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Two Weeks International Training Course for

“Energy Management Practitioners”

29th November to 11th December 2010
The National Productivity Organization (NPO), Ministry of Industries & Production has taken the challenges to make Pakistan Energy Efficient country. In this series NPO has started its
practical efforts for the last four years, during which NPO has developed its own team of Energy Auditors/Trainers in collaboration with APO, conducted Eight International Training courses in
Pakistan and completed 70 energy audit projects with effect of (10-15) % savings. Keeping in view the importance of Energy Management, National Productivity Organization (NPO), Ministry
of Industries & Production is pleased to announce a two week Training course for “Energy Management Practitioners” in Pakistan.


The potential participants may include manufacturers, engineers, managers, technicians,  Mr. S.B. Sadananda  Mr.A.K. Sinha
Director & Head Director & Head
consultants, industrialists, construction companies, development authorities (LDA, DHA National Productivity National Productivity
etc.), representatives of energy service companies, utility companies, (SNGPL, SSGC, Council RPMG, Mumbai, India Council RPMG,
LESCO etc.), transporters, policy makers, faculty members, students etc. – Kolkata, India
Chief Resource Person

Module-1 (29/11/2010 to 2/12/2010) Module-2 (4/12/2010 to 7/12/2010) Module-3 (8/12/2010 to12/12/2010)

 Diesel Generating Systems and Cooling  Application of Energy Audit to Electricity,
 Global and Asian Energy Scenario Tower Transmission & Distribution System
 Energy and Material Balance  Furnaces  Implementing Energy Conservation and Role of
 Energy Management and Energy Efficiency  Heat Recovery Systems ESCOS
 GHG Reduction Initiatives, Energy Efficiency &  Energy Utilization and Conservation in Buildings
CDM  Energy Conservation in Process Industry  Energy Conservation in Manufacturing Industry.
 Energy Auditing
 Steam System
 Compressed Air Systems  Energy Conservation in Service Industry.
 Performance Evaluation of Pumps and Fans
 Lighting and Energy Efficient Motors and
 Gas Energy Utilization and Combined Cycle Power  Performance Evaluation of HVAC system and Air
Generation Compressor
 Fans & Blowers
 Steam Boilers Efficiency Evaluation and  Renewable Energy
Improvements  Electrical Systems and Energy Conservation
 Thermal Insulation Cogeneration Systems  Pumping Systems

METHODOLOGYGY: TIME & VENUE FEE For Registration Contact:

Fee per Module = 8,000 PKR
• Class Room/Shop 0930 hrs – 1900
Fee per two Module = 12,000
floor Training. hrs
PKR  Mr. Usman Adil /Mr. Aftab  Ms.Hajra Qureshi/ Mr.
• Group Exercise Fee for three Modules = 16,000 Khan Sajeel Siddique
• Case Study Hotel Park Plaza APPLICATION DEADLINE Ph: 051-9107091-4 042-999230140
• Quiz 107 B-3 Gulberg –
• Review and III 25th November 2010
conclusion MM- Alam Road,


National Productivity Organization  Mr.Muhammad Ubaid  Mr.Abdual Qayoom

4th Floor, ICCI Building, Mauve Area, G-8/1, Islamabad Ph: 03341-4399330 Cell # 0333 6692944
Ph: 051-9107091-4 Fax: 051-2289393,

Closing Date for

National Productivity Organization
Ministry of Industries & Production, 4 Floor , ICCI Building, G-8/1,
November 27, 2010.
Ph: 051-9107091-4
Limited seats are ,Fax: 051-2289393, URL: