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2020: The first look

Sales of new houses will rise to a 13­year high in 2020, NAR’s chief
economist says

New­home sales any oversupply, so home prices should has caused bond yields to rise in cut as the central bank tries to bolster
continue to move higher – our hope is recent weeks, which could influence a slowing economy. “I think we will
probably will jump 11% in a much tamer fashion.” investors in mortgage securities to not be facing an economic recession,”
demand higher returns. But Yun said Yun said. One reason, he said, is the
to 750,000 Yun said he expects the median he expects “sub­4” rates to continue economic stimulus provided by
price of an existing home in the U.S. to through 2020. homebuilding.
Sales of new homes probably will be $270,400 next year, rising 4.3%
rise to a 13­year high in 2020 as the from 2019. That would be a slower “We’re seeing some bond yields “We need to produce more homes,”
U.S. dodges a recession, according to pace than the 4.9% annual gain in the rising, but we even with some he said. “If we produce more homes,
Lawrence Yun, chief economist of the median price he forecasts for 2019 fluctuation, I think mortgage rates will that is an economic stimulator and
National Association of Realtors.New­ and the 5.7% recorded for 2018. The be slightly under 4% for 2020, and the that growth will prevent us from going
home sales probably will jump 11% to median price for a new home reasoning for that is the Fed into a recession.” Homebuilding – or
750,000, according to Yun’s new probably will be $313,500, down 4% communication saying they would not “fixed residential investment” in
forecast, which would be the highest from 2019, but that could stem from a be raising interest rates in 2020 given economic language – contributed
reading since 2007. shift toward smaller houses as that the inflation rate is under 0.18% to GDP in 2019’s third quarter,
builders try to meet demand from control.” according to the Department of
Sales of existing homes likely will
first­time buyers. Commerce. It was the first positive
increase 3.7% to 5.56 million in 2020, The Federal Reserve cut its reading in six quarters.
the highest tally since 2017, Yun said. The average U.S. rate for a 30­year benchmark rate by a quarter of a
“Some loosening in inventory will fixed mortgage probably will stay at percentage on Oct. 30 in a bid to keep Kathleen Howley, Housing Wire
happen in 2020, and so we expect 3.7% through the second quarter of the decade­long U.S. economic
home sales to rise,” Yun said at NAR’s 2020, Yun said. In 2020’s final two expansion going while signaling it
convention in San Francisco. “We’ll quarters, it likely will rise to 3.8%, he likely was done, for now. It was the
see an increase in inventory, but not said. Talk of a U.S.­China trade treaty Fed’s third consecutive quarter­point

2 BuildersOutlook 2019Issue11

El Paso & Southern New Mexico

piration ideas reso
Your home is your life, make it beautiful.
Stunning photos make
e Southwest homes come
c alive!
make the two-story
Largee picture windows ll
and airy and naturally
living room sunny l ndscaape
di g landscape.
d the eye to the surroundin d
l palettes both inside
Puncttuating neutral
are b olored furnishi
i h l color
brightly furnishings
and outside
and artworks.

find your
El Paso
o & Southern New Mexico

b h
essentials erupted, instead o
the lava flow cau
s g upwa
off pushin waarrd to crreaatte the m
ussed this area to collapse
inwaarrds. The

h a new experience
n ains,

ng aan
aking, nd it’s such
scenery is jusst breaattht nd weetlaan nds.”
for us because s we’re u ussed to trees aan
S nyd e rs h
haavve been dedelighted
st July,
y, t he
Since moving in laas t ize their open-air
to discover ju usst hooww often they ccaan utili
i ti ideas resources
id spaacces throughou utt the entire yearr, r, whether it’s enjoyin
ut first haavving to swee
p leaavves aan
breakfasst poolside (wi n Georgia), grilling in
would in
clean offf the table, aass they
n sap o while Above, left: One
orr enjo oyying a glaasss of wine in a set of 12, this
their full ouuttdoor kitchen, o offtop terraacce.
o n t he ir we st-f f c
acin ngg roo p
painted face tile is
taking in the desert sky ti t
byy Mexican artist
l es.
Alexander Flor
ave turned
ns , the Snyders h
what’s new Inside

us m of sorts, deco
m d rn artt
their home into a mode
i fully
orating it f Above, right:
The dining room

with granite?
they pic
p k d up on
cked n comes to life with
with pieces p
sculptural glass

outt th world.
the wor orbs, vases, and d
their travels throughho p
plates from the
ainly gotten into the l
“We get great su nsets, and we’ve ceert
un aacck out
around the world.

