The Law Of Attraction Demystified

The The Law of Attraction Demystified:

Learn How To Manifest Exactly What You Think About, Wish For & Desire - In 3 Easy Steps

by Jeff Cohen Founder of &

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The Law Of Attraction Demystified

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Start Relaxing Not only do we resist the things we don’t want from coming our way. What distinguishes synchronicity from coincidence is meaning. Top 3 Law of Attraction Mistakes The Most Common Mistakes People Make Applying the Law of Attraction. And without knowing what you . Ignite All Your Passion & Get Everything You Want In Life. radical changes in your life. most practical way to make massive. you'll learn a wealth of simple secrets that you never even imagined could produce astonishing results in your life and unlimited happiness. How Do I Take Control of My Life? The key to taking (or taking back) control over your life is to… Stop Resisting. It's the easiest.The Law Of Attraction Demystified Let’s Begin With Some Good Stuff If You Can Spare Just 4 Minutes Twice A Week. I’ll Show You How To Absolutely Positively Empower Yourself. >> Learn Even More Law of Attraction << Improve Any Area of Your Life -3Visit SolveYourProblem. you will never have it (except maybe fleetingly and by total chance and happenstance). Do You Understand Synchronicity? Two (or more) events that coincide in a meaningful way but are unrelated in terms of causality are considered synchronous. So Don’t Wait – Start Today Law of Attraction – Glossary of Terms The following are some of the most common terms you will come across in your study and practice of the Law of Attraction. Knowing what you want is the first step to having it. and How to Avoid Making Them Yourself. we resist those things we do want too. Do You Know What You Want? This is not a rhetorical question. As you read each of my 'Dare To Dream' Insights closely. It’s Fantastic.

Andrew Carnegie. powerful esoteric knowledge previously known and passed down through the centuries to but a privileged few has been infused into the public sphere by the release of the successful documentary film. It's called the Law of Attraction. There are many ways to encapsulate the Law of Attraction. and a simple Google® search (with or without quotes) will reveal how pervasive knowledge of this great secret revealed has become. It is the secret to living the life you've always dreamed of. Ralph Waldo Emerson . artists. philosophers. Michelangelo. Alexander Graham Bell. all of them pointing to the same essential truth: that what you think about is what you attract into your realm of experience. explained clearly and concisely by theologians. Thomas Edison. and more. Like Attracts Like Thoughts Produce Things Your Thoughts Create Your Reality Mind Makes Matter Improve Any Area of Your Life -4- Visit SolveYourProblem. "The Secret. quantum scientists. Energy out determines energy in. Leonardo Da Vinci. Whatever we put out into the universe is what we receive. Mother Theresa.all attribute their success to the awareness and practice of the same singular gem of secret knowledge. your life. the Universal Law as simple as it is powerful that governs all creation in the world.The Law Of Attraction Demystified Introduction: The Secret Revealed Recently. Winston Churchill. The film then goes on to instruct viewers in the simple 3-step formula for harnessing the power of this Law to serve their innermost desires and ultimate fulfillment. . all giving personal testimony to the power of this secret to work for anyone of any age with any background in any line of work living anywhere in the world." People revered as many of history's greatest minds . businessmen and women.Plato. The film "The Secret" lays bare this secret.

The Law Of Attraction Demystified The ways to describe the Law of Attraction are as abundant as the ways to apply it. your relationships. 2. In this guide. You will even learn how the Law of Attraction corresponds seamlessly with both science and religion. the 3 steps of The Law of Attraction. and total fulfillment. but the inherent concepts are the same. You will come to understand intimately the ins and outs of each of these 3 steps and discover ways to apply them properly to get the results you seek . So join us now on the first step (or first three. . 3. joy. Accept that you have it already. Improve Any Area of Your Life -5- Visit your work and finances. Allow it to appear in your life. we explore the Law of Attraction in all its divine simplicity. By the time you finish reading this guide. and in the world at large. really) on your journey to selfempowerment. And here they are. regardless of the words used. your health. Ask for what you want. you will already be well on your way to living the life you've only ever dreamed about…until now. in a nutshell: 1.

what we think we are asking for is not what the Universe interprets as our request. The Law of Attraction does not function in the realm of negatives. and then to make those desires the focal point of your attention. In other words. as always. and energy travels in vibrations. you need to know how the Universe "hears" or receives requests. abundantly fulfilling all that you ask for. And. right? The discrepancy between the fact of the Universe's complete and total devotion to giving you all that you ask for and the evidence of your life as it currently appears lies in the asking . The explanation for this common. In other words. It is its purpose and its greatest joy to make all of our wishes come true. it happily obliges. whatever you focus on . To get more of what you want and less of what you don't want.what you are asking for and how you ask for it. is simple. In fact. The Universe gives you that which it "thinks" you want based on whatever it is you focus on the most. The Universe reads energy. We emit these vibrations all the time. This is creation by default. Don't believe it? Thinking that if this were true you'd already have all the things you ever wanted. it helps to know first what it is you want. and yet the Universe loudly and clearly hears us making request after request.good or bad. So when you expend great loads of energy hoping not to Improve Any Area of Your Life -6Visit SolveYourProblem. it's already doing it as you read this. whatever thoughts you give the greatest energy to. for better or worse . it cannot NOT create something. Oftentimes. and should be making itself clear to you already. And still other times we may not think we're asking for anything. We create by default (or attract by default) whenever we feel strongly about something. It cannot NOT attract something to you. Creating by Default So to get what you want. That's it. not realizing that those feelings are read by the Universe as requests for more of whatever we're feeling strongly about. then. and easily avoidable. then the Universe still gives you what it "thinks" you want using the same . phenomenon.The Law Of Attraction Demystified Step 1: Ask Abundance and fulfillment is the nature of the Universe. Ask yourself if this has ever happened to you: knowing precisely what you didn't want only to find that it was precisely what you got. If you don't know what you want. by noticing whatever it is you focus on the what the Universe interprets as your desire seeking fulfillment.

it should be obvious that to get what you want and not what you don't want. easy go". "This isn't going to work". like selffulfilling prophecies.change your mind. Why? Because they're the focus of your attention.come true. if the thing you were complaining about were taken care of. it makes you "sick". It's not about to translate a desire for a change from something into a desire for a change to something . this is a bad one. There's the secret of life for you . When you complain. Its job is not to tell you what's right for you. The Universe doesn't judge or evaluate: this is a good wish. That means the phrases we carelessly throw about in our daily lives: "I can't do anything right". how do we change the prophecy being self-fulfilled? Fortunately. "I'm having a bad day". It only understands that you feel strongly about the object of your attention. you attract poverty and misery. it doesn't make you "not sick". start thinking about how you want things to be . It doesn't pick out only the positive desires and leave the negative ones alone. stop giving your attention to those things you don't want. thereby producing more and more of it. "Easy come. The fact that you feel negatively about the object of your attention makes no difference to the only recognizes the "something". They're where you're putting your energy. this is a foolish one. In other words. Instead of attracting wealth and happiness in your relationship. "One step forward. then.The Law Of Attraction Demystified get sick. and therefore it was interpreted by the Universe as the object of your desire. and the power of your point of focus. it's easy . this is a smart desire. you feed exactly that which you're complaining about. Likewise if you wish to not be poor or not to be in a miserable relationship. for example. "I'm in a bad mood". Take your focus off the complaint and put it on its opposite . Its job is to give you what you tell it to. Improve Any Area of Your Life -7Visit SolveYourProblem.that it's all a self-fulfilling prophecy.the solution. "You can't always get what you want" . Deliberate Creation Now that you understand how energy works. because sickness was the object of your focus. two steps back". "Here we go again". "Life isn't fair". it takes your energy at face value. sickness was the energetic vibration you emitted. So. Instead of complaining.

In doing so. It's simply a matter of giving your precious energy to those things you desire by thinking and feeling about them. And asking is not a matter of knowing some secret magic words.The Law Of Attraction Demystified Don't want to get sick? Then think about being healthy and feeling good. Improve Any Area of Your Life -8- Visit SolveYourProblem. and all the things you'd love to do when that happens. you are in essence Asking the Universe to attract health and good feelings to . Don't want to be poor? Think about being rich. Deliberate creation requires asking for what you want (and not for what you don't want). and not their lack or absence or opposites.

For we can thwart the natural process of getting what we want. The lesson of Step 2 . that seems just too simple to be true.that whatever you have asked for is already well on its way. not "Ask and ye shall go out and get it". But as far as the actual acquiring and obtaining of what we want. the job of the Universe. The point of Step 2. you can only receive it or hinder it. You are merely the one who picks what they want from the menu and gives your order to the person who takes care of all the rest. we don't do any of that at all. We can only make our desires known. refuse. is that the getting of what you want isn't your job. We as human beings spend way too much of our lives straining to figure out exactly how to get our desires met and not nearly enough time actually having them met. We can "gum up the works" so to speak. We chase our goals exhaustively when really what we need to learn is how to let our goals come to us. That's the mistake that trips most people up at this point in the process. and then be there . But we don't have to believe it for it to be so. It's like placing an order in a restaurant. once you've focused on that which you desire (and not that which you don't). "Ask and ye shall receive" the ancient wisdom goes. It's not belief that makes it happen Improve Any Area of Your Life -9Visit SolveYourProblem. We think we have to do it all here . You're not even the one who goes to the kitchen to get the dishes and brings them to your table. by making them clear and focusing on them. Accept it or deny. the process of bringing the fulfillment of that desire to you has already begun. For many of us. We're conditioned to believe that if we want receive it when it comes. At this point. and why it seems to work so flawlessly for some and not at all for others (emphasis on the word "seems") is that the having of what you want is inherent in the asking for it. There is nothing you need to do but accept that fact and move on to Step 3. and reject .The Law Of Attraction Demystified Step 2: Accept For many people this. may be the most challenging step of them all. and what makes it so tricky. we're the only ones who can make that happen. It is. and while that's partially true. Once you've asked for what you want. it's also somewhat misleading. the second step of the Law of Attraction. as suggested above. since it demands that you do nothing. and for many of us nothing is the most difficult thing to do of all. You don't do the cooking (or the cleaning). Part of the secret of the Law of Attraction.

"All roads lead to Rome". expending exorbitant amounts of energy figuring. Where? Wherever you like. then bring it out to your table yourself.The Law Of Attraction Demystified at all. the saying goes. insisting that you should lead. not the process. It's asking. working to do what isn't even our jobs to do. you've already won! Why don't you have it then? Why isn't it in your physical realm of experience (rather than just your've got it. it still creates for you and presents you with whatever you ask for.positive or negative . it will create what you ask of it. The second step of the Law of Attraction demands that you trust the Universe to do what it does best . To make the Law of Attraction work for you. Trust the process. Let it happen. That means the money you want is already and create. comfortable.that's what! The same applies if you ask your spouse or roommate to pick up something for you from the store on their way home from work and then you go out and pick it up yourself anyway. follow. Whether you listen. By giving it the energy of our attention . Imagine if you were in a restaurant and you decided to go back into the kitchen and cook your own meal. Another way to look at it would be to say that we call into existence and bring into being whatever we think about and give our attention to. So decide what Rome means to you then get walking. The same goes for the Law of Attraction. trust or whether you kick and scream and resist. pretty. or desirable to you. As long as you know where you want to go. What do you think would happen? You'd get thrown out of the restaurant . And even then it still works. that you know better the right way to go . plotting. How do you think the other person will react? They probably won't be so quick to do you any more favors like that.10 - Visit SolveYourProblem. on the ball. accepting. you need to concentrate on the desired end result. spiritual one)? Because we're constantly getting in our own way. whatever it be. and allowing. Out of love for . planning. but if you don't trust this simple fact. Improve Any Area of Your Life . The beautiful body you've always longed for already belongs to you. too busy to notice. It hardly matters which. That perfect relationship . we automatically bring that something into being. By thinking of something. then you will be too blind. for you see. You don't have to believe that a light bulb or an automobile functions the way it does for it to function. on the goal. Whatever path looks most interesting. the Universe will lead you there. all roads will lead you there. That coveted prize. But keep your eye always on the prize.we literally call it into existence. you just miss it when it up to you. emotional.

