Curriculum Vitae Riccardo Varetti

Personal informations
Full Name Address Tel. Blog E-mail Nationality Date of birth Italian 26 October 1982 Riccardo Alessandro Varetti

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Years School Final certification

1997 - 2002 Liceo Scientifico sperimentale Artistico R.Steiner (Experimental scientific/artistic high school) High school graduation (72/100)

Years School Main subjects

2005 - 2008 Istituto Europeo di Design (European Institute of Design), via Sciesa 4, Milano Computer graphic (3dStudio Max, Maya, XSI, Zbrush), Grafica 2d (Illustrator, Photoshop), Video editing (AfterEffect, Premiere, Apple Shake, Fusion), Audio editing (Soundforge, Audition) High level diploma in Virtual Design (93/100)

Final Certification

Working experience

Years Company Industry Job Main responsabilities

2002 - 2006 Circolo SanchoPanza,via de cristoforis 5,Varese VA Social Club Graphic designer Leaflet and cardboard design

Years Company Industry Job Main responsabilities

2008 Unilever Sunlight Conglomerate 3d Coworking at the making of the 10th year anniversary video

Years Company Industry Job Main responsabilities

2008 Mini Automotive, Design 3d Collaboration to an exhibit set up by Mini and the European Design Institute. Making of the 3d version of the projects presented in a related contest.

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Years Company Industry Job Main responsabilities

December 2008 – May 2010 LaSystem s.a.s. Via Boito 22, Torino School 3dStudioMax Teacher The classes reverted about basic techiques of modelling, rendering, materials and textures

Years Company Industry Job Main responsabilities

April 2009 – present time Tunnell Milano Communication 3d Generalist 3d operator. I cover all the production aspects, from the modelling of the characters to the final compositing. I have worked for tv commercials (Bistefani), a videogame promo (Milestone) and various web contents.

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Other Skills
Mothertongue Italian

Other languages Reading skills Writing skills Oral expression

English Good basic good

Relational skills

I am eager to live and work in a multicultural environment, where good communication is essential, and team working is my priority.

Artistic skills

Music, drawing, sculpture

Other hobbies

I love sports (snowboard, soccer, swimming, volleyball)

Driving licence

B driving licence

Attachments (showreel)

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