ov ngg here,” Larrrry no ottes. “It gets pitch bl

starrs since movin ones an d turn all the lights
our ph ho
here anand we can jusst take d the city
th giantan clu ussteers of staarrs, an nd
offf. The sky is fillleed wi
o ar
a r ”
Left: Larry designed
w is really spect ac
a cul g
the lightning bolt-
all lit up belo ow
caattching. TTh he Snyders have bl
me is justs as eye-ca shaped foyer table
Insiddee, the hoom
aarrt muse s uumm ofof sorrtts, decoraatting it made of Nero
turrnned it into a modern raavvels thro ouughou utt Marquina marble.
picked up on their tra
fully with pieces they olld co urt in
orbs and staattues ho
the wo orrld. Sculptural glaasss c wiitth original
ok, whillee the walls aarre r graced
most every no oo kes.
maa rk
rkabl e
le c or aan
olors nd brushstro
paaintings aan
p nd reliefs in rem roo omm a work
n g fixtures aan
Stunnin nd finishes make eacch
oversized o nge entry
orraan ry
err,, it’s the ov
rt in itself. In the foy
of arrt aasse
metric furniture, aan
om nd the sleek gllaass stairc
doorr,, the geo powd deer roooom, it’s 37

El Paso & Soutthern New Me leading to the o obbservaattion deck. In the

El Paso outdoor oasis

i ti ideas resources
id (with a grotto!)

refined r
T he current edition
of Su Casa Magazine
keeping it
a style perff El Paso & Southern New Mexico local:
for Las Cr handcrafted
d f d
i ti ideas resources
is avvaailable in over
250 local locations
in El Paso, Las Cruces,
the traditional poo
R uidoso, Alamogordo
Southwestern and Carlsbad. T Too find out
l i P Pueblo
bl style
in Las Cruces
t l where to pick up your
+ trending free copy todayy,, visit


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2019Issue11 BuildersOutlook 3

President’sMessage PRINT & INTERNET
EPAB Mission, Vision, Values SOCIAL MEDIA & WEBSITE


Happy fall!
The year is nearly over, and the
Association leadership will be
changing again in a month or so. As
we near the start of 2020, I would like
Our Vision: By 2022, EPAB will:
1) Increase membership to 350
members with a retention rate of
2) Gain financial independence by
threats? 4. What can you do about
your weaknesses to make the threats
less likely?

Our Strategies:
to take this opportunity to share with
you the framework of the Association’s
strategic plan for the next three years.
Over a period of four weeks, the
EPAB Executive Board met with
Leonardo Corral of SENPAI Training
paying off the Association building
3) Increase political involvement in the
cities of Socorro and Horizon.

Our Values:
1) Accountability: we take
To help make our vision a reality, we
plan to:
• Facilitate strong government
relations in order to tap into the
growing markets of Socorro and

and Development (member since responsibility for what we do while • Increase current membership to
2018) as well as Edmundo Dena, being committed to our industry. allow the EPAB to pay off the
Edgar Montiel, Carlos Villalovos and 2) Honesty: we act truthfully. mortgage.
Randy Bowling to discuss and map 3) Respect: everybody is treated as a • Develop networking, promotion
out the Association’s goals for the partner. and education events to increase
future. Participants worked on defining retention and recruitment.
the EPAB philosophy, created a S.W.O.T. stands for “Strengths.
S.W.O.T. analysis, and established Weaknesses. Opportunities. If you have any questions about the
strategies for success. Strengths.” The SWOT analysis is process the Executive Board went
During our sessions, the board about capitalizing on your strengths, through, feel free to speak with me or
developed the following: overcoming weaknesses, exploiting send me an e-mail.
EPAB Mission: opportunities, and . You strategize by As always, please do businesses
“The El Paso Association of asking: 1. How do you use your with a member, help a member, recruit
Builders is committed to strengths to take advantage of a new member, participate in our
strengthening the building opportunities? 2. How do you events and advertise in our
industry through membership and overcome weaknesses preventing you publications. Thank you very much for
advocacy.” from taking ? 3. How can your everything you do for our association.
Get Creative. Make it Snappy.
strengths reduce the probability of 915•820•2800
4 BuildersOutlook 2019Issue11