com . They may have just won money. We spoke earlier about vibrations. be they possessions you wish to own. Step 3 is how. within 5 years after winning all that money. The person who craves a relationship but is far too selfish to share their time or personal space. the moment you ask for anything you desire. Some people. You must be in a state of mental. Or put another way. Step 2 is what you must do to consciously make the Law of Attraction work for your absolute fulfillment.11 Visit SolveYourProblem. emotional. In more practical terms. for whatever reason (and there are many possibilities). That is the message of the Law of Attraction. scarcity and lack. Why does this type of person never seem to get the chance they so desire? Because they push it away. As you just learned.The Law Of Attraction Demystified Step 3: Allow Release control and let the objects of your desire come to you. to have whatever it is they want. extrapolating. much less their lives with anyone. And those around them accurately call it "self-sabotage. and spiritual readiness to receive what you want. or the body and world you wish to live in. But are you there to receive it when it comes? Do you take it or refuse it? Would you even know it if it was right there in front of you? Would you recognize it if you had it already? If we were going to use more esoteric spiritual terms to describe the process of the Law of Attraction we might call Step 3 Align. the Universe immediately springs into action bringing what you've just asked for to you. Because what you are doing when you allow your desired to be fulfilled is you're getting in energetic alignment with that possibility becoming a reality. are not actually prepared .mentally. spiritually. events. emotionally. circumstances. Step 2 is about releasing control. Allowing is emitting those vibrations that correspond with the having of your desires. Why does this keep happening? Because these particular people are out of vibrational alignment with wealth. literally pushing away the possibility of intimacy with another person. We've all seen it before. think of the concept of having a "fear of success". Step 3 is about letting your desires come. and conditions you wish to have happen. They key to making the Law of Attraction work for you in bringing you all that you desire is to match what you say with how you feel. Without analyzing it too deeply. or worse off." Or how about the shocking (or maybe not so shocking) revelation that the vast majority (over 90% for sure) of lottery winners are financially back where they started. but they're still putting out their same old vibrations of poverty. we can probably all agree that we've at least heard this phenomenon mentioned be successful or. vibrationally and energetically . Improve Any Area of Your Life .

"No I don't". I know I say I do. is through impatience. Besides. It's like leaving the restaurant before your meal is finished cooking because you're too hungry to wait any longer. we shut down. If you had stayed in your seat. challenge. Ask and the Universe obliges . stop".12 - Visit SolveYourProblem. the person who wishes to be what they perceive of as physically beautiful. And she still thinks she's ugly. Just not you. But you do need to believe that you can have the specific things and circumstances you want in order for you to have them. Somebody will eat it. What are we protecting ourselves from? Any number of things disappointment. Consider. "Thank you. for you need not believe the Law of Attraction works for it to work. relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere while you waited. That's resistance to allowing right there. loss. Improve Any Area of Your Life ." How many more compliments might they get. The meal is still cooked. This is where belief comes into play. or "You've got to be kidding".com . and worry. is to be open. What do you think it does energetically when that person brushes off any compliment offered? When someone says. "I don't want this. yet can't take a compliment when offered. And usually we resist in order to protect ourselves. and therefore how much more beauty will they be cultivating in their lives. For her true happiness. you must be open to having it be so. or is some sort of resistance keeping it all at bay. but I really don't. doubt. if they simply said. there is no doubt that your meal would have come. Are you willing to be happy? Are you willing to be wealthy? Are you willing to be surrounded by loving. fulfillment and inner peace. To allow. That's very sweet. we close ourselves off. failure. supportive people? Are you willing to be your physical ideal of beauty? Can you live in that world. And your growing hunger would only make it taste that much more delectable when it did arrive. in resisting. or in the manner that you think is right and best. for example." It's like the supermodel who still feels like an ugly little girl inside.always and without fail. "You look beautiful today" and they say. In protecting. to name just a few. Do they think they're being coy? Modest? Really they're just saying. That's the opposite of allowing . or the repercussions of having our desires met. What we think of her looks doesn't matter to her. To have your wishes granted. it's only what she thinks that counts. there's always salad. But rarely does it operate on your time schedule. we close up. bread and wine.resistance. resisting our own fulfillment. change. to align. or "Oh.The Law Of Attraction Demystified What you ask for must match up with what you're willing to have. Another way we sabotage having what we want.

