the food? and it won't grow pennicilin? lumar: i am not sure of that, but when it grows to where it has used up all the food, then one dries it out, then grinds, then soaks in grape juice for 48 hours lumar: the filtrate from this is supposed to grow in new sterile food back into mycelium lumar: and taking a small part of the undried mycelium into the new food too... lumar: at least i know i have no weird mold lumar: it would grow on the control food lumar: and it wouldn't grow the same way twice lumar: its identical lumar: always appears on the third day lumar: it doesn't like light at all m: cool. Mold and fungus are such strange entities. m: just like mogwais
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lumar: so i tacked on a paper towel over it lumar: and i only lift it a little bit to peel lumar: peek lumar: keep the flies out too lumar: used thumbtacks lumar: light damages it and weakens it and turns it silvery white --------m: and then i'll email you the results. lumar: i put Bragg's aminos in the food lumar: put m: no way really? lumar: yeah, its hard to find foods for it that dont have anti fungals in it lumar: no lumar: any preserveratives will kill the mycelieum m: good point. m: ya anything that's got sodium in it. lumar: sodium isnt a problem lumar: bht is lumar: most grains have bht m: what's bht? lumar: butylayed hydroxy toluene lumar: lated lumar: its in everything including most hippie health food grains lumar: so i am using parakeet vegetable pellets and braggs aminos lumar: parakeet's die from anti fungals lumar: only certified organic rice is free of preservatives lumar: and sometimes not even then lumar: anyway, the bird food and aminos works really well, along with apple juice for moisture lumar: i boil it all together ===== "The path of reality does not lead into the future, but out of time and space altogether. Once one realizes this simple truth, life and death go into a different perspective. Life and death, time and space do not cease to exist, but existence itself is seen as a mirage." J G Bennett

file:///G|/Everything%20Else/Teeter,%20Donal%20-%20...umar%20-%20notes%20on%20soma%20bowl%20technique.txt (3 of 3)3/3/2005 12:23:07 PM

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