Executive’sMessage Association brings us together, if only for a short time

times that we sometimes have sleep. Here was a guy who was losses come as we close out our
the most impressionable and not only a premier builder but a calendar year and they have
lasting memories. October was leader and mentor. Don was been a part of a long list of
a monster, taking some of the also devoted to his God and to losses this year. It proves the
nicest people away from us. the church of St. Clement where point that we are here but for a
Death doesn’t have a special he served each and every day. I short while, and that our lives
calendar because we lose had the distinct honor to know must matter if only to one other.
people all year long. At the end and respect Don in both What we do today is reflected in
of the year it’s been tough. capacities and his loss will be felt how we’re remembered to some
How is it that death can be so by many of us. degree. So much so that we
Ray Adauto
Executive Vice President ruthless as to take away a These two loyal friends and mourn but know that we may
El Paso Association of Builders vibrant caring loving and members are only half of those I well be next in line. The end of
exceptional person like Gaby lost in October. I will remember the calendar year is a great time
There are times like this where Rubio. She was all that but Kenneth Haddad, “Bunny” as we to reflect and to plan. Our losses,
the story line is difficult for one more, because she had the face called him. He and his brother some very personal, will not be
reason or another. There are of an angel and a smile to make Maynard ran H&H car wash. forgotten. I thank these friends
many things that we do as an everyone she met smile right Bunny was devoted to his family, for allowing me into to their lives.
association, but none is more back. Hard working, loving golf, and UTEP. I have big I will miss you.
important than getting to know mom, devoted wife. All taken hands, but Bunny would wrap
and work with one another, even way too soon. them in his grasp like a glove on
competitors or ex-employees. And there was Don Ward Sr., a baseball.
We come together for meetings Past President and friend, who So why this column? Because
and such but it’s the outside unexpectedly was taken in his the shock and hurt from these

This is our time.

Now, more than ever before, our nation is looking to Texas to set the
standard in the homebuilding industry. Together we will overcome the
challenges facing our industry and help build our communities into
shining examples for the future of our nation.

The El Paso Association of Builders congratulates Randy Bowling

and looks forward to his term as the 2020 Texas Association of
Builders President.
#elpasostrong • • 915-778-5387
2019Issue11 BuildersOutlook 5

Builder Confidence Holds Firm in November
NAHB has been conducting for 30
years, the NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing
Market Index gauges builder OF
perceptions of current single-family BUILDERS
home sales and sales expectations for
the next six months as “good,” “fair” or
“poor.” The survey also asks builders
to rate traffic of prospective buyers as 2019-2021
Builder confidence in the market for
newly-built single-family homes edged
one point lower to 70 in November,
“high to very high,” “average” or “low to
very low.” Scores for each component
are then used to calculate a seasonally
according to the latest National adjusted index where any number over
Association of Home Builders/Wells 50 indicates that more builders view
conditions as good than poor.
Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI)
released today. The past two months The HMI index gauging current sales IS HERE TO HEL
mark the highest sentiment levels in conditions fell two points to 76 and the
measure charting traffic of prospective
The 2019-2021 Texas Residential a Construction Contracts reflect the
“Single-family builders are currently buyers dropped one point to 53. The most recent legislative changes affecting the homebuilding indus-
reporting ongoing positive conditions, component measuring sales tr y in Texas. Overall, more than 50 enhancements have been made
spurred in part by low mortgage rates expectations in the next six months to the various contracts and aggreements, including arbitration pro-
and continued job growth,” said NAHB rose one point to 77. cedures, latent defect claim issues, code compliance matters and
Chairman Greg Ugalde, a home Looking at the three-month moving attorney ’s fees.
builder and developer from Torrington, averages for regional HMI scores, the
Conn. “In a further sign of solid Northeast posted a two-point gain to Here are a few eye-catching upddates that will be included in the
demand, this is the fourth consecutive 62, the West was up three points to 81
2019-2021 contracts package.
month where at least half of all and the South moved one point higher
builders surveyed have reported to 74. The Midwest remained  New Flood Notice Requiremeents.
positive buyer traffic conditions.” unchanged at 58.  New Homeowner Maintenance Form.
Editor's Note: The NAHB/Wells
“We have seen substantial year-  New Job Rules Addendum to the Independent Contractor Form.
over-year improvement following the Fargo Housing Market Index is strictly
housing affordability crunch of late the product of NAHB Economics, and  Updated Express Home Warranty that reflects current build-
2018, when the HMI stood at 60,” said is not seen or influenced by any ing practices and updated standards.
NAHB Chief Economist Robert Dietz. outside party prior to being released to
“However, lot shortages remain a the public. HMI tables can be found at The 201 7-2019 subscription ex pired August 31 , 2019.
serious problem, particularly among More information on
custom builders. Builders also continue housing statistics is also available at Purchase online at Te x a s B uilder s .org .
to grapple with other affordability
headwinds, including a lack of labor Protect y ourself and y our business b y
and regulatory constraints.” purcha sing the new contra cts p a ckage today.
Derived from a monthly survey that