leisure. 100% confident that in just a few moments. Resentment and blame over not having what you want in life only produces more reasons to resent and more things to blame. it doesn't judge. They don't doubt that it's going to happen or worry that something will get in the way of it happening. and we know now from Step 1 what that means. Like the parents who frets so overbearingly over their child's safety that they end up raising an accident-prone child because he or she never learned to fend for him or herself. smell the ingredients blending and cooking. the Universe produces and delivers evidence of that which we believe to be so. They can barely sleep from it. Through the Law of Attraction. Building a fire is part of the fun of having one. It means the Universe is going to interpret your energy as a request for more "not having". then you can start enjoying the benefits of receiving that desire now. and you know that you've already expressed your desire to the Universe. Improve Any Area of Your Life .what do you get? More obstacles and more overwhelmed. filled with excitement about the fun that they're going to have. It's the same way with the Law of Attraction. Jealousy over someone else having what you want in life only produces more jealousy. change your existence. So we've spent a bit of time.13 Visit SolveYourProblem. now. because the process of getting from no fire to fire is infused with confident and eager enthusiasm. If you focus on being overwhelmed at all the obstacles between you and your goal . Change your perception. So what does the Universe bring you? Exactly . That is how you allow. If you truly trust the process to work. and enjoyment is inherent in the process of going to the movies. enjoying themselves already. Waiting to be happy until you have a particular goal achieved only puts its attention on unhappiness. relaxation. and how NOT to allow.The Law Of Attraction Demystified It's the same way with doubt. Pleasure. doubt. But how do you allow? Think of taking a child to the park or the movies. Tell a child the night before that you'll be going there the following day and how do they respond? With absolute eager enthusiasm. Feeling satiated is inherent in the process of cooking food. not the goal. Remember. more reasons to be unhappy. it only fulfills. When you cook yourself a meal do you doubt that you'll ever eat it? No. It loves us so much that it tirelessly validates our perception of our existence. Rather they imagine themselves there already. is that your impatience. you savor the process of cooking. and worry take attention off the goal and place it squarely on the lack of it. on an energetic level. What's happening.more unhappiness. Suddenly your energy is focused on "not having" . you'll be sitting down for a tasty meal. rather than "having".

the longer and healthier life. maybe? How does that feel? What if you started that hobby now. the extra money you'll be saving not buying cigarettes. Improve Any Area of Your Life . Feel with confident and eager enthusiasm the greater lung capacity.The Law Of Attraction Demystified Rather than force yourself. . What will you do with all this extra time.14 - Visit SolveYourProblem. Then feel what that's like. How will your life change when you look the way you want to look? Better job? More dates? Increased self-confidence? Enjoy it now. Live now as though the goals you set have already been achieved and their achievement will automatically. and vitality? Take on a new hobby. knowing confidently that it is already yours as sure as your name. for example. the same way you relish a vacation you're planning before it's even begun. Instead of starving yourself and running yourself ragged to lose weight. to quit smoking. knowing it's your birthright. take care of itself. start imagining yourself looking the way you wish to look. the increased sensitivity to taste and smell. Let the external changes come automatically and in their own time. train your focus instead on envisioning yourself as a non-smoker. naturally. Feel beautiful now. as a natural consequence of the internal changes you've made. before you've even become the non-smoker you see yourself to be.

The Science behind the Law of Attraction Its lessons may be spiritual lessons. The same energy that the Law of Attraction speaks of. are no more than constantly shifting patterns of organic energy. hear. Our consciousness.15 - Visit SolveYourProblem. touch. we now understand that we can never know the "true" state of any energetic pattern without our attempts to observe the pattern affecting and changing the pattern. Our natural human tendency with seemingly esoteric spiritual matters. Quantum mechanics goes on to note. the time comes next to address any skepticism or resistance that comes up for you regarding it. shedding light on the consciousness that underlies all of creation. When we realize that those energetic patterns are the very substance of everything we see. is devoted to debunking any erroneous beliefs that the Law of Attraction defies either of these treasured troves of Universal knowledge. allows us to interact with all other patterns of energy (that which is always everywhere around us) in a way that can't help but influence their movement and shape. taste. and smell. our intention can actually guide and direct the movement and shape of those energetic patterns. we realize the immense power we have to influence not only our experience of the world we live in. Improve Any Area of Your Life . then. often tagged with the stigma of being New Age fill-in-the-blank. This chapter. And this scientific foundation can be found in the study and discoveries of quantum mechanics. ourselves included. Quantum mechanics reveals that everything in the physical world. Thanks to quantum physics. then. it didn't have a scientific foundation. that these ever-shifting patterns of organic energy are influenced by the presence of a conscious observer.The Law Of Attraction Demystified How Science and Religion Factor In Now that you're acquainted with the Law of Attraction and the complete step-bystep process for applying it consciously. based on the results and analyses of many famous experiments. like all of creation. What's more. is to challenge them against the trusted realms of science and . but the very world and life itself. but the Law of Attraction wouldn't work at all if.

