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 Rise of Internet penetration

Uber can expand their services to other cities and enlarge its footprint over the country.
For example, in term of high pricing strategies, India has the lead demonstrating 11.2%
compared to other countries. Moreover, moving with digitization, India is focusing on
implementing Uber payments and GPS location with smartphones to expand the

 Different means of transport and Emergency services

In many countries, ‘Uber Chopper’ has been launched such as Dubai and India. In
India, they will operate a niche service, but this service will eventually grow."
He added that a single successful helicopter route in India has the potential to
outperform the revenue Blade generates from its operations in the US in a
year. Blade India will enlarge its helicopter services in order to have
connection through big cities with networks of weekend getaways and
 Prices for gas are closed out to be lower
Uber has introduced fuel cards, especially for drivers. They have access to an
interactive map which help them to withdraw money on a fuel purchase. 1.5%
discounts are being offered when they filled up their tank. The most beneficial
fact is that shopping is a plus point for drivers, but their limitation is that they
should only spend $200 per week and within a limit of 3 transaction in 24
hours (Abigail 2018).

Many Federal Regulations- The procedures are long and complex as many other cities
have many private transport companies. As for uber, the drivers must include the
requirement to carry out extensive insurance and to obtain commercial license. As for
customer-centric approach(uber-black), where the company will charge a very low price
and drivers will not have a high profit margin.
Global Issues – Many companies have started gossiping upon the ethics, legality and
social cost of Uber. There is a lack of corporate responsibility, worst press and the
organization is facing bans problems around the world. It is partially banned in France,
Italy, Finland and Germany as these countries demand Uber to buy official commercial
licenses in order to operate. It also concerned upon standard the safety of travelers.
Insurance- A rideshare such like Uber does not provide insurance to its clients. Such as
property damage, bodily injury and so on. Customers will feel discouraged and insecure
in the taxis where there is absence of liability coverage since it would have helped a
person damage. This gap can easily secure with the American Family Insurance
Rideshare coverage where customers will be aware of their safety.