6 BuildersOutlook 2019Issue11

construction costs due to labor San Francisco again ranked as the
shortages and excessive regulations, nation’s least affordable major market.
which will continue to make housing There, just 8.4 percent of the homes
affordability a major challenge.” sold in the third quarter of 2019 were
“While the Federal Reserve’s affordable to families earning the
monetary policy has helped offset area’s median income of $133,800.
some of the rising construction costs, Other major metros at the bottom of
these headwinds are still affecting the affordability chart were located in
builders’ ability to increase inventory, California. In descending order, they
particularly for entry-level buyers,” said included Los Angeles-Long Beach-
NAHB Chief Economist Robert Dietz. Glendale; Anaheim-Santa Ana-Irvine;
“These higher production costs and San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara; and
other factors have caused a major San Diego-Carlsbad.
decline in housing affordability over the All five least affordable small housing
past few years, and we expect that to markets were also in the Golden State.
remain a concern going forward.” At the very bottom of the affordability
In the third quarter, Scranton-Wilkes- chart was Salinas, where 13.4 percent
Barre-Hazleton, Pa., was the nation’s of all new and existing homes sold
Lower Mortgage Rates quarter of 2019 that were affordable to most affordable major housing market. were affordable to families earning the
median-income earners and slightly There, 89.3 percent of all new and area’s median income of $74,100.
Push Housing higher than a first quarter 2019 reading existing homes sold in the third quarter In descending order, other small
Affordability to Highest of 62.6. were affordable to families earning the markets at the lowest end of the
The national median home price area’s median income of $67,000. affordability scale included Santa Cruz-
Level in Three Years remained steady at $280,000 in the Meanwhile, Monroe, Mich., was rated Watsonville; San Luis Obispo-Paso
third quarter, flat from the previous the nation’s most affordable smaller Robles-Arroyo Grande; Napa; and
With mortgage rates at a three-year quarter, but a jump from the first market, with 95.3 percent of homes Santa Rosa. e was $299,400. The
low and a healthy job market, housing quarter when the median price was sold in the third quarter being median price of a new home sale a
affordability rose to its highest level in $260,000. At the same time, average affordable to families earning the year earlier was $328,300.
three years in the third quarter of 2019, mortgage rates fell from 4.07 percent median income of $79,000. Regionally, and on a year-to-date
according to the National Association in the second quarter to 3.73 percent Rounding out the top five affordable basis, new home sales are 12.8
of Home Builders (NAHB)/Wells Fargo in the third quarter, reaching a three- major housing markets in respective percent higher in the South and 7.3
Housing Opportunity Index (HOI) year low. order were Indianapolis-Carmel- percent higher in the West. Sales are
released today. “With mortgage rates at historic lows, Anderson, Ind.; Youngstown-Warren- down 10.3 percent in the Northeast
In all, 63.6 percent of new and consumers are experiencing greater Boardman, Ohio-Pa.; Syracuse, N.Y.; and 10.6 percent in the Midwest.
existing homes sold between the buying power and increased and Harrisburg-Carlisle, Pa.
beginning of July and end of affordability,” said NAHB Chairman Smaller markets joining Monroe,
September were affordable to families Greg Ugalde, a home builder and Mich., at the top of the list included
earning the U.S. median income of developer from Torrington, Conn. Cumberland, Md.-W. Va.; Davenport-
$75,500. This is up from the 60.9 “Despite this positive development, Moline-Rock Island, Iowa-Ill.; Kokomo,
percent of homes sold in the second builders still struggle with rising Ind.; and Elizabethtown-Fort Knox, Ky
2019Issue11 BuildersOutlook 7