If anything. it brings you peace. religion and the Law of Attraction are in complete agreement. Could you not also call this God? Like religion.16 - Visit SolveYourProblem. from which all things emanate and to which all things return. If you desire peace. strengthens. If you desire struggle. the Law of Attraction validates. We are merely the ones respond to creation and getting back from it precisely what we give out to . it brings you struggle. It merely is what it is. The Law of Attraction requires acceptance of a higher force that is both part of you and more than you which loves you so much that it gives you everything you desire. On the contrary. Is this not Faith? And with this in mind. if we align with this higher good. How is this different from divinity? Is not Asking the same focus of energy and release of the illusion of control as in Praying? The Universe." say both religion and the Law of Attraction. no less than the wellspring from which all things come into being. we find our lives filled with joy and peace and fulfillment. no more. A major lesson of the Law of Attraction is that we are not the ones creating anything. Nothing about the Law of Attraction negates or defies or contradicts any religious teachings whatsoever. and reinforces one's religious beliefs. and joy into your life the same as welcoming your God or the Messiah into your heart? Improve Any Area of Your Life . is not bringing yourself into energetic alignment with allowing fulfillment.The Law Of Attraction Demystified Religion and the Law of Attraction "Ask and ye shall receive. does not judge. the Law of Attraction acknowledges (and depends on) a force at once part of us and greater than us. peace. trusting that there is a higher good and that. acting in accordance with the Law of Attraction.

The Law Of Attraction Demystified Applying the Law of Attraction to Common Desires The Law of Attraction & Money Do you find yourself working tirelessly to make money only to find that you just make more work? Knowing what you know now it should make perfect sense. The Law of Attraction & Relationships We attract to ourselves not only the things that match with us vibrationally but the people as well. self-love especially. Enjoy prosperity and abundance now. as we now know. then you'll find yourself surrounded by love. You just stay trapped in an endless cycle of pursuing means after means with no end .17 Visit SolveYourProblem. having all that your money would buy. jealousy. If there's love in your sight. and watch how easily prosperity and abundance come to you. Of course. blame. Your attention is on the work. such as infatuation or possessiveness. Money is just a means to an end . Feel what it feels like to be as wealthy as you see yourself being. Do you believe you deserve love? Are you so afraid of losing love that you push the possibility of love away? Love is an energy. And even then. anger. the people around us will reflect that energy back at us as more evidence of why we feel that way inside. Let the Universe deal with how you'll get reward . of love for self Improve Any Area of Your Life . If our vibrations of lovingness. like any other thought or feeling. a vibration. the Universe simply loves to provide us endless validation for our thoughts and beliefs. By the same token. It's that simple. but your desires are still not met. spite. and hate. then you know what must be done next . your work does produce money. belief or state of mind. as a state of .a symbol of energy exchange. All you need to do to know how you feel about yourself inside is to take a look around you at the people you've surrounded yourself with. Because. But now you understand more the fruitlessness of focusing on the means rather the end. What's the reward? That's what merits your attention. Likewise if we project energies we mistake for love. if there's on releasing your resistance to allowing what you want to be. if you're out of energetic alignment with receiving your rewards. resentment. What does that tell you? Focus on the desires.

