Cheshire East Council Parking Services Annual Report y/e 31st March 2010 1. Introduction 1.1.

This is the first Annual Report of the new authority, Cheshire East Council, which began life on 1 April 2009. During the year the former Borough of Congleton area has been included within the area controlled under civil parking enforcement regulations, and parking charges have been imposed within the town of Congleton itself. Both were only fully in place from February 2010. 1.2. The report shows the results of parking provision and of enforcement of restrictions in Cheshire East. The authority operates off street public car parks throughout the Borough, the majority through pay and display arrangements. Civil Parking Enforcement is carried out as a 100% in house activity under the terms of the Traffic Management Act 2004. 2. Financial Results 2.1. Total income and expenditure on the parking account kept under s 55 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as modified by regulation 25 of the Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) General Regulations 2007 Cheshire East Council Parking Services Parking Account Report 2009/10 2009-10 Budget £ 2009-10 Actuals £ Direct Employees Premises Transport Supplies and Services Total Expenditure Car Park Charges Contract Parking Penalty Charges Other Total Income 942,732 1,136,597 60,430 598,927 2,738,686 5,239,562 174,100 981,178 102,040 6,496,880 919,606 1,322,058 16,273 505,117 2,763,054 4,408,393 150,373 834,046 221,957 5,614,769

Support Service Recharges 369,453 369,453 Depreciation 1,028,089 1,028,089 Net Surplus 2,302,652 1,454,173 Pay and Display income was down on budget but close to last year; late introduction of charging in Congleton, removal of Sunday charging in Crewe, and general recessionary downturn all affected this figure.

2.2. Action taken with respect to a surplus or deficit on the parking account: The net surplus is used to help fund the Council’s Transportation and Highways expenditure as is required by the relevant statute (Traffic Management Act 2004). Total actual expenditure in 2009/10 was £5.983m 2.3. Details of how any financial surplus has been or is to be spent, including the benefits that can be expected as a result of such expenditure: Capital Expenditure in respect of Cheshire East Car Parks during 2009/10 was as follows: 1. Wilmslow Car Parks South Drive & Spring St: £126,000: significant improvements to the fabic and useability of the car parks 2. Congleton Car Park Charging Scheme: £109,000; this included improvements to signage, and repairs to the car parks as well as installation of meters etc. 3. Crewe Car Parks Thomas Street Improvements : £152,000: included a proper surface and drainage Additional investment in Car Parks planned for 2010/11 and beyond is as follows: 1. Chapel Street Sandbach £162,000; resurface, marking and drainage 2. Residents Parking Schemes £160,000 for Wilmslow, Knutsford, Macclesfield and thereafter, in other locations subject to consultation 3. Car Park Improvements £225,000 : a general fund for bringing car parks up to a higher standard of useability 4. Completion of Congleton & Thomas Street Schemes £130,000. Enforcement Commentary The number of PCNs has been significantly lower than over the same period last year. This is due at least in part to the economic position which has reduced the number of vehicles being brought into towns. However, it has also suffered generally as a result of high staff absence and vacancies throughout the year (up to 40% of the team at times) and into the early part of the new financial year 2010/11. This is now being addressed with recruitment expected to improve overall performance by the end of the second quarter.

3. Statistical
Cheshire East Council Parking Enforcement April 1st 2009 to March 31st 2010 Off On Street Street Total £ 332306 11476
not recorded not recorded

Penalty Charge Notices in -year Revenue collected Number of Penalty Charge Notices issued PCNs cancelled PCNs cancelled CEO Error Net issued "good" Number of informal representations received Number of formal representations No. of appeals against the council lodged with the adjudicators Number of appeals won Number of appeals lost

£ 386180 18581
not recorded not recorded

£ 718487 30102 5360 467 24742 11116 1383 42 21 21

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