Elliot Eisenberg
Stop Being so Paternalistic
Economic & Policy eligible for government compensation if of government regulation saying “if there putting out a few PSAs fine, if it means
Blog they lived in City X or City Y between is not enough for you to worry about, hiring more policemen OK, and if it
1942 and 1955. And yet another one consider this…” That’s right, if the means cutting taxes so I can spend
starts with the sweet bark of a dog but thought of killer bees headed your way is more of my money the way I see fit,
then turns sinister and warns that rabies not enough to shake you up, keep in awesome. But the notion that by simply
kills and ends with an ominous mind the neighbor’s dog – suffering from flooding the airwaves with PSAs we will
admonition; A dog not immunized is a rabies and roaming around outside, all stop whatever it is, is well, nonsense.
So there I am, at home, relaxing in my dangerous dog!Hearing a dog off in the unleashed. Given all this terrifying claptrap about
study in the midst of thinking about the distance I instantly flinch, wondering if it And while I very much want to protect what to do, what not to do and what to
lousy economy, the anemic number of had its shots and worrying if I should ask myself and my family from harm, it just watch out for, it’s amazing, actually, that
housing starts, the troubles with Fannie the owner and concerned about what I might be the case that I am the best people are as normal as they are, what
and Freddie and the soaring budget might do if I were to see it coming right judge of how to do that and that using with all the threats (real and government
deficit. Deeply concerned by all this, I at me.Exhausted, I turn off the radio my tax dollars to remind me of every induced) to lose sleep over - terrorists,
close my eyes, place my feet on the because I know what is coming next and possible harmful substance and bad insufficient antioxidants, drought, rabies,
hassock, turn on the radio and wait for I am already too stressed out; the 30- outcome is not just plain foolish but fear of fluoride, a lack of vitamins, H1N1,
some soothing music to wash over me second spot about how hundreds of downright harmful, wasteful and panic Avian flu, fear of injections, rare cancers,
and refresh my tired, stressed soul. But people die each year in accidents in their inducing. tapeworm and creeping socialism
before the music starts comes a public home – falling off ladders and into I know, every government agency has So while government may well
service announcement or two. Oh bathtubs. This is followed by another a budget and the more they spend the continue to assail us with expensive
goodie! The first tells me not to feel too menacing spot about the need to pay better they look. The problem is who alarmist nonsense, there is a wide swath
secure because a Fukushima-sized attention at the wheel; not to text and checks to see if these PSAs do any of normalcy in the middle that is
tsunami is just a jolt away, and the drive, not to smoke, not to do drugs, not good? No one! So we end up spending remarkable, considering everything with
second says that my state is suffering to eat raw fish, to get immunized , to precious resources pumping out “helpful” which we are bombarded. The problem
through the driest spring since water was adopt a pet, and on and agonizingly on. information with no idea of the outcome. is I am worried sick that with a few more
invented, and that if we do not stop using With all this evil lurking in every room, This is like going to a restaurant and not government sponsored PSAs the healthy
water by late tomorrow morning the state every animal, and every driver, who paying attention to the cost or quality of normal middle will disappear! And to
will, pure and simple, dry up. Another wants to leave the house? Then again the meal but being very satisfied solve that problem, all we need is a 30-
spot reminds listeners to exercise more how can you stay home when radon will because the meal was expensive. second spot……
and eat less because obesity and kill you, your ducts are full of allergens, What I would instead like to see Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. is President of
diabetes are quickly becoming problems and an al-Qaeda terror attack is right government do is spend our money GraphsandLaughs, LLC and can be reached at
for both adults and children. Yet another around the corner? based on cost-benefit analysis and with His daily 70-word
spot tells the population that they are economics and policy blog can be seen at
These radio spots represent the voice respect for the taxpayer. If that means
HBI Graduation
The Home Builders Institute (HBI)
recently invited the association to a
graduation ceremony at Fort Bliss,
Texas. The graduates are all military
getting ready to separate from the
service and go into the civilian world.
As HBI graduates in electrical and
carpentry the students have spent
twelve weeks getting familiar with the
skills needed as well as the business
training necessary to succeed in the
construction world. “We are sending
these young men back into civilian
life with skills they will use,” said Ed
Brady, President and CEO of HBI.
Brady is also past chairman of the
NAHB and former builder. “We know
that our industry is short handed in
skilled labor so this training is
needed for the future of
construction,” Brady told the Outlook.
Fort Bliss is home to the local HBI
program and is growing. All military
branches can participate. For more
information on the HBI visit

El Paso
1345 Geronimo Dr.
(915) 778-3086
Monday - Friday, 7AM - 5PM


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Home of Texas STOREFRONT,AUTOMATIC 915-241-6500 915-680-7288 Terms and Conditions: Offer valid for a one time, one car group upgrade on an intermediate (group C) through a full-size four-door (group E) car. Maximum upgrade to premium (group G), excluding intermediate SUV (group F). Offer valid on daily, weekend, weekly