then it will be. To be well. in and out.keeps us forever in a state. loving and lovable people into your life as others fall away by wayside. healing energy that is our natural state. Stress is resistance. eager anticipation. or reject it as you like. Attachment is a form of resistance. like a deep breath . You can deny it. Allow yourself to be well. see yourself as well. Improve Any Area of Your Life . Even Western medicine has taken up the call of stress as a leading cause of nearly every physical illness and disease (and when not its cause. Why are you resisting being well? Are you afraid that more will be demanded of you if you are well? Are you so accustomed to being unwell that you're actually worried you won't know what do with yourself if you were well? Do you like being sick? It sounds ridiculous but it makes perfect sense when you think of how sick people are treated . And in part this will mean instigating and evoking a shift in the energy coming from those already around us. refuse it.18 - Visit SolveYourProblem. Sick people are often waited on hand and foot by those around them.The Law Of Attraction Demystified and appreciation of others. such as fear of loss or undeservingness. knowing that perfect health is already yours for the having. a vibration of ceaseless love. It's the one time that it's okay to be lazy. You can get in its way. Sick people have an excuse to disengage from life. we stop up the free flow of that energetic flow. In both cases. It's no longer such an esoteric mystery that our physical health has a very real mental and emotional component. It is yours to do with what you and out. Imagine what you'd do once you were well. It's resistance to what is and to what we desire to be. Clinging to love closes us off from it.with pity. Engaging in the flow of love .com . Change the energy you're projecting and change the people you attract. In stress we close ourselves off to that very free flow of boundless. All physical illness and disease are symptoms of resistance to being well. matches with our desire to be loved and give love. certainly a leading factor in a condition worsening or the person suffering failing to heal). But if we cling to love. then. Attachment comes from fear. In part this will mean attracting new. tender loving care and compassion. How does that feel? Feel it now with joyous. we get more love. The Law of Attraction & Your Health Perfect health is your natural state. loving.

only to find themselves confronted by an endless stream of disheartening evidence of all that they're fighting against. rather than eliminating all that you don't want in the world? Focusing on fixing problems only produces more problems. promote loving. Focusing on creating change and newness creates change and newness. How to save the world is to save yourself. promote ethics and honesty and honor and education. Improve Any Area of Your Life . Allow peace and joy. a sense of freedom and security within your heart. and you give those very gifts to the world around you. And instead of fighting war. Instead of fighting poverty.The Law Of Attraction Demystified The Law of Attraction & The World Many people expend an extraordinary amount of energy fighting things that are wrong with the world. instead. help create more jobs. promote peace. compassionate health and healing for all. then. Instead of fighting crime. Instead of fighting AIDS and cancer and child . your humanitarian efforts were fixated on producing more good in the world? If you focused on nurturing that which you want more of in the world. But what do we know about the Law of Attraction and fighting? That it only produces more fighting! What if.19 - Visit SolveYourProblem. tolerance and unity. Instead of fighting hunger. feed people.

And how we serve this Grand Design is through our preferences. Step 1: Ask Step 2: Accept Step 3: Allow Improve Any Area of Your Life . And though this is. But stopping there keeps hidden the reason why this is so valuable.The Law Of Attraction Demystified Conclusion: What Is Our Purpose All this talk about having what we want makes it sound like the world is only here to serve us. and beliefs of a Universe too full of every thought. here instead of there. so wonderfully important the Grand Design. feelings. without mind to give it form and expression. Our desires are not selfish any more than the Universe seeking ultimate selfexpression is selfish. to feed our every craving. in large part. feeling and belief there is to make a distinction between them without us. It is only through the conscious extensions of this boundless source energy that the Universe can start to express this creative energy through form. Our lives.humanity . the Universe is but a bundle of potential . We are each the unique thoughts. We are its eyes and ears. We are each individually placed in this body in this life on this planet to act as a unique extension of this boundless potential. or why we .for this over that. as according to the Law of Attraction. our life circumstances and experiences. Our purpose is to help the Universe evolve and expand into becoming an evermore perfect expression of the boundless creative energy that it already is. We know now that the Universe is an endlessly abundant source of creative energy. to bend to our every whim. its purpose in the realm of time and space to constantly evolve into ever new and expanding modes of expressing this boundless creativity.are here to begin with? Is the world merely our plaything? Is that all that life is about. yes or no. Its hands and mouths. Our desires are the flawless and invaluable tools the Universe uses to achieve its purpose of ever-expanding creative self-expression. And from these preferences are born our desires. Our purpose is to facilitate the purpose of the Universe. nothing more than fulfilling our moment to moment desires? Well. By itself. our desires and beliefs. let us develop preferences . it can leave a misleading impression of why it works.20 Visit SolveYourProblem. limitless potential but potential nonetheless. in a way "Yes". precisely how things work.

family member or If You Can Spare Just 4 Minutes Twice A Week. I’ll Show You How To Absolutely Positively Empower Yourself. If you'd like to thank http://www. It's the easiest.21 - Visit SolveYourProblem. LLC http://www. So Don’t Wait – Start Today Improve Any Area of Your Life . I've put a lot of time and effort into writing it. you'll learn a wealth of simple secrets that you never even imagined could produce astonishing results in your life and unlimited happiness.KissMeGoodnight. the nicest way would be to provide a link somewhere to As you read each of my 'Dare To Dream' Insights . You’ve now got the tools to reach any dream and master your life.The Law Of Attraction Demystified I’m Glad You Read This Special “How-to” Guide I know you found this special “how-to” guide energizing and motivational. Thank you! Jeff Cohen Founder & CEO of Launch 3. Ignite All Your Passion & Get Everything You Want In Life.SolveYourProblem. I kept it brief on purpose. radical changes in your life. most practical way to make or KissMeGoodnight. It’s Fantastic. Feel free to pass it on to a friend.

Attracting Money: Focus on Your Desire So many people work so hard to make money only to find that.22 Visit SolveYourProblem. Attracting The Perfect Relationship The people we attract to ourselves in life match up vibrationally with some energy we’re projecting. rather than create more money.The Law Of Attraction Demystified I Mean . but how and why the duty they perform are so essential in creating any positive change at all. it is its greatest joy to give us all that we desire. they only create more work. Take Action Today – Learn More! • • • • • • • • • • I’ve Gotta Lose Some Weight I‘m Ready To Start Exercising I Want To Sleep Better & Longer Lower My Stress Level Please Start a Small Business I Want More Money Lower My Debt Burden Stop Smoking (Cough. Improve Any Area of Your Life . More. Why Are Setbacks Essential To Creating Positive Change? This article explores not just the value of setbacks. The way to bring joy and peace into the world is to bring joy and peace into your heart. Clean The Clutter Out of Your Life Feeling trapped? In a rut? Paralyzed by indecision? Grinding your wheels? Stuck in the mud? How Can I Save The World? The way to save the world is to save yourself. Cough) Break A Bad Habit or Addiction Incredible Self Esteem • • • • • • • • • • Fantastic Relationships (Ladies) Fantastic Relationships (Guys) Powerful Self Confidence Boost Freedom From Depression How Do I Set Goals How To Manage Your Time Anger Management 101 Stop My Procrastinating I Need MORE Motivation How To Get Organized I Wasn’t Quite Finished With The Good Stuff What is The Nature of Desire? It is the Universe’s nature to grant all our wishes. The way to alleviate pain and suffering in the world is to alleviate it in your heart.

What is the Science Behind The Law of Attraction? The lessons of the omnipotent and omnipresent Law of Attraction are deep spiritual lessons. worry. Achieve Inner Peace & Happiness Everyone wants to be happy. we can do anything. the source of all power. You do know it all. reaching to the very soul and psyche of humanity. the very thought of it conjures up images of evangelical faith healings and New Age hippies. Why is this? Why do so many people have trouble achieving a goal that everybody shares? And how do you break out of the quiet desperation that seems to be the norm and find your own way to happiness? >> Learn Even More Law of Attraction << Improve Any Area of Your Life .The Law Of Attraction Demystified How To Always Know What To Do Wouldn’t it be great to quell once and for all that constant nagging inside making you question every decision you make? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to rid yourself of the doubt. How To End Your Suffering: Surrender When we are truly present. the Universe. and spiritual level. no one did. The concept that man and God are separate is a fallacy. and insecurity that so often paralyze you from making any decisions at all? The Myth of Separation Debunked You did not fall from grace. And when we are in this state. You and the Source Energy of All-That-Is. emotional. and still fewer could say they even know how to get there. It's a statement of fact. But in truth it's not an insult. we are in direct and unfettered contact with our core essence. What is Spiritual Healing? Spiritual healing: relieving physical pain and illness through changes made on a mental. You will never NOT be one. but not very many will say they truly are. But Law of Attraction wouldn’t work at all if it didn’t also have a firm and inexorable footing in the physical. For many. God (if you will) are one. shedding unprecedented light on the consciousness underlying the universe and All That Is in . For it is not possible.23 - Visit SolveYourProblem. Are You A Know-It-All? The term is thrown around most times as an insult. pointing in reality more someone's smugness or arrogance than to their intelligence.

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