Amanda Eason DOORS & CURTAIN WALLS and monthly rates only. The upgraded car is subject to vehicle availability at the time of rental and may not be available on some rates at some times. All taxes, fees (including but not limited to Air Conditioning Excise Recovery Fee, Concession Recovery Fee, Vehicle
License Recovery Fee, Energy Recovery Fee, Tire Management Fee, and Frequent Traveler Fee) and surcharges (including but not limited to Customer Facility Charge and Environmental Fee Recovery Charge) are extra. Optional products such as LDW and refueling
are extra. Valid at participating Avis locations in the contiguous U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada. One coupon per rental. A 24-hour advance reservation is required. May not be used in conjunction with any other coupon, promotion or offer. Upgrade will
210-540-7891 Performance Glass & RES. & COMM BUILDING
be applied at vehicle pick-up time. Renter must meet Avis age, driver and credit requirements. Minimum age may vary by location. An additional daily surcharge may apply for renters under 25 years old. Fuel charges are extra. Rental valid through December 31, 2019.
©2018 Avis Rent A Car System, LLC

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Foreign Buyers
Federal authorities expand investigation into all-cash real estate deals
involved a “beneficial owner” who was person behind shell companies on all- such entities are identifiable through
also the subject of a “suspicious activity cash deals of $300,000 or more. Those other business filings, FinCEN said.
report,” which is an indication of possible orders were set to expire in May 2019, According to FinCEN, the orders
criminal activity. but FinCEN later extended the orders “continue to provide valuable data on
From there, FinCEN expanded the through November 2019. the purchase of residential real estate by
investigation several times. First, And now, the agency is expanding persons possibly involved in various
FinCEN began looking into all-cash real them again. Beginning Nov. 12, 2019, illicit enterprises,” and extending the
estate deals in Los Angeles, San and extending through May 9, 2020, title orders will “further assist in tracking illicit
Francisco and several other areas. The companies in the aforementioned cities funds and other criminal or illicit activity.”
investigation later expanded again to will all be required to identify the person In extending the orders for another six
include wire transfers. Throughout the behind shell companies used in all-cash months, FinCEN said that it “appreciates
Investigation to continue entire investigation, the burden of real estate deals of $300,000 or more. the continued assistance and
identifying the actual buyer has been The new orders are identical to those cooperation of the title insurance
through at least May 2020 placed on title companies, which have issued in May 2019 with one exception: companies and the American Land Title
been required to report on the person title companies will not be required to Association in protecting the real estate
The federal government’s nearly four- behind shell companies on all-cash report on purchases made by legal markets from abuse by illicit actors.”
year investigation into whether foreign deals. entities that are U.S. publicly-traded By Ben Lane, Housing Wire
buyers are using shell companies to buy In its initial phases, FinCEN focused companies, as real estate purchases by
U.S. real estate in order to launder on luxury real estate, setting the
money will continue for at least another reporting thresholds for title companies
six months. at $500,000 or above. In Manhattan,
The Treasury Department’s Financial
Crimes Enforcement Network, which has
for example, title companies were only
required to identify the actual person
El Paso Disposal
been investigating all-cash luxury real behind shell companies used to pay
estate deals since January 2016, all cash on deals of $3 million or more.
announced Friday that it is extending its But, last year around this time,
investigation until May 2020, at least. FinCEN expanded the investigation
The initial FinCEN investigation again, both lowering the reporting
investigated whether unknown buyers
were using shell companies to buy high-
threshold and adding new cities to the
end real estate in Manhattan and Miami- In November 2018, FinCEN ordered
Dade County, because the government title companies in Boston, Chicago,
was “concerned about illicit money” Dallas-Fort Worth, Honolulu, Las
being used in the deals. The results of Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York
that initial investigation showed more City, San Antonio, San Diego, San
than 25% of transactions reviewed Francisco, and Seattle to report on the

El Paso Builders Assocation

Health Benefit Program*
*Medical benefits prrovided
o under GSABA Health and We
e Plan

Our health program provides qualifying
member companies an opportunity to save
on their healthcare costs while striving to
generate low renewal increases annually. The
new program allows for more liberal
underwriting and aggressive rating while
providing a strong network, rich benefits and
cost savings compared to the market.

• Potential premium • Enhanced coverage
savings • State mandated coverage
• Stable renewals • COBRA administration
• Lower deductibles •TTe
eledoc services

HUNTER BA AYLEY | 713-299-6886
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Congratulations to Mr. And Mrs. Trevor Turner on the birth of their

Son William Joseph Born November 13, 21 Inches Long. 8 Lbs. 4oz.
The Installation of Officers and
Beverage Sponsors Board Members
and Award Presentation
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L & P Building Supplies
Friday, December 13, 2019
Evening wear please
6-9:30 pm
Radisson Hotel Airport
1700 Airway Blvd.
El Paso, Texas

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9 Steps to Crafting Your 2020 Business Goals

Building a good, strategic plan for the next few years takes a lot of work upfront. • As we move into Q4 of 2019, For each initiative, have the group agree
now is the ideal time to put together your who will be accountable for implementation. If
strategic plan. With next year not only being you have the time, get them to draw out the
the start of a new decade but also a number key milestones throughout the year that you
that represents clarity of vision, what better need to hit to complete the initiative.
time to build a plan that will take your
organization to the next level of success? 8. Build a communications plan. 543521034/.-.,3+*-.3)(3,4*-.3'*-3&*%34/$(3#%,433"-.$43!-) 3$(3
The challenge is how to build a plan that's Agree, as a group, what needs to be
ambitious enough to inspire but practical communicated to the broader organization, ,4*(.3-*% 4,333-*+3!-) 3,4*(.3"$,,3 .-$+) 34).3$(3
enough to be implemented. Here are nine who will deliver it, and when that is to happen. *- .$)(334*3**3'**-)("3$.-,3$(3+*-.3
things you should consider doing with your
senior team during your planning process this
A town hall-type meeting with all employees is
a great way to kick off a new strategic plan. It
/.3-,43($+.3)(3-) 3),3&*%-3$ .3'*-3+*-.332$3*-3),)43%,
year. should be followed up, however, with individual
1. Don't forget about Q4. leaders sharing the plan in a smaller setting
Given that you're looking forward to a fresh with just their team. The key to a successful
start in the new year, it's easy to skirt past your communication plan is consistency and
performance in Q3 and your focus for Q4. repeatability.
Don't give yourself that pass. Make sure to be
ruthless about your successes and failures of 9. Define how you'll make
the last three months and focus your team on adjustments.
the 3-5 things that must happen by the end of Finally, in an attempt to avoid your strategic
the year. If you had a killer Q3 in sales then be plan from being put in a drawer only to collect
sure to dig deep into the reasons for your dust and be forgotten about, agree when you
success and double down on those for the will next review. In addition to that, make sure
521032323 3 35+.-) $,35.303
$,*3. $,33 - -
incoming quarter. Perhaps you botched a you have agreed to a process for making -) 334*(.33
$.-,33-$()4.33$4.33**-)("33$,,3* 331*-.
product rollout. Make sure to capture your changes to your plan as the year
lessons learned and devise a plan to fix it over progresses.performance.
the next 90 days. By Dave McKeownFounder and CEO,
Outfield Leadership@davemckeown
2. Review the past year.
Once you've addressed the final 12 weeks
of the year, next elevate your horizon to the
year in its entirety. Begin by asking everyone
on your team for the top 2 or 3 things that
went well in their department this year and
what 2 to 3 aspects they would do
differently. Trap their ideas on flipcharts and
then transfer them over into a shared
document to have them in one central place.
Take a moment to review the successes of
your team across the whole year. This gives
you the momentum to take into your
discussion for next year.

3. Dust off your vision.

It's essential to set your planning for next
year in the context of your overall vision. Any
goals or strategies you set for 2020 should
actively contribute to you achieving your
vision in the long run. This provides a good
North Star for your planning work. If your
vision feels out-dated or ineffectual, now
might be the time to dust it off. The easiest
way to stress-test your vision is to ask these
three questions
• Is it simple to understand? (Could a 9-year
old make sense of it?)
• Does it excite you and your team?
• Does it describe why your team exists?

4. Set your annual goal.

Decide what your one to three
overarching goals are for next year.
Remember, completion of these goals
should be a clear indication that you're
getting closer to achieving your vision.
Maybe there's a financial goal, perhaps
market share, potentially customer
satisfaction. In general goals with
quantitative measures are easier to track
and therefore more achievable. For
example, "50% repeat customer ratio" as a
goal is easier to measure than "Deliver good
customer service.'

5. Brainstorm your strategic

Split the team up into groups of 3-5 and
give them each a goal for the year. Have Nothing is more attractive to homebuyers than the right mix of comfort and value. You can
them brainstorm 3-5 strategic initiatives that provide both when you build homes that have natural gas.
would help bring you closer to achieving that
goal. A strategic initiative is a focused Natural gas furnaces, water heaters and clothes dryers offer greater efficiency and lower
project for that year that will add up to
realizing that annual goal. If you successfully
operating costs than their electric counterparts, and natural gas kitchens sell themselves.
execute your strategic initiatives, you should
be fairly certain you'll achieve your annual Let us help you plan for natural gas right from the start.
For more information:
6. Prioritize your initiatives.
It would be great if we could successfully
implement every great strategic idea we
William Nieves: 915-496-6126
have. The reality is that most teams are Jorge Sejera: 915-680-7216
working with limited resources. That means
you need to assign a level of prioritization on Please continue to direct service line and meter set requests to the Texas Gas Service
the strategic initiatives in front of you. Batch Builder Services
Hotline at slimgas­metroElPaso@onegas.comoror 1­866­206­9587.
them together into categories of 'must-do'
and 'nice to do.' If there are priorities that will
likely compete for resources, agree which
are most important. Then finalize your list.

7. Agree on accountability. VOL 2019 ISSUE 11

Insurance developed for builders.
Developed for builders with the backing of the strongest insurance
6046 Surety Dr. El Paso, TX 79905 915-778-5387 • carriers serving the Texas building industry, our insurance program
offers flexible coverage options and rates that are more competitive
■ EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Johnny Rodriguez, Lowe's than ever. As an authorized member of Builder Agent Network©, we’re
PRESIDENT Randall Smith, Randall Smith, Cpa dedicated to providing builders and contractors with the best-in-class
Sergio Cuartas Justin Hahn, Rocky Mountain Mortgage
VICE PRESIDENT Angelique Roman, Sierra Title
insurance programs, pricing, underwriting, resources and service.
Edgar Garcia Ted Escobedo, Snappy Publishing
SECRETARY Patricia Martinez, Stewart Title Product Portfolio Highlights
Sal Masoud Henry Tinajero, WestStar Bank
Ray Adauto
t“A” rated carriers, several available
Randy Bowling, Life Director t(-PêFSJOHDoverage for property damage that results from faulty, defective,
Edmundo Dena
Sam Shallenberger or poor workmanship in your work.
Edmundo Dena
Gus Loy
Don Rassette
Luis Rosas
Luis Rosas
tExpanded policy form for commercial projects
Sal Masoud tBuilder’s Risk master policies, monthly reporting, annual and one shots
Sam Shallenberger
Bobby Bowling, IV t Workers’ Comp - Two highly cost-effective programs
Demetrio Jimenez
Kathy Carrillo/Treasurer
Angelique Roman
Honorary Life Members
Rudy Guel
Sal Masoud
Brad Roe
Wayne Grinnell
El Paso, Permian Basin and Surrounding Area
Patrick Tuttle
Don Henderson HUB International Insurance Services
Anna Gill
Ted Escobedo -VJT3PTBT
Mark Dyer
■ ADVISORY TO THE BOARD Sam Shallenberger 915-206-6047
Jay Kerr, Firth, Johnston, Bunn & Kerr
Past Presidents
■ BOARD OF DIRECTORS Committed to Serve
Builders: Don Rassette
Jaime Gonzalez, Blue Sage Homes Edmundo Dena
Lee Gillett, Classic American Homes Edgar Montiel
Frank Torres
Lydia Mlouhi, Crown Heritage Homes
Frank Arroyos
Dan Berry, D B Innovations,LLC
Greg Bowling
Delton Deal, Deal-2-Deal
Randy Bowling
Eder Gallardo, Edwards Homes Bobby Bowling IV
Leti Navarrete, EPT Bella Custom Dream Homes Doug Schwartz
Kathy Parry, Hunt Companies John Cullers
Samira Gonzalez, Icon Custom Home Builders Robert Baeza
Laura Loy, Loyalty Homes Mark Dyer
JJ Vasquez Pacifica Homes Kelly Sorenson
Trevor Turner, Rassette Homes Rudy Guel
Fernie Santana, Santana Homes Brad Roe
Jacob Barde, Tropicana Homes Herschel Stringfield
Bob Bowling III
Associates: Carlos Villalobos
Sandra Lucero, Builders Source
John Chaney, Hercules Industries EPAB Mission Statement:
Luis Rosas, HUB International The El Paso Association of Builders is a federated professional
Jorge Herrera, J & H Post Concrete & Tension organization representing the home building industry, committed
Joe Bernal, Joe Bernal Insurance to enhancing the quality of life in our community by providing
Patrick Tuttle, Legacy Real Estate Service affordable homes of excellence and value.
Aaron Rich, Lone Star Title The El Paso Association of Builders is a 501C(6) trade



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